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MapleStory Symphony in Budapest – The Cygnus Garden!

January 19, 2017 1 comment

The final track of the MapleStory symphony in Budapest has been released, and it is indeed The Cygnus Garden, from Future Ereb. I think this is definitely one of the best ones, it’s my favourite! They also uploaded another video for Start the Adventure without any of the in-game animations if you’re interested in that.

I believe these will be available on other online sources soon and they’re still in the works for a physical version.

The theme song of the boss battle with Empress Cygnus of the Gate to the Future, this graceful yet powerful melody radiates with the elegance and dignity of the Empress. Waltz meets symphony in this lovely re-interpretation of an old classic.

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MapleStory Symphony in Budapest – The Queen’s Garden,When the Morning Comes, and Dancing with the Moon!

January 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Three more tracks from the MapleStory Symphony in Budapest have been released. Ereb’s theme, The Queen’s Garden, Ellinia’s theme When the Morning Comes, and Phantom’s ship, Crystal Garden’s theme, Dancing With the Moon.

Only one more track remains! I hope it’s something from the Temple of Time or Cygnus Garden!

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MapleStory Symphony in Budapest – The Raindrop Flower, The Black Heaven, and The Tune of the Azure Light

January 19, 2017 2 comments

Three more tracks from the MapleStory Symphony in Budapest have been released! They include Ereb’s theme, The Raindrop Flower, the main theme of the Black Heaven blockbuster, The Black Heaven, and a new track from the upcoming 4th area of Arcane River, Arcana, called The Tune of the Azure Light!

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KMS ver. 1.2.271 – MapleStory BEYOND: Union!

January 18, 2017 68 comments

MapleStory BEYOND Union.png

The second patch of the MapleStory BEYOND update, titled Union, has been released! This one includes the new Maple Union system which replaces Character Cards and Part Time Job as well as the long-awaited return of Omega Sector!

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MapleStory Symphony in Budapest – The Fantastic Thinking, The Shattered Time, and An Eternal Breath!

January 17, 2017 3 comments

A land made entirely of toys? This fantastic thought surely comes at least once to the mind of every child.
This is the theme for the town of Ludibrium, where such wild imaginings are realized. Its melody is expressed in an energetic, ever-evolving waltz that speaks of a world where fairy tales are true, and the impossible is possible.

Three more tracks from the MapleStory Symphony in Budapest! The first is The Fantastic Thinking, the theme for Ludibrium.

The second is The Shattered Time, the theme for the Clocktower of Nightmares in the City of Dreams, Lacheln. The third is actually a track from global MapleStory’s Masteria Through Time content, An Eternal Breath.

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