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MapleStory 2 Media Showcase!

May 28, 2015 56 comments

MapleStory 2 Media Showcase

The MapleStory 2 Media Showcase has concluded, and with it, we know the following information: MapleStory 2’s official release is on July 7 at 7PM!! After waiting so long for the game, everyone will be able to play full game (as long as you have a Nexon Korea account haha).

Please note that this is not a global release, it is for Korea only. There was also a bit more information they talked about which I’ll tell you guys about.

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MapleStory Summer Update Plan!

May 28, 2015 26 comments

Developers' Note

In a new Developers’ Note, information about MapleStory’s summer update has been released! We’ll be receiving job balancing (Aran and Evan updates please?), changes to equipment and levelling, as well as a new job! Check past the cut for the full letter from the development team’s director.

And don’t forget, tonight is the Ready2Play media showcase for MapleStory 2! I’ll be posting about that later on so check back for new information about MapleStory 2!

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