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KMST ver. 1.2.151 – Shangri-La & Kaling!

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A new test server patch was released, with the new boss Kaling, a new area Shangri-La, another piece of the Ethernal set, and Exceptional Enhancements. While both the area and bosses look and sound absolutely amazing, I’m disappointed that it’s another mini expansion to Odium (like Karote was to Hotel Arcs).

Of course, there’s also the drama about how bad regular server is and what Wonky talked about during the livestream yesterday. I’m not going to cover it (I still have nightmares about the 1000 different notices and letters during the flame incident) but in my personal opinion, there are a lot of valid criticisms of reg server that probably need to be looked at but I definitely didn’t expect them to do anything about it this patch since it’s a really complicated situation overall (also the whole “KMS just discovered Reboot” take is really so dumb lol).

For what Wonky said, I think part of it was that he got emotional and made some off the cuff remarks that people took really badly (some stuff taken out of context as well) and another part is they definitely should’ve prepared better for those questions/comments since it’s everything players have been talking about the last couple of weeks. I have absolutely no idea why he, as the director of the game, thought he should address it like that lol. They already took down the stream VOD and he posted an apology so the Nexon PR team will probably be working overtime from now on.


Sinners’ Paradise: Shangri-La

The Land of Peach Blossoms
Four Auspicious Beasts

After going to the Laboratory Odium, the Alliance needs help from the Sages above. To meet them, they go to Shangri-La, a place hidden within a picture… Experience the events that are taking place in Shangri-La.

Participation Requirements

  • Characters level 275 or higher who have completed the 5th job advancement and the ‘[Odium] Closed the Eyes of Chaos’ quest.

Participation Method

  • Accept the ‘[Shangri-La] The Peach-Blossoming Paradise’ quest through the lightbulb notification on the left side of the screen.

The following quests have been added.

  • [Shangri-La] The Peach-Blossoming Paradise
  • [Shangri-La] The People Protecting Paradise
  • [Shangri-La] Misaligned Destiny
  • [Shangri-La] A Threat Appears
  • [Shangri-La] Crumbling Shangri-La 1
  • [Shangri-La] Crumbling Shangri-La 2
  • [Shangri-La] Crumbling Shangri-La 3
  • [Shangri-La] The Last Reamining Season
  • [Shangri-La] The First God’s Spear
  • [Shangri-La] Waiting for the Bell’s Sound
  • [Shangri-La] A Farewell and A Meeting

The following NPCs have been added.

  • Ara
  • Shuri
  • Baekyun
  • Gaon
  • Jagang
  • Myorang
  • Miyo
  • Sinsung
  • Hea
  • Chukhyun
  • Sayu
  • Osol
  • Hanasol
  • Aroa
  • Somiya
  • Spring’s Wall Scroll
  • Summer’s Wall Scroll
  • Autumn’s Wall Scroll
  • Winter’s Wall Scroll

The following maps have been added.

  • Shangri-La: Spring of Flowing Plum Blossoms
  • Shangri-La: Summer of Lush Orchid Leaves
  • Shangri-La: Autumn of Blooming Chrysanthemums
  • Shangri-La: Winter of Resting Bamboo Shoots
  • Shangri-La: Sinners’ Paradise
  • Shangri-La: Pavilion of the Four Seasons

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New Boss: Kaling


Kaling has invaded Shangri-La with the Perils to destroy the paradise and achieve her goal. Stop Kaling and test your strength!

Participation Requirements:

  • Characters level 275 or higher who have completed the 5th job advancement and the ‘[Shangri-La] A Farewell and A Meeting’ quest.

Participation Method:

  • Enter through the gate in Shangri-La: Pavilion of the Four Seasons.

Kaling is a level 285 boss with 380% defense. It requires 330 Authentic Force for full damage and has a total of 3 phases. In addition, Kaling and the three Perils cannot be bound. There is one difficulty, Normal Mode. Kaling can be entered 3 times per day and can be cleared 1 time per week.

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Phase 1


In phase 1, you will face the three Perils: Hundun, Qiongqi, and Taowu. This is special in that you must split your party up between the three bosses, up to two people per Peril. After defeating a Peril, you can then join your other teammates to help with the remaining ones.

Destroyed Four Seasons

Each Peril has their own map with different attacks and mechanics.

