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KMS ver. 1.2.288 – MapleStory Ark: V Care!

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The first patch of the MapleStory Ark update has been released! The V Care patch includes improved daily quests, the new Matrix Points and Arcane Catalyst systems, a new episode of Dimensional Library, and many more QoL updates.

Here is the Maple Update Info Centre video for this patch.

Daily Quests Simplification

Road of Vanishing Reduced Daily Quests.png

The amount of time required to complete daily quests has been decreased, but the total amount of rewards will remain the same as before.

  • Road of Vanishing
    • Based on the story quests completed in later areas of Arcane River, you will receive a lower number of quests each day.
    • You will receive a total of 4 daily quests after completing Chew Chew Island, 3 quests after completing Lacheln, 2 quests after completing Arcana, and 1 quest after completing Morass.
    • The amount of Arcane Symbols rewarded after completing the quests will be the same as before this change.

Dream Breaker Free Run

  • Hungry Muto, Dream Breaker, and Spirit Saviour
    • Based on the story quests completed in later areas of Arcane River, you will be able to immediately complete a run of these dailies each day.
    • The immediate completion will reward Arcane Symbols based on your highest record on that day.
    • Hungry Muto: after completing Lacheln you can receive Symbols without playing 1 time, after completing Arcana or later you can receive Symbols without playing 2 times
    • Dream Breaker: after completing Arcana you can receive Symbols without playing 1 time, after completing Morass you can receive Symbols without playing 2 times
    • Spirit Saviour: after completing Morass you can receive Symbols without playing 1 time

Kritias Map

  • Kritias
    • Daily quest missions have been decreased from a total of 5 stages to 3 stages.
    • The amount of Anti-Magic rewarded after completing the quests will be the same as before this change.
  • Haven
    • Number of daily quests required to complete for a Basic Energy Core (A Rank) has been decreased from 5 to 3.
    • [Black Heaven Deck Request: Collecting Goods] The drop rate of the Steel Drills required to complete this daily quest has been increased.
    • [Black Heaven Deck Request: Defeat Enemy Robots] The number of Demolishizers required to complete this daily quest has been decreased from 12 to 8.
    • The amount of experience rewarded from each daily quest has been increased.
    • This area’s monsters have been changed from level 200~230 to level 200~219.
    • The number of daily quests required to continue the story quests here for Dummie has been decreased from 3 to 2.
  • Fallen World Tree
    • The number of monsters required to be defeated for the lower area purification quests has been decreased from 300 to 100.
    • Each upper/middle/lower area daily quests will give increased experience to accomodate for the lesser number of quests.
    • This area’s monsters have been changed from level 210~230 to level 210~219.
    • When you complete all of the daily quests, you will now be given rewards instead of additional quests.

Gold Wyvern

  • In the Maple Union battle, the spawn rate of Golden Wyverns has been increased.
  • New related quests have been added.
    • Investigation Team’s Performance 1 (Lv. 200, Rona)
    • Investigation Team’s Performance 2 (Lv. 200, Rona)
    • Investigation Team’s Performance 3 (Lv. 200, Rona)
    • Investigation Team’s Performance 4 (Lv. 200, Rona)
    • More Food Ingredients 1 (Lv. 210, Simia)
    • More Food Ingredients 2 (Lv. 210, Simia)
    • More Food Ingredients 3 (Lv. 210, Simia)
    • Enduring Nightmare 1 (Lv. 220, Ragdoll of Dreams)
    • Enduring Nightmare 2 (Lv. 220, Ragdoll of Dreams)
    • Rescued Friends (Lv. 225, Escaped Rock Spirit)

V Matrix Improvements

The Matrix Points system has been added.

  • After completing the 5th job advancement, every time you level up, you will receive 1 Matrix Point which can be used to enhance Core Slots.
  • A single Core Slot can be upgraded up to 5 times using Matrix Points (1 point per upgrade).
  • When a V Core is installed in an upgraded Core Slot, that V Core’s skill level be increased.
    • For Enhancement Cores, all 3 skills will receive the slot’s effects.
    • Enhancement Core skills can have their skill level increased 10 levels past the maximum (level 60).
    • Skill Cores can have their skill level increased 5 levels past the maximum (level 30).
    • Special Cores will not receive the effects.
  • You can reset all invested Matrix Points, using 1 million mesos.
  • All equipped V Cores have been unequipped.

