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MapleStory 2 – Season 2 Update!

Season 2 Update

The first large update to MapleStory 2, titled the Season 2 update was released today, with an increased level cap to 40, new skills, bosses, and dungeons! There are also a few new events which have begun.

I will be posting updated skill tables soon with the new skills as well as corrected values for older skills!

A broadcast by the Maple World News shows off the new things being added in this update! Near the beginning, they talk about the opening of MapleStory 2 and how they have given out a lot of money to bug reporters.

They also mentioned the top 3 search terms on MAVIEW: Dun Dun, Griffon, and Griffina. A previous minor patch also changed it so that bosses would spawn on all channels at the same time, because it was hard for users to be able to find them to complete quests.

They then talk about the update itself, which I will be covering below!


New skills have been added.

All Jobs

  • All jobs’ basic attacks’ damage when used in the air have been reduced to 60%.
  • Some weapons’ (Large Sword, Bow, Cannon, etc) attack ranges when jumping have been adjusted to match the character motions and designated areas.
  • Now when you take fall damage, some motion skills may be cancelled.
  • You can learn the Action Skill Quick Swim at level 38.
  • Now, cooldown reduction only affects job-specific skills.



The following skills have been added.

  • [Passive] Composure: learned at level 32.
  • [Active] Shield Wall: learned at level 34
  • [Passive] Shield Mastery: learned at level 36
  • [Active] Knight’s Will: learned at level 40



The following skills have been added.

  • [Passive] Cruelty: learned at level 32
  • [Active] Earthquake: learned at level 34
  • [Passive] Endure: learned at level 36
  • [Active] Berserker’s Soul: learned at level 40

The following skills have been changed.

  • An error where Wound Explosion did not work when used in the air even if there were targets that were Bleeding in range was fixed.
  • Wound Explosion/Blood Thirst’s visual effects have been changed.



The following skills have been added.

  • [Passive] Lord of Lightning: learned at level 32
  • [Active] Concentrated Magic Circle: learned at level 34
  • [Passive] Lord of Fire: learned at level 36
  • [Active] Infinity: learned at level 40

The following skills have been changed.

  • An error where while Lord of Ice was active and Ice Strike was used in the air, the number of chunks of ice which fell was 6 instead of 4 has been fixed.



The following skills have been added.

  • [Active] Sanctuary: learned at level 32
  • [Action] Heaven’s Wings: learned at level 34
  • [Passive] Heal Mastery: learned at level 36
  • [Active] Holy Symbol: learned at level 40

The following skills have been changed.

  • An error where destroyed structures would not drop items while Shield of Archon was active has been fixed.
  • Now, Heaven’s Prayer is no longer cancelled if you are knocked back while casting it.



The following skills have been added.

  • [Active] Sharp Eyeslearned at level 32
  • [Action] Eagle Glidelearned at level 34
  • [Passive] Snipelearned at level 36
  • [Active] Eagle’s Soullearned at level 40

The following skills have been changed.

  • An error where Eagle Strike’s bonus effect would only affect one target has been fixed.

Heavy Gunner

Heavy Gunner

The following skills have been added.

  • [Passive] Time Bomblearned at level 32
  • [Active] Electric Blastlearned at level 34
  • [Passive] Burning Cannonlearned at level 36
  • [Active] Reloadlearned at level 40

The following skills have been changed.

  • Blast Jump’s name has been changed to match Electric Blast.



The following skills have been added.

  • [Passive] Revengelearned at level 32
  • [Active] Hastelearned at level 34
  • [Passive] Nimble Bodylearned at level 36
  • [Active] Despicable Tricklearned at level 40

The following skills have been changed.

  • Poison Blow, Blade Dance, Somersault Kick, and Balkan Edge’s skill descriptions have been updated to detail the effects while in the Despicable state. These skills now also have enhanced animations and effects when used while in the Despicable State.
  • An error where Poison Blow’s bonus effect would only affect one target has been fixed.



The following skills have been added.

  • [Active] Fatal Attacklearned at level 32
  • [Active] Grind Starlearned at level 34
  • [Passive] Keen Eyeslearned at level 36
  • [Passive] Calm Mindlearned at level 40

The following skills have been changed.