There’s also two mechanics shared between all of them. The first is Spiritual Power which is shared between all party members. Kaling has no death count limit but this Spiritual Power will go down over time and also whenever you die. If it hits 0, you will fail the boss.

The second is the Perils Balance Gauge. Each Peril will have their own gauge that you must keep from hitting either 0 or 1000. If they do, you’ll lose some Spiritual Power and you will no longer be able to receive the special buffs that you would if you defeated the Peril without disrupting the balance.

There are some attacks you can get hit by to increase different Perils’ gauges, so you must keep an eye on them to maintain their balance.

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Phase 2

Faded Winter

In phase 2, you will face Kaling, after she has absorbed the three Perils.

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Phase 3

Ruination of Four Seasons

In phase 3, you will face Kaling and the three Perils at the same time.

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The following rewards have been added.

  • Kalingroid (non-humanoid Android, tradeable until equipped, can be PSOKed)
  • Entangled Perils’ Ring (exchange 10 for an Ethernal top, bottom, or shoulder)
  • Kaling’s Soul Shard

Kaling’s Soul skills have been added.

  •  Confinement: Consumes 200 Soul. Deals 1000%/1200% damage 4 times on up to 15 enemies. Cooldown: 30 seconds.
  •  Sura: Consumes 250 SoulSummon Kaling for 120 seconds, dealing 1800%/2200% damage. Cooldown: 150 seconds.

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Ethernal Equipment

The following Ethernal equipment have been added.

  • (Lv. 250) Ethernal Knight Shoulder
  • (Lv. 250) Ethernal Mage Shoulder
  • (Lv. 250) Ethernal Archer Shoulder
  • (Lv. 250) Ethernal Thief Shoulder
  • (Lv. 250) Ethernal Pirate Shoulder

The new Ethernal Shoulders can be acquired by exchanging 10 Entangled Perils’ Rings, from defeating Kaling, to choose between the top, bottom, or shoulders.

The Ethernal equipment 5 set effect has been added.

  • 5 Set: +40 attack/magic attack, +20% defense ignore

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Exceptional Enhancements

Defeat the Extreme Mode bosses which go one step further and use the Exceptional Parts you acquire to enhance your items.

Exceptional Parts:

  • Items that can be used for Exceptional Enhancements take up a unique enhancement slot, and all Exceptional Parts have a 100% chance of success.
  • Exceptional Parts can only be used on untradeable equipment.
  • Exceptional Parts can be traded.
  • If an item with an Exceptional Enhancement applied becomes a trace, the Exceptional Enhancement’s stats will remain.

The following items have been changed to be able to be Exceptional Enhanced.

  • Dreamy Belt (maximum 1 Exceptional Enhancement)
  • Lose Control Machine Mark (maximum 1 Exceptional Enhancement)

The following items have been added.

  • Nightmare Fragment (+20 all stats, +15 attack/magic attack, +1000 HP/MP to the Dreamy Belt)
  • Gravity Module (+15 all stats, +10 attack/magic attack, +750 HP/MP to the Lose Control Machine Mark)

※ The Nightmare Fragment can be acquired at a low rate from ‘Black Mage (Extreme)’ and the Gravity Module can be acquired at a low rate from ‘Chosen Seren (Extreme)’.

※ Exceptional Parts are not affected by item drop rate increasing effects.

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Maple Achievements

New achievements have been added. (Not gonna list them all out but the overall categories and some interesting ones are as follows)

  • Kaling
  • Shangri-La
  • V Matrix
  • Maxing out Spider in Mirror
  • Maxing out Crest of the Solar
  • Equipping Pitch Boss items
  • Equipping Monster Park Badges
  • Fame
  • Monster Collection

The following achievement has been changed.

  • ‘Shangri-La: Sinners’ Paradise’ has been added to ‘[Area Exploration] Odium Exploration’.

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The <Unstoppable Tower: Karote> story quests can now be skipped on other characters in the same world after completing them once.

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The Seed related medals will no longer be given automatically when you move to the next floor after clearing the specific floors. Instead, you can now claim them at any time by talking to the NPC Alicia’s Soul in the Lobby.

The Traveling Merchant Mewmew and Cat Merchant Nero’s shops will now sell Sprout Potions, arrows, and Appearance Revert Coupons.

A notice has been added stops you when you try to equip a tradeable Decoration item to a non-humanoid Android or an activated Android of a different gender.

Fixed an issue with Soul Master’s Rising Sun/Falling Moon skills where certain actions applied the Afterimage item awkwardly.

