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KMS ver. 1.2.285 – Maple Film Festival!

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A new patch has been released, mainly containing events, including the new Maple Film Festival! Game-wise, there’s a few new achievements, some QoL changes, and a new MapleStory icon. Press f to pay respects.

Here’s the Maple Update Info Centre video for this patch.

Maple Achievements

Achievement Renewal

The Achievement Renew feature has been added. On the My Achievements page, you can press the Renew button to update the progress of certain achievements. When new achievements are added, you can use it once per character.

You can only use this feature in towns and while your achievements are renewing, you will not be able to do anything else.

New achievements have been added.


  • Stat
    • [Ability] Unlock 3 Ability slots (10)
    • [Ability] Achieve Epic rank after resetting your Ability (20)
    • [Ability] Achieve Unique rank after resetting your Ability (30)
    • [Ability] Achieve Legendary rank after resetting your Ability (40)
    • [Ability] Acquire the following Abilities (100)
      • +1 attack speed stage increase
      • 50% buff duration increase
      • 30 attack/magic attack
      • 20% item drop rate increase
      • 20% meso rate increase
      • +1 monsters hit on mobbing skills
    • [Ability] Consume a total of 1,000,000 Honor (10)
    • [Ability] Consume a total of 10,000,000 Honor (20)
    • [Ability] Consume a total of 100,000,000 Honor (30)


  • Story
    • Complete the Adventurer’s Book (20)
    • Complete the Dual Blader story quests (20)
    • Complete the Cygnus Knight story quests (20)
    • Complete the Resistance story quests (20)
    • Complete the Zero story quests (20)
    • Complete the Aran story quests (20)
    • Complete the Mercedes story quests (20)
    • Complete the Luminous story quests (20)
    • Complete the Evan story quests (20)
    • Complete the Eunwol story quests (20)
    • Complete the Phantom story quests (20)
    • Complete the Mikhail story quests (20)
    • Complete the Kinesis story quests (20)
    • Complete the Xenon story quests (20)
    • Complete the Kaiser story quests (20)
    • Complete the Angelic Buster story quests (20)
    • Complete the Demon story quests (20)
    • Complete the Cadena story quests (20)
    • Complete the Illium story quests (20)
  • Skill
    • Achieve level 1 Mikhail’s Soul Driver (30)
    • Achieve level 2 Mikhail’s Soul Driver (30)
    • Achieve level 3 Mikhail’s Soul Driver (30)
    • Achieve level 4 Mikhail’s Soul Driver (40)
    • Achieve level 5 Mikhail’s Soul Driver (40)
    • Achieve level 1 Oz’s Flame Gear (30)
    • Achieve level 2 Oz’s Flame Gear (30)
    • Achieve level 3 Oz’s Flame Gear (30)
    • Achieve level 4 Oz’s Flame Gear (40)
    • Achieve level 5 Oz’s Flame Gear (40)
    • Achieve level 1 Irena’s Wind Piercing (30)
    • Achieve level 2 Irena’s Wind Piercing (30)
    • Achieve level 3 Irena’s Wind Piercing (30)
    • Achieve level 4 Irena’s Wind Piercing (40)
    • Achieve level 5 Irena’s Wind Piercing (40)
    • Achieve level 1 Icarut’s Vampire (30)
    • Achieve level 2 Icarut’s Vampire (30)
    • Achieve level 3 Icarut’s Vampire (30)
    • Achieve level 4 Icarut’s Vampire (40)
    • Achieve level 5 Icarut’s Vampire (40)
    • Achieve level 1 Hawkeye’s Shark Wave (30)
    • Achieve level 2 Hawkeye’s Shark Wave (30)
    • Achieve level 3 Hawkeye’s Shark Wave (30)
    • Achieve level 4 Hawkeye’s Shark Wave (40)
    • Achieve level 5 Hawkeye’s Shark Wave (40)
    • Acquire the Empress’ Enhancement skill (20)


