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KMST ver. 1.2.098 – Yam Yam Island & Boss Changes


This test server patch (coming to the official servers next week) includes the content of the final patch of the MapleStory Rise update. It includes a new area of Arcane River, Yam Yam Island, as well as changes to bosses, hunting, and a new chat feature.


  • Arcane River New Area “Yam Yam Island”
    • Beyond Chew Chew Island’s Sky Whale Mountain, you can meet an interesting group whose appearances are mixed from other monsters. As you go through various events, you come to realize they were created rather than naturally born. What was the reason?
  • Boss Reorganization
    • Various changes such as boss difficulty adjustments, pattern remakes, and new difficulties have been made to help stimulate the desire to challenge stronger bosses.
  • Dynamic Field Reorganization
    • Hunting has been made more fun! Shall we go hunting now?
  • Chatting Emoticons
    • Chatting emoticons have been added to express various emotions and fun situations.
  • Daria’s Gift
    • Daria’s final prepared gift for Maple Warriors! Use the Mystery Magic Pouch to collect Rise Coins!
  • Rise Coin Express
    • Rise Coins every day! Don’t miss the best chance to get Rise Coins!
  • Sweet VS Bitter Valentine’s Day!
    • Valentine’s Day in Salon Rise! Become a messenger of love and bring together couples or follow Soloimnidas’ will to become a part of the invincible solo army!

Arcane River New Area “Yam Yam Island”

A new location has appeared in Arcane River’s Chew Chew Island called Yam Yam Island. It is available to characters level 215 or higher.

New NPCs have been added.

  • Caster
  • Mungtail
  • Bepi
  • Mupi
  • Trickat
  • Countess Piggy

New monsters have been added.

  • Monkeyrog (Lv. 215)
  • Bushroom (Lv. 216)
  • Lytone (Lv. 217)
  • Stonepy (Lv. 218)
  • Kumpider (Lv. 219)
  • Squirrelnon (Lv. 219)
  • Orange Piabee (Lv. 215)
  • Yellow Piabee (Lv. 215)
  • Purple Piabee (Lv. 215)
  • ??? (Lv. 220)
  • Enhanced Monkeyrog (Lv. 220)
  • Enhanced Bushroom (Lv. 220)
  • Enhanced Lytone (Lv. 220)
  • Enhanced Stonepy (Lv. 220)
  • Enhanced Kumpider (Lv. 220)
  • Enhanced Squirrelnon (Lv. 220)

The Yam Yam Island Area Exploration achievement has been added.

Fungus Forest

Fungus Forest B

Illiyard Moor

Mushbud Forest

Here are the new BGMs for this area.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are the new maps.

Boss Reorganization

New difficulty levels and patterns have been added to help you challenge more boss monsters.

Boss Crystal Prices

The Intense Power Crystals’ selling prices have been adjusted based on the strength of the boss monsters.

NOTE: Originally, they also decreased the price of lower difficulty bosses’ crystals (including CRA, Normal Empress, CPB, and Hard Hilla) but they reverted those changes within a day of the patch. The table above shows what the decreased prices were, but they do not apply anymore.

  • Higher difficulty bosses’ crystal prices have been increased.
  • This includes Chaos Papulatus, Suu, Demian, Lucid, Will, Dusk, Dunkel, and True Hilla.
  • Thanks to 자라는메르 from Inven for the table.

Von LeonArkariumHilla

The number of maps available for certain bosses has been increased.

  • Von Leon (Easy/Normal/Hard)
  • Arkarium (Easy/Normal)
  • Hilla (Hard)

Chaos Root Abyss Bosses

The entry channel restriction for Chaos Root Abyss bosses has been removed.


The boss Lucid has been adjusted.

  • Easy Mode and related achievements have been added. You can enter Easy Mode once per day and the clear limit is shared with Normal and Hard Mode Lucid.
  • Hard Mode’s HP has been decreased by 24%.

Dusk Hallucination

The boss Dusk’s patterns have been remade.

  • The patterns have been remade to match the concept of its giant size and endless fear.
    • Dusk now has tentacles covering its eye, which reduce its damage taken by a large amount.
    • Dusk now attacks with his tentacles, which can be seen by a thin red line a short time before they appear.
    • Dusk will occasionally remove the tentacles covering its eye, and attack with thick ones that become platforms you can stand on to hit the eye. During this time, it will take full damage.
    • Dusk now has a Fear Gauge, which goes up over time and when you get hit. When its full, you will be inflicted with darkness (which lasts until the gauge empties itself) and Hallucinations/Grasping Hands will be summoned around the map.
    • Dusk no longer has his darkness skill which one shot you unless you were inside Cygnus’ barrier.
  • Chaos Mode and related achievements have been added. You can enter Chaos Mode once per day and the clear limit is shared with Normal Mode Dusk.

The boss Dunkel’s patterns have been remade.

  • The patterns have been remade to show Dunkel’s own power while still keeping the concept of the commander of the Elite Bosses.
    • Dunkel now has two powerful slashing attacks, one of which shoots out a sword wave.
    • Dunkel now has a rush skill.
    • Dunkel now momentarily summons Elite Bosses to perform an attack, after which they disappear (instead of them being complete monsters).
    • Dunkel now summons less soldiers, and summons them less frequently.
  • Hard Mode and related achievements have been added. You can enter Hard Mode once per day and the clear limit is shared with Normal Mode Dunkel.

