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KMST ver. 1.2.095 – Reverse City & Guild Remodelling!

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Rise 2nd Update

Finally they have released some information (and a KMST patch) about the stuff we’ll be receiving for this winter’s update, titled MapleStory Rise! The first patch will be next week and is included in this post. The second one has this teaser silhouette and the third one has no information yet.

MapleStory Rise

  • 1st Update (December 19)
  • 2nd Update (January 16)
  • 3rd Update (February 13)

This Winter’s update will be split into three parts. The first, coming next week, will include a new area in Arcane River, the Guild remodelling, experience reduction, and Road of Vanishing/Chew Chew Island improvements.

The second part, coming in January, has only a single teaser image, a female looking  character’s silhouette. No one knows what it’s going to be, it could be a new class or a new boss!

The third part, coming in February, has no details or teasers yet.


  • Arcane River New Area ‘Reverse City’
    • While searching for the owner of a radio you found in Road of Vanishing, you come across the upside down city Reverse City. Why is the entire city upside down?
  • Guild Remodelling
    • The maximum guild level has been expanded, guild skills have been improved, and the complicated Guild Points system has been simplified. New guild content with a renewed guild UI! Enjoy it with all of your guild members.
  • Level 170-200 Required Experience Reduction
    • Reach level 200 faster to achieve the 5th job advancement!
  • Maple Guide Renewal
    • An easier to use Maple Guide! Now you can trust it entirely.
  • Road of Vanishing and Chew Chew Island Improvements
    • Road of Vanishing and Chew Chew Island’s story quest difficulties have been adjusted and certain maps have been improved.
  • Tera Burning
    • 1+2 level ups until level 200! Tera Burning begins!
  • Burning World
    • Powerful growth support benefits with 2 Mega Burning characters! Burning World opens!
  • Salon RISE
    • To support Maple Warriors’s growth, nobles have arrived. Meet them in Salon RISE, which is filled with abundant gifts!
      • RISE Fountain
      • RISE Coin Shop
      • RISE Royal Shop
      • Salon Stamp Shop
      • Salon Famous Paintings
  • Rising Knight Lessons
    • Grow together with the young knight Arthur! Don’t miss collecting Rise Coins and a powerful title!
  • Duel of Honor
    • Prove your strength in the Duel of Honor to receive Rise Coins.
  • Merry Maple Christmas
    • A Christmas celebration unfolding over 3 days! Receive all of the prepared gifts!

Arcane River New Area ‘Reverse City’

A new area has appeared in Arcane River’s Road of Vanishing. What is happening in this upside down city?

  • Participation Requirements:
    • Level 205 or higher character that has completed the 5th job advancement
  • Participation Method:
    • Begin the [Reverse City] Something Floating in the River quest.

New NPCs have been added to Reverse City.

  • Bear
  • Lasol
  • Alamo
  • Laurel
  • Cerezo
  • Ego
  • Cyprus
  • Oliver
  • T-boy

New monsters have been added to Reverse City.

  • Tra (Lv. 205)
  • Monto (Lv. 205)
  • Search Type T Drone Type A (Lv. 206)
  • Search Type T Drone Type B (Lv. 206)
  • Combat Type T Drone Type A (Lv. 207)
  • Combat Type T Drone Type B (Lv. 208)
  • Annihilation Type T Drone Type A (Lv. 209)
  • Annihilation Type T Drone Type B (Lv. 209)
  • Powerful Search Type T Drone Type A (Lv. 210)
  • Powerful Search Type T Drone Type B (Lv. 210)
  • Powerful Combat Type T Drone Type A (Lv. 211)
  • Powerful Combat Type T Drone Type B (Lv. 212)
  • Powerful Annihilation Type T Drone Type A (Lv. 213)
  • Powerful Annihilation Type T Drone Type B (Lv. 213)
  • Black Hole Generator (Lv. 210)

T-Boy's Monitor

New items have been added.

  • Blue Light Rat Meat (Etc.)
  • Purple Light Rat Meat (Etc.)
  • T-boy’s Research Notes (Etc.)
  • Drone Part (Etc.)
  • T-boy’s Monitor (Equip)

Memory of Sunset

Reverse City

Reverse City 2


Here are the new BGMs for this area. Reverse City slaps!!

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Here’s the new maps.

Here’s the new illustrations.