  • Collection
    • Collect the Goddess Minerva’s Diary and return it (20)
    • Collect the Goddess Lakelis’ Old Notebook and return it (20)
    • Collect the Librarian Wiz’s Old Book and return it (20)
    • Collect the Librarian Wiz’s Old Letter and return it (20)
    • [Medal] Acquire the Fallen Empress Saviour medal (20)
    • [Medal] Acquire the King of Root Abyss medal (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Dream Breaker medals (40)
    • [Medal] Acquire the Evolving System Master medal (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire the Tristan’s Successor medal (20)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Ghost Park related medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire the Knight of Roses medal (10)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Dimension Invade related medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire all the SEED related medals (40)
    • [Medal] Acquire all the FriendStory best friend medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Urus related medals (40)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Heroes of Maple related medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Black Heaven related medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire the Butterfly’s Dream medal (20)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Hard Hilla related medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire the Tangyoon’s Acknowledged Dish medal (10)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Empathy related medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Charm related medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Craft related medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Will related medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Charisma related medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire all Insight related medals (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire all the Exorcism related medals (20)
    • [Medal] Acquire the Variety Hair Changer medal (30)
    • [Medal] Acquire the following Explorer medals (30)
      • Beginner Explorer
      • El Nath Mountains Explorer
      • Ludus Lake Explorer
      • Undersea Explorer
      • Mu Lung Dojo Explorer
      • Nihal Desert Explorer
      • Minar Forest Explorer
      • Ossyria Explorer
      • Maple Explorer
      • Sleepywood Explorer
      • Victoria Explorer
      • The One Who Touched the Sky
  • Enchantment
    • [Scroll Trace] Use a total of 100,000 Scroll Traces (20)
    • [Scroll Trace] Use a total of 1,000,000 Scroll Traces (30)
    • [Scroll Trace] Succeed 100 times with a Scroll Trace 15% scroll (20)
    • [Scroll Trace] Succeed 1,000 times with a Scroll Trace 15% scroll (30)
    • [Scroll Trace] Succeed 100 times with a Scroll Trace Innocent Scroll (30)
    • [Scroll Trace] Succeed 100 times with a Scroll Trace Clean Slate Scroll (30)


  • Exploration
    • [Area Exploration] Explore Asylum (20)
    • [Area Exploration] Explore Morass (20)
  • Quest
    • Complete the Fame increasing quests (30)
    • Complete Henesys’ quests (20)
    • Complete Perion’s quests (20)
    • Complete Kerning City’s quests (20)
    • Complete Ellinia’s quests (20)
    • Complete Sleepywood’s quests (20)
    • Complete Orbis’ quests (20)
    • Complete El Nath’s quests (20)
    • Complete Aqua Road’s quests (20)
    • Complete Ludibrium’s quests (20)
    • Complete Leafre’s quests (20)
    • Complete Kritias’ quests (20)
    • Complete Leben Mine’s quests (20)
    • Complete Ariant’s quests (20)
    • Complete the Door to the Future quests (30)
    • Complete Pantheon’s quests (20)
    • Complete Helisium’s quests (20)
    • Complete Mu Lung’s quests (20)
    • Complete Herb Town’s quests (20)
    • Complete the Temple of Time quests (20)
    • Complete Root Abyss’ quests (20)
    • Complete Mechanical Grave’s quests (20)
    • Complete Aswan’s quests (20)
    • Complete the Deep Sea quests (20)
    • Complete the Road of Vanishing quests (20)
    • Complete Chew Chew Island’s quests (20)
    • Complete Lacheln’s quests (20)
    • Complete Arcana’s quests (20)
    • Complete Morass’ quests (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Fairy Academy Elinel (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Gold Beach (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Riena Strait (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Mushroom Castle (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Elin Forest (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Lion King’s Castle (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Fantastic Theme Park (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Korean Folk Town (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Golden Temple (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Crimsonwood Citadel (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Kerning Tower (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Stone Giant Colossus (20)
    • [Theme Dungeon] Complete Omega Sector (20)
    • [Dimensional Library] Complete Episode 1. White Mage (20)
    • [Dimensional Library] Complete Episode 2. Becoming an Empress (20)
    • [Dimensional Library] Complete Episode 3. Black Witch (20)
    • [Dimensional Library] Complete Episode 4. Bard of the Snowy Mountain (20)
    • [Cross Hunter] Complete the Prologue (20)
    • [Cross Hunter] Complete Chapter 1 (20)
    • [Cross Hunter] Complete Chapter 2 (20)
    • [Cross Hunter] Complete Chapter 3 (20)
    • [Cross Hunter] Complete Chapter 4 (20)
    • [Black Heaven] Complete Act 1. Black Wing’s Leader (20)
    • [Black Heaven] Complete Act 2. Charge, Crystal Garden (20)
    • [Black Heaven] Complete Act 3. Clash in the Skies (20)
    • [Black Heaven] Complete Act 4. Flare of the Counterattack (20)
    • [Black Heaven] Complete Act 5. Towards the Core (20)
    • [Black Heaven] Complete Act 6. Black Heaven (20)
    • [Black Heaven] Complete Black Heaven 10 times (40)
    • [Heroes of Maple] Complete Act 1. Slumbering Dragon Island (20)
    • [Heroes of Maple] Complete Act 1.5. Reunion (20)
    • [Heroes of Maple] Complete Act 2. Abraxas (20)
    • [Heroes of Maple] Complete Act 3. Strange World (20)
    • [Heroes of Maple] Complete Act 4. World Tree (20)
    • [Heroes of Maple] Complete Heroes of Maple 10 times (40)
    • [FriendStory] Complete the Prologue. World Beyond the Wardrobe (20)
    • [FriendStory] Complete Chapter 1. Cygnus and the Student of Destiny (20)
    • [FriendStory] Complete Chapter 2. Idol Orca and Stalker Turmoil (20)
    • [FriendStory] Complete Chapter 3. Nurse Hilla and P.E. Teacher Magnus (20)
    • [FriendStory] Complete Chapter 4. Fortune Telling Girl Cassandra and the School Ghost Story (20)
    • [FriendStory] Complete Chapter 5. Unidentified Student Teacher and Students in Crisis (20)
    • [FriendStory] Complete Chapter 6. Transfer Student Demian and Burning Rock Soul (20)
    • [FriendStory] Complete FriendStory 10 times (40)
    • [FriendStory] Complete all of FriendStory’s hidden stories (30)


