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kMS ver. 1.2.234 – MapleStory’s 12th Anniversary!

12th Anniversary Monster Treasure

Today’s patch is celebrating 12 years of MapleStory! (wow that’s basically how long we’ve been waiting for 5th job since they revealed it at the RED conference!) A lot of events have been added and some game systems have been changed, including the Maple Guide, party quests, and hunting maps!

There’s also some information about a few future updates and a new post for MapleStory 2 talking about the maid system!

April 30

On April 30, a new Avatar will be added to the Fight! Return of the Legends game in Star Planet. Who do you guys think it is?

May 7

This one is sort of random but on May 7, a partnership with a Korean snack food called Piggy Bar will begin.

May 14

And finally, on May 14, ???? It just shows a picture of the MapleStory logo on a phone… what could it mean? We already have the Maple Hands app

Maple Guide (Level 200~250)

The first part of the game system changes is the Maple Guide, which has been updated! It now begins at level 10 and goes beyond level 140. You can now teleport to recommended content which you have over levelled, but only if you are within 10 levels of the recommended ending level of that content.

Bosses will no longer be shown on the Maple Guide. Many party quests have been added.

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Dimensional Crack
  • Pirate Davy Jones
  • Kenta in Danger
  • Dimension Invade
  • Resurrection of the Hob King

Many fields and theme dungeons have been added.

  • Ice Fields
  • Alcadno Laboratory
  • Zenumist Laboratory
  • Toy Factory Machinery Room
  • Green Past
  • Frozen Past
  • Fiery Past
  • Disappeared Forest
  • Ruined Dragon’s Nest
  • Colossus the Giant
  • Destroyed Henesys
  • Knight’s Fortress Entrance
  • Weapon Storage
  • Hall of Fame
  • Beginning Tragic Forest
  • Deepening Tragic Forest
  • Never-ending Tragic Forest
  • Twilight Perion
  • Abandoned Excavation Site
  • Haven

Maple Contents Map UI

The Maple Contents Map has been added! With this system, you can easily see the progression of MapleStory’s content in a clean layout. The Content Map is an expansion of the Maple Guide system, and you can open it by pressing the + button. It is available for users level 30 and higher.

For theme dungeons, when you complete the last quest, you’ll receive a stamp on the content. For hunting fields which do not have quests, you’ll get a stamp when you kill a certain number of monsters.

Maple Contents Guide

Like the Maple Guide, you can read detailed information and move directly to places on the Contents Map. The Contents Map shows all information from the Maple Guide and in addition, will show bosses which you can do.

Maple Contents Map

Here’s the entire Contents Map, the art is really cute!

Level 30 Level 40 Level 50 Level 60a Level 60b Level 70a Level 70b Level 80 Level 90 Level 100a Level 100b Level 110a Level 110b Level 120 Level 130a Level 130b Level 140a Level 140b Level 150 Level 160 Level 170 Level 180 Level 190 Level 200

And here are all the recommended contents (thanks to Insoya for the pictures!).

Party Quest Required Items

Secondly, party quests have been updated! The requirements for reward items in some party quests have been changed.

  • Dimensional Crack: clear the party quest 5 times to receive the Cracked Glasses
  • Tang Yoon’s Cooking Class: Chef’s Outfit now costs 2 Chef Certifications, Chef’s Hat now costs 3 Chef Certifications
  • Romeo and Juliet: Romeo’s Pendant now costs 2 Zenumist Marbles, Juliet’s Pendant now costs 2 Alcadno Marbles
  • Pirate Davy Jones: Common Davy Jones’ Hat now costs 30 Davy Jones’ Hat Pieces, Regular Davy Jones’ Hat now costs 60 Davy Jones’ Hat Pieces, Greedy Davy Jones’ Hat now costs 90 Davy Jones’ Hat Pieces
  • Escape: Von Leon’s Belt now costs 5 Guard’s Keys
  • Kenta in Danger: Kenta’s New Goggles now cost 10 Pianus Scales, Pet Equipment Scrolls now cost 5 Pianus Scales
  • Resurrection of the Hob King: the 3 Rex’s Earrings now cost 5 Hob Warrior’s Marks, Rex’s Hyena now costs 60 Hob Warrior’s Marks
  • Pyramid: Immortal Pharaoh’s Belt/Shoes/Ring now cost 40 Nett’s Emeralds

The experience reward for some party quests have been increased.

