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Customer Conference Schedule & KMS ver. 1.2.345 – Compensation & Probability Items Update


The notices have been non-stop this month lol. Another new notice has been released, this time it’s Sharing the Customer Conference Schedule, the date when the conference with MapleStory players which was mentioned previously will take place has been announced along with other information.

In addition, there was an official server patch to add the compensation mentioned before as well as updates to the probability items’ descriptions to be more accurate and clear.

Sharing the Customer Conference Schedule

Hello, this is MapleStory’s director Kang Won-ki.

We would like to share the current plan for the customer conference which was announced on March 9.
More than anything, we know that the expectations of our customers are very high as this is an official communication event which has been long-awaited. We are not ready to provide much detail, but we would like to share our current progress in the hopes that we can relieve some of the frustration of our customers.

The customer conference will take place on April 11, and we will invite 10 people.
We wanted to include more customers and hear their valuable opinions, but we regret and apologize that we inevitably could not invite more people to comply with COVID-19 prevention regulations.
We will be providing a real-time stream to share the progress of this conference so that customers who cannot come can still participate together, and we thank you for your patience.

For the invitations to this customer conference, we have considered representation and fairness first.
Since we are in a situation where we have no choice but to invite a limited amount of people, we have thought deeply about how to invite people fairly to attend the customer conference.
Therefore, at this conference, we will make fairness and transparency our top priority, and we want to make it based on rankings from the official homepage which all customers can confirm. Among the customers who wish to attend, we will send invitations to the conference based on the following criteria.

<Based on Homepage Rankings>

  • Overall Rankings (Regular)
  • Overall Rankings (Reboot)
  • Guild Rankings
  • Mu Lung Dojo Rankings
  • The SEED Rankings
  • Union Rankings
  • Achievement Rankings

In addition, we would like to invite customers from the community who send a lot of love to MapleStory. From MapleStory Inven, DC Inside MapleStory Gallery, and the Maple User Community (Naver Cafe), we would like to invite one user from each site who are currently sharing their opinions of MapleStory most actively.

More details including how to apply for the customer conference and referrals from the community will be provided within the next week. We will finish our preparations as soon as possible for customers who are curious about the progress of the customer conference.

While preparing this event, we still regret that we could not evenly include players who enjoy MapleStory in various ways, regardless of rankings. We promise that we will continue to communicate with customers in the future, not just with a conference that ends after one time. Next time, we will arrange a place where a bigger variety of people can attend.

Through this upcoming conference, we would like to share honest stories with the many people who sincerely love MapleStory. See you on April 11.

MapleStory’s Director Kang Won-ki

KMS ver. 1.2.345 – Compensation & Probability Items Update


  • Additional Options and Ability Error Correction Delay Compensation
  • Heartfelt Apology to All Players
  • Improvement Work
  • Fairy Bros’ Golden Chariot
  • Error Fixes
  • Other Information

Additional Options and Ability Error Correction Delay Compensation

For more details, see the previous notice.

Heartfelt Apology to All Players

For more details, see the previous notice.

Improvement Work

In order to show accurate information, scrolls’ descriptions have been updated to show detailed rates.

  • Chaos Scrolls
  • Pet Equipment Scrolls
  • Accessory Scrolls
  • Magical Scrolls
  • Miracle Scrolls
  • Potential Scrolls
  • Armor Attack/Magic Attack Scrolls
  • Yggdrasil’s Blessing

Places using probability expressions which were conveying incorrect information have been corrected.

  • Rebirth Flame item descriptions and the pop-up when used
  • Ability reset UI
  • The pop-up when Chaos Circulators are used
  • The pop-up when changing Beauty

Developers’ Opinion
In the wake of this situation, during our full investigation, we have been thinking of and apologize to the users who have enjoyed the game. 
Specifically, for all opaquely released information, we are quickly and continuously replacing any unclear expressions which we used out of habit with clearer words, with the goal of changing so that users will have no difficulty when playing the game. 

Tactical Relay Chair - Copy

Expressions and images which users have felt discomfort from have been corrected.

  • The 1000 Daily Gift achievement has been changed from “Sincere Cherry Picker” to “1000 Days of Sincerity”.
  • The Tactical Relay Chair icon image’s number has been changed from 10597 to 10000.

Developers’ Opinion
Looking at the users’ opinions, we have sincerely reflected on the fact that we have not paid much attention to each of the expressions in the game. Going forward, we will no longer be limited only by the developers’ understanding, but will examine them several times through several channels and pay more attention during development.

