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MapleStory Exhibition: The MAY.Full!

MapleStory The MAY

The MapleStory Exhibition: The MAY.Full event took place on May 2 and 3 in Korea, and celebrated 12 years of MapleStory! Although they did not announce any new content at this event, there was a ton of cool stuff that I’m going to show you~!

Ticket Information

Tickets to the event cost 10,000 won (~$10) but there was a certain number of Black Heaven VIP tickets which cost 50,000 won (~$50).

The regular tickets gave you access to one time slot of the event (10am~1pm, 12pm~3pm, 2pm~5pm, 4pm~7pm, 6pm~9pm) while the VIP tickets let you go multiple times and gave you a bonus package!

The MAY Celebratory Items

All users who attended received a few items in-game:

  • The MAY Full Riding (expires in 30 days)
  • Happy Monster Ring (effect ring, expires in 90 days)
  • MapleStory
  • 5 1.5x Experience Coupons (30 minute duration, expires in 7 days)
  • Teleport World Map (expires in 7 days)
  • 10 million mesos

Black Heaven Package

The people who bought the Black Heaven VIP tickets received a very very cool bonus set of items!

  • Black Heaven OST CD
  • Black Heaven Illustration Cards (13 cards)
  • MapleStory: Beyond the Black Heaven (official making filmbook)
  • Black Heaven Package Special Items Coupon
    • Suu set (Silver Suu Wig, Boss Suu Eyes, Mechanical Cape, Suu Outfit)
    • Special items (Guide of Memories Ring (effect ring, expires in 90 days), Flame Suu Chair, Black Heaven Lover medal (5 attack and magic attack, 10 all stats, 500 HP and MP, stats expire in 90 days))

Oh man, I want that book so badly!! I hope someone posts pictures of it soon!

Orange Mushroom Cushion

At the event itself, there was a Maple Market where you could buy items like cups, cushions, card holders, pens, blankets, notebooks, and posters. You can see the items online here.

If I was there, I’d probably buy one of everything *_*

MapleStory Exhibition Hall

Before I begin showing you guys the event itself, I’d like to thank Best and 댄디 of Insoya as well as Maple Inven for the pictures and videos I’ll be using.

The event took place at the Some Sevita set of islands in Seoul, Korea.


There was a ton of people there, the line was really long!

Orange Mushroom Orange Mushrooms

To keep everyone company were these sort of cute, sort of creepy Orange Mushrooms haha.

Also aside was a performance by a group of musicians, playing BGMs from MapleStory! That first one is so great.

The MAY.Full

The check-in desk had a background based off of the old log-in screen, so nostalgic!


The layout of the event was as follows:

  • 1F
    • Login
  • 2F
    • Maple Heroes
    • Maple Guinness
    • Black Heaven Zone
    • Dimensional Travel
  • 3F
    • Friends Story
    • Maple Market
    • Fantasy Gallery
    • Dimensional Travel
  • 4F
    • MapleStory 2

Cute Monsters

Cute monsters led you up the stairs to the second floor~

Maple Heroes

The first section was Maple Heroes!

Black Mage Black Mage's Story

It begins with the story of the Black Mage, and how his reign of terror was stopped by the goddess of time Rhinne and a group of brave heroes!


They also showed off the 11 commanders of the Black Mage.

Von Leon

The lion king, Von Leon.

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Lion shapeshifter
  • Residence: Lion King’s Castle
  • Enemies: Demon Slayer
  • Commands: His knights and monster soldiers


The shamaness, Hilla.

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Residence: Ancient city Aswan
  • Enemies: Magnus, Phantom
  • Commands: Undead bodies without souls

Orca and Suu

The Wing Masters and spirits of darkness, Orca and Suu.

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Spirit
  • Residence: Leben Mine
  • Enemies: Phantom, Demon Slayer
  • Commands: Black Wings
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Spirit
  • Residence: Black Heaven interior core
  • Enemies: Phantom
  • Commands: Black Wings


The tyrant, Magnus.