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Pirate Davy Jones
  • Escape

Nett's Pyramid Entrance

Nett’s Pyramid can now be accessed through Spiegelmann’s Guest House like other party quests.

Party Quest Waiting Area Entrances

Party quests are now started inside their specific waiting maps once more. This is so annoying, now you’ll have people split between the Guest House and all the different PQ maps! I thought that’s why they removed that!

Party quest entrance paths have been added in regular hunting maps which users can use to move to the party quest waiting area.

  • Tang Yoon’s Cooking Class: Nautilus Restaurant (NPC Tang Yoon)
  • Romeo and Juliet: Zenumist Society, Alcadno Society
  • Dimensional Crack: Eos Tower 100th Floor
  • Pirate Davy Jones: Red Nose Pirate’s Den 1
  • Escape: First Tower (NPC Jen)
  • Resurrection of the Hob King: Elder’s Residence
  • Kenta in Danger: Dangerous Sea Gorge 1

Party Quest Entrance Level Changes

Some party quests’ entry levels and recommended levels have been changed.

  • Dimensional Crack: level 110 ~ level 139 (recommended)
  • Pirate Davy Jones: level 120 ~ 149 (recommended)
  • Dragon Rider: level 130 and above

5 Per Day Limit

Party quests can now be played up to 5 times per day instead of 10. The compensation of some party quests have been adjusted accordingly.

  • Dimensional Crack
  • Tang Yoon’s Cooking Class
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Pirate Davy Jones
  • Dragon Rider
  • Escape
  • Kenta in Danger
  • Resurrection of the Hob King
  • Dimension Invade
  • Chryse

Magnus and Hilla

Dimension Invade’s bonus stage will now be chosen randomly instead of based on your clear time.

Resurrection of the Hob King

Resurrection of the Hob King has been reorganized. Until May 10, you’ll get 50% more completion experience~

  • New obstacles have been added and monsters’ difficulties have been adjusted to create more interactive gameplay.
    • If Shamos is hit by falling ice, he’ll take a lot of damage!
  • Based on Shamos’ remaining HP, you’ll gain extra compensation.

Kenta in Danger

Kenta in Danger has been reorganized. Until May 10, you’ll get 50% more completion experience~

  • New missions have been added, which if completed will reduce the amount of time required to escort Kenta.
    • You and your party members can seal the monsters’ cave entrances with rocks.
    • Press the Ctrl button on the bar with your party members to stay safe from the Ghost Whales.
  • Based on Kenta’s remaining HP, you’ll gain extra compensation.

Next up, Mu Lung Dojo has been reorganized!

  • When you defeat a boss inside Mu Lung Dojo, the timer will pause for 10 seconds. The timer will resume in 10 seconds or when you move to the next floor.
  • Mu Lung Dojo’s ranking mode has been reorganized.
    • Shelter rooms have been removed. You now go through 40 floors of bosses consecutively.
    • Rankings will now reset every week instead of every day.
    • Rankings will begin to reset on Sunday at 11PM. Due to this, ranking mode will be unavailable from 11PM-12AM on Sundays.

Sudden Missions

The last part of the game system changes is called dynamic field hunting! It’s a few things put together that will make hunting more fun for users!

The Sudden Mission system has been added.

  • Randomly, you will receive Sudden Missions which will appear below the quest UI.
  • To forfeit a Sudden Mission, click the X in the top right corner.
  • If you cannot complete them within the time limit of 30 minutes, they will automatically be removed.
  • If you complete a Sudden Mission, you’ll get special rewards based on the difficulty of the mission and your character level.
  • Sudden Missions are given to characters level 33 or higher.
  • Up to 3 Sudden Missions can be completed per day.