Guild Remodelling


The maximum Guild level has been expanded, Guild Skills have been improved, and new guild content has been added. Enjoy your guild with a renewed UI!

The maximum Guild level has been expanded.

  • The maximum Guild level has been expanded from level 25 to level 30.
  • Guilds on the official server who are level 25 and have excess honour will have it adjusted to level 25’s required honour.

Creating Guild

The level required to create and join guilds has been changed.

  • You must be level 101 or higher to create or join a guild.

The Guild UI has been renewed.

  • The UI size has been increased to improve readability and functionality.
  • Applying for guilds has been made easier.
    • Before you join a guild, opening the Guild UI will show a list of guilds that you can apply to. You can right click a guild to see the guild details or to apply to join.
    • You can apply filters to the list of guilds that you can apply to.
    • You can apply to up to 5 guilds at the same time.
  • The Guild Search feature has been improved.
    • The partial search feature has been added.
    • After searching by name, you can apply filters to find your desired guild more easily.
  • The Guild Introduction feature has been added.
    • Guild administrators can edit the Guild Introduction (maximum 100 characters), which will be shown in the Guild Search results and the list of recruiting guilds.

Guild Promotion

  • The Guild Recruitment Promotion feature has been added.
    • You can promote your guild to be displayed at the top of the list of recruiting guilds to attract users who wish to join a guild. The shorter the promotion period, the higher your guild will appear.
    • You can use the Guild Advertisement Megaphone to promote your guild.

Guild Mark Settings

  • The Guild Mark Upload feature has been added.
    • If your guild is level 10 or higher, you can spend 225,000 GP to use it.
    • You can upload a 17x17px JPG file.
    • After uploading a Guild Mark, you cannot upload another image for 7 days.
    • If you upload an image that is offensive to other users, it may be reset without any notice. You will not be refunded the GP used to change your Guild Mark.

Guild Last Login

  • Guild Management has been improved.
    • You can now see the last login date of your guild members.
    • The privilege settings for each guild member rank have become more granular.
    • Privileges such as guild member management and guild skill management have been changed to allow other guild members in certain ranks to handle them in the absence of the guild master.

Guild Rankings

  • Weekly guild rankings will now be accessible through the Guild UI. The Honorable Rock will now show the weekly rankings instead of the cumulative contribution rankings.
    • Weekly Acquired Honor rankings
    • Flag Race rankings
    • Sharenian’s Underground Culvert rankings

Guild EXP

Guild Points have been adjusted and the methods of acquiring contribution have been changed.

  • Guild Skills will no longer consume IGP. IGP has been removed.
  • Certain contribution acquisition methods have been removed and new methods have been added. Normal in-game actions will no longer reward contribution. Guilds must now have direct goals to strive for to level up the guild.
    • Joining a guild, levelling up, staying logged in, fame, acquiring medals, completing quests, and levelling up profession skills will no longer reward you with contribution.
    • Contribution given when defeating boss monsters has been adjusted.
    • New bosses have been added to the list of those that give contribution.
    • You can now earn contribution from doing Flag Race, the Guild attendance check, and the new guild content Sharenian’s Underground Culvert.
  • All guilds’ remaining GP will be adjusted to reduce irregularity from the changes to GP acquisition.
    • For GP exceeding 225,000, it will be adjusted by a certain rate.
    • For GP below 225,000, it will not be affected.

Guild Skills

Guild Skills have been improved.

  • Skills learned at certain guild levels have been changed.
  • Certain underused skills have been removed.
    • Mileage Encounter Mileage Encounter
    • I Want to Run More I Want to Run More
    • Party QUest Mania Party Quest Mania
    • Guild Advertisement Megaphone Guild Advertisement Megaphone
    • Guild Meeting Guild Meeting

