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kMS ver. 1.2.239 – MapleStory Reboot: Reboot World!

ver. 1.2.239

The second patch of the MapleStory Reboot update has been released! This patch includes the new Reboot World, Hyper Stats, Toad’s Hammer, and other various game system changes. It’s very similar to the last test server patch but there are a few changes and I have also added the events which have begun!

Reboot World

Reboot World

The new Reboot World has been added. Reboot World is a new world where the fun of traditional RPGs is revived without the burden of Cash.

Snail Pet

Reboot World Character Creation

  • You can create any job except for Zero.

Base Character Slots

  • The base number of character slots is 6.
  • Each character’s Equip/Use/Set-up/Etc. inventory will have 48 base slots.
  • You can purchase character slots and inventory/storage slot expansions in the potion shops in each town for mesos.
  • When you create a character, you will receive a Snail pet and some potions.

Reboot World Monster Combat and Rewards

  • Reboot World’s monsters are stronger than regular worlds, and give more experience when defeated.
  • Depending on the level difference between the monster and your character, some combat numbers may change.
  • Your character’s damage will increase as their level increases.
  • Mesos dropped by monsters has been increased significantly.
  • Regular monsters will only drop equipment which your class can use.
  • Boss monsters’ drop rate of equipment and soul fragments have been increased significantly. Craftsman’s Cubes, Meister’s Cubes, Eternal Flames of Reincarnation, Strong Flames of Reincarnation, and Potential Stamps have been added as new rewards from bosses.
  • When you do not log in for 2 days or more, you will receive Rest Experience Coupons based on the number of days you did not log in.

Reboot World Potion Shop

Reboot World Item Changes

No Scrolling or Additional Potential

  • The scrolling system and additional potential system have been removed. Related scrolling items and Additional Cubes/Additional Potential Stamps have been removed.
  • Scrolling enhancement Cash items will no longer be sold.
  • Scroll Traces can be obtained in Reboot World but you cannot use them, you can sell them to NPC shops at high prices.

No Trading

No Equipment Storage

  • In Reboot World, you cannot trade items or mesos with other users. You can use storage to move items (except for equipment) and mesos to other characters on your account. Even tradeable equipment cannot be moved through the storage.
  • Since you cannot trade with other users, trading related items have been removed and trading related Cash items will no longer be sold.
  • In Reboot World, you can learn all 5 professions. You cannot use Cube or Flame of Reincarnation recipes. You can no longer make Cubes or Flames of Reincarnation because they can either be acquired through boss monster drops or by buying them from potion shops in towns for mesos.

Reboot World Cash Shop (Enhancements)Reboot World Cash Shop (Scrolls)Reboot World Cash Shop(Game)Reboot World Cash Shop (Beauty)

Reboot World Cash Shop

Cash Items Sold for Mesos

  • In Reboot World, some Cash items can be bought using mesos.
    • Cash items you can purchase with mesos: Red Cube, Black Cube, Teleport World Map, Safety Charm, etc.
    • Cash items which are no longer sold: Master Additional Miracle Cube, Shield and Scroll related items, Epi’s Box, Pandora’s Box, Royal Hair Coupon, Platinum Scissors of Karma, etc.

Special Cash Shop Items

  • Some Reboot World-only Cash items have been added.
    • Specific beauty coupons, ridings, chairs, etc.
  • In Reboot World, Mileage can be acquired and used just like regular worlds.
  • In Reboot World, slot expansion coupons are no longer sold in the Cash Shop. You can buy them in potion shops.
  • In Reboot World, you cannot use offline coupons.

Reboot World Other Changes

  • In Reboot World, you cannot use Monster Life.
  • In Reboot World, you cannot use the Auction House or Meso Market.
  • In Reboot World, some events may not be held or their rewards may be changed. Please refer to each event notice for details.
  • In Reboot World, some Premium PC Room benefits are limited.

System Related

Toad's Hammer Icon

Toad's Hammer

The Toad’s Hammer system has been added.