The Protect Shield, Safety Shield, Recovery Shield, and Return Scroll items’ descriptions have been improved. There were no changes to the scrolls’ effects or usage conditions.

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In Demian (Normal/Hard), it has been improved so that you are no longer hit by patterns when waiting to enter Phase 2.

In Guardian Angel Slime (Normal/Chaos), the issue where Kaiser in Final Figuration mode had a long action delay when installing Crystal Droplets has been improved.

In Lucid (Easy/Normal/Hard), it has been improved so that if you use a bind skill when she casts Fairy Dust but before the blades are created, the pattern will now be cancelled.

The number of debuffs that are displayed above enemies has been increased from 5 to 7.

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In ‘Minar Forest West Border’, the rope on the right side has been extended.

In Flag Race, the waiting time after entering has been decreased from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.

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In the Maple Auction, when you claim items with the Receive All button, if there are items that would become untradeable, the item name and icon image will be displayed in the related information window.

In the logout popup, items that are about to expire in your storage will now be displayed with a storage icon.

When you have the Private Login option checked, it will now be maintained when you create a new character as well.

Fixed an issue in the character select window’s Change Character Location where certain Masterpiece weapon effects were displayed above the window.

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Error Fixes


Fixed an issue with certain projectile skills’ attacks where sometimes they would not perform properly.

While the Rune of Purification effect is applied, the Energy Absorption effect will no longer be displayed.

Fixed an issue where the Durability Ring and Queen’s Hearts skill’s MHP increasing effects did not apply.

Fixed an issue where if a character died while inflicted with a status then reived, the status effect displayed woult not be removed for other party members.

Fixed an issue with Adventurer Magician’s Infinity where the final damage would not increase while dead.


  • Fixed an issue with Quiver Full Burst where sometimes the Flame Arrowheads would be consumed even when it didn’t activate.
  • Fixed an issue with Quiver Full Burst where the Flame Arrowheads would not be fired at certain bosses.

Fixed an issue with Mikhail’s Soul Link where sometimes it would be deactivated.

Wild Hunter:

  • Fixed an issue where if you used Drill Container while facing the right in a map that was narrower to the left, the Drill Container would not be created.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect when Drill Container was created was awkward.


  • Fixed an issue where Micro Missile Container could be used while hanging from a rope or ladder.
  • Fixed an issue in Erda Spectrum where the action delay to push materialized Erda was longer than other classes.


  • Fixed an issue where Blade Dancing’s cast sound effect was awkward.
  • Fixed an issue where some of Hologram Graffiti’s effects were not adjusted to the skill effect transparency settings.

Fixed an issue with Kaiser’s Guardians of Nova where in certain situations, they would not track monsters.

Fixed an issue with Angelic Buster’s Energy Burst where the mysterious power’s stage increases were not applied properly.

Fixed an issue with Zero’s Burst Step where if it was used at the end of certain diagonal terrain, they would fall off without landing at the end of the terrain.


  • Fixed an issue where if you died with Crystal Skill: Glory Wings active, the wings would be displayed awkwardly.
  • Fixed an issue where if you died with Crystal Skill: Glory Wings active then used a Buff Freezer, the wings would be displayed awkwardly to other characters.
  • Fixed an issue where if Crystal Skill: Glory Wings was active, the wings would appear as non-magic wings to other characters.


  • Fixed an issue where the Beginner skill book name was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where Innate Gift could be transferred to 2 or more characters.
  • Fixed an issue where Innate Gift could be transferred with a lower skill level.
  • Fixed an issue where Innate Gift could not be untransferred.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not use skill macros while in Dark Sight activated by using Void Rush and Void Blitz.
  • Fixed an issue where some of Triple Bash’s effects did not apply the skill effect transparency settings.
  • Fixed an issue where Void Rush could be used more than the intended number of times continuously after learning Insanity II/Insanity III.
  • Fixed an issue where you would take damage if you used Void Rush on Damage Reflect when Void Enhance was applied after learning Insanity III.
  • Fixed an issue where if Void Blitz was activated by the Custom Command, Void Rush’s continuous mode would not be cancelled.
  • Death Blossom’s created Summon Chakri’s creation method has been changed.
  • Fixed an issue where Void Burst could be used as a linked attack immediately after casting.
  • Fixed an issue where Void Burst’s linked attacks applied cooldown resets.
  • Fixed an issue where the Void skills’ V Core icons were awkward.
  • Alleviated an issue where using certain skills would cause frame drops.


