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KMS ver. 1.2.291 – MapleStory Ark: The Sea of Beginning, Esfera & Commander Will!


The final patch of the MapleStory Ark update has been released! The Sea of Beginning, Esfera, the sixth area of Arcane River, as well as the new boss, Commander Will are now available!

Here’s the Maple Update Info Centre video for this patch.

World Select Will

Server selection screen!

Esfera Background.jpg

Here’s the Esfera background they have on the MapleStory homepage!

The Sea of Beginning, Esfera

The new Arcane River area, the Sea of Beginning, Esfera, has been added. Characters level 235 or higher who have completed the ‘It’s Not Time Yet’ quest in Morass can go to Esfera by accepting the ‘Strangers’ quest.

The beginning of the end, a new world without Transcendents. Esfera, the Sea of Beginning is found at the end of Arcane River. The waves of life swaying in the blue light were beautiful enough to move your soul, but deep inside, the powerful aura of the end was sleeping.

New monsters have been added.

  • Atuin (Lv. 240)
  • Atus (Lv. 241)
  • Velaryon (Lv. 242)
  • Velarys (Lv. 243)
  • Aranha (Lv. 244)
  • Aranea (Lv. 245)
  • Watcher of Light (Lv. 246)
  • Watcher of Darkness (Lv. 247)
  • Executioner of Light (Lv. 248)
  • Executioner of Darkness (Lv. 249)

New NPCs have been added.

  • Ollie
  • Melan
  • Shumet
  • Will
  • ???
  • Tana
  • Aiona
  • Kanto
  • Dimo
  • Gate

Here’s all the NPC illustrations!

New quests have been added.

  • Strangers (Lv. 235, Jean)
  • Sea of Beginning (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Find the Signal Flare (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Finding the Dry Thing 1 (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Finding the Dry Thing 2 (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Base Camp (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Absence of the Sun (Lv. 235, Melan)
  • Mild Greetings (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Fricatives 1 (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Fricatives 2 (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Secure Tana (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Spider Hunting 1 (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Spider Hunting 2 (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Spider Hunting 3 (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • The One who Abandoned their Name (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Light and Darkness (Lv. 235, Executioner)
  • Weakening 1 (Lv. 235, Executioner)
  • Weakening 2 (Lv. 235, Executioner)
  • Settling (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Choice of Time (Lv. 235, Ollie)
  • Trap (Lv. 235, Melan)
  • Qualified to Wield Power 1 (Lv. 235, Melan)
  • Qualified to Wield Power 2 (Lv. 235, Melan)
  • Swapped (Lv. 235, Melan)
  • Mirror Inside the Mirror (Lv. 235, Melan)

New items have been added.

  • Arcane Symbol: Esfera
  • Temple of Light Chair

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are all the maps of the area, super pretty! Esfera’s maps require 560/600/640 Arcane Force.

Blood Cage 

Contaminated Sea 


Mirror Cage 

Soup of Life 

Temple in the Mirror 

Here’s the new background music that was added in this patch.



Jean contacts you with information about a strange group of individuals deep in the Closed Area of Trueffet. When you go to meet them, they introduce themselves as Ollie (part of the Cygnus Knights Striker squad, whose mission is guidance and reconnaissance), Shumet (whose mission is establishing connection to headquarters and technical support), and Melan (a magician sent from Pantheon to create a Dimensional Gate to connect to headquarters).

They mention that the power of the Transcendents is leaking out from the door behind them, and as they are talking, the door suddenly opens and pulls you in.

An unknown individual lands on the ship and destroys it, causing everyone to be scattered. After finding Ollie, she asks if that was a new Commander of the Black Mage, but you’ve never seen him before so you don’t know. However, you do know what the black sphere in the sky is… the Black Mage.


Ollie gives you a letter written by Nineheart, which mentions it should be delivered to you when you reach the Arcane River seabed’s giant space, the Sea of Beginning, Esfera. Nineheart says that you probably have many questions but he can only answer them directly due to security issues, so you’ll have to work with the Maple Alliance members to establish communication equipment.

To find the other members, Ollie suggests using the flare they had, but an Atuin has eaten it! After getting it back, it’s too wet so she asks you to find wood to use to dry it with. Ollie tells you to be careful, as this sea is the highest purity Erda which then flows through the rest of Arcane River. After drying off the flare and using it, you find Shumet and Melan have set up a base camp nearby.

Melan, who even slept through the crash, suddenly shouts that something is wrong… there is no sun. Although she doesn’t know much, she says that her Memory Staff can help. However, it has to be charged first so defeat some monsters!

Ollie said when she was a kid, she dreamed of being a magical girl, and she shouts “In the name of love and justice~” before swinging the staff.

This triggers a flashback. It begins with Tana saying “No… this…” and Will replying that her memory is coming back, but it’s already too late. Ollie mentions that it makes sense that you don’t know who he is, as he has never revealed himself in Maple World. But traces of him were found in the library that records everything in Maple World.

Will tells Tana to become the silent sun, for the new world… but before his plan is complete, a blast of energy appears from out of nowhere, causing the ceremony to fail and Tana to sink into the sea.


Back in the present, Commander Will appears and says he simply wanted to share his greetings. He shares the words of the Great One, “The ultimate light can only be found in the ultimate darkness.” and says that once you understand its true meaning, you’ll meet him again. He says that he enjoys waiting, but this time it will be especially exciting, before disappearing. Alone, he says that he was surprised the little girl could block his attack, but his plan hasn’t changed. He also mentions she made him remember some unpleasant memories.

Shumet, who has fixed all the damaged parts, now requires oil for further repairs, so go hunt some monsters again! When you return to base camp, Ollie is able to tell Nineheart that you have reached Esfera, there is only a Black Moon in the sky, and that Tana is somewhere inside the Sea of Beginning. The transmission cuts out so they can’t talk anymore.