  • Toad’s Hammer is a new system which allows you to transfer the number of Star Force enhancements (minus 1), up to Epic rank potential (including Additional Potential), and Soul information of an item to another which is 1~10 levels higher than it.
  • Characters level 40 and higher can click the Toad’s Hammer icon in the inventory window to use it.
  • If your potential (or Additional Potential) is Epic rank or lower, it will be carried over as-is. However, if your potential (or Additional Potential) is Unique rank or higher, it will have its stats changed to their Epic rank equivalents. If they are stats only available in Unique rank or higher, they will be randomly changed to Epic rank stats.
  • The item’s additional options and trade related options will not be carried over, the item receiving the stats will keep its existing additional options and trade related options. If the item receiving the stats still has upgrade slots remaining, 100% Scroll Trace scrolls will automatically be used to use up the remaining slots.
  • You can only move an item’s stats to another item which is 1~10 levels higher than it. Items with additional options of Equipped Level Increase/Decrease will not apply to this restriction.
  • The item receiving the stats will have its existing Star Force enhancements, potential (and Additional Potential), and Soul information removed and replaced with the other item’s.
  • The item whose stats are being extracted will disappear after it is used.
  • The Toad’s Hammer system cannot be used on some equipment.
    • Superior equipment
    • Items scrolled with Miraculous Equipment Enhancement Scrolls
    • Equipment with unique potential options (not the rank but like the Onyx Ring, etc)
    • Equipment with an expiry date
    • Cash items
    • Equipment which cannot be Star Force enhanced
    • Equipment which cannot receive potential
    • Equipment with unique skills
    • PC Room-only equipment
    • Zero-only weapons (Lapis, Lazuli)

Toad's Hammer Extraction Target

To use Toad’s Hammer, first you must open the UI. Then, choose a target item whose stats will be extracted. Items which can currently be used in this system will appear on the left. For an item to be available to use, it must have at least 1 Star and you must have another equipment of the same type that is 1~10 levels higher than it.

Toad's Hammer Inheritance Target

Then you must choose the item which will inherit the stats. Again, it must be 1~10 levels higher and be the same equipment type as the extracted equipment.

Toad's Hammer Scroll Traces

If the item which is inheriting the stats has any unused upgrade slots, you will be given the choice of which 100% Scroll Trace scrolls to use to fill them up.

Toad's Hammer Confirmation

After that, you’ll finally be given the confirmation window. Press OK and watch the magic happen!

Toad's Hammer Summary

In summary, here is what is/isn’t carried over when using Toad’s Hammer:

  • Additional Options: not extracted, the inheriting item will keep its Additional Options
  • Scroll Trace Upgrades: not extracted, the inheriting item will keep its scrolled stats
  • Potential (+ Additional Potential): the extracted item’s potential and additional potential will be carried over as-is if it is Epic rank or lower, if it is higher then the stats will be lowered to match Epic rank stats (if it is a Unique/Legendary only stat then it will be replaced with a random Epic rank stat)
  • Star Force: the extracted item’s Star Force enhancement number will be carried over (minus 1 Star)
  • Soul: the extracted item’s Soul will be carried over

Toad's Hammer (Extraction)

Here is an example. On the left is the item which is being extracted (my Falcon Wing Composite Bow with 10 stars, Epic potential, Rare Additional potential, and a 15 DEX Hilla Soul). In the middle is the item which is inheriting the stats (my Fafnir Wind Chaser with 11 stars, Epic potential, Rare additional potential, and an 18 DEX Plaid soul).

Since my inheriting item is 10 levels higher than my extracted item and the extracted item has at least 1 star, I can use Toad’s Hammer. It will result in a Fafnir Wind Chaser with 9 stars (originally 10 from my Composite Bow – 1), the same potential as my Composite Bow, and the Soul from my Composite Bow (15 DEX Hilla). It will not inherit the scrolled stats of my Composite Bow, it will keep its current +9 scrolls. If I hadn’t scrolled it fully, any left over slots would be used up with a 100% Scroll Trace scroll.

Hyper Stat System

The Hyper Stat system has been added.