Sharenian's Demon Riding

  • New skills have been added.
    • Less Pain Together Less Pain Together: Decreases damage taken by 4%/7%/10%. [max level: 3]
    • Guild KnowHow Guild Know-How: Receive 5% bonus experience from killing monsters if you are level 101~200. [max level: 1] [requires: guild level 3]
    • Guild's Spicy Taste I Guild’s Spicy Taste I: Increases attack and magic attack by 2/4/6. [max level: 3] [requires: guild level 5]
    • Guild's Spicy Taste II Guild’s Spicy Taste II: Increases attack and magic attack by 4. [max level: 1] [requires: guild level 15, level 3 Guild’s Spicy Taste I]
    • Guild's Spicy Taste III Guild’s Spicy Taste III: Increases attack and magic attack by 5. [max level: 1] [requires: guild level 25, level 1 Guild’s Spicy Taste II]
    • Guild Regular Support II Guild Regular Support II: Receive an additional 100 G Potions and 5 Guild Blessings every week. [max level: 1] [requires: guild level 10, level 4 Guild Regular Support I]
    • Guild Regular Support III Guild Regular Support III: Receive an additional 100 G Potions and 5 Guild Blessings every week. [max level: 1] [requires: guild level 20, level 1 Guild Regular Support II]
    • There's Stars in Me There Are Stars in Me: Increases your Star Force by 5/10/15. [max level: 3] [requires: guild level 5]
    • Minions are Soft Minions are Soft: Increases damage to regular monsters by 3%/6%/9%/12%. [max level: 4] [requires: guild level 10]
    • Master of All Master of All: Increases all stats by 16/28/40. [max level: 3] [requires: guild level 20]
    • Together with Arcane Force Together with Arcane Force: Increases your Arcane Force by 15/20/25/30. [max level: 4] [requires: guild level 25]
    • Sharenian's Demon Riding Sharenian’s Demon Riding: Every Sunday, receive a Sharenian’s Demon Riding Voucher (7 Days). [max level: 1] [requires: guild level 30]
  • Noblesse skills’ master levels have been increased to 15.
    • Boss Killing Machine Boss Killing Machine: 30% boss damage for 30 minutes. Cooldown: 60 minutes.
    • Defence is Just a Number Defense is Just a Number: 30% defense ignore for 30 minutes. Cooldown: 60 minutes.
    • In the Name of the Guild In the Name of the Guild: 30% damage for 30 minutes. Cooldown: 60 minutes.
  • A new Noblesse skill Big One Shot has been added.
    • Big One Shot Big One Shot: 30% critical damage for 30 minutes. Cooldown: 60 minutes.

The new guild content Sharenian’s Underground Culvert has been added.

  • The old Sharenian Ruins which disappeared have been rediscovered. Together with the explorer Daedal, enter Sharenian’s underground waterways to face the demon sleeping in the deepest part, Arcanus!
  • Guild masters can talk to Daedal at the Guild HQ Hall of Heroes to open the door to Sharenian. This can only be done once a week.
    • When the guild master opens the door, a message will popup to all guild members to let them know the door is available.
    • The door to Sharenian’s Underground Culvert will only be open for 5 minutes.
    • Only your own guild members can enter.
    • The door cannot be opened between Sunday at 11:00 PM to Monday at 1:00 AM for settlement.
  • There are a total of 12 entrances to the waterway. Up to 3 parties can enter the same entrance.
  • After entering, you will wait for a little bit before you are taken into the waterway. At this time, you will be separated from the other parties that entered with you.
  • Inside the waterway, you must defeat all the monsters to activate the gate that leads to the next map. You will earn Dungeon Points based on the number of current party members.
    • After completing 4 maps, you will enter the deepest room of the waterway.
    • You can activate the altar to summon Sharenian’s Demon Arcanus. You can only activate it once all of your parties have gathered.
    •  In the Culvert’s Deepest Room, your party buffs will be shared to all other players in the map.
    • Arcanus will transform when he receives a certain amount of damage. Based on the current members fighting against him, he will have a certain number of transformations. He can transform up to a maximum of 5 times.
    • You will earn Dungeon Points based on the damage you dealt to Arcanus and his subordinates.
    • If you defeat a less than stage 5 Arcanus or the time runs out, you will be returned to the Guild HQ.
  • If the total amount of Dungeon Points from all guild members that participated exceeds a certain amount, you will receive Noblesse SP after the weekly settlement. You will also receive additional Noblesse SP based on the weekly rankings of Sharenian’s Underground Waterway.

Flag Race Invitation

Flag Race has been improved.

  • Certain portals’ locations have been adjusted to prevent them from being used in unusual ways.
  • The cannon can now only be shot up to 3 times per character. Once seated in the cannon, you can only sit for up to 10 seconds.
  • You can no longer drop items.
  • The number of people who can participate in the 7:00/9:00 Flag Races has been increased.

Maple Guide Renewal

The UI has been renewed to make it easier and more convenient to view the recommended content. To help guide newer users, missions and boss monster tiers have been added as well.