Ollie says their mission now is to secure Tana and stop the ceremony. You ask Ollie about her wound and she says that it is fully healed. Shumet says that short range teleportation is possible now, but only for a single person. Ollie says that if they find Tana, they will transport her as soon as possible but if they run into something dangerous, the player is more important than her because they are the one that will face the Black Mage.


In this new section of Esfera, the player asks why the landscape has changed so suddenly. Melan appears and says that it is because of the power of the mirror that was injected into Tana which has flowed through the sea. She says that when you create a sun using the power of the Mirror World, it is difficult to escape. But the spider’s ceremony was interrupted and the power flowed into the Erda’s essence. Melan tells them the two mirror powers are disrupting each other in this area so Will is not as strong, but they should still be careful.


While fighting spiders, you see the end of a fight between some spiders and robed monsters. Ollie speculates that they are creations of Tana, and you notice a monument that is a remnant of Tana’s Mirror World. You suggest using the Memory Staff on it since it is something that Tana created. After charging it up, another memory begins.


“The power of light to create. The power of darkness to destroy. It only depends on the voice.” Here you see two girls who look almost exactly alike, like twins. The one in white says that this is a strange place with strange looking people. The Executor of Darkness says that as predicted, there are two names, two halves. Which will be chosen?

The girl in red says that she hears a strange voice, a beautiful but cold voice… The Executioner of Light says that the choice has been made. The girl in white that was not chosen will now be known as Tana, and the girl in red will be Aiona. Ollie shouts out that she is Grandis’ Transcendent of Light.

While amazed that she saw a Transcendent with her own eyes, Ollie is confused that they looked like regular girls. You confirm the one on the right was Tana, but Tana’s power caused the Erda around her to tremble. Was she using the power of the Transcendent of Light?


Suddenly, the Executioner of Light appears and states that light and darkness are merely figurative. When Ollie asks what the power of the Transcendent of Light are, it tells her to follow and see for herself.

In this new area, it seems the power of the mirror is becoming stronger, meaning they are getting closer to Tana. The Executioner tells Ollie to use the Memory Staff on the nearby bookshelf, meaning you’ll have to kill more monsters. Ollie asks if the monsters are on the same side as the Executioner, who replies that it simply follows the voice.


In this memory, Tana is reading a book. “While opinions on the power of the Transcendent of Light differ, one thing is clear, there are two opposing powers of light and darkness. The awakened Transcendent can have only one of the two. The reason is…” Aiona appears and destroys the book. The power of darkness, the destruction of existence.

Aiona says that the reason why is so that no one can recreate such a boring book and that Tana is content with remaining a half, with no desire for unnecessary power or work. As she leaves, she says that she will be taking more of her share. But Tana says that the reason is because the two halves must share their power, and recreates the book in her hands. The power of light, creation.

Ollie notes that the power of the Transcendent of Light is both creation and destruction, and that could be what Commander Will’s quote meant. The darkness is just a means, and what the Black Mage truly wants is light. When light is created, the darkness will disappear… The true objective of the Black Mage isn’t to destroy everything, but to create a new world.


Ollie asks the Executioner why it is helping them, and it replies that it is her will. The spider is an enemy, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Moving on, they reach the part of the sea where Tana is, and they send Ollie down into the water to get her. After she surfaces with her, Ollie’s bandages become wet and loosen up, showing a spider shaped mark. The Executioners who see this mark become enraged and attack.

After defeating them all, before they can transport Tana back to the base camp, Will appears. You tell Shumet to transport Ollie while you protect Tana but Ollie reveals her true mission from the beginning, to protect you. Shumet successfully transports Ollie back but Will attacks you. Surprised, you ask how it is possible for him to use his powers but he says that it is you that defeated all of the Executioners and weakened Tana. “Congratulations, you put the entire world at risk to save that cheeky little girl.” He says that she was ready to die for you if needed, and that you are the only one that is an enemy to the Great One, so it is natural to sacrifice others if possible.


Then Will asks for the masked man to reveal himself, and he appears through a mystic portal. Will tells the man that he didn’t even have to use the power of the Mirror World to fight you and that he doesn’t want to fight him either. It’s time to choose, whether he wants to save you or to stop the ceremony. Will says that its his choice to make, but then he drops you into the water and tells the masked man that he doesn’t have much time.

The masked man saves you and you recognize that he is the one that attacked Will and stopped the ceremony before. You ask him why he saved you and he just replies “In order to stop him…. the great adversary is needed.” and he teleports you back to the base camp.


The white sun has risen, and Melan says that you were not able to stop the spider. Ollie, inside the boat, is still in danger due the poison spreading throughout her body. Melan says that it is a type of magic that can only be undone by the one who cast it, Will, who is inside the sun. She says there is only one way to reach it, a mirror gate which she says is obviously a trap.

Nineheart contacts the base camp and tells you to wait until reinforcements arrive because your survival is top priority. You ask if it was him that ordered Ollie to protect you, and he doesn’t answer. You say you’re going in and Nineheart asks you to promise not to hesitate when the moment of choice comes. You promise and say that you don’t make the same mistake twice.


After entering the gate, you arrive in the Temple of Light’s Reflection in the Mirror. Melan is there and says she is there to help. She explains that this is the Temple where Tana was, and the Mirror World recreated its image. She says that she doesn’t know what the sun was created for but she will figure it out using the memories in the space.

In a map filled with Executors, Melan explains that a long time ago, a small race in Grandis disappeared without a sound, in search of the territory of the gods. Everyone laughed at them but it seems they succeeded. She reminds you that the Executors here are just fakes created by the Mirror World, and asks you to defeat some monsters to charge up her Staff.


Another memory begins. Tana confronts Aiona in a flurry of rage. She says that seven races have gone extinct because of Aiona, who replies that she can’t help it, it’s her job. Tana says that Aiona has gone completely insane and unleashes her power. The memory ends there.

Melan explains that unlike Maple World, Grandis’ Transcendents actively intervened in the world’s matters. But Aiona left no traces and her actions and behaviour were unknown. Melan says that were was something strange about what she said… how she couldn’t help it.