  • Starting from level 140, you will receive Hyper Stat Points which can be used to increase your Hyper Stats.
  • Hyper Stats that you can raise are:
    • STR: 15~150 (max level 10)
    • DEX: 15~150 (max level 10)
    • INT: 15~150 (max level 10)
    • LUK: 15~150 (max level 10)
    • HP: 2%~20% (max level 10)
    • MP: 2%~20% (max level 10)
    • Demon Force: 10~50 (max level 5)
    • Speed: 4~20 (max level 5)
    • Jump: 2~10 (max level 5)
    • Critical rate: 1%~15% (max level 10)
    • Minimum critical: 1%~10% (max level 10)
    • Maximum critical: 1%~15% (max level 10)
    • Defense ignore: 3%~30% (max level 10)
    • Damage: 3%~30% (max level 10)
    • Boss damage: 3%~35% (max level 10)
    • Elemental resistance: 4%~20% (max level 5)
    • Status resistance: 1%~15% (max level 10)
    • Stance: 2%~10% (max level 5)
  • Every 10 levels after level 140, the number of Hyper Stat Points you get upon level up will be increased.
    • Starting at level 140, you will get 3 Hyper Stat Points per level up. For every 10 levels after that, you will receive 1 more Hyper Stat Point per level up. (level 140~149 you’ll get 3, level 150~159 you’ll get 4, level 160~169 you’ll get 5, etc.)
  • Based on the current level of the stat, the amount of Hyper Stat Points required to increase it to the next level will increase.
  • You can reset your Hyper Stats for 10 million mesos.

Hyper Stat Points

As you can see, as the level of a Hyper Stat increases, it requires more and more Hyper Stat Points. The increase in points required is the same for max level 5 and max level 10 skills.

To max a level 5 skill, it requires 25 Hyper Stat Points. To max a level 10 skill, it requires 150 Hyper Stat Points.

Medal of Honor

The Honor system has been changed slightly.

  • After level 30, the amount of Honor you get per level up has been increased from 500 to a certain number based on your character’s level.
  • Characters made before this patch will be compensated with the Honor they would have gotten with this system in place.
  • The amount of Honor given per Medal of Honor from hunting has been increased.

Burning Field

The Burning Field system has been changed.

  • The time it requires for a Burning Field’s stage to increase has been reduced.
  • The maximum stage of a Burning Field has been increased from 5 to 10. The bonus experience will scale the same, up to 100% bonus experience at a stage 10 Burning Field.

Game Related

Mu Lung Dojo Bulletin Board

Mu Lung Dojo’s Ranked Mode will be unavailable to play starting on July 13. This is to prepare for the upcoming Mu Lung Dojo changes which will be added in a future patch (you can read about it here).

Theme Dungeon Rewards Reorganization

New rewards have been added to theme dungeons below level 100.

  • Fairy Academy Elinel: mesos, Scroll Traces, new accessory
  • Gold Beach Resort: mesos, Scroll Traces, new accessory
  • Riena Strait: mesos, Scroll Traces, new accessory
  • Mushroom Castle: mesos, Scroll Traces, new accessory
  • Dimensional Library: mesos, Scroll Traces

Mastery Book Acquirable Content

Mastery Books can now be acquired through the following content:

  • Evolving System: the price of Mastery Books has been decreased
  • Lion King’s Castle: Luden’s Mastery Book will now give 1 Mastery Book 20 and 1 Mastery Book 30 when used
  • Fantastic Theme Park: a Mastery Book can now be acquired after clearing
  • Crimsonwood Citadel: a Mastery Book can now be acquired after clearing
  • World Merged Party Quests: Mastery Books have been added to the coin shop
  • Cross Hunter: Mastery Books have been added to the coin shop

Twilight Perion Danger Zone Taxi

A taxi has been added in Twilight Perion to access nearby hunting areas.

Using a Soul Weapon

Summoned skills’ monster kills will no longer give you Souls. This includes summoned Soul Weapon skills as well as all summons of all jobs.

Part-Time Job

If anyone remembers the Part-Time Job system (probably not haha), they did make one change to it this patch. The 100%/60%/10% scrolls have been removed from the Special Reward List and replaced with Clean Slate Scrolls and Potential Stamps.

The Seed Resting Spots

An error has been fixed.

  • In The Seed floor 27, an error where certain ridings would allow you to jump to the top and clear the floor instantly has been fixed.

Map Related
Temple of Time and Knight's Stronghold Star Force Zones

New Star Force hunting grounds have been added.

  • Temple of Time: A new Star Force hunting ground has been added in the Time Road area called ‘Another Path to Oblivion’. (required Star Force: 90)
  • Gate of Future: Drill Hall 1, 2 and Weapon Storage 1, 2 in the Knights’ Fortress area have been changed to Star Force fields. (required Star Force: 120)

Monster Related

Note: all monster stat changes can be seen at Uni’s Blog. The left column shows the previous stats and the right column shows the new stats.

The stats of some monsters in the Mu Lung region have been increased.