  • An error where you would not receive the Stun effects after leaving Dark Sight by interacting with an object has been fixed.
  • The description for Dark Sight has been changed to clarify what causes you to cancel Dark Sight.
  • An error where Darkness Tracer’s effect was replaced by another user’s has been fixed.
  • An error where you could activate Dark Sight’s stun effect twice by using skills consecutively has been fixed.
  • An error where Dark Blader’s bonus effect would only affect one target has been fixed.

Now, when you mouse over a piece of equipment, in addition to the change in regular stats between the item and your currently equipped item, the UI will compare special stats as well.

Monster, Map, NPC

Field Bosses and Dungeon Bosses are now more likely to drop equipment items for your job.

Now, even max level users can check to see their battle contributions in the Chat Window.

New field bosses have been found.

Lolo and Moomoos Bajar Guard Alpha Turtle Lernorth Baphomet of Rage

  • Lolo and Moomoos (Lv. 32)
  • Bajar Guard (Lv. 35)
  • Alpha Turtle (Lv. 37)
  • Lernorth (Lv. 40)
  • Baphomet of Rage (Lv. 40)

Field bosses have been changed as follows.

  • All field bosses’ attacks’ damage have been slightly decreased.
  • All field bosses’ health have been slightly decreased.
  • Now, if you do not participate for the majority of a field boss fight, you will nto receive any rewards. (this was a big problem because people hit the boss once and afked until it was dead)
  • Field boss skills like Griffon/Griffina’s cube based attacks will no longer be able to be avoided by standing in the corner of a cube.
  • The field boss Dun Dun has received a new voiceover.

New Elite Monsters have been found.

  • Zombie Mushmom (Lv. 32)
  • Stumpy (Lv. 34)
  • King Slime (Lv. 35)
  • Mano (Lv. 37)
  • Wind Shaman Lapeng (Lv. 38)
  • Urpanda (Lv. 40)
  • Summon Shaman Latoon (Lv. 40)
  • The Elite Monster Thug Baraha has received a new voiceover.

Clocktower Plaza

A new area has been found in Maple World.

  • The Clocktower Plaza and nearby areas can now be accessed.

Shadow World

Shadow World’s areas have been changed. Quest with confidence!

  • You can see more information about the Season 2 changes to Shadow World here.

New dungeons have been found.

  • 1 Person Dungeons
    • A new 1 person dungeon has been found.
      • In the northeast end of Evansville, you can enter a portal to the Alpine Maple Ranch.
      • Stop the ferocious wolves from attacking the sheep pasture!
      • The recommended level is 14. Related quests and trophies have been added.
      • In the Alpine Maple Ranch, you can talk to Chacha to buy sheep concept building items.
  • Party Dungeons
    • New party dungeons have been found. (up to 4 people)
      • Underground Royal Kidnapping (Lv. 33)
      • Protect the Chains of Life (Lv. 38) [you can acquire Elixirs from this dungeon’s treasure chests]
  • Boss Dungeons
    • New boss dungeons have been found. (up to 10 people)
      • Forest of Chaos (Lv. 35)
      • Horus’ Nest (Lv. 39)
      • Ignicore (Lv. 40)
      • Moonlight Captain’s Fortress (Lv. 40)
      • Ludibrium Clock Tower (Lv. 40)

Existing party/boss dungeons have been changed as follows.

  • [Party Dungeon] All party dungeons’ monsters’ HP have been decreased.
  • [Party Dungeon] All party dungeons’ experience rewards have been increased.
  • [Party Dungeon] Secrets of the Cherry Blossom Forest has received new BGM.
  • [Party Dungeon] Secrets of the Cherry Blossom Forest’s waterfall section’s difficulty has been decreased.
  • [Party Dungeon] An error where entering Poison Cave was unsafe has been fixed.
  • [Party Dungeon] An error where some projectiles would disappear inside Poison Cave has been fixed.
  • [Party Dungeon] An error where users in Dark Sight would not get poisoned inside Poison Cave has been fixed.
  • [Boss Dungeon] While fighting the Dark Shaman Devorak, you can no longer re-enter the fight if you die.