In the next map, Melan asks if you can feel the moon getting closer, and tells you to defeat more monsters to charge up the Staff again.

In this memory, Tana asks herself how did everything go wrong? To defeat her sister with her own hands… she feels her strength pouring in. The Executors say that Tana is darkness and Aiona is light… they will worship the new Transcendent of Light, Aiona.

Tana says that she now hears the voice, and understands that she cannot escape. She feels as though chains have shackled her but she vows to live for herself, even if the cost is losing everything she has…


In the next map, you realize it is the same place that you saw in Tana’s memories. You ask Melan what the voice was that Tana… no… Aiona was trying to escape but she doesn’t know. What she does know is that Tana is the Transcendent of Light, and soon, the black moon and white sun will fuse together. Then… the power of two worlds’ Transcendents will become one.

You understand that you must defeat Will and stop the ceremony. Melan says that Will is inside the mirror beside her, a Mirror World inside the Mirror World… no… she sees an even deeper Mirror World inside. She says that she can’t go any further but she’ll try to support you from the outside.

Finally, you enter the Corridor of Diffraction and confront Will. He says that there is only one way to stop the ceremony… kill Tana. He is very curious about what you will choose. Will you kill the poor girl to save the world, or put the survival of the world at risk and try to fight the odds against an existence that surpasses the Transcendents? Of course, it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t beat him first.

You have already made that mistake, putting your friends and many people in danger… no more. You resolve to defeat Will and take Tana’s last breath to stop the ceremony.

Will says that the true value of a person is revealed at the moment of choice. At that most urgent moment, when you are most desperate, what choice will you make? That is when you truly reveal yourself. Of course, whatever you choose, it doesn’t matter because you’re still in his hands.


After defeating all three of Will’s forms, you arrive at the Fading Light map. On the ground, you can pick up something that Will dropped (Mirror World’s Core Gemstone) then go talk to him. He gives you the antidote to save Ollie, but now, you need to stop the ceremony to save the world.

“Help me…” Tana seems to be dreaming, suffering for so many years because she resisted destiny. Although uncertain, you know that you can’t afford to hesitate and put the world in danger. “Sorry, Tana…”

“Help me… Jean.” At that moment, you realize you can’t do it. You tell Will to let her go but he is confused. He asks if you know what awaits you after this, the Black Mage with the power of two worlds’ Transcendents. He says he admires you, but the black moon is approaching and the tale is beginning. There really is no way to stop it now.

Will says that he enjoyed the entire time, but the end was a pity. He cannot let you leave because you’re too dangerous for the Great One to face. He says enjoyed meeting you and won’t forgot your final choice, as he teleports away, leaving you stranded inside the Mirror World.

Overwhelmed by spiders, you wonder if there really is no escape. In your final moments, you hear someone shouting… “Pull yourself together!” Ollie appears in front of you, fending off the spiders. She said that she knew Will would be easy for you, but she also knew he wouldn’t admit defeat, so she asked to be transported to your location. It was her duty to protect you, the one chosen for the mission by the Empress!

The Empress’ words to her were “They are incredibly powerful, but they always try do do everything by themself. But alone… someday they’ll reach their limit. When that time comes Ollie, please become their strength.” Doubtful, Ollie says that she isn’t as strong as you. But Cygnus says that compared to you and many other enemies, they are all weak. But time after time, they have persevered and gotten stronger. She asks Ollie if she knows why.


“The reason that the Knights and the Maple Alliance exist… that is… to keep each other safe and fight together!” Suddenly, a crack appears in the air, and Nineheart and the Cygnus Knights appear to fight!

Nineheart says that you don’t have to be sorry, even though you blew the best chance to stop the ceremony. He says that Schumet completed the communications device and Melan was able to open a gate. Ollie also did a great job, giving them enough time to arrive. Melan says that the spider fled to a deeper part of the Mirror World. Nineheart says that they should leave or else they’ll be fused with the black moon.

In the deepest final Mirror World, Will retreats and says that no one can follow him here. It would have been nice to rid the Great One of his enemy but it couldn’t be helped. Now, the moment of genesis is coming. No more shackles, no more enemies, a completely new world. He wants to see it with his own two eyes. But then a voice pierces through the darkness… “There is no escape.” The masked man appears and begins to fight Will.

Outside the Mirror World, the Black Moon combines with the White Sun. The Black Mage has gained the power of two worlds’ Transcendents and has become a being that exceeds a Transcendent.

Talking with Nineheart, you regret that you didn’t stop a thing and just had to watch the convergence. He replies that you don’t need to beat yourself up about it, that just knowing what the Black Mage is trying to do is a big achievement. He says that you have a good heart. “Now begins the real finale.”

To be continued…

Boss: Will

Will, the ruler of the Mirror World has finally appeared in the Sea of Beginning, Esfera. You can meet him while completing the Esfera quests in the Corridor of Diffraction.

You can fight Commander Will in a party of 1~6 people. Currently, there is only a Hard mode. Will’s boss map requires 760 Arcane Force.


Moonlight Gauge Effect

A new mechanic that you will encounter as soon as you fight Will is the Moonlight Gauge. It will be a circle on your screen that fills up as you attack. When it’s completely filled, you’ll be able to use a special Moonlight skill, depending on which stage of Will you are on.

Will has a total of 3 stages, but some of his attacks are common across all of them. Randomly, Will will summon Beholders around the map, which will shoot out bullets either straight or diagonally.

If you are hit by these bullets, your Moonlight Gauge will be decreased, so try to avoid them!

Mob Skill (Area Warning)

Randomly, spider legs will shoot down from the sky.

Phase 1

In Will’s first phase, he actually has three HP bars! He is actually in both the real world and the Mirror World, so you’ll have to fight him in both. At the top, you’ll see his red HP bar, which is his ‘true health’, when that hits 0 he’ll transition to phase 2.