  • Lv. 126 Chipmunk
  • Lv. 127 Red Porky
  • Lv. 127 Black Porky
  • Lv. 127 Red Flower Serpent
  • Lv. 127 Blue Flower Serpent
  • Lv. 129 Jar
  • Lv. 129 Ginseng Jar
  • Lv. 128 Grizzly
  • Lv. 129 Bellflower Root
  • Lv. 129 Sr. Bellflower Root
  • Lv. 126 Straw Target Dummy
  • Lv. 126 Wooden Target Dummy
  • Lv. 128 Reindeer
  • Lv. 128 Peach Monkey
  • Lv. 128 Panda
  • Lv. 130 Mr. Alli
  • Lv. 128 Book Ghost
  • Lv. 130 Kru
  • Lv. 128 Sage Cat
  • Lv. 131 Captain

The stats of some monsters in the Temple of Time region have been increased.

  • Lv. 136 Eye of Time
  • Lv. 142 Memory Monk
  • Lv. 144 Memory Monk Trainee
  • Lv. 146 Memory Guardian
  • Lv. 148 Chief Memory Guardian
  • Lv. 151 Qualm Monk
  • Lv. 153 Qualm Monk Trainee
  • Lv. 155 Qualm Guardian
  • Lv. 157 Chief Qualm Guardian
  • Lv. 160 Oblivion Monk
  • Lv. 162 Oblivion Monk Trainee
  • Lv. 164 Oblivion Guardian
  • Lv. 166 Chief Oblivion Guardian

The stats of some monsters in the Gate of Future region have been decreased.

  • Lv. 168 Official Knight A
  • Lv. 170 Official Knight B
  • Lv. 172 Official Knight C
  • Lv. 174 Official Knight D
  • Lv. 176 Official Knight E

The stats of some Star Force hunting ground monsters have been adjusted.

  • Lv.107 [★] Blood Harp
  • Lv.109 [★] Dual Birk
  • Lv.110 [★] Black Kentaurus
  • Lv.110 [★] Red Kentaurus
  • Lv.110 [★] Blue Kentaurus
  • Lv.115 [★] Buffy
  • Lv.116 [★] Lazy Buffy
  • Lv.115 [★] Soul Teddy
  • Lv.116 [★] Master Soul Teddy
  • Lv.116 [★] Buffoon
  • Lv.117 [★] Deep Buffoon
  • Lv.116 [★] Klock
  • Lv.117 [★] Dark Klock
  • Lv.118 [★] Death Teddy
  • Lv.119 [★] Master Death Teddy
  • Lv.118 [★] Pirate
  • Lv.119 [★] Dual Pirate
  • Lv.119 [★] Viking
  • Lv.120 [★] Gigantic Viking
  • Lv.119 [★] Phantom Watch
  • Lv.120 [★] Grim Phantom Watch
  • Lv.120 [★] Gatekeeper
  • Lv.122 [★] Thanatos
  • Lv.132 [★] Miner Zombie
  • Lv.132 [★] Jr. Cerebes
  • Lv.134 [★] Cerebes
  • Lv.136 [★] Bain
  • Lv.141 [★] Dark Wyvern
  • Lv.147 [★] Skelegon
  • Lv.153 [★] Skelosaurus

Star Force hunting ground monsters have been added.

  • Lv.160 [★] Eye of Time
  • Lv.160 [★] Oblivion Monk
  • Lv.162 [★] Oblivion Monk Trainee
  • Lv.164 [★] Oblivion Guardian
  • Lv.166 [★] Chief Oblivion Guardian
  • Lv.168 [★] Official Knight A
  • Lv.170 [★] Official Knight B
  • Lv.172 [★] Official Knight C
  • Lv.174 [★] Official Knight D
  • Lv.176 [★] Official Knight E

Skill Related

Hyper Skills

Hyper Skills’ character stat passives have been removed. They have been integrated into the new Hyper Stat system.

New Damage Effect

The output format of damage over time skills has been changed. Previously, when multiple DoT skills were used, their damage was added up and shown as one but now they will show up as different damage numbers.

The delay in using skills after using special duration skills has been reduced.

  • Archmage (I/L): Ice Aura Ice Aura
  • Soul Master: Solunar Time Solunar Time
  • Night Walker: Dominion Dominion

There were also other various skill changes.