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Nova
  • Residence: Tyrant’s Citadel
  • Enemies: Hilla, Luminous
  • Commands: The artificial creatures Spectres

Demon Slayer

The Black Mage’s right-hand man, Demon Slayer.

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Half-Demon
  • Residence: Resistance
  • Enemies: Arkarium, Von Leon, Orca
  • Commands: Mastema, crows


The new commander and incomplete Demon, Demian.

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Half-Demon
  • Residence: Unknown
  • Enemies: Alicia, Cygnus
  • Commands: Demons

Arkarium and Guwar

The priest of time, Arkarium.

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Residence: Door of Time
  • Enemies: Demon Slayer
  • Commands: Snake-like monsters

The great spirit, Guwar.

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Spirit
  • Residence: Elin Forest
  • Enemies: Magnus
  • Commands: Spirits

Will and Lucid

The spider king, Will.

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Residence: Shadow Town
  • Enemies: Zero
  • Commands: Shadow Warriors

The dream manipulator, Lucid.

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Unknown
  • Residence: Unknown
  • Enemies: EunWol
  • Commands: Those whose dreams are being manipulated

Fighting the Black Mage (1) Fighting the Black Mage (2)

Here’s the fight against the Black Mage!


The forgotten hero, EunWol, who gave up his existence in order to seal away the Black Mage.

EunWol's Information

On the wall, you can see a bunch of information about him as well as some important objects from his storyline, such as the Pointy Earred Fox Medal.

EunWol's Photos

You can also see the photo album of him and the other heroes, where he was erased from after the Black Mage was sealed away.


Next up is the queen of the elves, Mercedes! She was frozen along with her town Elluel after she was cursed by the Black Mage.

Mercedes' Information Elluel's Music Box

Mercedes’ special item is Elluel’s Music Box, which in-game allows you to play the BGMs of other towns.


The dragon master Evan is the successor of Freud, one of the six heroes who sealed away the Black Mage.

Dragon Egg

Evan finds the egg of the last Onyx Dragon, Mir and they form a spiritual bond.

Evan's Information

His special item is the Dragon Wing Headbandwhich he wears in all of his art.


The magician of light and darkness, Luminous, is the embodiment of the light the Black Mage cast away from himself in search of power. Before he was sealed away, the Black Mage gave some his dark power to Luminous, who must now control the balance between light and darkness.

Luminous' Information

Here you can see his Shining Rod and Orb!


The master thief Phantom joined the heroes after his love, Empress Aria, was slain by the Black Mage’s commander Suu.

Phantom's Information Skaia

Empress Aria’s favourite jewel, the Skaia as well as Phantom’s cards and roses are on display.


The polearm warrior Aran helped Athena Pierce and the other refugees in Elin Forest, before he/she was frozen in ice.

Aran's Information

You can see Aran’s polearm Maha as well as one of the Seal Stones which were introduced in Aran’s storyline.

Maple Guinness

The next section was the Maple Guinness section. After 12 years of MapleStory, so many achievements have been made by users all over the world!

Worldwide Maple

All around the world, a total of 178 million members have enjoyed MapleStory! From Japan, North America, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe and others, MapleStory has been played in 60 countries!

With 18 million Korean users, 1 in 3 people in South Korea have a MapleStory account. In 2011, there were 626,000 concurrently logged in users, which is more people than the entire population of Jejudo, the largest island in the Korean peninsula! Altogether, MapleStory has been played for 6,307,200 minutes!

There are a total of 4,488 monsters in MapleStory, 1.5 times the amount of animals (2,975) in Seoul Grand Park!

On the side is a list of the seniors of MapleStory!