Below that one, you’ll see two thinner bars. One will be blue/purple and one will be grey. These two HP bars are his HP in the real world and the Mirror World. They are separate and will only go down when each version of Will is attacked. While in one world, you’ll see the other world’s HP bar as grey.

Screen Crack

Occasionally, Will will use his screen crack skill. After he does this, all 3 HP bars will be set to the same amount as the blue or purple HP bar with the highest remaining HP. For example, if the red bar was at 100%, the blue bar at 70%, and the purple bar at 50%, they would all be set to 70% HP remaining.

Therefore, you’ll need good communication and coordination to split your party among the two worlds and whittle down the HP bars at a similar rate.

Moonlight Gauge - Space Move

Now, how can you attack him in two different worlds? You’ll need to use the Moonlight Gauge – Space Move skill, which allows you to move to the other dimension. T

Phase 2

In phase two, you’ll be moved to a map with reflections of both your characters and Will on the ground. As you can see, Will’s reflection will attack while he is attacking as well, which means you’ll need to dodge not only his real attacks but also the attacks from his reflection that would hit yours.

Moonlight Gauge - Health Recovery

In addition, this phase blocks all forms of recovery. Again, you’ll need to charge up your Moonlight to use Moonlight Gauge – Health Recovery, which will allow you to use health recovering potions and skills once more.

Phase 3

In phase 3, Will goes full spider king and transforms for most of his attacks. There’s not much information as no one reached this stage in KMST but maybe we’ll see some more videos soon.

These three animations are titled Infection, with the last one being labelled After Host Death. Maybe this skill is a status that is inflicted one one person and can spread to others nearby, even after death?

In this phase, Will seems to be able to summon spiderwebs that bind your movement (maybe something else, not sure). You can use the Moonlight Gauge – Spiderweb Removal skill to remove them when needed.


Mirror World's Core Gemstone.png

A new 5th job Skill Core has been added. This skill cannot be acquired through Core Gemstones or Core Crafting. You can only receive it by using Mirror World’s Core Gemstones, which can be acquired from Will.

You also receive one of these Gemstones after defeating Story Mode Will, so you can at least get level 1 without having to face the real boss haha.

Spider in Mirror Effect

  • Spider in Mirror: Will’s Erda disrupts space, connecting reality with the Mirror World. For a certain period of time, spiders from inside the mirror will appear in reality. (max level: 25)
    • Level 1: Consumes 15% max HP. Disrupt space, dealing 780% damage 12 times on up to 15 enemies. For 50 seconds, a mirror will be summoned. Every few seconds, it will enter an attacking state, during which it will use up to 10 spider legs to deal 182% damage 8 times. If a single enemy is hit by 5 spider legs, the attacking state will immediately end. After the attacking state ends, there is a reactivation cooldown of 3 seconds. Cooldown: 250 seconds.
    • Level 25: Consumes 15% max HP. Disrupt space, dealing 1500% damage 12 times on up to 15 enemies. For 50 seconds, a mirror will appear. Every few seconds, it will enter an attacking state, during which it will summon up to 10 spider legs to deal 350% damage 8 times. If a single enemy is hit by 5 spider legs, the attacking state will immediately end. After the attacking state ends, there is a reactivation cooldown of 3 seconds. Cooldown: 250 seconds.

Will’s Boss Souls and Soul Skills have been added.

Grasp of Destruction Effect

  • Grasp of Destruction Grasp of Destruction: Consumes 300 Soul. Will transforms into a spider and unleashes a devastating attack, dealing 1000%/1200% damage 4 times on up to 15 enemies. Cooldown: 40 seconds. (max level: 2)
  • Spider King Spider King: Consumes 250 Soul. For 120 seconds, summon the Spider King Will, who deals 1800%/2200% damage. Cooldown: 150 seconds. (max level: 2)

Will has also been added to the Soul Collector, with two new illustrations.

“A person’s true worth is revealed through their choices.”

“Wah, what a surprise! I didn’t make this choice!”

New Pocket items have been added. These are part of the Dark Boss set, along with the Rouge Control Machine Mark, Magic Eye Patch, Black Heart, and Dreamy Belt.

I assume that Will will drop them, just like these other equips are dropped by their respective bosses.

  • Cursed Red Grimoire (20 STR, 10 DEX/INT/LUK, 100 HP/MP, 10 attack/magic attack, tradeable until equipped)
  • Cursed Blue Grimoire (20 INT, 10 STR/DEX/LUK, 100 HP/MP, 10 attack/magic attack, tradeable until equipped)
  • Cursed Green Grimoire (20 LUK, 10 STR/DEX/INT, 100 HP/MP, 10 attack/magic attack, tradeable until equipped)
  • Cursed Yellow Grimoire (20 DEX, 10 STR/INT/LUK, 100 HP/MP, 10 attack/magic attack, tradeable until equipped)

The One Who Pierced the Truth.png

A new medal has been added.

  • The One Who Pierced the Truth (15 all stats, 1000 HP/MP, 4 attack/magic attack)

New items have been added.

  • Primal Droplet Stone (dropped from monsters in Esfera)
  • Cobweb Droplet Stone (dropped by Will)
  • Arachno Coin

Arachno Coin Trade.png

Similar to the the Phantasma Coins in Lacheln, in Esfera you’ll have to hunt monsters to collect Primal Droplet Stones and defeat Will for Cobweb Droplet Stones.

You can trade in 10 Primal Stones and 1 Cobweb Stone for 1 Arachno Coin. (Thanks to 세벽 on Inven for the screenshot!)

Arachno Coin Shop.png

You can spend the Arachno Coins in the Arachno Coin Shop. Here you can buy the Arcane Shade weapons for 24 coins each, or the Arcane Shade overalls/hats/shoulders for 16 coins each. (Thanks to 일감 on Inven for the screenshot!)

Maple Achievements

New Achievements have been added.