Sudden Missions can range from killing monsters around your level, getting a certain Combo Kill or Multi Kill, using a Rune or finding a Burning Field (look below!). The rewards include experience, equipment (like Fensalir), and I’ve even heard of Mileage!

Burning Field

The Burning Field system has been added. When you enter a Burning Field, the notice above will pop up on your screen.

  • Hunting maps which have not been touched by adventurers for a long period of time will become Burning Fields, where you can gain extra experience.
  • The longer a map is untouched, it will become a higher stage Burning Field (up to a maximum of stage 5), and more experience will be given in higher stages.
  • When you enter a Burning Field, the effect will gradually go back down to a regular hunting map.
  • Burning Fields will only appear in maps with monsters level 100 or higher, and will not apply to party quests, boss content and certain other maps.

A stage 1 Burning Field will give 10% bonus experience, stage 2 will give 20% bonus experience, and so on until stage 5.

Rune of Thunder Rune of Earth Rune of Darkness Rune of Treasure

Four new Runes have been added.

  • Rune of Thunder: Powerful lightning will fall from the sky at random intervals, instantly killing all monsters hit.
  • Rune of Earth: Turn into an unstoppable giant for a short period of time. While in the giant state, monsters that touch your body will take damage and jumping on monsters will instantly kill them.
  • Rune of Darkness: Immediately summon an Elite Monster to the field.
  • Rune of Treasure: Immediately summon a Treasure Mimic.

Combo Kill Reorganization

The Combo Kill system has been reorganized.

  • Existing Combo Kill bonuses have been removed. (bonus experience from monsters based on your current Combo)
  • Now, every 50 Combo, an Experience Marble will be created on the map.
  • Picking up the Experience Marble will give you experience and increase your movement speed and jump for a short period of time.
  • Experience Marbles are upgraded in 3 stages based on your current Combo and will give more experience based on the stage.

The Basic Marble (blue) appears starting at 50 Combo, the Intermediate Marble appears starting at 400 Combo, and the Advanced Marble appears starting at 750 Combo.

At level 203, while hunting in Mechanical Grave, I got 150k experience from the Basic Marble and 260k from the Intermediate marble, so that’s like a couple of monsters worth of experience for free!

Equipment Notification

You will now receive a notification at the top of your screen when you pick up equipment that is Rare rank or higher.

Level Up

The level up effect has been updated once again! Now, when you level up, all regular monsters nearby will instantly die if they are within range of the level up effect.

(thanks to Spadow for the animation)

Monster Treasure Town

Let’s move on to the 12th Anniversary! This year, a new event map called the Monster Treasure Town has been added. You can access it through portals in almost every town and it holds all of the NPCs you’ll need to talk to.

Take Off! Monster Treasure Storage!

The first event is called Take Off! Monster Treasure Storage, and it runs from now until May 20. It’s the theme of this anniversary!

Storage Kinds

There are seven different kinds of storages, each with its own special gimmick: platforming, climbing, scrolling down, springs, ropes, action ropes, and high jumps!

Storage Rewards

In each one, you’ll find the following items that you can collect:

  • Silver Meso Coin (100 mesos)
  • Gold Meso Coin (1000 mesos)
  • Meso Box (5000~10,000 mesos)
  • Regular Box (can be broken using Ctrl or your regular attack, can drop Meso Boxes and past Maple Anniversary items)
  • Special Box (can be broken using Ctrl or your regular attack, can give 2x Mesos/Speed for 15 seconds)
  • 12th Anniversary Coin

And by past Maple Anniversary items, I mean literally any Maple item you can think of is included!! Even those random ones like the 1,500 Day Flag or 3,000 Day Medal!

1. Take Off! Monster Treasure Storage

Now, how can you enter these storages? There are 4 ways. The first is by talking to the NPC Slime in the Monster Treasure Town. You can play this up to 10 times per day and you’ll get 2~3 minutes inside. In this mode, you’ll enter a queue until 4 other players are found and then a random storage will be chosen.

You’ll have to race around the map to collect more mesos than the other players (your total will appear above your head), and you’ll get 3 12th Anniversary Coins if you come in first place, 2 Coins for 2nd place, and 1 Coin for the other three players.