  • Charge Spell Amplification has been changed so that if a party member has a Spell Buff active, they will no longer be overwritten by shorter duration buffs.
  • Fixed an issue where Plain Buff stacked with other Ark party member’s Charge Spell Amplification’s Plain Buff.

Fixed an issue where Lara could not use Dragon Vein Traces in Spirit Saviour.


  • Fixed an issue where Scroll: Star Vortex’s absorption effect was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where if you used Buff Freezers to revive while Sage: Wrath of Gods was active, the background music would be played awkwardly.

[Back to Overview]


Fixed an issue with the ‘[Lacheln] Showdown’ quest where the completion window’s experience reward was displayed incorrectly.

Fixed an issue with the ‘Runaway Dragon 2’ quest where you would not be taken to Sleepywood if you gave up when fighting the Drake.

Fixed an error in ‘FriendStory/Chapter 6’ where if you played as Hoyoung, some cutscenes were awkward.

Fixed an error in the ‘[Reverse City] Flying Out of the Upside Down City’ quest where the completion tab’s information was awkward.

Fixed an error in the ‘[Reverse City] Longed For’ quest where the completion tab’s NPC image location was awkward.

Fixed an error with the ‘5th Job: Call of Erda’ quest where the beginning tab’s information was awkward.

Fixed an error in the ‘[Moonbridge] Alliance’s All Out Attack’ quest where if you played as Hoyoung, some cutscenes were awkward.

Fixed an error with the ‘THIS IS PANTHEON!’ achievement where it could not be achieved by completing the Khali quest ‘To Pantheon’.

Fixed an issue with the ‘Temple of Time Research’ quest where the bottom of the map would be displayed incorrectly in certain situations.

Fixed an issue where sometimes only 3 quests were available for the Haven weekly quests.

Fixed an issue in the Completed Tab where the ‘Burning World Step Up Event!” quest’s information was awkward.

Fixed an issue where the ‘Rapid Growth! Burning World’ quest’s information was awkward.

In the Tenebris daily quests, the Foreverion and Embrion map lists information has been improved.

Fixed an issue with the ‘The One Who Remembers’ quest’s starting NPC was awkward after completing the theme dungeon Ellin Forest.

Fixed an error where Khali could not start the ‘Start of the Maple Union’ quest.

When you recieve Khali’s emblem again, the related quest will now be displayed in the Completed Quests window.

Fixed an issue where Khali could not re-play the Khali-exclusive dialogue when playing Maple Chronicle’s Labyrinth of Suffering.

[Back to Overview]


Fixed an issue where the Advanced Yggdrasil’s Blessing Scroll could not be used on Ethernal equipment.

Fixed an issue where the connection to the game server would end in certain situations when a pet looted an item.

[Back to Overview]


Chew Chew Village’s NPC Madam Popo’s description has been changed to General Store Merchant.

[Back to Overview]


Fixed an issue in Suu (Normal/Hard) where certain skills could cause it to move above the top of the screen.

Fixed an issue in Demian (Normal/Hard) where Eunwol’s Fox Spirits would not activate during certain attacks.

Fixed an issue in Guardian Angel Slime (Normal/Chaos) where if you used Shadow Flash immediately after entering, the area would be installed in an awkward location.

Fixed an issue in Will (Easy/Normal/Hard) where sometimes the Spatial Collapse pattern would be passed even if you died to it.

Fixed an issue where sometimes monsters used attack patterns that caused them to move awkwardly.

[Back to Overview]


Fixed an issue in Monster Park’s final stage where sometimes the boss monster would spawn twice.

Fixed an issue in Papulatus’ map where characters and reward items were covered by the Mechanical Switch NPC.

Fixed an issue in ‘Mysterious Airship Concourse’ map where the bottom of the map was displayed awkwardly.

Fixed an issue in ‘Kerning City Subway Transfer Station’ where the NPC Ils’ minimap icon was displayed awkwardly.

Fixed an issue where ‘Bear Area <6>’s map background music was different.

Fixed an error where ‘Shinsoo International School: Old Building’ tutorial cutscene was awkward.

Fixed an isssue in ‘Tiger Pass’ where skill effects were displayed behind terrain.

Fixed an issue in ‘Edelstein Park 2’ where skill effects were displayed behind terrain.