  • Ultimate Light from the Ultimate Darkness (complete the Esfera quest line)
  • [Area Exploration] Explore Esfera
  • [Will] Stronger Spider (defeat Hard Will 1 time)
  • [Will] Spider Elimination Expert (defeat Hard Will 10 times)
  • [Will] Spider Annihilator (defeat Hard Will 100 times)
  • [Will] Let’s Kill Will. Will is our Enemy. (get the last hit on Hard Will as Zero while dealing the most damage)

Game Related

The settlement period for Mileage has been changed from 7 days to the same day. Now, any Mileage that you earn through item use must be settled by entering the Cash Shop by 11:59 PM on the same day. Otherwise, the unsettled Mileage will disappear at 12:00 AM the next day. When you exit the game, you’ll receive a notification if you have any unsettled Mileage.

Stability on the Windows 10 operating system has been improved.

The following errors have been fixed.

  • Fixed an error where Ark could not see Pierre’s hat colour while in Spectre mode.
  • Fixed an error where certain content that changed your character or equipment would cancel Ark’s Spectre mode.
  • Fixed an error where Sina appeared during the conversation in Illium’s quest ‘The Ancient God’s Sanctuary is… in Leafre?’.
  • Fixed an error where the trash can in Monster Life showed a different image and tooltip.
  • Fixed an error where certain quest items did not disappear after the quests were completed.
  • Fixed an error where certain equipment were excluded from the set effects of the 2nd Warrior/Mage/Archer/Rogue/Pirate sets.
  • Fixed an error where you could complete the ‘Violetta’s Guardian’ quest by talking to Mushking instead of Violetta.
  • Fixed an error where Polo and Fritto did not give experience sometimes in certain maps.
  • Fixed an error where you could sit on a chair inside Mu Lung Dojo.
  • Fixed an error where some ladders were cut off in Fuzzy Forest.
  • Fixed an error where your guild application would be cancelled after changing channels.
  • Fixed an error where Mix Dyes were applied abnormally in certain hair’s animations.
  • Fixed an error where the Snail pet was not shown properly in the Cash Shop preview window.
  • Fixed an error where the attack would not activate when using a Rune of Destruction at the same time as hanging on a rope.
  • Fixed an error where the Zero Weapon UI’s mesos would appear abnormally if you had more than 10 billion mesos.

Skill Related

The following errors have been fixed.

  • Fixed an error where some attacks would knock you back while using Body of Steel.
  • Fixed an error where after using a Buff Freezer, Paladin’s Blessed Hammer would disappear even if Elemental Charge was still active.
  • Fixed an error where Mercedes could not use Soul Contract while using Sylphidia.
  • Fixed an error where Kaiser could not activate Sword Strike using commands while in the air.
  • Fixed an error where Zero could use Time Holding in the Forest of Patience and Forest of Tenacity.
  • Fixed an error where Ark’s willpower gauge would reset after using a Buff Freezer.
  • Fixed an error where if Ark died while in Spectre mode inside Urus, you would not be able to leave that mode.
  • Fixed an error where Battle Frenzy would not activate if entering Spectre mode while using Plain Charge Drive after learning the Looming Spectre – Advanced skill.
  • Fixed an error where using a potion at the same time as the final attack of Ark’s Endless Pain would cause the final attack to not activate.
  • Fixed an error where the client would sometimes exit if Ark used Memory of Root while using movement skills.
  • Fixed an error where Ark did not see the Lucky Dice skill after installing the Loaded Dice skill core.

Cash Shop

The Odette and Odil packages as well as the Toy Soldier King package will be on sale until February 1.

Arcana Spirit Pets

The Arcana spirit pets have returned and will be on sale until February 7.

Royal Style Coupon

The Royal Style Coupon has been updated with new items and will be on sale from January 25 to February 18.

Royal Style Coupon Update

It has new items like the Bear Paw Hoodie/Padding/Uggs, the Ark Aura cape, the Pink Horn Beanie, and more!

Plum Blossom Set

This month’s Special Label is the Plum Blossom set.

Under the Plum Blossom Flowers

If you collect all 5 pieces, you’ll also get the Under the Plum Blossom Flowers Chair!

Master Blood Package

The Master Label is still the Master Blood set.

The February Royal Hair Coupon has been added and will be on sale until February 21.

The Trendy Royal Face Coupon has been updated with a new set of faces.


Ark Coin Shop

Ark Coin Shop Season 2

The Ark Coin Shop season 2 will run from January 25 to March 4.

The shop now has a few new items including the Bonding Ring, new Damage Skins, and the Maple Tree of Beginnings Chair.


  • Eternal Rebirth Flame (200 coins) [limit of 3]
  • Strong Rebirth Flame (80 coins) [limit of 5]
  • 50% Epic Potential Scroll (100 coins) [limit of 3]
  • 10% Clean Slate Scroll (30 coins) [limit of 20]
  • Craftsman’s Cube (70 coins) [limit of 5]
  • Special Medal of Honour (70 coins) [limit of 5]
  • SP Reset Scroll (50 coins) [limit of 1]
  • AP Reset Scroll (50 coins) [limit of 1]
  • 60% Miraculous Positive Chaos Scroll (100 coins) [limit of 3]
  • Strange Cube (5 coins) [limit of 5]
  • Gold Potential Stamp (20 coins) [limit of 7]
  • Special Additional Potential Stamp (30 coins) [limit of 3]
  • 60% Innocent Scroll (50 coins) [limit of 3]
  • 50% Golden Hammer (30 coins) [limit of 3]
  • 50% Additional Potential Scroll (150 coins) [limit of 3]
  • Core Gemstone (50 coins) [limit of 10 per week]
  • Selective Arcane Symbol Voucher (50 coins) [limit of 20 per week]
  • Damage Skin Extractor (1,500 coins) [limit of 3]
  • ARK Random Damage Skin Box II (80 coins) [no limit]
    • Discovery Damage Skin
    • Esfera Damage Skin
    • LatteDamage Skin
    • Pink Bean Damage Skin
    • Blue Strike Damage Skin
    • Orange Mushroom Damage Skin
    • Purple Damage Skin
    • xoxo Damage Skin
    • Graffitti Damage Skin
    • Reminiscence Damage Skin
  • Sky Damage Skin (300 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Hybrid Damage Skin (200 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Maple Tree of Beginnings Char (1,000 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Cave of Life Chair (400 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Snow Pepe Chair (300 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Flying Whale Riding Voucher (600 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Yephynx Riding Voucher (400 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Flying Treasure Map Riding Voucher (400 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Sledding with Kemdi Riding Voucher (350 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Damage Skin Storage Slot Expansion Coupon (100 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Personality Growth Potion (300 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Free Advancement Coin (300 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Character Slot Expansion Coupon (200 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Teleport World Map (1 day) Voucher (15 coins) [limit of 1 per day]
  • Mastery Book 20 (10 coins) [limit of 10]
  • Mastery Book 30 (20 coins) [limit of 20]
  • Final Figuration Main Colour Change Coupon (50 coins) [no limit]
  • Final Figuration Sub Colour Change Coupon (50 coins) [no limit]
  • Final Figuration Colour Reset Coupon (30 coins) [no limit]
  • 100 Power Elixirs Voucher (5 coins) [no limit]
  • Polo and Fritto Entry Ticket (20 coins) [limit of 1 per day]


