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kMS ver.1.2.133 – Party Quest Revamp & Archer Jump Update!

General Party Quest Changes

Almost every single party quest requires you to collect items from the boss to trade in now. You might be overwhelmed by all these new party quest items, but don’t worry! Everyone gets their own 8 Slot Party Quest Bag~

Don’t worry about the level ranges in the brackets, they’re only recommendations! Everyone can do every single party quest now. Also, every single party quest is now level scaled! However, I think they only scale as high as the recommended levels, so no intense King Slime fights for high levels.. On the other hand, almost every single party quest is good exp now! Prepare to find new friends as you jump into these renewed and new party quests~

All party quest equipment now come unidentified upon receiving them!

Go beyond the cut to see specific changes to each party quest, and changes to things like the notification system and the medal window!

Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake Party Quest (20~69)

One thing that was changed was that you now hunt Ribbon Pigs for the seeds instead of hitting flowers, and that there is only 1 type of seed. Also, anyone can pick up the rice cakes now, as the NPC counts themselves how many are looted. Upon completion, you get 1 Rice Cake, which you can trade in for:

  • Cake on the Head (10 cakes) – level 15
  • Two Cakes on the Head (100 cakes) – level 25, 1 to all stats

First Accompaniment  Party Quest (20~69)

This party quest is basically the same, except for some map changes. You can now receive these items:

  • Squishy Shoes (drop from King Slime) – level 20, 1 to all stats
  • Soft Shoes (15 Soft Liquids) – level 40, 2 to all stats

Dimensional Crack Party Quest (20~69)

This party quest is also almost the same. They changed the combination for the ‘jump quest’, and also made it so that once you found the right one, the box glows, so no more coin marking needed. You still get the Broken Glasses by completing this party quest 35 times.

Poisonous Forest in the Fog  Party Quest (70~119)

This party quest was not changed at all. You can exchange the Altair Pieces you recieve from the boss for:

  • Dazzling Altair Earrings (30 Altair Pieces) – level 85, 5 to all stats

Traces of the Goddess Party Quest (70~119)

This party quest was also not changed. Prizes include:

  • Goddess’ Bracelet (20 Feathers of the Goddess) – level 50, 1 attack/magic attack
  • Goddess’ Shoes (10 Feathers of the Goddess) – level 50, 1 to all stats
  • Goddess Minerva’s Bracelet (20 Feathers of the Goddess and Goddess’ Bracelet) – level 75, 1 attack/magic attack
  • Goddess Minerva’s Shoes (10 Feathers of the Goddess and Goddess’ Shoes) – level 75, 3 to all stats
The Goddess Minerva items also come with a set bonus, giving you 5 to all stats and 2 attack/magic attack when you wear both pieces of equipment.

Pirate Davy Jones Party Quest (70~119)

The rewards were changed! There are now only 3 hats.

  • Well-worn Davy Jones’ Hat (50 Pieces of Davy Jones’ Hat) – level 80, 3 to all stats
  • Standard Davy Jones’ Hat(50 Pieces of Davy Jones’ Hat and Well-worn Davy Jones’ Hat) – level 90, 5 to all stats
  • Final Davy Jones’ Hat(50 Pieces of Davy Jones’ Hat and Standard Davy Jones’ Hat) – level 100, 12 to all stats

Yup, you only need 150 pieces now~ However, you get only 1 piece per party quest, so that’s 150 for the last hat :/

Romeo and Juliet Party Quest (70~119)

There is only 5 platforms in the combination room now! Rejoice! And items include:

  • Romeo’s Necklace (20 Zenumist Beads) – level 85, 6 to all stats
  • Juliet’s Necklace (20 Alcadno Beads) – level 85, 6 to all stats
  • Proof of Love (Romeo’s Necklace and Juliet’s Necklace) – level 85, 9 to all stats and 1 attack/magic attack

Resurrection of the Hob King Party Quest (120~200)

Like many of the party quests, this has also been revamped! The first stage consists of hunting, and then there is only two maps of escorting. Shammos also walks much faster now, so this party quest is very good exp. For those interested, the Hyena mount has finally (for kMS at least) been released!