The recommended content list has been improved.

  • When the UI is maximized, the content has been classified and sorted based on their properties for easier viewing.
    • Level Related Content: recommended content based on your character’s level.
    • Boss Content: boss monster tiers are recommended based on their difficulty.
    • Special Content: recommended content that can be enjoyed regardless of level (story, growth, competitive, Arcane River categories).
  • In the case of Level Related Content, the areas will be grouped based on the level of the monsters that appear in the content.
  • New content has been added to the Level Related Content.
    • Sand Castle Playground
    • [★] Hidden Garden
    • [★] Kerning Tower Interior
    • [★] Bee Habitat
    • [★] UFO Corridor
  • Certain content has been removed from the recommended content to make it easier to identify character growth paths.

Official Homepage Guide

The usability has been improved.

  • When you level up and new content becomes available to you in the Maple Guide, a message will appear on the screen.
  • The official homepage’s guide will now have recommendations based on your level.
  • Each content’s main rewards will now be shown in a new area. You can click them to see related content.
  • When the UI is maximized, you will see a list of recommended quests based on your class.
  • When the UI is maximized, the left pathway area has been reduced.
  • Fixed an error where hovering over a main reward item would not show the set effect info tooltips.
  • Before obtaining a content’s stamp, the level range in which you can use the teleport feature has been expanded.
  • In each content’s detailed information window, if you click the Beginning Quest area, the related quest will instantly be started.

Maple Guide Mission

Maple Guide missions have been added.

  • In certain level ranges, missions that explain various aspects of MapleStory have been added.
  • You can read the information from the missions again at any time.

Road of Vanishing & Chew Chew Island Improvements

The story quests’ difficulties have been adjusted and certain maps have been improved. Feel free to enjoy the story with more convenient hunting.

Story quests’ difficulties have been adjusted.

  • Road of Vanishing’s Flame Area and Cave of Rest have been adjusted. The number of items required to complete certain quests have been decreased and the quest item drop rates have been increased. The following quests were affected.
    • Flame Bird Taming 1
    • Flame Bird Taming 2
    • Flame Bird Taming 3
    • Unveiling the Cave of Rest 1
    • Unveiling the Cave of Rest 2
    • Unveiling the Cave of Rest 3
  • Chew Chew Island’s story quests‘ difficulties have been adjusted. The number of items required to complete certain quests have been decreased and the quest item drop rates have been increased. The following quests were affected.
    • Master Lick’s Special Dish
    • Five Coloured Garden’s Taste 1
    • Five Coloured Garden’s Taste 2
    • Chewrup Forest’s Taste 1
    • Chewrup Forest’s Taste 2
    • Herbelly’s Taste 1
    • Herbelly’s Taste 2
    • Sky Whale Mountain’s Taste 1
    • Sky Whale Mountain’s Taste 2

In Chew Chew Island, certain maps’ monsters have been changed.

  • Colourful Forest 1: Only Big Horned Pine Deers will appear.
  • Deep Five Coloured Garden: Only Ramnanas will appear.
  • Long Rolling Forest 1: Unripe Wolfruit and Ripe Wolfruit will appear together.
  • Whole Rolling Forest 1: Flion and Angry Flion will appear together.
  • Chew Chew Village Entrance: Green Catfish and Blue Catfish will appear together.
  • Under the Waterfall: Blue Catfish will no longer appear. Rhiturtle and Chief Rhiturtles will appear.
  • Whale Mountain Summit: Birshark and Chief Birshark will no longer appear. Chief Crilla will appear.
  • Giant Tail: Only Chief Birshark will appear.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Certain maps’ terrain have been improved.

  • Road of Vanishing
    • Rock Territory: a platform has been added to the centre of the right side of the map.
  • Chew Chew Island
    • Colourful Forest 2: the hidden portal’s location has been changed.
    • Whale Mountain Entrance: platforms have been improved to allow better usage of the air current while hunting.
    • Whale Mountain Hill 1/2: platforms and air currents have been improved to allow better usage of the air currents while hunting.
    • Whale Mountain Summit/Giant Tail: the map size has been decreased, the platform placement and size have been improved for smoother hunting.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (Skills)

To match the current logic, using Hyper Stat points in Arcane Force will now count for the “Another Power, Arcane Force” quest.

