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MapleStory Ambassador – BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Ambassador Jisoo

Since MapleStory began, over 100 million heroes from all across the world have enjoyed MapleStory, and this program is meant to shine a spotlight on some of the heroes from all walks of life who spread good influence both in Korea and abroad.

The first Ambassador was the Olympian archer Kim Je-Deok, and the second is BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, a member of the world-famous K-pop group! BLACKPINK in your (MapleStory) area!

Edit: (March 14 at 5:55 PM EST) A second episode was released with some more questions for Jisoo, so I updated the post with more translations.

2nd Ambassador Blackpink's Jisoo

They did a short biography on her, listing both her real-life and MapleStory milestones. She has played MapleStory since she was 9 years old in elementary school, beat Hard Lucid and Hard Suu when she was 27, and now that she’s 28, she’s active as the Henesys Fashion Queen. It also says she had a fateful encounter with Bishop when she was 9 and has been playing it ever since.

You can see the full page here.

They also made a video titled Maple Hero’s Log-off Life: BLACKPINK Jisoo Edition. It’s an interview with her with questions about her time on MapleStory. It was pretty funny hearing her talk about how as a kid, she basically had to be playing MapleStory to join in on any conversations with her friends.

She said she likes playing Bishop because it feels special compared to other jobs since its essential when fighting bosses. She really enjoyed the updated skill effects from the Adventurer remaster as well. If she were to play another character, it would probably be Angelic Buster (of course, she’s MapleStory’s idol!).

Her favourite map is Henesys because it has no level requirements so everyone can go there and she can show off her cute and rare fashion items and chairs (she loves when people ask what item she’s wearing or where she got it).

She plays with BGM on and sings along with it haha. She loves collecting rare fashion items and even got the Sweet Pumpkin Star headband as a birthday gift.

Episode 2 of the video was released a few days later with additional questions.

  • She loves the Mushroom Castle theme dungeon and does it on all of her characters even though hunting is faster.
  • She developed her patience since elementary school through the Forest of Patience jump quest.
  • She has defeated Hard Lucid and defeated Hard Suu in a 3-person party.
  • When she has time, she does boss fights with her guild in voice chat. Her friends said it would be obvious it was her if she joined voice chat but she said no one knew.
  • She is above level 245.
  • To recommend MapleStory classes to other members of BLACKPINK:
    • She recommended Dual Blade for Jennie because she wanted a damage dealer in her party, and since Jennie is good at games, she could play DB which is hard to control.
    • She recommended Mercedes for Rosé since she has long blonde hair and a fairy-like appearance, and Mercedes has pale white skin by default.
    • She recommended Adele for Lisa since she doesn’t play a lot of games and Adele is easy to play with flashy skills.
    • For the MC, she recommended the most difficult class to play but he said he’s bad at the game so she suggested he play a Bishop with her. Then she clarified that they couldn’t play together since only one Bishop can be in a single party.
  • She said MapleStory’s charm is its cute and unique pixel art.
  • She said MapleStory is a game that she has made memories in for a long time, so it feels like an old friend. Whenever something new comes out, she makes new memories as well and the game heals her.
  • To new players, she said that she has more fun when playing with others so she suggested to play with your friends and help each other out.
  • Her goal as a singer in BLACKPINK is to entertain fans with a variety of new appearances and make new memories together. Her goal as a MapleStory player is to defeat the new boss Kalos and make new memories.
  • The MapleStory art team prepared a special illustration of Jisoo with the MapleStory character Lucid and gave it to her as a gift.

Ambassador Jisoo

There is a second tab called Ambassador Content, which will probably be an outfit based on Jisoo. On the page, there is already an illustration of her with Lucid so we can assume it will look something like that (similar to the one they made for Kim Je-Deok).

Update: actually, the Ambassador Content page features the MapleStory Ambassador Jisoo Look-Spec-Up videos . In these videos, players sent in their requests for outfits with various criteria and Jisoo prepared special looks for them! In the second video, she even makes one for Won-ki and shows off her own characters.

Jisoo in Your MAPLE

They also announced the Jisoo in Your MAPLE event which will run from March 24 to April 6, where you can talk to Jisoo in-game at Henesys, Leafre, and Nameless Town to receive special rewards. These can only be claimed once per Maple ID.

  • Jisoo in your MAPLE Chair
  • 2 Mannequin Vouchers
  • Hair Room Slot Expansion Coupon VOucher
  • Face Room Slot Expansion Coupon Voucher
  • Selective Growth Potion Voucher
  • Experience Core Gemstone
  • Selective Symbol Voucher (100 Arcane Symbols or 25 Authentic Symbols)
  • 1,000 Haste Feathers

There is one more tab called Ambassador Activity. It’s not open yet but if it’s the same as the previous ambassador, Jisoo will make some sort of goods item that the MapleStory team will give out to a lucky player! Last time, they gave out Pink Bean dolls and a custom tote bag made by Kim Je-Deok.

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