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kMS ver.1.2.133 – Party Quest Revamp & Archer Jump Update!

May 27, 2011 20 comments

General Party Quest Changes

Almost every single party quest requires you to collect items from the boss to trade in now. You might be overwhelmed by all these new party quest items, but don’t worry! Everyone gets their own 8 Slot Party Quest Bag~

Don’t worry about the level ranges in the brackets, they’re only recommendations! Everyone can do every single party quest now. Also, every single party quest is now level scaled! However, I think they only scale as high as the recommended levels, so no intense King Slime fights for high levels.. On the other hand, almost every single party quest is good exp now! Prepare to find new friends as you jump into these renewed and new party quests~

All party quest equipment now come unidentified upon receiving them!

Go beyond the cut to see specific changes to each party quest, and changes to things like the notification system and the medal window!

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