Fixed an error where Erda Nova would sometimes hit a different monster than the one with the highest max HP.

Fixed an error where if you used Battle Statistics in Erda Spectrum, incorrect skill names would be displayed.

Fixed an error where Mechanic’s Open Gate: GX-9 and Hoyoung’s Distortion Axis Gate could be used in Dream Breaker.

Fixed an error where if an adventurer transferred a link skill of the same class after the 1st job advancement, the skill would not be shown in Link Management.

Fixed an error where Paladin’s Smite would show 2 debuffs if you bound a monster while removing its buffs.

Fixed an error where using Dark Knight’s Beholder Impact in the Torrential Zone would change your skill effect transparency settings.

Fixed an error where if Bishop used Genesis with Unstable Memorize, the instant Big Bang buff would not apply.

Bowmaster’s Quiver Cartridge skill description has been updated to use the same wording for all arrowheads.

Fixed an error where Bowmaster’s installed Arrow Platter did not consume Quiver Cartridge’s arrowheads and only applied some of the effects.

Fixed an error where Bowmaster’s Advanced Quiver’s enhanced arrowheads would not apply instantly and would instead require you to completely use all of your arrowheads first before they would apply.

Marksman’s Charged Arrow’s cooldown will no longer apply if you fail to fire it while charging.

Fixed an error where Dual Blade’s Dummy Effect skill description was missing details like its damage reduction effect and certain attacks which the shadow would not be hit by.

Dual Blade’s Asura will now be cancelled if you are skill locked while using it.

Cannon Shooter’s Gigantic Backstep’s slow will now apply to bosses.

Fixed an error where Windbreaker’s Sky’s Song would be cancelled if you were hit by DoT while using it.

Fixed an error where after Striker used Heaven and Earth, using Typhoon would sometimes not apply the damage buff.

Fixed an error where Aran’s Storm of Fear would activate after entering the attack key 2 times.

Fixed an error where if Evan used Dragon skills in one place more than a certain number of times, the skills would not activate but the effect would still appear.

Fixed an error where if Evan used Return! at a specific timing while using Imperial Breath, it would be cancelled but the attack would continue.

Fixed an error where Phantom’s Mark of Phantom would sometimes hit a different monster than the one with the highest max HP.

Phantom can no longer steal Meso Explosion.

To match the current logic, Demon Slayer’s Blue Blood’s skill description has been updated to state that it only decreases Infinity Force’s cooldown if Infinity Force is used with this skill.

Another World’s Goddess’ Blessing and Demon Avenger’s Release Overload/Blood Feast’s skill descriptions have been updated to state they will not heal in Ghost Park.

Fixed an error where Blaster’s Revolving Cannon Mastery was missing Vulcan Punch and Burning Breaker.

To match the current logic, Blaster’s Bunker Buster’s skill description has been updated to state it does not apply to 5th job skills.

To match the current logic, Kaiser’s Command’s skill description has been updated to state the final damage buff will disappear no matter what skill you use.

Fixed an error where the Afterimage effect did not apply to Kaisers who used Double Leap while in Figuration mode.

Fixed an error where if Zero used Storm Break on certain terrain, the client would exit.

Fixed an error where certain attacks that created shockwaves or sword slashes and Burst Step would activate/be affected by Transcendent Rhinne’s Prayer’s final damage buff.

Fixed an error where skill effect transparency options did not apply to Kinesis’ grabbed objects from Psychic Grab.

Fixed an error where if Kinesis grabbed a monster with Psychic Grab and moved a long distance away, when Psychic Grab was cancelled the monster would not take damage.

Fixed an error where Ark’s Contact Caravan could not be activated if used in certain content.

Fixed an error where Ark’s Scarlet Charge Drive would sometimes fire 2 Scarlet Spells.

Fixed an error where if you used Ark’s Unstoppable Impulse/Instinct in one place, then used the second part with the arrow keys, it would still be used in place.

Fixed an error where Ark’s Fusion Initiation skill description was awkward.

Fixed an error where if you used Hoyoung’s Wind Wave: Real and jumped on a monster, you could not use Thousand Ton Stone for a certain period of time.

Fixed an error where if you used Hoyoung’s Wind Wave: Fake and tried to use Thousand Ton Stone with certain timing, it would not be activated.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (Boss Monsters)

Fixed an error where in certain boss monsters, sometimes if you ran out of Death Count or the time limit ended, you would not be automatically removed.