Night Lord

  • Quadruple Throw Quadruple Throw: hit sound has been changed to be louder

Cannon Shooter

  • Rolling Cannon Rainbow Rolling Cannon Rainbow: hit effect has been changed to be translucent

Flame Wizard

  • Orbital Flame - Add Range Orbital Flame – Add Range: changed to an on/off skill

Night Walker

  • Triple Throw Triple Throw: Cash stars will now apply to the last hit
  • Quadruple Throw Quadruple Throw: Cash stars will now apply to the last hit
  • Quintuple Throw Quintuple Throw: Cash stars will now apply to the last hit


  • Illusion Illusion: damage which appeared late has been fixed


  • Wrath of Enlil Wrath of Enlil: ability to link with High Kick Demolition has been removed


  • Rose Carte Finale Rose Carte Finale: damage over time’s card effect has been changed

Angelic Burster

  • Soul Seeker Soul Seeker: error where the cast delay was unintentionally increased has been fixed


  • Time Holding Time Holding: error where the skill’s effects did not reset cooldowns has been fixed

Reboot World Open Celebration Event

Let’s move on to events! The irst one is the Reboot World Open Celebration event which runs from now until July 22.

Reboot Gift Box Rewards

For the first character you create in the Reboot World, you’ll receive a Reboot World Gift Box at level 30 which you can open at certain levels for prizes.

  • Level 30+: Reboot Hat, Character Slot Coupon, 20 million mesos
  • Level 60+: 100% Epic Potential Scroll, 5 Meister Cubes, Character Slot Coupon, 30 million mesos
  • Level 90+: Baseball Gift (Cash items), Character Slot Coupon, 50 million mesos
  • Level 120+: Party Diary Gift (Cash items), 2,000 Maple Points, Character Slot Coupon, 100 million mesos
  • Level 150+: 100% Epic Potential Scroll, 5 Meister Cubes, 5 Eternal Flames of Reincarnation, Character Slot Coupon, 100 million mesos
  • Level 180+: Fairy Gift (Cash items), Character Slot Coupon, 200 million mesos

My Nexon Cash Reboot!

The next event is the My Nexon Cash is Rebooted! event which runs from now until September 2.

Event Times

It takes place over 4 parts, each about 2 weeks long. Basically, during the first 2 weeks of each part, if you log in and play in the Reboot World, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win 2,500 Nexon Cash.

The rewards will be distributed to 4,000 people at the dates shown above.

Special Stacking Purchase Event

The Special Stacking Purchase event has begun and will run until August 7.

Purchase Benefits

As you spend more and more Nexon Cash during the course of this event, you’ll gain more purchase benefits.

  • 10,000 Cash: 1,000 Maple Points Coupon
  • 30,000 Cash: 1,000 Maple Points Coupon, 1 Black Cube, 1 User Design Hat Box
  • 50,000 Cash: 1,500 Maple Points Coupon, 2 User Design Hat Boxes, 30 Day Luxury Pearl Ring Coupon
  • 100,000 Cash: 4,000 Maple Points Coupon, Cool Langdroid Set Coupon
  • 200,000 Cash: 10,000 Maple Points Coupon, Rainbow Bonbon Damage Skin

Purchase Benefits Plus Box

The prizes look like this!

User Design Hat Box

The User Design Hat Box gives one of 8 random Cash hats which were designed by players of the game.

Past Anniversary Item Collection

The next event is the Past Anniversary Item Collection, and it will run until August 23! It’s basically exactly the same as the same event during the 12th Anniversary… lazy Nexon!

Past Anniversary Item Collection

The Past Anniversary Item Collection requires you to collect one of every single past anniversary item!

  1. The reward for collecting all the items in the current category.
  2. Press this to receive the reward.
  3. All of the items you have collected/need to collect in the current category.
  4. Items with an image like this are general (e.g. you must collect 5 of any weapon).
  5. All of the categories of Maple Anniversary items.

Collection Side UI

On the side, you’ll see the grand prize!

  1. The number of stars represent the number of categories completed.
  2. The reward for finish all the categories (200 Pepe Coins)
  3. Your current total item count.
  4. Press this to receive the reward.
  5. Today’s Pink Bean Chance (You can double click an item which you have not collected to be automatically filled in by Pink Bean for free, up to 3 times per day).
  6. Press this to open the FAQ.

