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KMST 1.2.153 – Cubing Improvements, Spell Tracing Improvements & Content Reorganization

April 13, 2023 28 comments

I would like to start off this post by saying that I am NOT MAX, this is actually Kobe. Max is currently out on vacation until the beginning of May and will not be writing the posts for the first part of the 20th Anniversary Update. I’ve written this post with help from Steve with images and Giga Sunny with some of the translations and proofreading.

This Test Server Update consists of the 20th Anniversary Event, and it’s definitely one of the biggest events this game has ever received. Event details will be covered in next week’s post when the Official Update is released. Outside of the Anniversary patch, there were some very interesting changes with Cubes and Spell Traces, and some pretty small changes across other parts of the game.

Wonki and Changsup, the current head of planning for Maplestory, went live shortly after the Test Server Update was released. They read through the patch notes and talked about how a lot of the plans they had for game improvements were going to be delayed all the way up until June for the Summer Update. It’s a bold move to raise people’s expectations this high considering the backlash they’ve already received this year. It’s going to take an insane Summer Update for them to be able to redeem themselves in the eyes of the community but we’ll see what happens when that time comes.

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