You can now use mesos to unlock additional Core Slots early. You can only unlock a maximum of 2 early slots.

For example, if you were level 225 and wanted to unlock the slot you would get if you levelled up to 230, you could pay ~180m mesos to get it! The slot for level 235 costs 651.8m!!

V Matrix Enhancement Preview

When enhancing Cores with other already enhanced Cores, you will no longer lose a portion of the other Cores’ experience.

Arcane Catalyst

You can use an Arcane Catalyst to move Arcane Symbols to other characters in the same world.

  • An Arcane Catalyst can be used on an Arcane Symbol to change it to an unstable state.
  • When an Arcane Symbol is changed to an unstable state, its growth level is reset to 1 and its growth experience is decreased by 20%.
  • Unstable Arcane Symbols can be moved to characters in the same world and cannot be equipped.
  • You can double click an Unstable Arcane Symbol to return it to its normal state.
  • To return an Arcane Symbol, the character must have completed the quest to acquire that Arcane Symbol, and cannot be holding or equipping the same one.
  • The Arcane Symbol’s stats will be changed to match the new character’s main stat.
  • You can purchase Arcane Catalysts at the Union Coin Shop for 300 coins. It cannot be purchased in Reboot world.

In the image above, you can see that when I use one on my level 18 Arcane Symbol: Chew Chew Island, it will result in an unstable Arcane Symbol that is level 1 with 80% of the total experience my original symbol had. As soon as it is returned to its normal state, you can level it up to however much it can reach with its reduced experience (you still have to pay all those meso costs again).

5th Job Waiting Time Removal

The time required for the 3 Arcane Stones to activate has been removed. Now, when you double click them, there will be no timer. You must fill them up with experience, after which they will be activated immediately.

A condition to the 5th job advancement has been added that requires you to have a certain number of Star Force from your equipment. You must have 10 or more Star Force from your weapon and a total of 100 or more Star Force.

Elite Boss, Pollo & Fritto Efficiency Improvements

Elite Boss' Appearance

Elite Bosses, and monsters in Pollo & Fritto portals will now have their HP and experience based on the monsters in the map they appeared in.


In Pollo’s Castle Walls mission, the number of monsters and the speed at which they appear have been increased.


Pollo’s Stormwings Catcher mission has been added.

  • In a map filled with monsters, you must catch the fastest-flying Storm Wing.
  • Each time you catch a Stormwing, the time limit will be increased, allowing you to catch more monsters.

Pollo and Fritto Entry Tickets can now only be used in maps with monsters within your level range. The monsters’ stats will be based on the highest level regular monster in the map.

Arcane Symbol Minimal Acquisition Rate Increase

For users who are having issues getting Arcane Symbols due to the difficulty level of the content, you can now receive minimal rewards.

  • Hungry Muto’s Easy Mode has been added.
    • You will receive 1 Arcane Symbol, regardless of clear time.
  • Based on the floor that you exit Dream Breaker from, you will receive additional rewards from the Rank 1 Dream Breaker! The bonus Dream Coins will be given as follows:
    • Clear floor 3/13/23 for 5 additional coins.
    • Clear floor 4/5/14/15/24/25 for 4 additional coins.
    • Clear floor 6/16/26 for 3 additional coins.
    • Clear floor 7/8/17/18/27/28 for 2 additional coins.
    • Clear floor 9/19/29 for 1 additional coin.
  • After playing Spirit Saviour 3 times in 1 day, you will receive additional Spirit Coins based on the number of Coins you already earned.
    • If you earned a total of 1~3 coins, you’ll get 2 additional coins.
    • If you earned a total of 4~8 coins, you’ll get 1 additional coin.