  • Chaos Ring Voucher (3,500 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Bonding Ring Voucher (800 coins) [limit of 1]
  • Bonding Ring Only Cube (30 coins) [limit of 5 per day]

Ark Mega Burning

Ark Mega Burning.png

The Ark Mega Burning event will run from January 25 to February 7.

Selecting a Mega Burning Character

When you create a new character during this event, you can choose to make them a Mega Burning character! Note that you cannot burn an Ark or Zero, and you can only do this once per world per Maple ID.

Characters can only become Mega Burning characters when they are created. You cannot change your Mega Burning character but if you delete it, you can make another one.

Level Up Benefits

The main benefit of a Mega Burning character is the ability to gain two extra levels per level up. This effect will take place until level 130!

Keep on Burning Title

You’ll also receive the Keep on Burning title which gives 10 all stats, 10 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage, 10% defense ignore, and 400 HP/MP. The title can only be equipped after reaching level 130 and its stats will expire in 14 days.

Black Set Items and Mastery Books

At level 100, you’ll receive the Legendary Secret Box which when opened will reward you with 2 Mastery Book 20’s, 2 Mastery Book 30’s, and a full Black set.

Level 30 Equipment

At level 30, you’ll receive the Level 30 Equipment Box which is self-explanatory.

Snail Pet

Finally, when your Mega Burning character is created, it will receive a Snail pet that has 5 hours of magic. It comes with meso loot, item loot, auto loot, and auto HP/MP. You cannot use the Water of Life on it.

Ark Sugar Time

Ark Sugar Time

The Ark Sugar Time event will run for only one day, January 27, from 12 PM to 12 AM.

Characters level 33 or higher (or Zeroes who have completed Chapter 2) can access the Ark Sugar Time UI using the event icon. During this event, the amount of time that you are logged in will be recorded in the Ark Sugar Time UI.

When you stay logged in for a total of 30/60/90/120 minutes, you can click the button on the UI to receive the following rewards:

  • 30 Minutes
    • 10 Ark Coins
  • 60 Minutes
    • 10 Ark Coins
    • 2x Experience Coupon (15 minutes)
  • 90 Minutes
    • 10 Ark Coins
  • 120 Minutes
    • Ark Sugar Box (gives 500 Mileage and a chance to win 5,000/10,000/100,000/500,000/1,000,000 Maple Points)
    • Ark Sugar Coin Box (gives 10 Ark Coins the first time you open the box, then 5 additional coins per box opened)
    • 2x Experience Coupon (15 minutes)

Once you have received all of the rewards above, your cumulative time will be reset and you can collect them starting from the beginning again. You can receive the rewards up to 5 times per Maple ID.

Your cumulative time will be shared between all characters on your Maple ID and will continue to add up until you reach the maximum 120 minutes. Once you have reached the maximum number of rewards (5), you will no longer accumulate logged in time.

Discovery Arena

Discovery Arena.png

The Discovery Arena event will run from January 25 to February 7. Win battles to earn tremendous rewards!

Discovery Map Arena

You can access Discovery Arena through the Discovery Map.

Deploy Fight and Win

In Discovery Arena, you’ll need to deploy your characters, fight, and win!

Character Registration

The first thing you’ll need to do is register your characters. You can use from 1~5 characters in your world. Each of them will have an attack power based on their level and Star Force (I believe it’s the same calculations as Union!). But if you’re unhappy with your attack power, you can talk to Mr. Cynapse to have 10 seconds versus a training dummy, based on which he’ll adjust it.

These characters will help you as AI controlled avatars when you attack. In addition, when you appear as enemies for other players, the 5 characters you register here will be who they fight.

  1. Battle Rank and Points: when you win, you’ll gain Battle Points and when you lose, you’ll lose Battle Points. Based on your Battle Points, you’ll get a Battle Rank.
  2. Upgrades: Based on your Battle Rank, you’ll be able to upgrade various parts of your defence base like the barrier and the turret.
  3. Characters: You can register up to 5 of your characters in the same world.
  4. Find Opponent: Begin searching for an opponent to fight.
  5. Battle Records: See your win/loss history and detailed battle information.

You’ll be able to see your potential opponents and decide if you want to fight them or search for another one as well.


To win the game, you’ll have to defeat all of your opponent’s AI controlled avatars. Before you can reach them, you’ll have to destroy the barrier while being damaged by their turrets and other defence skills.

If time runs out or the character that you are directly controlling is defeated, you’ll lose the game. If you disconnect, you’ll also lose the game.


Your defence base will consist of a barrier that blocks enemy entry, turrets that attack them periodically, and the boundary stone which creates shields to protect your characters.

