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Thief and Pirate Reorganization Preview!

November 23, 2011 71 comments

Inkwell’s Secret Diary has received another new entry, and this one is super interesting! These are previews of the new skills that the Thief and Pirate jobs will receive!

November 23, 2011. Meet the newly resurrected Thief and Pirate!
New changes are going to be brought to the Maple World! I can’t wait!

They look really interesting to me! Night Lords seem to be getting many different types of projectile skills… but the Shadower skills all look the same… maybe they’re all part of one animation? I guess the Octopi will play a really big role in the new Captain class! The skills for the Viper seem very boring… recolours of the Cannon Shooter skills? I hope that this changes when it’s actually released!

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