Ark Innocent Scroll

30% Ark Innocent Scroll

The Ark Innocent Scroll will reset your item’s stats, except for potential, Star Force, and additional options. You can consume 10,000 Scroll Traces to use a 30% Ark Innocent Scroll in the Equipment Enhancement UI.

Road of Vanishing Hidden Hunting Ground Improvements


The Hidden Lakeside, Hidden Flame Zone, and Hidden Cave‘s map layouts have been changed slightly and monsters will spawn more quickly.

Torrential Zone Bait Improvements


In Chew Chew Village’s Torrential Zone, the spawn conditions, effects, and duration of the Bait have been changed to be the same as Runes.

As with Runes, Bait will now receive the effects of Evan’s Link Skill, Rune Persistence.

Monster Park – Road of Vanishing

The Road of Vanishing stage has been added to Monster Park’s advanced dungeon. You will receive more experience than existing stages.

Only characters who have completed the ‘[Road of Vanishing] Arcane Symbol: Road of Vanishing’ quest can enter this new stage.

Burning Fields after Maintenance

Burning Field

The average stage of Burning Fields after maintenance has been increased, and will apply up to 10 stages.

Level Range Monster Level Penalty Notice

Level Penalty Message

If you kill a monster in a map that is outside your level range, a penalty notice message will be displayed.

Dimensional Library

Episode 5 Shadow Alchemist

Dimensional Library – Episode 5: Shadow Alchemist has been added. This episode tells the story of Eight (Alpha) and the friend that he forgot in Shadow Town, before the beginning of Zero’s story.

New quests have been added.

  • Mirror World and Shadow Warrior (Lv. 100, Milo)
  • Leading Mission 1 (Lv. 100, Milo)
  • Leading Mission 2 (Lv. 100, Milo)
  • Evening Primrose (Lv. 100, Evening Primrose)
  • Peanuts and Books and Secrets (Lv. 100, Eight)
  • New Battle Partner (Lv. 100, Milo)
  • Partner? Errand Boy! (Lv. 100, Eight)
  • Truth Medicine (Lv. 100, Eight)
  • Lost Memory (Lv. 100, Ken)
  • Strange Accuser (Lv. 100, Eight)
  • Eight’s Message (Lv. 100, Milo)
  • Secret Behind the Mission (Lv. 100, Eight)
  • Truth of Lies (Lv. 100, Evening Primrose)
  • Finding the Truth (Lv. 100)
  • Towards the Shadow Temple (Lv. 100)
  • Truth (Lv. 100, Mysterious Girl)
  • Seventh Choice and Eighth Choice (Lv. 100, Evening Primrose atop the Book)
  • Determination (Lv. 100, Simus)
  • Moonlight Revealing the Truth (Lv. 100, Evening Primrose)

New NPCs have been added.

  • Eight
  • Will
  • Lila
  • Milo
  • Simus
  • Kason
  • Ken
  • Evening Primrose
  • Beta

Shadow Alchemist.png

New items have been added.

  • Shadow Alchemist (4 all stats, 170 HP/MP, 85 defence, level 100 medal)
  • Glowing Mushroom Powder (etc)
  • Thorn Tree Sap (etc)
  • Peanut (etc)
  • Handful of Moonlight (set-up)

New monsters have been added.

  • Shadow Stump
  • Shadow Axe Stump
  • Shadow Boar
  • Shadow Homun
  • Shadow Homunculus
  • Shadow Monster
  • Shadow Guardian
  • Simus
  • Ken
  • Will

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s the maps you’ll visit in the episode.

Morass Daily Quests

Morass World Map

A new story has been added to the Swamp of Memory, Morass. Investigate with Jean to find traces of Tana, who has left Morass. You can begin the Morass daily quests after completing all of Morass’ story quests.

New quests have been added. These must be completed once before the daily quests are given.