Your registered characters will serve as AI controlled avatars that attack enemies.

Note: Even when you are offline, your base will be available to other players to attack!

You can change the behaviour patterns of each of your characters to one of three types. These patterns will apply when they are defending your base.

  • Attack Type: chase enemies after seeing them
  • Defence Type: battle while staying in place
  • Surprise Type: repeatedly attack and move

Battle Rank

You start with 1,000 Battle Points and as you play, you’ll gain and lose Battle Points, which will affect your Battle Rank.

As your Battle Rank increases, you’ll be able to upgrade your turrets and barrier to higher levels. But be careful because if you lose enough points, your rank will go back down!

Daily Rewards

Every day, if you spend 15 minutes or more inside Battle Arena, you’ll get a certain number of Arena Points based on your current Ranking. These Arena Points will be converted 1:1 to Ark Points, and you can get up to 10,000 Points per day.


There are also a few missions which you can complete for Ark Coins.

  • Battle for 20 minutes or more in the Arena (50 Ark Coins)
  • Destroy 15 barriers (10 Ark Coins)
  • Defeat 150 enemy characters (20 Ark Coins)
  • Defeat 80 Surprise Type characters (20 Ark Coins)
  • Defeat 100 Defense Type characters (20 Ark Coins)
  • Defeat 120 Attack Type characters (20 Ark Coins)
  • Destroy 40 Boundary Stones (30 Ark Coins)

Ranking Rewards

In addition, after the event ends, the rankings will be finalized and you’ll get additional rewards based on your final ranking.

  • Top 1%: Invincible Blade Voucher, Red Circuit Damage Skin, Discovery Arena Black title, Arena Boundary Stone Chair
  • Top 2%~10%: Red Circuit Damage Skin, Discovery Arena Red title, Arena Boundary Stone Chair
  • Top 11%~20%: Red Circuit Damage Skin, Discovery Arena Blue title
  • Top 21%~30%: Red Circuit Damage Skin, Discovery Arena Yellow title

Discovery Life

Discovery Life

The Discovery Life event will run from January 25 to February 7. Raise your own parrot to get unique colours and special buffs!

Parrot Summon

When you start the quest, you’ll receive the Parrot Summon item. When you use it, you’ll summon your Parrot and it will give you various stat boosts.

It can only be used until February 15.


While hunting monsters around your level, they can drop 5 different colours of fruit, which will give you 50 Ark Points and that colour of fruit when you loot them.

You can get up to 20,000 Ark Points per day through this method. There is no limit on the number of fruit you can loot or use in a day.

Parrot Levels

You can use fruit in your inventory to change your Parrot’s colour and level it up. As your Parrot levels up (to a maximum of 10), the stat boosts will increase.

The Parrot requires 40/60/80/100/120/140/160/180/200 fruit to level up. Every few levels, it will grow up!

The Parrot gives 2~20 attack/magic attack, 2%~20% damage to regular monsters, 2%~20% damage to boss monsters, 2%~20% defense ignore, and 2%~20% critical rate, based on its level.

Discovery Link

Discovery Link.png

The Discovery Link event will run from January 25 to February 7. Enter Discovery Link to hunt and gain levels fast!

Characters level 100 or higher can use the Discovery Map to enter the Discovery Link waiting map. You can then talk to Cndra assato enter a hunting ground where up to 10 people can be placed in the same map at the same time.

Discovery Link Map

In Discovery Link, you can only see and kill your own monsters. Monsters here also give 120% additional bonus experience. You can pay 10 Ark Coins to spawn 500 monsters. The daily limit of how many times you can spawn monsters is based on your level.

  • Level 100~119: 500 monsters
  • Level 120~139: 1,000 monsters
  • Level 140~159: 1,500 monsters
  • Level 160~179: 2,000 monsters
  • Level 180~199: 2,500 monsters
  • Level 200+: 3,000 monsters

The number of monsters remaining will be maintained even if you leave the map or disconnect from the game. You can also change the summoned monsters to others that are within 20 levels of your character level. However, Arcane River area monsters cannot be summoned unless you have access to the area.

Discovery Treasure Ship

Discovery Treasure Ship.png

The Discovery Treasure Ship event will return from January 25 to January 31.

Every day from 10:15 AM to 11:45 PM, you’ll receive an invitation every XX:15 and XX:45. You can accept the invitation to play with other players.

Discovery Treasure Ship Game

This is a game where you must guess the correct 3 digit password on a keypad! You can input 1 guess every 10 seconds (maximum of 15 tries). There will be 4 rounds in total.

Each time you enter a guess, Kemdi will tell you how many numbers you got right and how many numbers were in the right position.

Discovery Treasure Ship Rewards

Based on the rankings of who found the password first, you’ll receive Ark Points.

Discovery Desert

The Discovery Desert event will return from February 1 to February 7.


Every day from 10:15 AM to 11:45 PM, you’ll receive an invitation every XX:15 and XX:45. You can accept the invitation to play Bingo with other players.

Kemdi will call out a number every 3 seconds and you can click the numbers on your Bingo board to complete it.

Bingo Rewards

You’ll get Ark Points based on your ranking at the end of the game.

Sunday Maple

The Sunday Maple event will take place on January 28 and February 4.

On January 28, the following benefits will take place:

  • 100% discount in Discovery Link (no Ark Coins required to spawn monsters)
  • 2x Ark Points acquisition rate and 2x daily limit

On February 4, the following benefits will take place:

  • 30% discount on the Ark Coin Shop
  • 2x Ark Points acquisition rate and 2x daily limit


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  1. Oto
    January 25, 2018 at 12:26 am


  2. Faggot
    January 25, 2018 at 12:51 am


  3. Anonymous
    January 25, 2018 at 1:09 am

    Looks like Tana has another version of herself…Omg Aiona?! Isn’t she the Transcendent of Light of Grandis?

