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kMSt ver. 1.2.394 – Mercedes Changes!

July 19, 2011 34 comments

Another patch has been released! Here are the skill changes for Mercedes~

  • Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: now hits 2 times for 75% each.
  • Gust Dive: delay was decreased.
  • Ring of Ishtar: now hits 2 times for 105% damage each.
  • Edge Spiral: name changed to Lightning Edge.
  • Advanced Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: now hits 2 times for 105% each.

The second Hot Time event’s prizes have been announced! Be logged on at 2:30 pm on July 23 and you will get (for sure) 20 Legend Coins, a Character Slot Coupon, a Level Up Vial, and an Elf’s Tiara! The Legend Coins can be spent at the Shop of Legend, the Character Slot Coupon gives you a free character slot, and the Level Up Vial levels you up once!

The Elf’s Tiara is a bit special. It is a hat for all classes that gives 10 to all stats (It’s level 50 requirement by the way, Nexon Korea, when will you learn to use PNGs?!). However, if you wear it on a third or fourth job Mercedes, you get the bonus of 5 to all stats, 5 attack, and 10 speed! It requires a Share Name Tag to be moved through the account once, so either get all the items on your Mercedes, or get it on another and transfer the Tiara to your Mercedes by buying the Share Name Tag. Clever Nexon!

That’s not all! You also have a chance to win the Hero of Legend Badge again, and also many new items. You can win one of the Blazing Sun set items, a White Angelic Bless, a White or Dark Premium Symbol, a Cygnus’ Kohinoor, or an Almighty Ring!

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