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kMSt ver. 1.2.390 – Mercedes Skill Changes

July 1, 2011 30 comments

A new patch was released~ That was pretty fast, Mercedes became open just yesterday!

A new item has been added, called the Innocent Scroll. It comes in a 70% (with 30% of breaking if failed) version and a 20% version. It completely resets the stats of an item, the potential, and the levels (if you can level it up).

Mercedes now receives 5 SP at advancement, since before this patch, she was missing 5 SP to max every skill in first job. And now for the skill changes!

  • Cross Piercing: Instead of hitting 165% 2 times, it now hits 83% 4 times.
  • Soul Purify: No longer heals your MP.
  • Unicorn Spike: Now has a 100% chance of critical. Weakened effect now lasts for 10 attacks, and 20 on bosses.
  • Ishtar’s Ring: You cannot move while using this skill anymore. Now passively increases damage of Strike Dualshot. Prerequisite of 20 Strike Dualshot was added. At max level, increases damage of Strike Dualshot by 25%.
  • Legendary Spear: Damage has been increased from 520% to 572%. Now passively increases damage of Leap Tornado by 20%. Prerequisite of 10 Leap Tornado has been added.
  • Defense Break: Now has a 30% chance of ignoring 100% defense.
What do you think about these changes?
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