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kMSt ver. 1.2.391 – Mercedes Buffs & Thief Nerfs?

July 5, 2011 46 comments

It looks like we won’t have to farm Legend Coins for the AP Reset! On July 9, there will be a Hot Time event where everyone will receive an AP Reset! You can also get some personality potions, a Legend Coin, and a Mysterious Love Letter, which gives some fame. NX items will be given out as well! Will you be lucky and get a Protect Shield, Miracle Cubes, or some other Cash item? Log on at 2:30 pm on Saturday and see~

New skill changes have appeared, and there’s even one for the forgotten thief class?

  • Shadow Partner/Mirror Imaging: can no longer do more damage than  the original damage it is copying.

Hmm… why would they add in this random change? When will the real thief and pirate rebalancing come? Only time will tell… There was also another change to the other classes, INT no longer has an effect on your maximum MP (unless you are a mage). To compensate, the formula for MP gain upon levelling has been changed.

You can only stay in the mining/herbalism maps for 10 minutes, rather than the 20 minutes that was previously announced.

The durability system has been renewed! All tablets now have a fixed 70% chance of passing. Failing one no longer breaks your item! Tablets now add more stats than regular scrolls.

Upon logging on, everyone receives a free Character Slot Coupon! (unless you have 15 slots) Another coupon will be available in the future through an event!

Mercedes’ magic arrows have been renewed~ They look much more magical now, haha. Also, the multiplier of the dual bowgun has been adjusted. Does that mean it is higher or lower?! Anyways, go past the cut to see Mercedes’ skill changes~

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