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MapleStory Private Showcase ‘Hi-Five’!

May 30, 2016 38 comments

Private Showcase Hi-Five

On June 26 from 3pm to 5pm at Nexon Arena, Nexon will be hosting a MapleStory private showcase titled Hi-Five! Only 150 people will receive an invitation to the event.

This will probably be our first look at the summer update and maybe even a 5th job teaser? I don’t think it will be released in the summer because it’s going to be a ton of work and they probably will need to test it for a while (I think 4th job was in Tespia for like 6 months?).

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KMS ver. 1.2.256 – Minor Changes and New Events

May 21, 2016 28 comments

Yeah I bet by the title you can tell what this patch is (hint: boring). It’s pretty much everything in the last test server patch + 2 events: Rock Paper Scissors with Zakum and Higher and Higher Crown Stacking (which won’t even start for another couple of weeks).

Really hoping for something exciting to come soon for the summer update!

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KMST ver. 1.2.033 – Small Changes

May 12, 2016 39 comments

Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last post! Still no news about the summer update or anything but a new patch was released to the test servers today with a few changes.

But have you guys seen the new starters for Pokemon Sun and Moon? Rowlett has a cute leaf bowtie!!

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