2. Take Off! Mesopresso Storage

The second is the Mesopresso Storage. Talk to the Moon Bunny Brothers in the Monster Treasure Town with a Mesopresso Storage Key to enter. You’ll be able to choose which storage you want to enter and you’ll get 2~3 minutes inside. You can enter up to 10 times per day this way.

You can get the Mesopresso Storage Key by completing the quest given to you by the Moon Bunny Brothers (collect 20 etc. from monsters, up to 10 times per day), by completing the Random Portal Storage quest (once per character), or through the 12th Anniversary Box.

Here’s a video of all of the storages! The event above this uses the same maps but they have more than one player.

3. Random Portal Sweep Storage

The third is the Random Portal Sweep Storage! While hunting monsters, a random portal may appear. Anyone who enters the portal will be sent to a random storage (smaller map than above) for 1 minute.

4. Find Our Forgotten Storages

The fourth and last way is the Find Our Forgotten Storages quest. Find the hidden portals in 8 towns (Henesys, Perion, Kerning City, Lith Harbor, Ellinia, Edelstein, Leafre, and Orbis) and in each one you’ll be sent to a random storage for 5 minutes.

You can only enter each town’s portal once per character and once you find all 8, you’ll receive 10 12th Anniversary Coins.

12th Anniversary Maple Festival

The next event is the 12th Anniversary Maple Festival, running from now until May 20.

12th Anniversary Celebration Box

Monsters around your level will drop 12th Anniversary Celebration Boxes, which can be opened for items.

  • 12th Anniversary Coin
  • Monster Transformation Potion
  • Developer’s Letter
  • Personality trait items
  • Mesopresso Storage Entrance Key
  • Reindeer Milk
  • Sunset Dew
  • Scroll Traces (3~5)

You can only get 50 Coins, 1 Key, and 500 Traces per day from 12th Anniversary Boxes.

12th Anniversary Ad Balloon

From 9am to 11:59pm, the 12th Anniversary Ad Balloon may spawn in Henesys, Leafre, Haven, or the Monster Treasure Town. When you defeat it, it will drop a lot of items.

  • 12th Anniversary Celebration Box
  • Developer’s Letter
  • 12th Anniversary Coin
  • Mesopresso Storage Entrance Key
  • Personality trait items

Monster Story

In the Monster Story – 12 Monsters quests, you’ll follow the adventures of various monsters during the 12th anniversary festival. They each feature a different monster and unlock on different days.

Monster Story Rewards

For each Episode you complete, you’ll get either 100 Scroll Traces, 5 12th Anniversary Coins, or 1 Mediocre Medal of Honor.

If you complete the Episodes the day they are released, the rewards will be tripled!

Monster Story Special Rewards

You’ll also get additional rewards based on the total number of Episodes you’ve completed, including the Golden Hammer at 5 Episodes, 50% Innocent Scroll at 10 Episodes, and an Eternal Flame of Reincarnation at 12 Episodes.

Developers' Letter Collection

Just like previous years, you can collect Developer’s Letters, small notes from the actual MapleStory development team! As you collect them, you’ll be able to fill out your collection.

For completing a subgroup of letters, you’ll receive 10 12th Anniversary Coins. For finding all 127 letters, you’ll get 50 12th Anniversary Coins!

Gift Giving Bellflower

The Bellflower Mother in Monster Treasure Town will give you a Bellflower Pot which you can hold. The seed in the pot will grow in 20 minutes and give you a reward!

Bellflower Rewards

Usually, you’ll get 3 12th Anniversary Coins but sometimes, a golden bellflower will grow, and you’ll be awarded 5 Coins!

You can complete this quest 5 times per day.

Meso Shower Rewards

From 7am to 11pm, every XX:15 and XX:45, you’ll be invited to join the Jump Jump Meso Shower! Along with other users, you’ll be moved into a treasure room where the items above will rain down from the sky for 1 minute.

