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KMST ver. 1.2.154 – Symbol Improvements & Accessory Tradeability Changes

May 11, 2023 9 comments

A small test world patch was released yesterday, it’s pretty much the same as everything that Wonky mentioned in the live stream last week, as well as part 2 of the anniversary event.

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KMST 1.2.153 – Cubing Improvements, Spell Tracing Improvements & Content Reorganization

April 13, 2023 28 comments

I would like to start off this post by saying that I am NOT MAX, this is actually Kobe. Max is currently out on vacation until the beginning of May and will not be writing the posts for the first part of the 20th Anniversary Update. I’ve written this post with help from Steve with images and Giga Sunny with some of the translations and proofreading.

This Test Server Update consists of the 20th Anniversary Event, and it’s definitely one of the biggest events this game has ever received. Event details will be covered in next week’s post when the Official Update is released. Outside of the Anniversary patch, there were some very interesting changes with Cubes and Spell Traces, and some pretty small changes across other parts of the game.

Wonki and Changsup, the current head of planning for Maplestory, went live shortly after the Test Server Update was released. They read through the patch notes and talked about how a lot of the plans they had for game improvements were going to be delayed all the way up until June for the Summer Update. It’s a bold move to raise people’s expectations this high considering the backlash they’ve already received this year. It’s going to take an insane Summer Update for them to be able to redeem themselves in the eyes of the community but we’ll see what happens when that time comes.

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KMST 1.2.152 – Reboot Boss Changes & Skill Balancing

March 16, 2023 20 comments

This test server patch was released a day early actually (probably because of all the drama lol). It contains changes to the Dawn Boss set, Reboot World party bossing rewards, skill balancing, and changes to many boss patterns.

For those of you who don’t know, recently in KMS, there has been a sort of incident where a person that was hacking in the Seed was exposed, which kind of set off a chain reaction of other hackers revealing their programs and what they have been able to do for the past few years. They actually blocked access to the Seed a few days ago and it’s still not available!

Combined with the current atmosphere of players being mad about the state of regular servers, they are now angry that Nexon has not been sufficiently dealing with hackers. They have released a few different notices, including the issue overall, the things they are missing in their anti-hack approach, and updating the TOS to be more strict. Yesterday they released another notice saying they had banned 59 Maple IDs in regards to improper activity in the Seed. This one’s kinda funny because they also said that they have seen an increase in hacking activity over the past couple of days and they told people not to try hacking because they’ll definitely get banned lol.

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KMST ver. 1.2.151 – Shangri-La & Kaling!

February 17, 2023 17 comments

A new test server patch was released, with the new boss Kaling, a new area Shangri-La, another piece of the Ethernal set, and Exceptional Enhancements. While both the area and bosses look and sound absolutely amazing, I’m disappointed that it’s another mini expansion to Odium (like Karote was to Hotel Arcs).

Of course, there’s also the drama about how bad regular server is and what Wonky talked about during the livestream yesterday. I’m not going to cover it (I still have nightmares about the 1000 different notices and letters during the flame incident) but in my personal opinion, there are a lot of valid criticisms of reg server that probably need to be looked at but I definitely didn’t expect them to do anything about it this patch since it’s a really complicated situation overall (also the whole “KMS just discovered Reboot” take is really so dumb lol).

For what Wonky said, I think part of it was that he got emotional and made some off the cuff remarks that people took really badly (some stuff taken out of context as well) and another part is they definitely should’ve prepared better for those questions/comments since it’s everything players have been talking about the last couple of weeks. I have absolutely no idea why he, as the director of the game, thought he should address it like that lol. They already took down the stream VOD and he posted an apology so the Nexon PR team will probably be working overtime from now on.

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KMST ver. 1.2.150 – Khali Changes

January 12, 2023 10 comments

A small test server patch was released yesterday, one week in advance of Khali’s official release. It has Khali’s beginning town Erimos as well as her story and a few skill changes.

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