  • Boss
    • [Papulatus] Defeat Easy Papulatus 10 times (10)
    • [Papulatus] Defeat Easy Papulatus 100 times (20)
    • [Papulatus] Defeat Easy Papulatus 1,000 times (30)
    • [Papulatus] Defeat Normal Papulatus 10 times (10)
    • [Papulatus] Defeat Normal Papulatus 100 times (20)
    • [Papulatus] Defeat Normal Papulatus 1,000 times (30)
    • [Papulatus] Defeat Chaos Papulatus 1 time (20)
    • [Papulatus] Defeat Chaos Papulatus 10 times (30)
    • [Papulatus] Defeat Chaos Papulatus 100 times (40)

Game Related

MapleStory 256x256 MapleStory 24x24 MapleStory 16x16

The MapleStory executable file’s icon design has been changed. It does change slightly based on the size of your icon too. They actually put up a notice about this change before the patch hit haha, it said that this is the first step to showing off a new, more fun MapleStory.

MapleStory (old) I’m going to miss the old icon 😦

Urus Matching System

When you participate in Urus using Quick Matching and have 10 or more people, based on the ratio of party members that received an E rank, those who did not receive E ranks will have their scores increased. The rankings will reflect the total scores before this increase.

Hekaton Battle Preview

When fighting Hekaton, characters who do not move for a certain period of time or do not deal any damage will not receive rewards.

Hekaton’s HP will no longer increase when characters enter past the 10 minute mark.

Spark Damage Skin

The Spark Damage Skin icon’s sample image has been changed to the correct one.

Pet Covering

When your character stands still, if a pet is covering you, it will automatically move after 3 seconds.

Pet Commands

Pet commands will now be shown in the pet’s tooltip. Wisp and Chloe will no longer have an option to show you pet commands. The pet food seller NPCs Cute, Laya, Moody, Patricia, and Wilson will no longer sell Pet Guides.

Karma Scissors and Silver Karma Scissors

Silver Karma Scissors can now be used on items which previously required only the regular Karma Scissors.

I don’t think GMS has Silver Karma Scissors but they were added with Additional Options and they cost 20m mesos so you no longer need to spend NX to trade any equipment that require Karma Scissors (Hopefully they do something about Platinum Scissors too haha).

Chaos Root Abyss Bosses

If you try to enter Chaos Root Abyss without having cleared Normal Root Abyss 10 times, you will now be shown your number of Normal Root Abyss clears.

Locked Arcane Symbol

Arcane Symbols that have been locked using Item Locks can no longer be levelled up or used as reinforcement material for other Arcane Symbols.

The difference between the average transaction price and instant transaction price shown in the Meso Market has been reduced.

Character Select Effects

The following errors have been fixed.

  • Fixed an error where sometimes a character could not perform any actions after using a Mannequin.
  • Fixed an error where reviving in town after death would sometimes consume 2 Safety Charms.
  • Fixed an error where the remaining time displayed in boss content UI would be different from the actual remaining time.
  • Fixed an error where certain Road of Vanishing quests’ NPC images would not appear in the Completed Quests tab.
  • Fixed an error where Zeros comparing weapons with other Zero characters would not display the correct increase in range.
  • Fixed an error where Burning Fields did not apply to Forgotten Road of Time 1.
  • Fixed an error where debuff effects did not apply to the boss Lucid in her rage phase.
  • Fixed an error where the Boss Matching buff for Caoong and Papulatus did not persist after death.
  • Fixed an error where pets did not pick up certain items in World Merged Party Quests.
  • Fixed an error where certain Cash equipment and effects would not appear on the Character Select screen.
  • Fixed an error where the ‘Please try again after a few minutes’ message would appear sometimes when you were no longer able to increase or decrease fame for the day.
  • Fixed an error where Magic Gauntlets were in the Dragon Rider’s Thief Box.