  • Gold Meso Coin
  • Silver Meso Coin
  • Meso Box
  • Scroll Traces
  • 12th Anniversary Coin
  • 12th Anniversary Celebration Box

In one run, you can only collect up to 60 items, and a maximum of 3 12th Anniversary Coins, 10 12th Anniversary Celebration Boxes, and 15 Scroll Traces.

I’ll try and get a video of this up soon!

12th Anniversary Special Event

The 12th Anniversary Special Event has begun and will run until May 20!

Event Schedule

There will be a Fever Time for Scroll Traces every weekend, and from 1pm to 3pm and 7pm to 9pm, there will be 2x experience. There will also be 2x experience at those times for the entire week of May 4 to May 10.

In addition, on weekends, at 2pm and 8pm, you’ll be invited to join the Hi-yah! Weekend Attack on the Coin Shop event.

Glass Case Map

In the Attack on the Coin Shop, you’ll be taken to a map with 200 of these glass cases, which can be broken for items.

Glass Case Rewards

  • 12th Anniversary equipment and accessories
  • 12th Anniversary scroll items
  • Yeti x Pepe Damage Skin
  • Various bags
  • 12th Anniversary Coins
  • Monster face accessories

Giant Glass Case Map

Once all 200 have been destroyed, you’ll be taken automatically to a map with a giant glass case!

Giant Glass Case Rewards

This one can drop:

  • 12th Anniversary Coins
  • Developer’s Letters
  • Scroll Traces

Slot Eek Eek Expansion Attendance Check

The Slot Eek! Eek! Expansion Attendance Check requires you to defeat 200 monsters around your level each day to get rewards. The event lasts for 4 weeks so you can miss up to 7 days.

Slot Eek Eek Expansion Attendance Check Rewards

  1. 4 Slot Expansion Coupon
  2. 5 12th Anniversary Coins
  3. Special Medal of Honor
  4. 100 Scroll Traces
  5. 4 Slot Expansion Coupon
  6. 10 12th Anniversary Coins
  7. Meso Lucky Bag
  8. 200 Scroll Traces
  9. 4 Slot Expansion Coupon
  10. 15 12th Anniversary Coupons
  11. Character Slot Increase Coupon
  12. 300 Scroll Traces
  13. 4 Slot Expansion Coupon
  14. 20 12th Anniversary Coins
  15. 2 Special Medals of Honor
  16. 500 Scroll Traces
  17. 8 Slot Expansion Coupon
  18. 30 12th Anniversary Coins
  19. 8 Slot Expansion Coupon
  20. 1000 Scroll Traces
  21. Orange Mushroom Damage Skin

Slot Expansion Coupons

These slot expansion coupons are special because they allow you to choose which of your slots you would like to expand! You can choose from Equip, Use, Set-up, Etc. and Storage.

12th Anniversary Coin Shop and Past Anniversary Item Collection

The next event is the Maple Anniversary Item Collection, and it will run until May 20!

Maple Anniversary Item Collection

Remember I said before you could get every single past Maple Anniversary item? Well this is where they’ll be of use! (well other than being nostalgic and for your personal collection purposes)

The Maple Anniversary Item Collection requires you to collect one of every single past anniversary item!

  1. The reward for collecting all the items in the current category.
  2. Press this to receive the reward.
  3. All of the items you have collected/need to collect in the current category.
  4. Items with an image like this are general (e.g. you must collect 5 of any weapon).
  5. All of the categories of Maple Anniversary items.

Collection Side UI

On the side, you’ll see the grand prize!

  1. The number of stars represent the number of categories completed.
  2. The reward for finish all the categories (Maple Treasure medal)
  3. Your current total item count.
  4. Press this to receive the reward.
  5. Today’s Pink Bean Chance (You can double click an item which you have not collected to be automatically filled in by Pink Bean for free, up to 3 times per day).
  6. Press this to open the FAQ.

Maple Items

All Maple items in your inventory will have a maple leaf icon in the bottom right. You must drag them in to the UI for it to count, and after an item has been put in this collection, you can no longer use it (like the Soul Collecter if you’ve used that).

Collection Rewards

Each category when completed has its own reward.