1000 Selective Arcane Symbol Vouchers - Copy

The following items’ maximum capacity per slot have been increased.

  • Selective Arcane Symbol Vouchers have been changed to allow up to 9,999 in one slot.
  • Rebirth Flame items have been changed to allow up to 999 in one slot.
    • Powerful Rebirth Flames (Regular/Karma)
    • Eternal Rebirth Flames (Regular/Karma)
    • Black Rebirth Flame (Regular/Karma)

Fairy Bros’ Golden Chariot

The Change Royal Hair Coupon from the Fairy Bros’ Golden Chariot’s 45 days prize can give the following hairs.

  • Male Hairs
    • Kid Hair
    • Little Wave Hair
    • Evan Hair
    • Messy Perm Hair
    • Cute Horn Hair
  • Female Hairs
    • Soft Curls Hair
    • Bling Evan Hair
    • Straight to School Hair
    • Messy Perm Hair
    • Whipping Hair

The Change Royal Face Coupon from the Fairy Bros’ Golden Chariot’s 54 days prize can give the following faces.

  • Male Faces
    • Silver Marble Face
    • Eileen Face
    • Innocent Face
    • Quiet Eyes Face
    • Lily Face
  • Female Faces
    • Silver Marble Face
    • Arthur Face
    • Starlight Eyes Face
    • Naughty Face
    • Elwyn Face

Error Fixes

Fixed an issue where if you used the Mix Dye Coupon with the Green Bling Evan Hair, the name would appear as “Mix Green Bling Evan Hair” instead of “Mix Bling Evan Hair”.

Other Information

Burning World‘s usage period has ended.

Elysium and Croa’s character creation restriction has been removed. Scania and Luna’s character creation restriction will be maintained.

Developers’ Opinion
Since today’s update provides a large number of items, there is a possibility of increased load all at once. For the time being, we will maintain Scania and Luna’s character creation restriction so Scania and Luna players can use the game smoothly. We apologize to users who wished to play newly in Scania and Luna.

March 15 Server Maintenance

Fixed an issue with the Zero Genesis weapon.

When resetting Ability, the avoidability line will no longer appear.

March 18 Server Maintenance


  • Additional Compensation for Ability Reset Costs
  • Improvement Work

Additional Compensation for Ability Reset Costs

You will receive compensation for 100% of the costs of resetting Ability when the avoidability line appeared from February 1, 2019 to March 13, 2021 at 7:00 AM. 

How to Receive Additional Compensation:

  • Click on the Maple Admin NPC in Henesys or other main towns, choose the ‘Talk to Maple Admin’ option, and choose the ‘2nd Rebirth Flame/Honor Points Trade’ option to receive your additional refund points.
  • If you have already selected a world to receive your points, they will be added to your world’s Honor Points or Manji Coin Points.
  • If you have not already selected a world to receive your points, they will be added to your Maple ID’s Honor Poitns or Manji Coin Points.
  • Additional compensation in Maple Points will be given immediately after logging into the game.
  • Any Honor used from February 19, 2021 at 9:30 PM to February 24, 2021 at 6:00 PM which was used after locking 2 Ability lines will not be included in the compensation.
  • The compensation criteria has been updated to be more clear.

Honor Additional Compensation

Improvement Work

Regardless of if you had a record of acquiring 2nd Rebirth Flame/Honor Points in Burning World, users who performed the Burning World Leap from February 25 to March 10 will be able to acquire their points in the world they leaped to.

If yo have not claimed any items from the Heartfelt Apology to All Players after selecting your world, you can now change the world. If you select the ‘Change the World to Receive Items’ option at the end of the receivable items list, it will be reset and you can choose to receive the items in another world afterwards.

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    Hey Max, Don’t know if you’ll read this, but do you think you will do a skill extract for the Mo Xuan class for CMS and TMS. It would be nice if we can see those skill animations how you always do them with the information on the skills. I just like reading them in your style of posts! Keep up the good work!

    • Max
      March 13, 2021 at 1:07 am

      No I’m not really planning on it, I don’t have CMS/TMS installed and I don’t know Chinese anyways haha.
      Steve (x3TheAran59) sent me this link with english translations done by one of his friends so maybe this will be good for you: https://hackmd.io/Uo58TMrjQRi3riEqHuBnOQ

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