Skill Related

You must now have a weapon equipped to use skills that deal damage to enemies.

Element Darkness Effect

An error where Night Walker’s Element: Darkness‘ defense ignore effect would overwrite other skills has been fixed. However, Element: Darkness’ defense ignore effect now only applies to Night Walkers.

The following errors have been fixed.

  • Fixed an error where certain attacking skills could be used in Meisterville.
  • Fixed an error where Mercedes’ Union effect applied to Guided Arrow.
  • Fixed an error where Striker could not link God of the Sea to Thunder.
  • Fixed an error where Aran’s weapon would disappear if they used Install Maha while wearing certain weapons.
  • Fixed an error where Evan’s Magic Amplification increased final damage by less than its description.
  • Fixed an error where Mercedes’ Ishtar’s Ring did not increase Ignis Roar’s duration correctly if used while riding Sylphidia.
  • Fixed an error where Mercedes’ Rolling Moonsault could not be linked with Charge Drive.
  • Fixed an error where Blaster repeatedly cancelling skills with Charge skills would cause the client to exit.
  • Fixed an error where Cadena would move to an abnormal location after using Summon Slashing Knife in a Hidden Portal.
  • Fixed an error where Cadena’s Chain Arts: Takedown would not deal damage to enemies above a certain height from the ground.
  • Fixed an error where Beta’s appearance would disappear when tagging after Alpha used Shadow Rain.
  • Fixed an error where certain effects of Illium’s Craft: Longinus would not be affected by transparency options.

Cash Related

Wisp's Wonder Berry.png

The new Wisp’s Wonder Berry has been added. It will be sold for 5,400 Cash from September 28 to October 25.

When used, you will receive a random Wonder pet, Wonder Black pet, or special pet item.

Wonder Black Pets

The Wonder Black pets are the Forest Friends Dory, Darong, and Winkle.

The regular Wonder pets include the Spiny Bear Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Slime Mini and Yeti Mini!

Pet Consumabls

You can also get 10 Organic Wonder Cookies (pet food for the Wonder pets) or the Enriched Premium Water of Life, which gives your pet 270 days of magic (3x as much as a regular Water of Life).

Forest Friends Pet Equipment

While the Wisp’s Wonder Berries are on sale, you’ll also be able to buy the Forest Friends’ pet equipment, for 7,900 Cash each. These equipment come with 5 attack/magic attack clean and 9 slots.

New Pet Skill Package

A permanent addition to the Cash Shop is the NEW Pet Skill Package, which contains the Pet Feed skill, HP and MP Auto Pot, and Movement Range Expansion, for 4,900 Cash.

Royal Style Update.png

The Royal Style Coupon has returned and will be sold until October 18.

Royal Style Coupon Update.png

There’s a bunch of new Silver Label items.

You can also get the new Aria of Fantasy Special Label set! If you collect all 5 items, you’ll get the Aria of Fantasy Chair.

Finally, a new Master Label set has been added, the new Master Blood set! It looks so cool!!! If you have all 5 items, you’ll unlock the Devil’s Flower riding.

If you are a male character with the Night Hair/Foggy Night Hair or a female with the Night Hair/Foggy Night Hair, you’ll get the Night’s Dawn/Dusk Hair.

If you collect all 5 items of the set, you’ll receive the Faded Memory face accessory.

The October Royal Hair Coupon will be sold until October 18. The Trendy Royal Face Coupon has been updated with a new set of faces as well.

Gold Apple

The Gold Apple has been updated with new items!

Monthly Special Items

This month’s special items include:

  • Fatal Deathroid (M/F) Voucher
  • Chaos Pink Bean Mark
  • S Rank/A Rank Jewels
  • 10 Core Gemstones Voucher
  • Gaga Coin
  • Goldrich Coin

There are also new chairs, ridings, and Magnificent Souls.

Hangul Feast

The Hangul Feast sale will take place from September 28 to October 11.

During this sale, you can buy the Eggplant Eggplant Package or the Corn Corn Package for 50% off.

Face Accessory Boxes

In addition, you’ll be able to buy the ㅎㅎ Face Accessory Box and the 눈눈 Face Accessory Box, which give one random face accessory where the eyes are actually the Hangul letters ㅎㅎ or 눈눈.