  • 1st – 2nd: 4 Slot Expansion Coupon
  • 3rd – 4th: 50 12th Anniversary Coins
  • 5th – 6th: 4 Slot Expansion Coupon
  • 7th: 50 12th Anniversary Coins
  • 8th – Beryl: 1000 Scroll Traces
  • 8th – Letinum: 50 12th Anniversary Coins
  • 9th: 2000 Scroll Traces
  • 10th – White: 8 Slot Expansion Coupon
  • 10th – Black: 50 12th Anniversary Coins
  • 11th: 3000 Scroll Traces

Slime x Orange Mushroom Damage Skin

  • Special: Slime x Orange Mushroom Damage Skin

The final prize for finishing all of the categories is the Maple Treasure medal, which gives 10 all stats, 200 HP and MP, 7 attack and magic attack, and 80 defense and magic defense.

12th Anniversary Coin Shop

Finally, you’ve been collecting all of these coins, you’ll need a place to spend them! The 12th Anniversary Coin Shop will be open until May 30!

Hosted by Yeti and Pepe, you can access this shop in any town or the Monster Treasure Town.



  • Maple Treasure weapon [200 coins]

* you can see the stats here under Character > Weapon *

Secondary Weapons

Secondary Weapons

  • Maple Treasure secondary weapon [120 coins]

* you can see the stats here under Character > Weapon > Equippable Projectile *

12th Anniversary Accessories and Armor

12th Anniversary Armor

  • Maple Treasure Cap (25 all stats, 300 HP and MP, 2 attack and magic attack, 10 slots) [150 coins]
  • Maple Treasure Shoes (15 all stats, 1 attack and magic attack, 7 slots) [150 coins]
  • Maple Treasure Suit (30 all stats, 2 attack and magic attack, 10 slots) [150 coins]
  • Maple Treasure Cape (7 all stats, 1 attack and magic attack, 7 slots) [150 coins]
  • Maple Treasure Gloves (12 all stats, 3 attack and magic attack, 7 slots) [150 coins]

12th Anniversary Accessories

  • Maple Treasure Shoulderpad (10 all stats, 3 attack and magic attack, 1 slot) [150 coins]
  • Maple Treasure Bubble (7 all stats, 6 attack and magic attack, 5 slots) [150 coins]
  • Maple Treasure Pendant (10 all stats, 5 attack and magic attack, 5 slots) [150 coins]
  • Maple Treasure Belt (25 all stats, 10 attack and magic attack, 3 slots) [150 coins]

12th Anniversary Scroll Items

12th Anniversary Scroll Items

  • 12th Anniversary Weapon Additional Potential Scroll (100% success rate) [40 coins]
  • 12th Anniversary Weapon Additional Potential Stamp (50% success rate) [70 coins]
  • 12th Anniversary Weapon Flame of Reincarnation (100% success rate) [70 coins]
  • 12th Anniversary Weapon Clean Slate Scroll (10% success rate) [75 coins]
  • 12th Anniversary Weapon Potential Stamp (50% success rate) [35 coins]
  • 12th Anniversary Weapon Soul Enchanter (60% success rate) [65 coins]
  • 12th Anniversary Weapon Cube (can go up to Unique) [60 coins]
  • Special Additional Potential Stamp (100% success rate, limit of 3) [110 coins]
  • Eternal Flame of Reincarnation (100% success rate, limit of 3) [150 coins]
  • 10% Clean Slate Scroll (limit of 5) [80 coins]
  • 60% Miraculous Positive Chaos Scroll (limit of 3) [110 coins]
  • 50% Positive Chaos Scroll (limit of 3) [80 coins]
  • Gold Potential Stamp (80% success rate, limit of 3) [80 coins]
  • 60% Innocent Scroll (limit of 1) [130 coins]
  • 50% Perfect Innocent Scroll (limit of 1) [180 coins]
  • 50% Epic Potential Scroll (limit of 3) [120 coins]
  • 100% Gold Hammer (limit of 1) [110 coins]
  • AP Reset Scroll (limit of 1) [160 coins]

12th Anniversary Special Items

12th Anniversary Special Items

  • 4 Slot Title Bag (limit of 1) [50 coins]
  • 10 Slot Chair Bag (limit of 1) [50 coins]
  • Pink Coin Purse (limit of 1) [50 coins]
  • Personality Growth Potion (greatly increases one of your traits, limit of 1) [400 coins]
  • Monster Face Accessory Box (gives one of 4 monster face accessories, expires in 7 days) [12 coins]

Yeti x Pepe Damage Skin

  • Yeti x Pepe Damage Skin [150 coins]
  • Free Advancement Coin (limit of 1) [400 coins]

Here’s what the Yeti x Pepe damage skin looks like in action!