  • Signs from the Flying Fish (Lv. 230, Jean)
  • How to Live in Morass (Lv. 230, Jean)
  • Where is She? (Lv. 230, Jean)
  • Her Footsteps 1 (Lv. 230, Jean)
  • Last Remaining Person (Lv. 230, Researcher)
  • Firmly Closed Door (Lv. 230, Firmly Closed Door)
  • Sealed Door (Lv. 230, Firmly Closed Door)
  • To the Laboratory (Lv. 230, user)
  • Memory of That Day (Lv. 230, Researcher)
  • Her Footsteps 2 (Lv. 230, Jean)
  • The Path She Left On (Lv. 230, Jean)
  • For the Flying Fish’s Sake (Lv. 230, Jean)
  • Falling Memory (Lv. 230, Jean)
  • It’s Not Time Yet (Lv. 230, Jean)
  • Following Her Traces (Lv. 230, Jean)

The Morass daily quests are almost the same as Road of Vanishing. Each day, you’ll receive 3 daily quests from Jean. You can choose to swap any of them randomly if you want.

Each quest will reward you with 2 Arcane Symbols: Morass, then if you finish all 3 quests, you’ll get 2 more Symbols, for a total of 8 Symbols per day.

  • [Daily Quest] For the Stability of Morass
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Unnamed Cats
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Strong Brothers
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Blue Shadows
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Memory’s Generoid Type B
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Red Shadows
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Experiment’s Byproducts
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Ritual Possessed Guards
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Ritual Possessed Magicians
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 100 Memory Fragments
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Memory Remnants
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Shining Powders
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 30 Anti-Magic Stone Fragments
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Lost Fruit
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Shadow’s Cores
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Delicious Seafood
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Experiment’s Byproducts
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Broken Bags
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Broken Bearings
  • [Daily Quest] For the Sake of Keeping Trueffet
  • [Daily Quest] Closed Area Stabilization
  • [Daily Quest] Laboratory Defence

New NPCs have been added.

  • Jean
  • Researcher
  • Beatrice
  • Michellon
  • Firmly Closed Door

Evaporated Erdas

New monsters have been added.

  • Evaporated Erdas (Lv. 245)

Maple Achievements

New achievements have been added.

  • For the memory!
  • Morass Honorary Citizen
  • [Dimensional Library] Episode 5: Shadow Alchemist
  • Faster than Anyone V
  • [Stormwing] Stormwing Searcher
  • [Stormwing] Skilled Searcher
  • [Stormwing] Best Searcher
  • [Stormwing] Why Are you Out There…?

Game Related

Dream Breaker’s personal best records and Dream Points have been reset. There will be a 2x Dream Coin event until December 23.

In the Auction House, search logic has been improved so that more items are retrieved when searching for items.

The [Von Leon] Knight’s Scroll quest can now be completed 1 time per day.

You can now upgrade the Cursed Kaiserium multiple times through Idea. The first liberation is free but any time after that, you must pay 100 million mesos.

After entering certain content, you will not be able to invite or join parties with other characters who are not using the same content.

You can now use the guild UI in the boss Damien map.

In Reboot World, the Absolabs/Arcane Shade equipment drops from Hard Suu/Damien/Lucid will now be individual drops.

The Private Login button has been moved from the 2nd password entry window to the character select screen.

Damage Skin Storage

The maximum number of Damage Skin Storage Slots has been increased from 20 to 25.

When using Damage Skin items, if you already have the skin already saved, a message will appear to ask again if you want to use it.

When using a Damage Skin item, if the currently applied Damage Skin is not saved in the Damage Skin Storage, you will be notified before it is used.e

The maximum number of character slots has been increased from 42 to 43.

The following errors have been fixed.

  • Fixed an error where Cadena could not complete the Shadow Merchant’s request.
  • Fixed an error where Angelic Buster’s equipment set effects did not apply when wearing a certain number of Cash equipment without set effects.
  • Fixed an error where the Maple Union UI did not close when entering the Cash Shop.
  • Fixed an error where Henesys background music would play in the White Collar Monkey’s map.

Skill Related

Evan’s Dragon Master skill now consumes MP per attack.

Xenon’s Overload Mode skill’s final damage boost per excess energy from level 26 or higher has been decreased (last patch, it gave 2% final damage at level 26+ but it has been decreased to 1%).

The following errors have been fixed.