Hangawi Discount Feast.png

The Hangawi Discount Feast sale will also take place from September 28 to October 11.

The Grand Red Cube Pack, Grand Black Cube Pack, and Grand Additional Cube Packs will be on sale for 25% off. They include some extra items like Epic Potential Scrolls, Unique Potential Scrolls, and Additional Epic Potential Scrolls.

You’ll also get some Grand Enhancement Boxes which can be opened for random enhancement related items.

Wisp's Wonder Berry Ten Package

You can buy the Wisp’s Wonder Berry Ten Package for 10% off.

The Flower Boy/Girl Packages will be on sale for 43% off.

Mix Dye Coupon

The Mix Dye Coupon will also be on sale for 3,900 Cash.


Pink Bean’s Yummy Honey Songpyeon

Pink Bean's Yummy Honey Songpyeon.png

It’s Chuseok time again so here are this year’s Chuseok events! The Pink Bean’s Yummy Honey Songpyeon event will run from September 28 to October 11.

Yummy Honey Songpyeon

During this event, you can hunt monsters around your level to collect Yummy Honey Songpyeon. 

Yummy Hair Pin

When you loot them, you’ll receive 1 Popcorn Coin and some experience. There’s also a small chance to receive the Yummy Hair Pin!

You can acquire up to 60 Songpyeon per day. Once you reach the limit, they won’t drop anymore until the next day.

Daily Abundant Chuseok

Daily Abundant Chuseok

The Daily Abundant Chuseok event will run from September 30 to October 9.

Daily Chuseok Gift Box Attendance

Every day, you must hunt 200 monsters to receive a stamp in your attendance check. Each day, you’ll receive a special gift, a Daily Chuseok Gift Box! For each day you participate, you’ll receive 1 more box (so for example, on the 10th day, you’ll receive 10 boxes).

Daily Chuseok Gift Box

You can open each box to receive the following items.

  • 2x Experience Coupon (15 minutes)
  • 1 Tasty Chuseok (gives 30 attack/magic attack for 15 minutes)
  • 5 Popcorn Coins

Hangawi Songpyeon Gift

Hangawi Songpyeon Gift Box

From October 3 to October 5, you can talk to the Maple Admin to receive a special gift, the Hangawi Songpyeon Gift Box! You can use it to receive the following items.

  • King Songpyeon on Top of your Head Voucher
  • Smashing Songpyeon Making Chair Voucher
  • 100 Popcorn Coins

Hangul Day Maple Gift

On October 9, to celebrate Hangul Day (the day the Korean alphabet was created), you can login and receive the MapleStory Style Damage Skin, which replaces all of your numbers with the written out versions of them.

Maple Film Festival


The King of the Rings Coin Shop

The King of the Rings.png

The first movie of the Maple Film Festival is the King of the Rings Coin Shop (obviously based off of The Lord of the Rings), which will run from September 28 to October 29.


In Henesys, Leafre, and Nameless Town, you can find the NPC Ring Master Orca. Here, you can spend your Popcorn Coins to purchase special items!


  • Enhancing Pouch (15 coins) [limit of 20 per day]
    • 100~1,000 Scroll Traces
    • 5~30 Strange Cubes
    • 5% Clean Slate Scroll
    • Craftsman’s Cube
    • 60% Miraculous Positive Chaos Scroll
    • Strong Rebirth Flame
    • Meister’s Cube
    • 50% Epic Potential Scroll
    • Eternal Rebirth Flame
  • Personality Pouch (15 coins) [limit of 5 per day]
    • Randomly increases 1 of your 6 personality traits
  • Chuseok Random Damage Skin Box (80 coins) [no limit]
    • Songpyeon Damage Skin
    • Full Moon Damage Skin
    • Moonlight Damage Skin
    • Chestnut Damage Skin
    • Sweet Traditional Hangwa Damage Skin
    • Persimmon Damage Skin
    • Moon Bunny Damage Skin
    • Heart Damage Skin
  • Snack Random Damage Skin (80 coins) [no limit]
    • Popcorn Damage Skin
    • Churros Damage Skin
    • Soft Cone Damage Skin
    • Marshmallow Damage Skin
    • Latte Damage Skin
    • Ice Cream Damage Skin
    • Donut Damage Skin
    • Choco Donut Damage Skin
  • Film Festival Random Mask Box (40 coins) [no limit]
    • Detective Kemdi Mask
    • Soldier Cassandra Mask
    • Taxi Driver Spiegelmann Mask
    • Film Festival Moon Bunny Mask
  • Exciting Movie Chair (700 coins) [limit of 1]
  • I’m the Main Character Chair (1,000 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Don’t Worry! Riding Voucher (Permanent) (250 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Best Driver! Riding Voucher (Permanent) (350 coins) [limit of 1]