Maple Treasure Set Effects

This year’s Maple Anniversary item set is the Maple Treasure set, which is level 110 and has 12 items. This includes the hat, overall, shoes, cape, shoulderpad, face accessory, pendant, gloves, belt, medal, weapon, and secondary weapon.

  • 3 set effect: 3 all stats, 4 attack and magic attack
  • 4 set effect: 4 all stats, 5% HP and MP, 7 attack and magic attack
  • 5 set effect: 5 all stats, 10 attack and magic attack, 200 accuracy and avoid
  • 6 set effect: 6 all stats, 7% HP and MP, 14 attack and magic attack, 9% total damage
  • 9 set effect: 15 attack and magic attack, 30% defense ignore
  • 12 set effect: 8% HP and MP, 30% boss damage

12th Anniversary Big Party

This last event, the 12th Anniversary Big Party, will run until May 21. It’s actually Cash Shop oriented.

12th Anniversary Label

When you’re in the Cash Shop, you’ll see 12th Anniversary labelled items. Buying these items will reward you with 12th Anniversary Party Invitations.

Labelled Item Invitations

The above items will each give a certain number of invitations when bought.

Invitation Trade In

You can then double click these invitations to trade them in with Lady Blair.

Invitation Rewards

  • 12th Anniversary Celebration Wig (M): 100 invitations (permanent)
  • 12th Anniversary Celebration Wig (F): 100 invitations (permanent)
  • Friendsroid Box: 40 invitations
  • Gingerbread Man Name-Tag/Chat Bubble Ring Set: 15 invitations (expires in 30 days)
  • Android Box: 10 invitations
  • Mysterious Mix Dye Coupon: 7 invitations
  • 2 Burning Megaphones: 3 invitations

Wigs and Rings

Here’s what some of the items look like.

Mysterious Mix Dye Coupon

The Mysterious Mix Dye Coupon lets you mix together two colours to dye your hair with.

Friendsroids and Mapleroids

The Android Box can give any of the above Mapleroids (second row) or Advanced Mapleroids (third and fourth row).

The Friendsroid Box can give any of the Friendsroids (first row) or the Maple Roids (second row).

Bear Macaroon Pets

The new Strawberry, Banana, and Cookie Bear Macaroon pets have been added! So cute~

12th Anniversary Celebration Hair

The 12th Anniversary Celebration Hair Coupon has been added and will be sold until May 14. It costs 5,500 Cash for two coupons.

Trendy Royal Faces

The Trendy Royal Face Coupon which costs 3,500 Cash has been updated with new faces.

12th Anniversary Celebration Box

The 12th Anniversary Celebration Box has been added! It costs 1,000 Cash and gives one of four hats or the Half Blood Wings (cape) at random.

50% Off Beauty Item Sale

All items in the Etc. category under the Beauty section of the Cash Shop will be 50% off until May 14!

Pandora's Box Items Epi's Box Items

The Pandora’s Box and Epi’s Box have had their special items updated.

Male Maid

In the last patch notes, the MapleStory 2 team showed off the design of one of the male maids. Today they released a post with more information about them as well as the profile information of four of them!

When you create a Maid, you can fill out their profile with whatever information you wish! Each Maid also has one special skill, ranging from cooking, creating drinks, alchemy, necklace crafting, ring crafting, and more.

If you become more familiar with your Maid, they might learn to create new items or share new stories with you!