Maple Items

All Maple items in your inventory will have a maple leaf icon in the bottom right. You must drag them in to the UI for it to count, and after an item has been put in this collection, you can no longer use it (like the Soul Collecter if you’ve used that).

Collection Rewards

Each category when completed has its own reward.

  • 1st – 3rd: 50 Pepe Coins
  • 4th – 6th: 8 Slot Expansion Coupon
  • 7th: 50 Pepe Coins
  • 8th – Beryl: 1000 Scroll Traces
  • 8th – Letinum: 50 Pepe Coins
  • 9th: 8 Slot Expansion Coupon
  • 10th – White: 50 Pepe Coins
  • 10th – Black I: 2,000 Scroll Traces
  • 10th – Black II: 50 Pepe Coins
  • 11th: 3000 Scroll Traces
  • Special: 50 Pepe Coins

The final prize for finishing all of the categories is 200 Pepe Coins.

Baby Monkey Attendance Check

An attendance check event has begun, running until July 22. Each day you must kill 200 monsters around your level to participate.

Attendance Check Rewards

The prizes you’ll get are as follows:

  1. 20 Pepe Coins
  2. 60% Chaos Scroll (50 All Cure Potions in Reboot World)
  3. 100 Scroll Traces
  4. 5% Clean Slate Scroll (50 Elixirs in Reboot World)
  5. 30 Pepe Coins
  6. Gold Potential Stamp
  7. 200 Scroll Traces
  8. 50% Golden Hammer (100 Elixirs in Reboot World)
  9. 40 Pepe Coins
  10. Strong Flame of Reincarnation
  11. 300 Scroll Traces
  12. Character Slot Expansion Coupon
  13. 50 Pepe Coins
  14. 400 Scroll Traces

Take Off! Monster Treasure Storage

The first event is called Take Off! Monster Treasure Storage, and it runs from now until August 19. Again, copy pasted from the 12th Anniversary a few months ago haha.

Storage Kinds

There are seven different kinds of storages, each with its own special gimmick: platforming, climbing, scrolling down, springs, ropes, action ropes, and high jumps!

Storage Rewards

In each one, you’ll find the following items that you can collect:

  • Silver Meso Coin (100 mesos)
  • Gold Meso Coin (1000 mesos)
  • Meso Box (5000~10,000 mesos)
  • Regular Box (can be broken using Ctrl or your regular attack, can drop Meso Boxes and past Maple Anniversary items)
  • Special Box (can be broken using Ctrl or your regular attack, can give 2x Mesos/Speed for 15 seconds)
  • Pepe Coin

And by past Maple Anniversary items, I mean literally any Maple item you can think of is included!! Even those random ones like the 1,500 Day Flag or 3,000 Day Medal!

1. Take Off! Monster Treasure Storage

Now, how can you enter these storages? There are 3 ways. The first is by talking to the NPC Slime in the Monster Treasure Town. You can play this up to 10 times per day and you’ll get 2~3 minutes inside. In this mode, you’ll enter a queue until 4 other players are found and then a random storage will be chosen.

You’ll have to race around the map to collect more mesos than the other players (your total will appear above your head), and you’ll get 3 12th Anniversary Coins if you come in first place, 2 Coins for 2nd place, and 1 Coin for the other three players.

2. Take Off! Mesopresso Storage

The second is the Mesopresso Storage. Talk to the Moon Bunny Brothers in the Monster Treasure Town with a Mesopresso Storage Key to enter. You’ll be able to choose which storage you want to enter and you’ll get 2~3 minutes inside. You can enter up to 10 times per day this way.

You can get the Mesopresso Storage Key by completing the quest given to you by the Moon Bunny Brothers (collect 20 etc. from monsters, up to 10 times per day), by completing the Random Portal Storage quest (once per character), or through the Pepe Ice Box.

Here’s a video of all of the storages! The event above this uses the same maps but they have more than one player.

3. Random Portal Sweep Storage

The third is the Random Portal Sweep Storage! While hunting monsters, a random portal may appear. Anyone who enters the portal will be sent to a random storage (smaller map than above) for 1 minute.

Meso Shower Rewards

From 7am to 11pm, every XX:15 and XX:45, you’ll be invited to join the Jump Jump Meso Shower! Along with other users, you’ll be moved into a treasure room where the items above will rain down from the sky for 1 minute.