Fixed an error where if the Elite Boss world map message appeared then you logged out and logged back in to a different channel, the message would not disappear.

Fixed an error where in Urus, if you had sounds muted, the BGM would still be played.

If Urus matching is successful, you can no longer use any portals before you enter the boss.

After leaving Magnus/Bloody Queen’s maps with the Undead status, it will now be removed.

Pierre’s hat debuff will now be shown in the buff window.

Fixed an error where after Chaos Pierre split, sometimes the colour would not change.

In Papulatus’ map, the platforms’ sizes have been changed to make it easier to avoid attacks.

If a character who can enter Suu or Demian uses the World Leap, other characters in the same new world will be able to enter without having to complete Black Heaven or Heroes of Maple.

Fixed an error where sometimes Demian would not move or use only one attack.

Fixed an error where sometimes Black Mage’s Eye of Destruction attack would not disappear and continue.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (Quests and Maps)

Fixed an error where searching for monsters in the world map would sometimes return non-existent maps.

Certain content’s quest names have been updated with prefixes to make them easier to distinguish.

  • Mushroom Castle
  • Magatia’s Secret
  • FriendStory
  • Elin Forest
  • Lion King’s Castle
  • Fantastic Theme Park
  • Temple of Time
  • Kerning Tower
  • Haven

Fixed an error where the Dark Priest monster did not give experience.

Fixed an error when doing the FriendStory quests where cancelling taking photos in certain maps would make you unable to leave the map.

Fixed an error where Door to the Future monsters did not drop Dream Fragments. The Door to the Future quests’ required item’s name has been changed to Shining Dream Fragments.

Fixed an error where the [Knight’s Stronghold] Ann’s Misunderstanding quest description was wrong.

Fixed an error where random portals and runes were spawned in Root Abyss and Haven story quest maps.

Mechanical Grave and Fallen World Tree weekly quests have been improved.

  • The quest names have been changed to clearly display which monsters need to be hunted or items need to be collected.
  • Certain quests’ difficulties have been adjusted to make them easier to complete.

Fixed an error in the Labyrinth of Suffering story quests where dealing a certain amount of damage to True Hilla at once would cause the client to exit.

Quest lines that use both ‘엠블럼’ and ‘엠블렘’ have been unified to use ‘엠블렘’.

Hoyoung’s ‘Reclaiming the Silver/Gold Heaven Earth Human Emblem’ quests have been renamed to ‘Silver/Gold Heaven Earth Human Emblem’.

Fixed an error where characters could move off the screen in the Mirror World’s Sage’s Training Room <3> map.

Fixed an error where in Evan’s ‘Releasing Free Souls’ quest, if you teleported downwards you could not move back up.

Fixed an error where logging off during Ark’s ‘Unfamiliar World: Leben Mine 1′ quest would make you unable to leave Francis’ Room.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (Items)

Level 200 Equipment Set

Arcane Shade armor costs have been decreased from 16 coins to 12 coins.

The required number of Arcane River/Beginning Droplet Stones for Fantasma Coins/Arachno Coins have been decreased from 10 to 9.

The drop rates of Arcane River Droplet Stones and Beginning Droplet Stones have been slightly increased.

Fixed an error where the Black Heart’s potential stats did not apply.

Permanent items with time limited stats will no longer appear in the expiring items reminder message.

Fixed an error where certain specific Mastery Books were unusable.

  • Fixed an error where you could use certain Mastery Books with a different master level than your skill’s max level.
  • Evan’s Onyx Blessing 25 Mastery Book has been changed to Onyx Blessing 30 Mastery Book.

The Hair Room and Face Room’s ‘Apply’/’Remove’ features can now only be used in towns.

Fixed an error where sitting in the Space Ray Gun Chair which caused the character to disappear would still show Hoyoung’s ears.

Fixed an error where if you used a Regular or VIP Hair Dye Coupon while having a mix dyed hair, the ‘After Change’ image would be incorrect.

The Ignite and Pink Bean Hug Cushion now state which weapons they can be used with.

When you gift a Cash item and receive a message from the receiver, your fame will be increased when you read the gift and not when you delete the message. If your message box is full, you will not receive the message.

Certain actions of Cash items have been changed.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (Etc)

The experience required to level up from level 170~200 has been decreased by 19%.