Some NPCs have received new voiceovers.


Individual Battlefield

  • Now, instead of using the Peaks of Valor, you can fight through the Individual Battlefield which can be accessed in the menu.
  • You can also press the Battlefield button which appears beside your portrait at the bottom right part of your screen.
  • After choosing which PvP you would like to participate in, you will begin to search for opponents. Only level 40 users can enter.
  • Previously, you could only fight at the Peaks of Valor at specific times but now you can enjoy PvP any time there are enough people signing up.

Red Duel

  • No changes have been made. Up to 10 people fight 1 on 1 until there is 1 winner remaining. The order is random.

Bloody Tear Mine

  • No changes have been made. Up to 10 people fight to collect points. When you defeat another user, you’ll gain points and they will lose points.
  • After 10 minutes, the user with the highest score will win.

Season 2 Guild Battles

  • From August 8 to August 16, you can enter the Guild Championships if you have at least 3 users who are level 40.
  • You can only enter the Guild Battles if you have been with a guild for at least 48 hours.

The battle system has been changed as follows.

  • Now, there will no longer be notifications to all onlines users for every winner.
  • Now, after a round starts or ends, all skill cooldowns (except job skills) will be reset.
  • Now, after being matched, you will gain the Call of the Battlefield status, during which you cannot find another battle. After the battle ends, the Call of the Battlefield status will be removed.


Now, when trading Chaonyx to Elliana Suavriche in the Blacksmith Streets, there is a higher chance to receive equipment for your job.

Level 30~40 quests have been added. Some existing quests have been improved.

104 new trophies and 7 new titles have been added.

New magazines have been added.

New beauty styles have been added.

  • Hair Styles
    • Male: Charisma Slickback/Volume Layer Cut/Bob Head/Warrior Head/Point Bang Hair
    • Female: Short Volume Perm/Soft Mohican Hair/Big Ponytail/Starry Head/Petite Sheep Hair
  • Makeup
    • Magical Butterfly/Lipstick Mark/Eye Bruise/Freckles/Kiss Mark
  • Faces
    • Male: Spooky Explosion Face/Fired Up Face/Cynical Face/Bored Face/Thoughtful Face
    • Female: Noble Face/Lovely Heart Face/Bashful Face/Bored Face/Thoughtful Face


New properties have been added.

  • With a larger Maple World in Season 2, a larger number of real estate has become available.
  • You can learn more about these new properties here.


Other Character Effects

You can now choose to show or hide other characters’ skill effects.

You can no longer kick party members when a boss’ HP is low.

There were various improvements to the Black Market and Merit Market.

Other Important Changes:

  • All potion shops now sell Special Red Herbs and White Potions.
  • Some NPCs have received new voiceovers.
  • Now you can type /channelchange # to change channels.
  • Now you can talk to NPCs while on a ladder or rope.
  • Now you can choose which special marks to show on top of your character (Enchant/Top Designer/Battlefield Champion marks).
  • A macro user detection system has been added.
    • The system detects users hunting in the same area for long periods of time. If you are determined to be using a macro, the experience and rewards you get from hunting will be limited.
    • Of course there will be some false positives in this system. Please send in reports if there are any errors so that the system can be improved.


Attendance Check

Let’s move on to the events! The first is an attendance check, which begins on July 31 and runs until August 19.

Attendance Check Steps

You simply need to log in once a day to be checked off! You’ll receive the prizes instantly in the mail.

Attendance Check Rewards

The prizes for this attendance check are:

  1. Slime Bonus Pack (Swift Starter Potion x 5, Brave Starter Potion x 5, Lotus Taxi Radio x 5, Discount Instant Revival Coupon x 5)
  2. Automatically entered for a chance to win 500 Merit (200 winners in total)
  3. Red Potion x 25
  4. Automatically entered for a chance to win 10,000 Nexon Cash (100 winners in total)
  5. Orange Potion x 15
  6. Chat Bubble Badge (7 days)
  7. Automatically entered for a chance to win a PC (5 winners in total)
  8. Discount Channel Chat Coupon x 5
  9. Discount Instant Revival Coupon x 5
  10. Crystal Fragment x 5
  11. Automatically entered for a chance to win 1,000 Merit (200 winners in total)
  12. Lapenta Scent x 5
  13. Onyx Fragment x 999
  14. Automatically entered for a chance to win a PC (5 winners in total)

Trophy Collection Event

Next is the Trophy Collection event and it runs from July 30 to August 20. Prizes will be given out on August 27!