  • Gold Meso Coin
  • Silver Meso Coin
  • Meso Box
  • Scroll Traces
  • Pepe Coin
  • Pepe Ice Box

In one run, you can only collect a maximum of 3 Pepe Coins, 12 Pepe Ice Boxes, and 15 Scroll Traces.

Pepe Coin Shop & Pepe Ice Box

As you can guess from the Pepe Coins above, the new Pepe Coin Shop has opened!

Pepe Coin Shop

You can spend your Pepe Coins to buy any of the above items. Some of the new items are the Night Sky Damage Skin, Bubble Bubble Slime Chair, Soft Sheep Hat and Orange Mushroom T-Shirt.

The items marked in red are not available in Reboot World.

Pepe Ice Box

Monsters around your level will also be dropping Pepe Ice Boxes!

Pepe Ice Box Rewards

You can open them for a variety of prizes.

  • Strong Flame of Reincarnation
  • 5% Clean Slate Scroll (not available in Reboot World)
  • 60% Chaos Scroll (not available in Reboot World)
  • Ice Bars
  • Mesopresso Storage Entrance Key
  • 5 Reindeer Milk
  • Scroll Traces
  • 5 Sunset Dew
  • Portal Random Transformation Potion
  • Pepe Coin
  • Personality trait items

The Ice Bars this year are different, they all give 5 attack and magic attack but have different Special Potential (8% critical rate, 2% all stats, 4% HP and MP, or 4% attack and magic attack).

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      November 14, 2015 at 3:02 am

      I find this comment oddly satisfying to read

  8. AyeMaple
    July 9, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    its been forever. Why no info on the new class Kinesis?

    • Anoymous
      July 9, 2015 at 8:30 pm

      fuck you its called patience

  9. Anonymous
    July 9, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    So there isn’t any scrolling in Reboot World?

    • Max
      July 9, 2015 at 9:23 pm

      That is correct, no scrolling or additional potential in Reboot World!

  10. Anoymous
    July 9, 2015 at 8:29 pm

    this blog is dead now

    • Max
      July 9, 2015 at 9:23 pm

      RIP in peace

  11. Anonymous
    July 9, 2015 at 11:59 pm

    Will Reboot be like old ms and disable the burden on link skills?

  12. July 10, 2015 at 3:38 am


  13. July 11, 2015 at 11:36 pm

    Sooooo cooool. I wanna play again… Waiting for GMS that update!

  14. Anonymous
    July 16, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    Is toads hammer only for weapons?

    • Max
      July 16, 2015 at 10:41 pm

      Nope, you can use it on all types of equipment 🙂

  15. July 17, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    these hyper stats look cool.
    i’ve gone over them and would like to share what i concluded about which are better and where you should invest first.

    DAMAGE: easily the best one, each point gives you 3% to your damage output (maybe a bit less depending on how it stacks with other buffs, but even if it’s 2% it’s still very good) which is far better than anything else on the list. you should probably input 3-5 levels into it before even considering doing something else, and if you’re already high-ish level when the update hits your first step should be putting 6-7 levels into it and the second figuring out if you want to input any more.

    BOSS DAMAGE: another good one, not as useful as raw damage (the +5% is not a decent compensation for only working against bosses) and can easily be considered the second best after it. should be kept pretty high up depending on how much you boss. keep in mind that 235% compared to 200% is a lot less than 135% compared to 100%.

    CRITICAL CHANCE/MAX/MIN: easily the absolute worse, except for stuff that doesn’t help you at all (non-primary stat, DF for non demon slayer etc.). average critical damage is the average of the max and min critical damage(unless critical damage is calculated using a veeery strange formula) so if they’re both at around 150% (meaning they do 50% more damage than a non-critical attack) then every 1% crit means 0.5% extra damage (1% chance to do 50% more damage = 0.5% more damage). MIN/MAX is even worse. as i said, you need to average the 2, secondly it’s X% more damage based on your base damage, not your base critical damage, so instead if you add 1% to the ~150% crit damage it would matter even less. thirdly not every shot is critical, so you need to multiply by your critical chance (which is lower than 1.00). if your previous crit damage is 150% and you have 50% crit chance, then 6% MAX crit damage = 1% damage.
    put 1-2 levels into them and forget they exist.

    STANCE, STATUS RESISTANCE: these are actually pretty important, but since they don’t increase the stats all that much they aren’t all that useful. still, each is probably worth level 4-5.