  • 2007: Pirates
  • 2008: Knights of Cygnus
  • 2009: Aran, Evan
  • 2010: Resistance, Dual Blade
  • 2011: Demon Slayer, Mercedes, Phantom
  • 2012: Luminous, Kaiser, Angelic Burster
  • 2013: Zero
  • 2014: EunWol

NPC and Item Records

The first NPC in MapleStory was Roger and the first monster was the Snail. In terms of gender and age for NPCs, 31% of the NPCs in MapleStory are female, and 69% are male.

  • Unknown age (Mercedes / Black Mage)
  • Old (Fenelle / Chief Stan, Irving)
  • Middle-aged (Mrs. Ming Ming / Gelimer)
  • Young adults (Maya / Evan, Phantom)
  • Teenagers (Camila / Demian)
  • Kids (Cutie / Fattie, Mysterie)
  • Newborns (Crawls with Balrog)

 The youngest NPC is Crawls with Balrog (3 months old) while the oldest is Chief Tatamo (unknown age).

There is a grand total of 31,881 items in MapleStory (8,900 Use, 17,507 Equip, 4038 Etc., and 1436 Set-up)! If you laid them all out end to end, it would make a building 84 floors high!

MapleStory’s total source code? It would be the same as 100 bibles or 112,000 pieces of A4 size paper! It would take 3,739 hours to read, the same as 1,869 movies. This would allow you to watch the 007 movie series about 74 times!

Black Heaven and Monsters

A person is 1.8m, Crystal Garden is 21.6m x 12.6m (as high as a 4 story building). The German battleship Bismarck is 240m x 36m (as tall as the Namsan Tower), while the Japanese battleship Yamato is 263m x 38.9m (as high as a 13 story building). Black Heaven is 367.2m x 163.8m (taller than the pyramids)!!

To get to the max level in MapleStory, you’d have to kill 3.6 trillion Snails, 1.09 trillion mushrooms, 3.1 billion Crimson Balrogs, 330 thousand Zakums, or 53 thousand Dark Cygnus.

Black Heaven Entrance

The next section of the exhibition was the Black Heaven Zone, with a fitting entrance.

Crystal Garden (1) Crystal Garden (2)

The first thing you’d see is Crystal Garden! The second picture has a person, for scale haha.

Mechanical Grave

Then, through the Mechanical Grave

Black Heaven

You’d find Black Heaven! The Maple Inven writer added that it was hard to capture the grandeur of this in one picture.

Suu (1) Suu (2)

And finally, you’d find none other than Suu at the core of Black Heaven!

Friends Story Entrance (1) Friends Story Entrance (2)

The next floor began with Friends Story!

Friends Story (1) Friends Story (2) Friends Story (3) Friends Story (4)

To be honest, this stuff wasn’t nearly as interesting as everything else, so I’ll just leave the pictures here for you guys to look at haha.

Cygnus Orca White Substitute Teacher

There were also some areas where you could take pictures with Friends Story characters.

Slime and Yeti Cushions Pink Bean and Orange Mushroom Cushions Cups Pens and Card Holders Slime and Yeti Notebook Pink Bean Notebook Blanket Posters

After that was the Maple Market, which sold all of the items shown on the website.

Secret Story MapleStory Artbooks

There were more items not shown online as well, such as the MapleStory artbooks! You can see my earlier post about these for more information.

Crystal Garden Lego Set Mu Lung Lego Set

There were also these very cool lego sets, for Crystal Garden and Mu Lung!

Fantasy Gallery Fanart

Then there was the Fantasy Gallery, showing off MapleStory fan-art!

MapleStory 2 Monsters

The stairs to the final floor were decorated with MapleStory monsters turning 3D (hint hint).

MapleStory 2 (1) MapleStory 2 (2) MapleStory 2 (3)

The final floor was for MapleStory 2!

Final Tester Coupons

Everyone who attended the event was given a Final Tester coupon which allowed them to join MapleStory 2’s final test!

MapleStory Exhibition Coupons

And as everyone left, they were given the chance to take one of these coupons which could give you 10k~100k Nexon Cash if you were lucky!

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