  • Jewel Craft Ring (10 coins) [no limit]
  • Mysterious Jewel Box (10 coins) [limit of 10 per day]
  • Adventure Dark Critical Ring (1,500 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Bonding Ring Voucher (800 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Bonding Ring Only Cube (30 coins) [limit of 5 per day]
  • Cosmos Ring Voucher (10 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Cosmic Atom (60 coins) [limit of 5 per day]
  • Cosmos Ring Only Cube (30 coins) [limit of 5 per day]
  • Vengeance Ring Voucher (10 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Vengeance Stone (60 coins) [limit of 5 per day]
  • Vengeance Ring Only Cube (30 coins) [limit of 5 per day]
  • Onyx Ring ‘Complete’ Voucher (500 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Powerful/Wise STR/DEX/INT/LUK/HP/All Stats Onyx Stone (100 coins) [limit of 5 per day]

Ring Master Chair

As you can see, it’s clear why it’s called King of the Rings, the shop contains almost every previous event ring!

There is even an achievement where if you can collect the SS Rank Master Jewel Ring, Adventure Dark Critical Ring, Bonding Ring, Cosmos Ring, Vengeance Ring, and Onyx Ring ‘Complete’, you’ll receive the Ring Master Chair.

A Monster Taxi Driver

Spiegelmann's Monster Taxi Driver.png

The second movie of the Maple Film Festival is A Monster Taxi Driver (based off of the movie ‘A Taxi Driver‘), and will run from September 28 to October 25.

Map and Monsters

Monster Taxi Driver is a game where 1~6 players become taxi drivers and must drive monster quests to their destinations. You can participate in Monster Taxi Driver up to 10 times per day per world.

Taxi UI

Each monster will have different destinations based on the area they reside in, and will pay a fare when they are dropped off at the correct places.

Bonus Time

In the final 30 seconds, it will be bonus time, where monsters will pay higher fares than usual!

Fare Trading

After the time limit is up, you can use up your total paid fare to trade to Spiegelmann for mesos and Popcorn Coins. Mesos can be traded 1:1 with the fare you’ve collected (limit of 10 million mesos per world per day), but you’ll need 500k to get 1 Popcorn Coin (limit of 20 per world per day). On weekends, the meso exchange rate and the limit will be doubled!

Taxi Upgrade

You can spend your fare to upgrade your taxi as well. You can upgrade the speed to 150/160/170/180 for the regular taxi, at a cost of 1 million mesos per upgrade, or 200/210/220/230/240/250 for the model taxi, at a cost of 2 million mesos per upgrade. You can upgrade the number of seats to 3/4 for the regular taxi at a cost of 3 million mesos per upgrade, or 4/5 for the model taxi at a cost of 10 million mesos per upgrade.


There are also six missions you can complete for additional prizes.

  • Take 200 monsters to their destination in Perion (20 Popcorn Coins)
  • Take 200 monsters to their destination in Perion (20 Popcorn Coins)
  • Take 200 monsters to their destination in Perion (20 Popcorn Coins)
  • Take 200 monsters to their destination in Perion (20 Popcorn Coins)
  • Collect a fare of 100k (20 Popcorn Coins)
  • Collect a fare of 1m (50 Popcorn Coins)
  • Collect a fare of 3m (100 Popcorn Coins)
  • Take 50 Rock Spirits to their destination (150 Popcorn Coins)

Detective Kemdi

Detective Kemdi.png

The third movie of the Maple Film Festival is Detective Kemdi (based off of Detective Conan I think…), and will run from September 28 to October 25.

Every day from 10:15 AM to 11:45 PM, you will receive an invitation every XX:15 and XX:45 to join and play with up to 100 other users. You can participate up to 3 times per day.


This is a game where you must guess the correct 3 or 4 digit password on a safe! You can input 1 guess every 10 seconds (maximum of 30 tries). Each time you enter a guess, Kemdi will tell you how many numbers you got right and how many numbers were in the right position.


Based on the rankings of who found the password first, you’ll receive Popcorn Coins.

  • 1st: 20 Popcorn Coins
  • 2nd~5th: 15 Popcorn Coins
  • 6th~10th: 10 Popcorn Coins
  • 11th~20th: 5 Popcorn Coins
  • 21st~30th: 3 Popcorn Coins
  • Basic Reward: 1 Popcorn Coin



The fourth movie of the Maple Film Festival is Dunki-Link (based off of Dunkirk), and will run from September 28 to October 11.