    IGNORE DEFENSE(PDR): very nice, and at quite nice percentages too. can be useful if you still didn’t get the leafre crusader-codex set, or even if you did so and want just a bit more.

    SPEED/JUMP: if you have max speed/jump, just ignore, if you don’t, don’t be so quick to dismiss them. speed allows you to move around quicker and reach mobs faster (even with movement skills) or to reposition yourself after getting knocked back in a boss fight. you can easily spare the 3 points to get that +8% movement speed. jump is a bit less useful.

    MAIN STAT: if you’re mostly unfunded, you should probably have around 1000-2000 in your main stat (not including potential and maple hero), so +15 should add +1% damage. not the bast thing ever, but certainly not useless.

    HP/MP: not much to say. increases survivability and gives pretty nice percentages. feel free to level.

    ELEMENTAL RESISTANCE: now here’s an interesting one. i’m assuming it means ignoring the enemy’s resistance o your element, which is actually really good for most classes. you see, many of the newer bosses have a strong immunity to physical/non-elemental attacks, so if your class doesn’t nullify that resistance they only do half damage. ignoring this can be quite useful and increase your damage, and you get nice percentages for every level, so you should definitely consider it(unless you already nullify it, for instance luminous and i think most other mages).

    overall, in my opinion, it’s something like

    damage>boss damage >HP(if demon avenger)>elemental resistance (assuming it does what i assumed it does) >PDR>status resistance>speed(if needed)>MP(if wizard)/DF(if demon slayer)>HP(if not demon avenger)>main stat>stance>jump>crit chance>MP(if not wizard)>MAX crit(better percentages than MIN crit) >MIN crit>completely useless.

    this list can change depending on class and personality

    • Max
      July 17, 2015 at 3:47 pm

      Elemental resistance reduces the damage you take from elemental attacks, it is not the same as elemental resistance ignore (sadly).

      • July 17, 2015 at 7:52 pm

        well that’s pretty lame(thanks for telling me though). should probably be just a bit more important than jump then. what constitutes as an elemental attack BTW?
        also, what do you think of the list? is my logic good?

    • Anonymous
      August 22, 2015 at 11:36 pm

      if u are aware how the damage formula in maplestory works, u shuld be aware that min/max crit damage is actually better than total dmg% and boss dmg%. #justsaying

      • September 3, 2015 at 4:44 pm

        why? 3% damage means you do 3% more damage (or like 2 because it’s is 3% compared to the base 100% rather than your current damage percent) while 2% max crit gives you like half a percent…

  16. Anonymous
    July 28, 2015 at 3:46 am

    Are link skills and character cards disabled?

    • Max
      July 28, 2015 at 8:26 am


  17. Anonymous
    July 29, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    Are the hyper stats going to be in the Reboot world or the live game?

    • Max
      July 29, 2015 at 6:09 pm


  18. Anonymous
    July 29, 2015 at 2:58 pm

    Are the hyper stats for live game or reboot world?

    • Max
      July 29, 2015 at 6:10 pm


  19. Anonymous
    August 1, 2015 at 11:55 am

    OMG! They added mastery books to silent crusade shop! (cross hunter) yay! I can finally get mastery books. #extremelypoorpeoplelife

  20. Shawn
    October 31, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    Max, may i ask if Hyper Stats System spans all the way to Level 250, or capped at Level 200?

    • Max
      October 31, 2015 at 10:42 pm

      They continue past level 200 🙂

      • Shawn
        November 1, 2015 at 7:24 am

        thats awesome! thanks for the info 🙂

  21. Nabs
    November 30, 2015 at 11:34 am

    Late question, but since it’s coming soon to gms I needed to know. What do you mean by mesos and items being transferable in the storage to other characters in the account. Can you give items received in the reboot world to a character in another world? Or just in the reboot world.

    • Max
      November 30, 2015 at 11:39 am

      No, just to other characters in Reboot world, like regular storage.

  22. Calvin
    December 2, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    Now that this is out in GMS, it seems like the hyper stat system does not work with %stat from potentials, link skills, etc. Is that how it is supposed to be? Or is that a glitch?

  23. Shawn
    February 9, 2016 at 4:25 am

    Quadraple Throw is now louder.
    What. I can have a amplifier to do that xD

  1. September 24, 2015 at 11:18 pm
  2. December 1, 2015 at 6:11 pm
  3. January 1, 2016 at 5:41 pm

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