Fixed an issue in ‘Especia’s Totem Slash’ where sometimes the totems could not be attacked.

Fixed an issue in the following maps where the background was awkward.

  • Lapis’ World
  • Lazuli’s World
  • Shadow Town
  • Field 1-A
  • Field 1-B
  • Temple Entrance
  • Shadow Temple
  • Knight Quarters
  • Empty Field
  • Infirmary
  • Gold Light Shore <2>
  • Gold Light Shore <3>
  • Gold Light Shore <4>
  • Gold Light Shore <5>
  • Gold Light Shore <6>
  • Gold Light Shore <7>
  • Outside Ariant Gate <7>
  • Lania’s House
  • Minar East Forest <2>

Fixed an error in certain maps where terrain appeared awkwardly.

  • El Nath Mountains/Beware the Ice 2
  • Dead Mine/Dead Mine 2

Fixed an issue where sometimes party members without the entry qualifications could enter Flag Race together.

Fixed an issue in Ereb where sometimes trying to talk to NPCs while riding on mounts that can use the High Flying skill would cause the client to crash.

Fixed an issue in Enheim Defense where certain platforms were awkward.

Fixed an issue where if you disconnected your PC audio device, changed maps, then reconnected it, the previous map’s BGM would be played.

Fixed an issue where Runes would not be created if you defeated monsters in a map that had been unoccupied for a long time.

Fixed an issue in Undersea Tower “The Seed” 5F, 15F, 25F, 35F, and 45F where the timer would display a different time than the actual time remaining.

Fixed some awkward terrain in Five-Path Cave.

Fixed an issue in Leafre where low graphics appeared awkward.

You can no longer leave a guild while inside guild content waiting maps.

[Back to Overview]


Fixed an issue in the Arcane Symbol UI’s bottom right image.

Fixed an issue in the World Map Favourites UI’s right image.

Fixed an issue where the Forest of Tenacity Damage Skin (Unit), Cotton Candy Damage Skin (Unit), AWAKE Damage Skin (Unit), and Black Tiger Damage Skin’s icon locations were awkward in the stored Damage Skin slots.

The stat window’s attack/magic attack value description has been changed to separate the attack/magic attack value from having a fully charged Soul Gauge from the ‘Equipment’ category.

Fixed an error where if you had Petite Luminous (Equilibrium) in Monster Life, your range was displayed in a blue font.

In the Maple Auction, Zero’s attack power increase will now display the same as the game.

In Maple Auction, when re-registering an item, a message will now be displayed if the price is less than 50% of the average price.

The Alt+Enter keys have been changed so that they don’t function as Enter during the waiting time for switching to windowed mode or when the option to swap to windowed mode with Alt+Enter is disabled.

Fixed an issue with the external chat where sometimes inf you linked items, the item tooltips would remain.

Fixed an issue in Monster Collection’s exploration tab where the Exploration button was displayed differently while in progress.

Fixed a problem in Monster Collection’s exploration tab where using the mouse wheel on the right side would scroll incorrectly.

Fixed an issue where setting the Key type would have the wrong guide.

You can no longer use Guild Megaphones, guild BBS messages, or write commects on Monster Life My Homepage boards while chat restricted.

When using the bulk register button in the Item Disassembly window, a message will now be displayed when your Etc. inventory is full.

Fixed an issue in Maple Chronicles content where if you played at 1024*768 resolution, the character’s image was displayed awkwardly.

Fixed an issue with Star Force enhancements where destruction related tooltips were displayed in sections that had no destruction rates.

Fixed an issue where the currently equipped effect icons were not displayed in the inventory when changing channels, going to the Cash Shop, or going to Monster Life.

Fixed an issue where the Private Connection checkbox was displayed on the character select window of worlds without any characters.

Fixed an issue in Monster Life where you could register new photos more times than the daily limit.

Fixed an issue in the World Map UI’s search window where Foreverion and Embrion were not searched properly.

Certain achievement names and achievement information have been changed to match in-game.

Fixed an issue where the character info window’s farm profile image appeared differently than in Monster Life.

Fixed an issue in the Cash Shop cash wardrobe where if you chose to preview hair coupon items of a different gender, the selected hair did not appear properly.