Collecting Trophies

As the name would imply, for this event, you must log on and collect trophies! For every 50 trophies you collect, you’ll receive 1 Voucher.

Trophy Collection Rewards

The Vouchers can be traded in for a chance to win various prizes.

  • 100 Merit (requires 2 Vouchers) [1000 winners]
  • 5,000 Nexon Cash (requires 5 Vouchers) [1000 winners]
  • 500 Merit (requires 5 Vouchers) [1000 winners]
  • 1,000 Merit (requires 7 Vouchers) [300 winners]
  • Figure (requires 9 Vouchers) [100 winners]
  • First Aid Helicopter Radio x 5 (requires 9 Vouchers) [this item is not a draw, everyone receives it]
  • MapleStory 2 PC (requires 11 Vouchers) [10 winners]

Enjoy~ Weekend! Time Event

The Enjoy~ Weekend! Time event will begin on August 1 and run until August 16, specifically on every Saturday and Sunday.

Time Event Participation

To participate, you must log on to the game on a Saturday or Sunday and stay logged in for 1 hour to receive your prizes.

Time Event Rewards

The rewards are:

  • August 1: Discount Hair Stylying Coupon x 1
  • August 2: Discount Channel Chat Coupon x 10
  • August 8: Discount Plastic Surgery Coupon x 1
  • August 9: Elixir x 10
  • August 15: Discount Skin Coupon x 1
  • August 16: Lotus Taxi Radio x 10

Superstar M2 Pre Season 2

The Superstar M2 Pre Season 2 event has begun and will run until August 20. Basically, you just have to take a screenshot of one of your custom designed buildings/furniture and you’ll be entered for a chance to win some money cards or Merit.

Guild Championship Season 2

Finally, season 2 of the Guild Championships will begin on August 8 and run until August 16. You can enter every 10 minutes from 5pm to 10pm (1pm to 10pm on the weekends).

Note that you must spend the Proofs of Valor which you earned during the last season before this season begins or else they will all expire.

Guild Championship Rewards

As you fight other guilds, you’ll increase your rank and collect Proofs of Valor. At the end of the season, the top 100 guilds will be rewarded with Merit! All guild members will receive the rewards.

  • 1st place: 2,000 Merit
  • 2nd place: 1,000 Merit
  • 3rd place: 500 Merit
  • 4th~10th place: 300 Merit
  • 11th~100th place: 100 Merit

MapleStory and MapleStory 2

There is also an event between MapleStory and MapleStory 2! Basically, you need to create a character and level it up to 10 in MapleStory 2 to receive prizes in MapleStory. There are similar events for many of Nexon’s games to promote MapleStory 2.

Mission 1

Your first mission is to create a character in Maplestory 2. You’ll receive 1 Black Cube (expires in 7 days), 1 30 Minute 2x Experience Coupon, an [MS2] Tim Wig (M) or Momo Wig (F) (permanent Cash items), and an [MS2] Tim Gentle Suit (M) or Momo Maid One-Piece (F) (permanent Cash items).

Mission 2

The other mission is to reach level 10 on that character and advance to a job. You’ll receive 1 30 Minute 2x Experience Coupon, an [MS2] Ducky pet (expires in 30 days), [Ms2] Ducky’s Ribbon pet equipment, and the [MS2] Ducky Candy Bar weapon (permanent Cash item).

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        Oh thanks. For awhile there (not really, but I entertained the idea) I thought it was a joke by the devs and they gave assasins a holy symbol.

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      Having a laggy server to those who do not reside near the game’s host, again not a thing to be marked down.
      Bots, I’ve not seen personally, so I can’t talk about this.

      You want an English version of this game? Wait until it gets released in America.

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