  • Fixed an error where Ultimate Dark Sight was increasing damage instead of final damage.
  • Fixed an error where Bishop’s Bahamut would not attack after hitting an enemy with Teleport Mastery.
  • Fixed an error where Shadowers could use Veil of Shadows without a weapon equipped.
  • Fixed an error where Vipers would not see their face accessory after Transform ended if they equipped it while Transform was active.
  • Fixed an error where Buff Freezers only partially saved the effects of Cannon Shooter’s Support Monkey Twins’ Hyper passive.
  • Fixed an error where Luminous’ Shine Redemption’s heal effect did not apply in Urus.

Cash Shop

Maple Christmas

Maple Christmas.png

The Maple Christmas sale will take place from December 21 to December 27.

Various Christmas items like the Christmas Hat Box, Santa Boy and Girl packages, and the Snowman package will be on sale!

Heaven’s Angel

The Heaven’s Angel set will be sold from December 21 to January 10.

Fuzzy Snow Fox Pets

Fuzzy Snow Fox Pets

The new Fuzzy Snow Fox pets will be on sale from December 21 to January 24.

Snow Fox Package.png

The three are called Coral, Lily, and Snow White! You can also dye their colours to whatever you want with the Dye Coupon.


Ark Coin Shop

Ark Coin Shop

The Ark Coin Shop will be open from December 21 to January 28.

You can talk to Yeti in Henesys, Leafre, or Nameless Town to spend Ark Coins on special items!


  • Eternal Rebirth Flame (200 coins) [limit of 3]
  • Strong Rebirth Flame (80 coins) [limit of 5]
  • 50% Epic Potential Scroll (100 coins) [limit of 3]
  • 10% Clean Slate Scroll (30 coins) [limit of 20]
  • Craftsman’s Cube (70 coins) [limit of 5]
  • Special Medal of Honour (70 coins) [limit of 5]
  • SP Reset Scroll (50 coins) [limit of 1]
  • AP Reset Scroll (50 coins) [limit of 1]
  • 60% Miraculous Positive Chaos Scroll (100 coins) [limit of 3]
  • Strange Cube (5 coins) [limit of 5]
  • Gold Potential Stamp (20 coins) [limit of 7]
  • Special Additional Potential Stamp (30 coins) [limit of 3]
  • 60% Innocent Scroll (50 coins) [limit of 3]
  • 50% Golden Hammer (30 coins) [limit of 3]
  • 50% Additional Potential Scroll (150 coins) [limit of 3]


  • Core Gemstone (50 coins) [limit of 10 per week]
  • Selective Arcane Symbol Voucher (50 coins) [limit of 20 per week]
  • Damage Skin Extractor (1,500 coins) [limit of 3]
  • ARK Random Damage Skin Box (80 coins) [no limit]
    • Cat Face Damage Skin
    • Snowy Tree Damage Skin
    • Arcana Damage Skin
    • Lacheln Damage Skin
    • Starlight Aurora Damage Skin
    • Sheep Damage Skin
    • Yeti X Pepe Damage Skin
    • Fafnir Damage Skin
    • Merry Christmas Damage Skin
    • Absolabs Damage Skin
  • Transcendent of Time Damage Skin (300 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Superstar ★ Damage Skin (200 coins) [limit of 1]
  • ARK Chair (300 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Pepe Sleeping Bag Chair (400 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Dangling Nest Chair (700 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Discovery Campfire Chair (1,000 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Motorboat Riding Voucher (250 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Steamboat Riding Voucher (300 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Cruise Riding Voucher (400 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Naked Bike Riding Voucher (250 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Damage Skin Storage Slot Expansion Coupon (100 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Personality Growth Potion (300 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Free Advancement Coin (300 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Character Slot Expansion Coupon (200 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Teleport World Map (1 day) Voucher (15 coins) [limit of 1 per day]
  • Mastery Book 20 (10 coins) [limit of 10]
  • Mastery Book 30 (20 coins) [limit of 20]
  • Final Figuration Main Colour Change Coupon (50 coins) [no limit]
  • Final Figuration Sub Colour Change Coupon (50 coins) [no limit]
  • Final Figuration Colour Reset Coupon (30 coins) [no limit]
  • 100 Power Elixirs Voucher (5 coins) [no limit]
  • Polo and Fritto Entry Ticket (20 coins) [limit of 1 per day]


  • Chaos Ring Voucher (3,500 coins) [limit of 1]

Chaos Ring

The Chaos Ring is a new type of ring. It gives 30 all stats, 3000 HP/MP, and 20 attack/magic attack but it cannot be enhanced.