You can no longer collect herbs/mines in maps that are 20 or more levels higher than your character’s level.

The detailed stats window’s ‘Critical Activation’ label has been changed to ‘Critical Rate’.

Fixed an error where you could use emoticons with commands in Maple Chat.

Fixed an error where the group chatting shortcut command was incorrect.

Fixed an error in Maple Auction where certain items with long names would be missing text in the popup window.

Fixed an error where while Star Force enhancing, sometimes failing to enhance would show the message that you reached the item’s Star Force limit.

Fixed an error where if Zero’s weapon UI was open and you opened the Golden Hammer UI, the UI would not close.

Fixed an error in Ghost Park normal mode where the stage 1 sloth effect did not apply.

Ghost Park Normal Mode and Ranking Mode

Ghost Park Ranking Mode‘s difficulty has been adjusted.

  • The Maiden Ghost’s speed has been increased and its attacks have become stronger.
  • When you receive damage from the ghosts, you can no longer be hit for 5 seconds afterwards.
  • After 10 minutes have passed, Runes will no longer spawn and any existing Runes will disappear.
  • Blink, Flame Wizar’ds Fire Blink, Aran’s Final Toss, Phantom’s Phantom Shroud, Demon Slayer’s Demon Trace, Mechanic’s Open Gate: GX-9, Zero’s Shadow Flash, and Hoyoung’s Distortion Axis Gate can no longer be used.

In Spirit Saviour, the key popup for saving the Rock Spirits has been changed to say NPC/Mine instead of SPACE.

Fixed an error in The SEED floor 38, killing the bear would display an incorrect monster message.

Fixed an error in The SEED floor 39, even if you had the correct answer it would be marked incorrect.

Fixed an error where installing certain cores in Evolving System would sometimes cause the client to exit.

Fixed an error in Reboot where sometimes the number of consumed upgrade slots would appear.

The Mega Burning Booster effect will now only affect you up to level 130 no matter what level you used it at.

The Reboot/Reboot 2 world select button colour has been changed and a world guide has been added.

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      • acitro593
        December 14, 2019 at 8:57 pm

        So, what does T-boy plan to do? It seem that the city has some ties to the one in Friendstory, or is it just that they both look the same?

        • Max
          December 14, 2019 at 9:01 pm

          The city was brought to Arcane River through the sinkhole in Seoul iirc. I didn’t really understand T-boy’s motivations when I skimmed through the story but I think its something like he just wanted something fun to do? He created a Black Hole Generator which is the reason the entire city was upside down.

          • acitro593
            December 16, 2019 at 1:20 pm

            So if Kinesis does the full questline, is there any additional dialog?

          • Max
            December 16, 2019 at 6:33 pm

            Yes Kinesis has special dialogue

  5. eLmon
    December 15, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    ‘Mileage Encounter’ skill removed. Is there another way to get some mileages other than cash item buying?

  6. Lmon
    December 15, 2019 at 10:01 pm

    ‘Mileage Encounter’ skill removed. Is there another way to get some mileages other than cash items buying?

    • Max
      December 16, 2019 at 12:21 am

      There are many ways to get Mileage: killing bosses, killing Elite Monsters, Monster Collection, Maple M, daily gift, events, etc

  7. WTFF
    December 16, 2019 at 7:15 am

    Mileage Encounter removed = classic greedy bastard Nexon. I hope Korea player should throw some poops into their devs and put it back with some skill

    • Anonymous
      December 17, 2019 at 8:13 pm

      Mileage encounter was actually something many people complained about because they would afk overnight and it would fill their mileage slots with worthless 5mileage ticks. Most people hated it.

  8. Drew Z.
    December 16, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    Can somebody please tell Nexon to do a COMPLETE CLASS REVAMP or SKILLS UPDATE for BUCCS/VIPERS and other needed classes. You have a MELEE PUNCHING class with “Energy” skill animations that make no sense and the color schemes are f**king everywhere and there are barely any punching/kicking skill animations. Why is that so hard to do? Seriously…

    Do KMS players not give a damn???

  9. December 16, 2019 at 2:33 pm

    Oh wow a guild icon you can upload an image?
    SWEET! Also A lot of these look good, I got annoyed with having to use the maple guide to scroll down to “The Three Door” and more.

  10. Anonymous
    December 18, 2019 at 10:37 am

    Incoming p2w guild race

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