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MapleStory: Heroes of Maple!

November 9, 2015 59 comments

MapleStory’s next big update is called MapleStory: Heroes of Maple! As the name would imply, it’s focused on the 6 legendary heroes of Maple World. The first patch, releasing on November 12, is called REBORN and will feature the newly updated Aran and Evan as well as other updated game features.

The second patch, on December 3, will include MapleStory’s 2nd Blockbuster (which I assume is titled Heroes of Maple). In the preview video above, you can see that all of the heroes have received updated artwork! Aran is also confirmed as being canonically female I guess haha.

  • The elves’ ruler fighting against fate, Mercedes
  • The female polearm warrior that dominates the battlefield, Aran
  • The legendary thief who can get his hands on anything, Phantom
  • The magician on the boundary between light and darkness, Luminous
  • The dragon masters’ last descendant, Evan
  • The hero whose past is hidden in the shadows, EunWol
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