What’s special about it is that you can right-click the ring to reset its stats and potential. You can reset it up to 10 times per week, but it can only be reset for 180 days after being purchased.

In the image above, you can see it resets the stats and the potential at the same time. The stats stay nearby the base stats and the potential can rank up if you’re lucky.

Damage Skin Extractor

The Damage Skin Extractor extracts your currently equipped Damage Skin and puts it into a new, non-expiring, tradeable form so you can trade it with other players.

When used, your current Damage Skin will be changed to the basic damage skin and the extracted Damage Skin will be removed from your Damage Skin Storage/Storage Scrolls. You cannot use the Extractor on the basic damage skin.

Ark Mega Burning

Ark Mega Burning

The Ark Mega Burning event will run from December 21 to January 3.

Selecting a Mega Burning Character

When you create a new character during this event, you can choose to make them a Mega Burning character! Note that you cannot burn an Ark or Zero, and you can only do this once per world per Maple ID.

Characters can only become Mega Burning characters when they are created. You cannot change your Mega Burning character but if you delete it, you can make another one.

Level Up Benefits

The main benefit of a Mega Burning character is the ability to gain two extra levels per level up. This effect will take place until level 130!

Keep on Burning Title

You’ll also receive the Keep on Burning title which gives 10 all stats, 10 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage, 10% defense ignore, and 400 HP/MP. The title can only be equipped after reaching level 130 and its stats will expire in 14 days.

Black Set Items and Mastery Books

At level 100, you’ll receive the Legendary Secret Box which when opened will reward you with 2 Mastery Book 20’s, 2 Mastery Book 30’s, and a full Black set.

Level 30 Equipment

At level 30, you’ll receive the Level 30 Equipment Box which is self-explanatory.

Snail Pet

Finally, when your Mega Burning character is created, it will receive a Snail pet that has 5 hours of magic. It comes with meso loot, item loot, auto loot, and auto HP/MP. You cannot use the Water of Life on it.

Ark Points

Ark Points

The Ark Points event will run from December 21 to February 7.

As you participate in the Discovery events with the explorer bear Grills, you’ll acquire Ark Points. Every 100 Ark Points will give you 1 Ark Coin. You can collect up to 20,000 points per day.

Discovery Viewpoints

Discovery VIewpoints.png

The Discovery Viewpoints event will run from December 21 to February 7.

Discovery Viewpoints Map

Across Maple World, there are many beautiful areas where you can take in the view. You can use the Discovery Map UI to go to various maps where you’ll earn various rewards over time while you’re in them.

  • Maple Island – Maple Tree of Beginnings: 3 Ark Points every 10 seconds (up to 20,000 points per day)
  • Mu Lung – 1000 Year Old Herb Garden: experience based on your level every 10 seconds (up to 8 hours per day)
  • Kritias – Twilight’s Lightning Zone: 1 Charisma every 10 seconds (up to 500 experience per day)
  • Minar Forest – Nest of Life: 1 Empathy every 10 seconds (up to 500 experience per day)
  • Edelstein – Taugent Gipfel: 1 Insight every 10 seconds (up to 500 experience per day)
  • Ludus Lake – Final Showdown: 1 Will every 10 seconds (up to 500 experience per day)
  • El Nath – Magma Source: 1 Craft every 10 seconds (up to 500 experience per day)
  • Elluel – Spirit’s Forest: 1 Charm every 10 seconds (up to 500 experience per day)

Discovery Ocean

Discovery Ocean.png

The Discovery Ocean event will run from December 21 to February 7.