  • Rex’s Red Earrings (drop from the boss) – level 75, 3 str/dex and 10% HP
  • Rex’s Blue Earrings (drop from the boss) – level 75, 3 int/luk and 10% HP
  • Rex’s Green Earrings (drop from the boss) – level 75, 3 dex/luk and 10% HP
  • Rex’s Complete Red Earrings (Rex’s Red Earrings and 50 Hob Warrior’s Proofs) – level 125, 8 str/dex, 10% HP and 1 attack/magic attack
  • Rex’s Complete Blue Earrings (Rex’s Blue Earrings and 50 Hob Warrior’s Proofs) – level 125, 8 int/luk, 10% HP and 1 attack/magic attack
  • Rex’s Complete Green Earrings (Rex’s Blue Earrings and 50 Hob Warrior’s Proofs) – level 125, 8 dex/luk, 10% HP and 1 attack/magic attack
  • Rex’s Hyena riding (300 Hob Warrior’s Proofs)

Dragon Rider Party Quest (120~200)

The items from this party quest are still from the boxes received from finishing the party quest. There are now only 2 hunting maps before Dragonica.

Kenta in Danger Party Quest (120~200)

One of three new party quests added in this patch! It is similar to the Moon Bunny’s Rice Cake party quest in that you have to protect Kenta from various monsters. However, there are a couple of hunting stages before that, and a boss stage after that. Or should I say bosses? You must defeat both Left and Right Pianus, at the same time! The good thing is that you can get 2 Pianus Scales, halving the amount of party quests you must do to get an elusive eye accessory!

  • Kenta’s Goggles (100 Pianus’ Scales) – level 80, 5 to all stats
  • 60% str/dex/int/luk Scroll for Pet Equipment (10 Pianus’ Scales, random)

Prison Break Party Quest (120~200)

Another new party quest in which you and your party try to escape from this prison! This consists of a couple of jump quests, hunting, and sneaking in to Guard Ani’s room to fight him. You can get these items:

  • Max Van Leon Belt (50 Guard’s Keys) – level 120, 7 str/dex and 2 attack
  • Alma Van Leon Belt (50 Guard’s Keys) – level 120, 7 int/luk and 2 magic attack
  • Pax Van Leon Belt (50 Guard’s Keys) – level 120, 7 str/dex and 2 attack
  • Nox Van Leon Belt (50 Guard’s Keys) – level 120, 7 dex/luk and 2 attack
  • Cora Van Leon Belt (50 Guard’s Keys) – level 120, 7 str/dex and 2 attack

Ice Knight’s Curse Party Quest (30~69)

One of the new party quests introduced in this patch! It looks exactly like the Resurrection of the Hob King, you escort Iceman through various maps to get to the Ice Knight’s room (the portal even looks exactly like the Hob King’s!) until you finally get to fight him.

  • Ice Knight’s Chain Eisen (10 Pieces of Cold Ice) – level 30, 1 to all stats
  • Ice Knight’s Ice Earrings (20 Pieces of Cold Ice) –  level 45, 2 to all stats

New Notification System

I’m sure that at least one of you out there has been annoyed by that lightbulb floating over your head. Well fret no more, they’re gone! Now, one the side of your screen, you’ll see these icons. The first is for quests, the second is for event quests, the third is for guild provisions from the guild skill, the fourth is for PC Room notifications, and the last is things for your item pot.

New Medal Window

Another thing that changed was the medal inventory, as you can see. It’s now filled with pretty pictures of your medals. What’s so special about this you say? Well, get ready to throw all your medals away~ With this new system, you can now receive a medal you have gotten before just by double clicking it here and paying a small fee. More inventory space for all!

Nautilus Harbour Additions

For some reason, Nautilus has started gearing up! An NPC called Valerie, who was recently in the Rising Star event, has been added. There are now things like a crane and boxes full of ammo strewn around. Is it leading up to something new?

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  4. MetaSeraphim
    May 27, 2011 at 3:30 am

    How does the new medal system work? Does any medal you have in the past UI get added to it? What about event medals that don’t show up on the old UI?

    • Max
      May 27, 2011 at 4:03 pm

      Yup. Not sure about the second part though, I never paid attention to the medal window haha.

    • LovesCake
      June 11, 2011 at 4:10 pm

      I could receive the 2011 Artifact Hunter medal after I dropped it…
      You could also re-get the “달빛의 음유시인, 매의눈, 시선집중” ones from KMS events also, so I’m guessing that you can re-receive any medal that you previously obtained.
      The only medal that I cannot confirm is the “I’m a Lucky Guy” Medal,
      Which most people don’t have.

  5. wey
    May 27, 2011 at 4:14 am

    cool stuff bro

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    since snowshoes are named chain eisens

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    More in depth than Spadow’s and not as image heavy.
    I do enjoy your style, sir!

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    June 10, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    I like this better than Spadow. At least YOU gave out the info about renewed pqs ^ ^
    This seems to be a lot more organized too.
    Like above, faves

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    June 11, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    I love how your blog has so much accurate information, and yet still has personal insight and opinions 🙂
    I’m definitely going to be checking this blog everyday.

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    July 7, 2013 at 5:57 am

    Now everyone is going to do PQs to level up ==

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