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KMST ver. 1.2.125 – New Boss, Guardian Angel Slime

August 5, 2021 1 comment

A pretty big test server patch was released tonight along with a new Inside MAPLE video! The video talks about the stuff added in this patch, such as the new boss, the boss rewards reorganization, and other improvements. They also talk about their development direction for the future, and they included some stuff that will be added in the next few months and the winter update!

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The First Golden Hands Awards – Preliminary Voting

August 4, 2021 4 comments

The First Golden Hands Awards Preliminary Voting

The First Golden Hands Awards has begun its preliminary voting! Players can now vote for the user submissions they would most like to see be implemented in-game! The rules require you to have a level 101 character or higher, and you can vote up to 5 times per day per category (you can only vote for a single entry once per day). At the end, the top 50 hairs/faces/pets and top 100 outfits will be given to the judges to decide the final winners.

Of course, voting is only open to KMS players, but you can still check out all the entries here! I’ll show some more detailed instructions on how to look at them and also share a few of the things that I liked and voted for!

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Early Termination of the User Advisory Group

August 4, 2021 7 comments


A new notice has been posted, announcing the end of the user advisory group. There was a bunch of drama surrounding them, including the things mentioned in the last apology notice and other stuff like certain members being under-qualified or doing bad things without being punished accordingly. At the same time as this notice, Nexon updated the post of the user advisory group’s opinions from the 1st discussion topics, since the user advisory group felt their thoughts were not adequately explained. I won’t translate the additions but basically it’s just things like who suggested/agreed/disagreed with what and some more elaboration on why they did so.

Other than that, there should be a KMST patch tonight, including a new boss as well as some of the changes that the development team mentioned in their last notice

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Discussion Board’s Opinions & Developer Comments About the 1st Discussion Topics

July 30, 2021 16 comments


Two new notices were posted today, as promised in the last one. The first is the Discussion Board’s Opinions About the 1st Discussion Topics, a summary of what players talked about on the discussion boards on the homepage. The second is the Developer Comments About the 1st Discussion Topics, which is what the developers thought about the opinions shared by both the user advisory group and the discussion board, as well as what they plan or don’t plan to implement.

I’m not gonna translate the stuff about the discussion board reorganization because these notices are already super long and it’s pretty boring so I’m sure 99% of people don’t care about it lol.

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User Advisory Group’s Opinions About the 1st Discussion Topics

July 27, 2021 10 comments


A new notice has been posted on the homepage. Following the apology from last week, Nexon has released a summary of the discussion they had with the user advisory group about the first three topics selected. Note that the information here is entirely the opinions of the user advisory group and is NOT a preview of what will be added to the game, it’s simply a summary of their thoughts with no input from the MapleStory development team. That post will be coming within the week.

Also this one was really long and a little bit complicated/hard to understand in certain parts, so I might have made a few mistakes while translating. If you guys see anything that’s wrong, please let me know and and I can fix it asap.

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