Discovery Map

You can use the Discovery Map UI to go fishing! Discovery Ocean is a game where 1~4 players join forces to catch a variety of fish within a certain time limit.

When you catch a fish and return it to the harbour, you’ll earn Fishing Points.  If you get enough Fishing Points, your Fishing Level will increase and you’ll be able to go to higher tier fishing spots.

Boat Upgrades

Based on your total number of Fishing Points collected, you’ll level up and upgrade your boat automatically, increasing its speed and number of storeable fish.

Discovery Ocean Rewards

When the game ends, you’ll receive Ark Points based on the number of Fishing Points you collected (1 Ark Point per 1,000 Fishing Points). You can get up to 20 million Fishing Points per character per day.

For the first 2 weeks of the event, you’ll also receive mesos when the game ends (1 meso per 2 Fishing Points). You can get up to 10 million mesos per world per day.

Discovery Ocean Missions.png

The NPC Yeti beside Grills will have special missions and daily quests for you, which will give you additional rewards.

Each mission requires you to catch every kind of fish in the area. The daily mission requires you to catch specific fish each day. The last mission requires you to complete all other Fishing King missions.

  • Henesys Fishing King (40 Ark Coins)
  • Gold Beach Fishing King (40 Ark Coins)
  • Rien Fishing King (40 Ark Coins)
  • Mu Lung Fishing King (40 Ark Coins)
  • Temple of Time Fishing King (40 Ark Coins)
  • Lord of the Sea (Golden Shark Riding)
  • [Daily] Picky Fish Trader (1,000 Ark Points)

Discovery Desert

Discovery Desert

The Discovery Desert event will run from December 21 to December 27.


Every day from 10:15 AM to 11:45 PM, you’ll receive an invitation every XX:15 and XX:45. You can accept the invitation to play Bingo with other players.

Kemdi will call out a number every 3 seconds and you can click the numbers on your Bingo board to complete it.

Bingo Rewards

You’ll get Ark Points based on your ranking at the end of the game.

Discovery Field

Discovery Field

The Discovery Field event will run from December 21 to January 3.

Field Ark Points

During this event, you can earn Ark Points based on things you do in hunting maps.

  • Hunt monsters within your level range (1 point per monster)
  • Acquire Combo Kill Orbs (10 points per orb)
  • Use Runes or Bait (50 points per use)
  • Hunt Elite Monsters (80 points per Elite Monster)
  • Hunt Elite Bosses (120 points per Elite Boss)

Discovery Polar

Discovery Polar.png

The Discovery Desert event will run from December 28 to January 3.

Every day from 10:15 AM to 11:45 PM, you’ll receive an invitation every XX:15 and XX:45. You can accept the invitation to play OX Quiz with up to 100 other players.

Discovery Polar Rewards

You’ll get Ark Points based on the number of correct answers you make, as well as 500 additional Ark Points when all rounds are complete.

Sweet Christmas!

Sweet Christmas

The Sweet Christmas! event will run from December 21 to December 25.

Merry Christmas Login Gift

Every day, you can login and accept the quest from Cassandra to get a free gift!

The first time you complete the quest, you’ll get a Christmas Costume Full Package as well as a Christmas’ Gift (10 Ark Coins + 2x Experience Coupon).

The second time or more you complete the quest, you’ll just get a Christmas’ Gift.

Regardless of the number of times you have completed the quest, on December 24, you’ll receive a Christmas Sock Chair!

Jump Jump Christmas

During this event, every day from 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM, you’ll receive an invitation every XX:00 and XX:30. You can accept the invitation to play Jump Jump Christmas.

Jump Jump Christmas is a game where up to 5 players jump from platform to platform to collect various rewards floating in the air for 40 seconds. All of the rewards on the map are individual, so other players will not affect you.

You can play Jump Jump Christmas up to 2 times per character per day. You can get up to 10 Ark Coins, 1 million mesos, 300 Scroll Traces or 25 of each personality trait item per run.

