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Maplestory Justice Update!

December 7, 2011 271 comments

It is confirmed, the next update is called MapleStory Justice! The new Thief and Pirate images look very cool! But who is that character in the middle?

On December 15, the Beginning of the Counterattack, the Thief and Pirate update will be released. And even more exciting, on December 29, the Phantom (Thief hero) will be released! On January 12, a new town called Aswan will be released~

One by one, the Black Mage’s army has been making themselves known, spreading the dark forces of their master. Through the catastrophe and chaos, through the misunderstanding and distrust, the reborn thieves and pirates will emerge spectacularly! And at the same time, another hero will be shaking the Maple World, freeing towns from the grasp of the Black Mage!

The trailer has been uploaded, as well as a commentary about its skills! Like always, thanks to Spadow! Please look past the cut for it~

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kMSt ver. 1.2.410 – More Skill Changes!

December 7, 2011 37 comments

So later today the Maple homepage will be updated with information about Justice, but there was still a patch in Tespia! Nothing except some skill changes though… Be sure to come back later to see the new content!

Also, another boss has been changed into an instance dungeon, Van Leon!

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