[Back to Overview]

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  1. Anonymous
    February 17, 2023 at 12:43 am

    thx max i love u

  2. Anonymous
    February 17, 2023 at 1:28 am

    max always just deletes my comments because he hates me for the color of my skin

    • Max
      February 17, 2023 at 2:43 pm

      i love everyone equally

  3. xiluoye
    February 17, 2023 at 1:51 am

    ty max

  4. Anonymous
    February 17, 2023 at 5:29 am

    ive never had sax before but wheres the reboot nerfs????

  5. Anonymous
    February 17, 2023 at 2:48 pm

    thanks max. im looking forward to this update when it comes to gms 🙂

  6. Anonymous
    February 17, 2023 at 7:54 pm

    no new skill or skill improvement. how to down new boss?

  7. Anonymous
    February 18, 2023 at 9:36 am

    What is it then if it isn’t “KMS just discovered Reboot” in your opinion?
    Reboot fd and crystal prices has been that way for almost 2 years.
    Pitched has been in the game for at least 5 years.
    Why is kms only now just noticing that reboot is better for the average player experience?

    • Max
      February 18, 2023 at 12:50 pm

      You have to understand KMS Reboot was actual garbage when it came out, unlike GMS that had Kanna/non-KMS maps/2x drop/Gollux/etc, KMS had to like farm pieces of time for money lol. So it always was just the worst choice unless you were a masochist since the reg server market was pretty healthy at the time.

      I think the Reboot FD change was the turning point and even that was in summer of 2021 so it’s only been like 1.5 years, that’s not a long amount of time for people to completely abandon their reg server characters and start over.

      Pitched Boss set was not required for anything, even Black Mage which came out in summer 2018 is pretty clearable without it. But now we have things like Seren, Kalos, Kaling which are even stronger and have a longer timegate than Arcane Force. KMS doesn’t have many options to upgrade gear other than going to Pitched Boss (or at least Dawn Boss now) and those are fully untradeable once equipped so they’re bricked once you do that. You can’t do something like sell your 27% one to upgrade to 30%, you have to recube it yourself at that point which defeats the point of being able to trade (the key difference between reg/Reboot).

      While before, Reboot was definitely weaker than reg server overall, the FD change made it so that the average Reboot player is leagues stronger since the FD boost is to make up for not having scrolls/bpot, but they get it for free whereas reg servers have to pay tons of money (either NX or mesos) to cube bpot. Reboot has also gotten considerable improvements over the past two years like being able to buy droplets and Tower of Oz improvements which were its main downsides.

      TL;DR: It’s not “KMS suddenly discovered Reboot exists”, it’s that Reboot has gotten considerable changes and QOL improvements steadily over the past couple of years that make it a much better experience while reg server doesn’t really get anything equivalent. There’s almost no downsides to playing Reboot at this point so it feels unfair to the vast majority of players who aren’t gigawhales that reach that peak point where reg can be stronger than Reboot. (and also a bunch of popular streamers finally tried out Reboot for the first time recently which showed players how easy it is to progress there which basically sparked this lol)

      • Anonymous
        February 19, 2023 at 8:37 pm

        That makes sense why there’s an uproar now despite Reboot being out for nearly decade. Thanks for the in-depth explanation Max!

      • Anonymous
        February 20, 2023 at 1:10 pm

        thanks for sharing..
        what is the FD change?

        • Max
          February 20, 2023 at 1:48 pm

          The Reboot passive skill used to give % damage per level, which made things like sources of damage/boss damage from passives and items worth a lot less than they were in reg, especially the higher level you were since you had so much of it just from the Reboot skill.
          In MapleStory Live, they changed the passive to be final damage instead, which fixed that issue and also was a pretty big overall damage buff.

  8. Anonymous
    February 20, 2023 at 4:05 pm

    lower the fd% passive and make sure reboot is 200% behind the reg server progression/// no way should free server be clearing newest bosses before regular… Nexon fked up!

    • Anonymous
      February 21, 2023 at 1:59 pm

      1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% agree with this guy

      • Anonymous
        February 22, 2023 at 4:59 am

        Why is it that whenever something in an MMO is crap, you people always want the game to get worse? How about making reg servers less shit? Nerfing someone else gives you no benefit.

        • Anonymous
          February 22, 2023 at 11:51 pm

          True give more FD to reboot server and make all reg server’s players migrate to reboot, I want to see Nexon make reboot the new p2w server.

  9. Anonymous
    February 21, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    Still not dropping my gollux belt sw accessories for pitched boss Nexon… you sneaky buggahs

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