  4. Anonymous
    January 25, 2018 at 3:14 am

    The story is getting kinda complicated. Guess they were teasing Darmoor all this time to tie him into this?

  5. Anonymous
    January 25, 2018 at 3:36 am

    The Temple of Light at Esfera have a lot of symbols like the Aurora’s Temple (Door symbol) and Tana eyes (rage mode);
    I don’t understand, Tana is Aiona? Then she is the Trascendent of Light of Grandis but how she is connected with Maple World? I’m just remember the flying fish said Tana is more powerful than Black Mage

    • Anonymous
      January 25, 2018 at 6:50 am

      Maybe she was drawn to Maple World because the White Mage became corrupted. When the Black Mage was born there wasn’t really a true Transcendent of Light in Maple World anymore. So in order to fill in the void I think Maple World started seeking out Transcendents from other worlds, in this case, Tana or Aiona.

  6. Eric
    January 25, 2018 at 3:40 am

    The Temple of Light is real or is The Temple of Light at the Mirror World?

    • Max
      January 28, 2018 at 11:39 pm

      The one in the flashbacks are real but the ones you actually visit in Esfera are recreations in the Mirror World, made from Tana’s memories.

  7. Eric
    January 25, 2018 at 3:46 am

    So… first Rhine and now Tana.

  8. Anonymous
    January 25, 2018 at 4:18 am

    So, new events mid-february? I doubt there will be new content, but if s2 of coin shop ends in march, there should be new events.

  9. That one Zero
    January 25, 2018 at 10:20 am

    Still no Zero in Reboot…RIP

  10. January 25, 2018 at 11:32 am

    Those animated cutscenes..hnnng I want.

  11. Anonymous
    January 25, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    is it possible ??? is Cassius from Zero Story?

    • Max
      January 28, 2018 at 11:40 pm

      Maybe, it seems that we won’t know until the next story update at least 😦

  12. PirateIzzy
    January 26, 2018 at 12:23 am

    I’m surprised that Will was able to take on Tana, considering she’s even stronger than the Black Mage.

    • Max
      January 28, 2018 at 11:40 pm

      She got sorta jobbed lol, she’s a Transcendent but her entire story arc was getting dragged through Arcane River by the Black Mage until she inevitably got eaten by him. Same with Alicia TBH

  13. Anonymous
    January 26, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    So what the hell. They tease the black mage breaking out from the time prison, and that’s it? That’s blueballing on a whole new level.

  14. Nostrides
    January 26, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    Is there a way to farm Will for Monster Collection on story mode like Lucid?

    • Max
      January 28, 2018 at 11:41 pm

      They haven’t added any pages for Esfera (or even Arcana/Morass iirc).

  15. acitro593
    January 26, 2018 at 10:17 pm

    I’m just wondering something, if Grandis has Transcendents, what about the ‘real’ world? We had one blockbuster sort of happen over there, so what exactly will this effect them?

    • Anonymous
      January 28, 2018 at 12:40 am

      In theory all dimensions have their own set of transcendents. One of light (and apparently they can have one attuned to light AND dark for the transcendent of light, given grandis/tana/aiona), one of life (cygnus/darmoor) and one of time (rhinne/zero/??? for grandis, I know it’s been mentioned somewhere there.)

      It’s probable that the “real world” has transcendents. But at the same time, they’ve thrown their own lore to the wolves numerous times. White mage exists there in both white mage/black mage form, but the black mage form there (from kinesis story) is the actual proper black mage, in maple world, so either he’s been getting powerful enough to mess with other dimensions before this most recent patch, or it’s just an oversight.

      My money’s on oversight. I don’t think they remember friendstory much at all.

      • Anonymous
        January 29, 2018 at 10:25 pm

        I think Chronica is the Time trancendent for Grandis

        • Anonymous
          January 29, 2018 at 11:15 pm

          That’s right. Darmoor confronts chronica in his sanctuary after he begins plans to take over heliseum, and chronica rejects his offer to work together, so darmoor absorbs his power, like how the black mage absorbed rhinne’s power. Basically black mage is missing the power of a transcendent of life, and darmoor is missing the power of a transcendent of light (and dark, since they’re two transcendents or something like that, really stupid)

          So I wonder if this world merge or maple and grandis is actually an ulterior motive at darmoor’s hand to try and absorb the black mage and all of his light&dark transcendent power. Or vice versa.

          • Anonymous
            January 30, 2018 at 1:26 pm

            Actually, to balance the world which has been created, a transcendent of light job is to balance the ” creation “. Black mage wasn’t transcendent from the first place, in the story, they said he was titled the Transcendent because he had mastered the study of light, if he had the power like Tana, he wouldn’t have to search for the Ultimate Light, or the light that he left ( Luminous ) is also a transcendent, it’s the darkness would become the transcendent. A power of light is Creation, which must not be given to anyone but the voice ( if it was the voice of the Creator ), but if it was the voice of Darmoor, so Black Mage was a puppet all the times 🙂

  16. Interpol
    January 31, 2018 at 6:51 am

    Max, do you know if the discover sky (디스커버리 스카이) event is broken? I’ve definitely gotten to 3 million m and the quest hasn’t completed.

    • Max
      January 31, 2018 at 6:11 pm

      I don’t think so, I’ve only completed the first one but it worked fine and gave me access to the Leafre map.

  17. adam
    February 1, 2018 at 7:03 am

    Max, just random question, not related to this thread
    but I just wonder, is KMS suffer too a massive reduce in population , like GMS?
    or its in a better position now?

    • Anonymous
      February 1, 2018 at 1:51 pm

      KMS was losing players, but 5th job brought back a lot of people and it seems pretty populated most of the time, now. It’s definitely nowhere near as bad as GMS is.

  18. February 7, 2018 at 3:50 am

    That story….Even for MapleStory that is getting really over the top…
    Can’t wait to see how I fair and get a level 1 node…..Something to look forward too….Hoo boy…I wonder how the final battle is going to be!?!

  1. November 10, 2019 at 6:45 am

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