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kMS ver. 1.2.140 – My Experiences & Tips for Ascension!

September 27, 2011 46 comments

Quest Specialist medal get~ While finishing quests for this medal, I nostalgia’d hard. Doing the old jump quests (I actually did them all! …except Sabitrama’s), going through areas I otherwise would never have gone to (Wooden and Rocky Masks, the best training spot for 20~30!). All in all, it was pretty fun!

And it also gave me a chance to try out the Victoria Island reorganized quests. Each town has a specific quest line that takes you from level 10 to 30, giving you equipment along the way. I can honestly say in terms of annoying-ness, from least to most, it goes Henesys > Nautilus > Ellinia > Perion > Kerning City. Kerning City has soooo many “kill 200 ____” quests and it’s such a pain to keep going back to the deep subway or swamp.

I also  got my Silver Mane mount! Although I don’t use it much, it’s still nice to have!

Well, about the stuff that actually came out this patch, I haven’t actually done a lot of it. Mu Lung Dojo takes way too long to finish (I could do Easy Mode, I guess) and I never get enough people to start Monster Carnival! However, I’ll keep trying in order to get 150 wins for the Carnival Winner medal!

Look past the cut for tips on some of the new things coming out in Ascension! Read more…

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