Vanilla's Information

Prim Bunny Girl

Birthday: December 3
Constellation: Sagittarius
Height: 156cm
Weight: 48kg
Body Size: 35-23-36
Likes: Macaroons
Dislikes: Annoying things
Hobby: Bead crafts
Calls You: Master
Company: Dreamnaisse


Jacey's Information

Intellectual Assistant

Birthday: August 26
Constellation: Virgo
Height: 165cm
Weight: 50kg
Passbook Balance: 2,147,483,647 mesos
Likes: Mesos
Dislikes: Disclosing personal information
Hobby: Watching movies
Calls You: Boss
Company: Black Market


Cordelia's Information

Pompous Cat

Birthday: February 26
Constellation: Pisces
Height: 53cm
Weight: 3kg
Paw Colour: Pink
Likes: Chicken breast
Dislikes: Water
Hobby: Fur management
Calls You: Butler
Company: Tria Kingdom


Tim's Information

Friendly Butler

Birthday: February 4
Constellation: Aquarius
Height: 180cm
Weight: 59kg
IQ: 142
Likes: Earl Grey
Dislikes: Espresso
Hobby: Playing the piano
Calls You: Master
Company: Dreamnaisse

  1. S
    April 23, 2015 at 3:15 am

    Neat 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    April 23, 2015 at 4:55 am

    Those dojo changes are awesome.
    Now we can finally see whos stronger, and not who has better internet.

  3. April 23, 2015 at 5:10 am

    This all looks amazing and wow that is a lot of Pinkbean all over the place,
    Can’t wait for GMS to do this as Maple 11 lol,
    Thanks for the updates this is good know

  4. ss
    April 23, 2015 at 7:49 am

    where the f…k is 5 job and evan revamp

    • April 23, 2015 at 10:22 am

      It’s an anniversary update…were you expecting big revamps?

      • john
        April 25, 2015 at 10:53 pm

        theres a evan revamp???? i didnt hear about this? i hope we get 5th job sometime soon. T_T

        • April 26, 2015 at 4:45 pm

          There’s no Evan revamp in the forseeable future, no.

  5. Anonymous
    April 23, 2015 at 8:16 am

    the damage skins look nice.. wish nexon would allow us to keep skins we have used in the past.

    • Max
      April 23, 2015 at 1:35 pm

      Yeah I hope they give us a way to get a permanent Damage Skin Storage Scroll or something.

  6. .
    April 23, 2015 at 10:06 am

    If you’re a male character, is it possible to get Eckhart Android and Neinheart Android?

    • Max
      April 23, 2015 at 1:34 pm

      The event page doesn’t talk about any restrictions, so I would assume so 🙂

  7. Wyllowisp
    April 23, 2015 at 10:42 am

    They didn’t go easy on that Prim Bunny Girl maid. Kind of weird they would do that, but I’m not complaining.

  8. Anonymous
    April 23, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    What are the stats of the anniversary secondary weapons? (Or just the Mechanic one)

  9. Anonymous
    April 23, 2015 at 4:52 pm

    i hate the new lvl up animtation D:
    keep up the great job max ❤

  10. Friendly Mapler
    April 23, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    Lots of events, events and events as usual, but no new content. But is ok…

    Way to not give prime anniversary scrolls, instead… they make fever time every weekends, prime scrolls are now NX exclusive, but bosses items aren’t never exclusive, this is why this game became so boring, bosses doesn’t offer anything special and have no meaning as before.

    In GMS we have magnus drops, empress drops, chaos abyss drops, everything obtainable through NX cash shop means, you know what I mean… this is what Maple Story has become.

    • skymin
      April 24, 2015 at 10:25 am

      shut up lel

  11. Magivestigum
    April 24, 2015 at 5:36 am

    Hi, Max do u know when they’re going to give us 5th job patch? 😡

    • Anonymous
      April 24, 2015 at 10:15 am


      • skymin
        April 24, 2015 at 10:27 am

        this folk be right ^^^

  12. Anonymous
    April 25, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    12 equipments to get full set effect? How is Zero character gonna get full sets effect when there is no weapon conversion set scroll and no secondary weapon?

  1. January 1, 2016 at 5:41 pm

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