Christmas Cake

During this event, Elite Monsters will have a chance to become Christmas Cakes! These Christmas Cakes will drop 5 Ark Coins when defeated. You can collect up to 25 Ark Coins per character per day through this method.

Sunday Maple

Sunday Maple.png

The Sunday Maple event will take place on December 24 and 31.

December 24

On December 24, the following benefits will take place:

  • 30% discount on Star Force enhancing costs
  • 2x Ark Points acquisition rate and 2x daily limit

December 31

On December 31, the following benefits will take place:

  • 30% discount on the Ark Coin Shop
  • 2x Ark Points acquisition rate and 2x daily limit

2018 Countdown

2018 Countdown

The 2018 Countdown event will take place from December 31 at 11:45 PM to January 1 at 12:00 PM.

Celebrate the end of 2017 with MapleStory and receive a special gift. You can login and move to the 2017 Countdown map by talking to Cassandra.

When the clock hits 12:00 AM, everyone who is still in the map will receive the following rewards when they exit.

  • 100 Ark Coins
  • 2,018 Ark Points
  • 2018 Happy New Year (event skill)
    • When used, characters around you will receive a +20% additional experience buff for 15 minutes.
    • The skill can be used until January 7.
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  1. December 21, 2017 at 12:44 am

    Great update! cant wait!

  2. PirateIzzy
    December 21, 2017 at 1:08 am

    Dammit Nexon, why are you lowering the levels of Scrapyard mobs if you’re going to keep Laseroids at level 216, in a map with level 202 mobs?

    • December 21, 2017 at 11:25 am

      In KMS, the mob’s spawn rate is linked to each mob, that means if you kill a Laseroid all you will do is to make another Laseroid to spawn, so if you don’t kill any of them, the spawn rate of the other mobs stays intact.

      In GMS, Spawn Mechanics are different: they count all the mobs in the map and they decide randomly how many to spawn depending on the number of mobs you have killed before the next spawn wave. Basically in this case if you don’t kill Laseroids your spawn rate for the other mobs also decreases.

      • PirateIzzy
        December 21, 2017 at 9:21 pm

        Interesting tidbit, but that doesn’t answer my question as to why they share a map at all if the level gap is so high.

  3. kontols
    December 21, 2017 at 3:21 am

    how you guys play KMS ??

  4. MiaoZai
    December 21, 2017 at 3:54 am

    Thank you for the update, Max. By the way, I wonder to know how many times will HP(EXP) of Elite Boss than the normal monster in the map?

    • Max
      December 21, 2017 at 10:44 pm

      Lol I take it you saw that video of Malgeum vs the Elite Boss. Apparently it was 3000x the previous patch’s HP but they released a minor patch today that ‘adjusted the HP/experience of Elite Bosses over level 150’ so I’m assuming they realized it was crazy and nerfed it 😛

  5. Anonymous
    December 21, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Hi, Max. Was there any interesting insight on Will in the library chapter?

    • Max
      December 21, 2017 at 10:44 pm

      Haven’t done it yet but I’ll let you know!

  6. Anonymous
    December 21, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    hey max are there any hint there going to be new 5th job skill?

    • Max
      December 21, 2017 at 10:44 pm

      Nope, nothing mentioned in the teaser video so I doubt we’ll get any for this update.

      • Anonymous
        December 23, 2017 at 6:44 pm

        That is extremely disappointing.

  7. Anonymous
    December 27, 2017 at 2:32 am

    I’m not looking forward to the new star force requirements for 5th job, but that’s just me. I hope you guys fare better than I on this.

    • Endlesstory
      December 27, 2017 at 8:35 am

      Honestly speaking, I cannot see the point Nexon added this requirement. Since lots of people have finished the 5th job advancement, what the requirement effects most is freshmen. However, it has been much harder for freshmen to get mesos since half a year ago, Boss Reward Reorganization.
      So… Nexon seems to push freshmen off?

  8. Anonymous
    January 16, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    There’s an error in text about the ‘Keep on burning’ title. It should say +10 to all stats, instead of 100.

    • Max
      January 17, 2018 at 11:50 am

      Whoops lol, fixed.

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