Bonus Experience

Characters level 100 or higher can talk to Cassandra to enter the Dunki-Link waiting map. You can then talk to her to enter a hunting ground where up to 10 people can be placed in the same map at the same time.

Usage Directions

In Dunki-Link, you can only see and kill your own monsters. Monsters here also give 120% additional bonus experience. You can pay 10 Popcorn Coins to spawn 500 monsters. The daily limit of how many times you can spawn monsters is based on your level.

  • Level 100~119: 500 monsters
  • Level 120~139: 1,000 monsters
  • Level 140~159: 1,500 monsters
  • Level 160~179: 2,000 monsters
  • Level 180~199: 2,500 monsters
  • Level 200+: 3,000 monsters

The number of monsters remaining will be maintained even if you leave the map or disconnect from the game. You can also change the summoned monsters to others that are within 20 levels of your character level. However, Arcane River area monsters cannot be summoned unless you have access to the area.


It’s sort of weird to see a bombed beach map with Cassandra in a fighter plane beside a bunch of ammunition haha.

Maple Bad

Maple Bad

The fourth movie of the Maple Film Festival is Maple Bad (based off of Despicable Me, which is actually called Super Bad in Korea!), and will run from September 28 to October 11.

Maple Bad Bonus Stages

Every 3rd Elite Monster you kill in a map, a Maple Bad Elite Monster will appear.

Elite Maple Bad Monsters

After defeating the Maple Bad monster, a 30 second bonus stage will be activated, where Mini Maple Bad monsters which give large amounts of experience will invade the map!

Dal Gom, Panda Gom, Taeryun Gom

Bear Bear Bear.png

The fifth movie of the Maple Film Festival is Dal Gom, Panda Gom, Taeryun Gom (‘gom’ means bear in Korean, and it’s based off of The Good, The Bad, the Weird) will run from October 12 to October 25.

Collecting Film Points

In this event, you can collect Film Points to create Movie Clips, which reward you with Popcorn Coins.

You can earn Film Points every few seconds if you are in specific towns.

  • Henesys
  • Leafre
  • Perion
  • Sleepywood
  • Orbis
  • El Nath
  • Ludibrium
  • Magatia
  • Edelstein
  • Haven
  • Mu Lung
  • Pantheon
  • Nameless Town
  • Chew Chew Village
  • Lacheln City
  • Spirit Tree
  • Abandoned Camp
  • Trueffet Square

You can also hunt monsters around your level to collect Film Pieces, which give 10 Film Points when looted. Elite Monsters will drop up to 11 Film Pieces.

Acquiring Movie Clips

When you accumulate 100 Film Points, you can receive 1 Movie Clip by pressing the Receive button on the Film Points UI. Movie Clips are tradeable too, so you can sell them if you want!

The maximum number of Film Points you can get per day per character is 10,000. You can use up to 100 Movie Clips per day.

Sunday Maple – Memories of Discount

Sunday Maple.png

The last movie of the Maple Film Festival is Sunday Maple – Memories of Discount (I don’t know what this is parodying though). It will take place on October 1, 8, 15, and 22. On each of these days, various benefits will take place.

October 1

On October 1, the following benefits will be active:

  • 30% discount on Star Force enhancement costs
  • Selective 20 Arcane Symbols Voucher (once per world)
  • 2x the acquired Popcorn Coins and 2x the daily limit

The Selective 20 Arcane Symbols Voucher can be traded to other characters in the same world on your account and expires in 7 days. When you use it, you can choose to receive 20 Arcane Symbols of your choice (based on your Arcane River quests completed).

The Popcorn Coin rate and limit increases apply to the following events.

  • A Monster Taxi Driver: 2x Popcorn Coins received from trades
  • Detective Kemdi: 2x Popcorn Coins from the round rewards
  • Pink Bean’s Yummy Honey Songpyeon: 2x Popcorn Coins from the first 60 Yummy Honey Songpyeon used
  • Bear Bear Bear: 2x the daily limit on Film Points, 2x the Film Points from hunting, 2x the daily limit on Movie Clips

October 8

On October 8, the following benefits will be active:

  • 30% discount on King of the Rings Coin Shop costs
  • Free Dunki-Link monster charging
  • 2x the acquired Popcorn Coins and 2x the daily limit

October 15

On October 15, the following benefits will be active:

  • 50% discount on Ability reset costs
  • 5x the acquired Honor from Medals of Honor
  • 2x the acquired Popcorn Coins and 2x the daily limit

October 22

On October 22, the following benefits will be active:

  • 30% discount on King of the Rings Coin Shop costs
  • 50% discount on potential revealing and reset costs
  • 2x the acquired Popcorn Coins and 2x the daily limit

Maple Film Festival Passport

Maple Film Festival Passport.png

The final part of the Maple Film Festival is the Maple Film Festival Passport event which runs from September 28 to October 25.

MFF True Artist Medal and Stamps

As you participate in the various events of the Maple Film Festival, you can collect stamps as you complete certain conditions. Based on the type and number of stamps you collect in your passport, the stats of the MFF True Artist title will change. The title’s stats will expire on November 1.

There are 5 different types of stamps which give different stats. You can obtain 1 stamp of each type per day.

  • A Monster Taxi Driver (+3 all stats, +150 HP/MP per stamp): collect a total of 10 million mesos fare in a day
  • Detective Kemdi (+1 attack/magic attack per stamp): participate 3 times in a day
  • Dunki-Link (+3% damage to regular monsters per stamp): hunt 500 monsters in a day
  • Maple Bad (+3% boss damage per stamp): hunt 100 Maple Bad monsters in a day
  • Bear Bear Bear (+3% defense ignore per stamp): collect a total of 10,000 Film Points in a day

MFF Mania Title

If you can collect every single stamp, you’ll receive the MFF Mania title! It gives the same stats as the fully upgraded MFF True Artist Title (60 all stats, 3000 HP/MP, 20 attack/magic attack, 30% regular monster damage, 30% boss damage, 30% defense ignore) and its stats will expire on November 22.

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  1. Anonymous
    September 28, 2017 at 12:06 am

    The detective kemdi is based on conan, yeah! It’s loosely based on episodes 537-538 of the anime, where conan helps a thief break into a dude’s safe because… reasons. Same scenery with the big ol mansion and everything.

    Digging this event, actually. It’s really fun! Except the rings stuff. Cause screw rings. Not looking forward to rolling for another SS.

    • Max
      September 29, 2017 at 6:25 pm

      Ooh haha, that’s cool. I can’t believe that it has over 800 episodes LOL

  2. Anonymous
    September 28, 2017 at 12:15 am


  3. Anonymous
    September 28, 2017 at 2:01 am


  4. PirateIzzy
    September 28, 2017 at 2:17 am

    So did the Evil Eye/Beholder nerf make it to the live server, or did they scrap it?

    • Max
      September 28, 2017 at 6:16 pm

      Yep they didn’t add it. They actually added Beholder Impact to the description of the Beholder Enhancement Core so it’s intended to boost it now~

  5. Anonymous
    September 28, 2017 at 4:17 am

    So much content! 141

  6. Anonymous
    September 28, 2017 at 10:48 am

    About how many maple bad monsters spawn in that bonus round? I’ve had some really bad luck, I spent 2 hours trying to get a maple bad spawn to no avail, only managed to get 2 elite monsters. I can’t imagine it’s feasible to get 100 monsters in a day with my luck so I might have to just run around trying to steal kills.

    • Max
      September 29, 2017 at 6:26 pm

      Not too sure, I haven’t actually done any grinding yet. Some of the stamp requirements are sort of tedious so I don’t think I’m gonna bother with the passport event 😛

  7. Anonymous
    September 28, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    does the sunday perk 5x the acquired Honor from Medals of Honor include MuGong’s medal of honour too or just the small medal of honour we pick up on the ground?

    • Max
      September 29, 2017 at 6:26 pm

      Only the ones that drop from monsters!

  8. October 3, 2017 at 10:44 pm

    The korean Admin and Lucid…I love those designs,
    The movie stuff….Dear lord the puns….PUNS!

    Those NX sets, Looks nice.

  9. October 14, 2017 at 1:54 am

    I wonder if previous rings count towards getting the chair, or if you have to get all rings anew…

    • Anonymous
      October 14, 2017 at 2:18 am

      They do count. I had a dark adventurer crit ring and it immediately flagged that in the achievement section. You also don’t need “complete” versions of the onyx ring or the two upgradable rings. Just the ultra-cheap base version counts.

    • Max
      October 14, 2017 at 1:46 pm

      It automatically counts the rings you already have so you don’t need to worry about those 🙂

  10. Anonymous
    October 14, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    All the ring i didnt have. So what ring should i get when the event hit MapleSEA? Can anyone give me some thought? Thank you

  11. Anonymous
    February 21, 2018 at 7:58 am

    How many rings can you realistically get during this event? I currently have none on GMS – Reboot, and am wondering about this.

    • Max
      February 23, 2018 at 2:05 pm

      Just from my rough calculations, you could get like 5k coins from maxing out all of the events (not including 2x coins on Sunday Maple) so if you were really dedicated, I think you could get all of the rings if you wanted.

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