The Dark Boss set accessories have been adjusted.

  • The drop rates of the items have been increased.
  • 6 and 7 part set effects have been added.
    • 6 set: 15 all stats, 375 HP, 15 attack/magic attack
    • 7 set: 15 all stats, 375 HP, 15 attack/magic attack, 5% critical damage
  • The Giant Fear ring (5 all stats, 250 HP/MP, 4 attack/magic attack, 2 slots, tradeable until equipped, level 160) has been added. It is dropped by Chaos Dusk.
  • The Commander Force Earrings (5 all stats, 250 HP/MP, 4 attack/magic attack, 100 defense, 6 slots, tradeable until equipped, level 160) have been added. They are dropped by Hard Dunkel.

The Genesis Weapon liberation missions’ difficulties have been adjusted.

  • The Traces of the Spider King Will mission’s restricted time condition has been removed. A new condition of taking increased damage has been added.
  • The Traces of the Red Witch True Hilla mission now reduces True Hilla’s HP.

The following improvements and bug fixes have been made.

  • Fixed an error where solo boss achievements did not complete normally.
  • When bosses are not visible, the effects of any statuses they are inflicted with will no longer appear.
  • Fixed an error where Pink Bean’s damage ignore/damage reflect effects would appear later than when they were actually active.
  • Fixed an error in Lucid phase 1 where certain rush skills could be used to move past the golems.
  • In Lucid phase 1, if you have a bomb on you while you are entering phase 2, the bomb will now be removed.
  • Fixed an error in Lucid phase 2 where Lucid would not move correctly.

Dynamic Field Reorganization

New enemies, Elite Champions, as well as new Runes and Pollo & Fritto Bounty Hunter content have been added. Enjoy and have more fun while hunting!

Elite Champions have appeared.

  • Elite Champions are a rare monster that appear after you have defeated a certain number of Elite Monsters.
  • A random Elite Champion, out of 7 different kinds, will appear with special gimmicks that change hunting patterns.
    • Black Crescendo Slime: Each time you defeat it, it will gradually become a larger and more powerful Slime.
    • Shadow Butterflies: A group of shadow butterflies will appear that move to certain areas of the map.
    • Dark Wolf: Whenever if takes a certain amount of damage, it will hide in the darkness and move to a different location.
    • Brilliant Flower: Protect the Brilliant Flower from Killer Bees that continuously appear.
    • Pollen Treant: Absorb energy from nearby monsters to become invincible. Monsters must be defeated before their energy is absorbed.
    • Twin Dark Gargoyles: You need to match 2 Gargoyles with similar HP to defeat them.
  • The Messenger of Darkness will no longer appear.
  • Elite Champion related achievements have been added.

Elite Boss Attack

Elite Monsters and Elite Bosses have been adjusted.

  • Certain prefixes have been removed. Monster Collection mobs with these prefixes have been changed to other prefixes.
    • Reflective, Powerful, Charming, Swift, Tough, Invincible, Cursed
  • Achievements related to defeating Elite Monsters have been changed to include both Elite Monsters and Elite Champions.
  • Elite Monsters and Elite Bosses’ HP and time restriction have been decreased.
  • Elite Bosses will no longer appear in maps with average monster level 140 or lower. Elite Champions will appear instead.
  • Elite Bosses’ Rare Treasure Chest rewards will now drop for up to 6 players, including the summoner and the maximum damage dealer.
  • Elite Bosses’ attacks’ damage have been decreased and their attack delays have been increased.
  • All 5 Elite Bosses now have 1 additional attack pattern (common to all of them).

Runes have been adjusted.

  • New Runes have been added.
    • Rune of Purification: A rune that purifies the surrounding area with a powerful attack after a certain number of monsters are defeated.
    • Rune of Lasers: A rune that creates a beam between the Rune and your character every few seconds, hitting all enemies in range.
    • Rune of Transition: A rune that gives the ability to create a pillar of fire that transfers between monsters when attacked.
  • Existing Runes’ abilities have been enhanced.
    • Rune of Regeneration: damage reduction has been increased
    • Rune of Destruction: attack buff has been increased
    • Rune of Thunder: will now attack around your character instead of a random area
    • Rune of Giants: attack range has been increased, you can now jump with the up arrow key to jump higher
  • The Rune of Greed, which had a small effect on hunting patterns, has been removed.
  • The Liberated Rune’s Strength buff which gives increased experience and each Rune’s special abilities have been separated.
    • Evan’s link skill Rune Persistence will only apply to the Liberated Rune’s Strength.
    • The special abilities of each Rune (not the experience buff) will disappear if you change maps.

Pollo and Fritto’s Bounty Hunting content has been adjusted and new content has been added.

  • Protect the Castle Walls: monsters will now appear from all 4 directions
  • Midnight Monster Hunting: New content where you can ride on Pollo’s mechanical tank to defeat monsters.
  • Receiving Treasure: New content where you can help Fritto to infiltrate the Flame Wolf’s treasure storage.
  • New Pollo and Fritto content related achievements have been added.

Pollo and Fritto’s Bounty Hunting, Flame Wolf’s Den, and Elite Bosses will no longer appear at the same time.

Chatting Emoticons

Chat Emoticons

Chatting emoticons have been added. Express your emotions and fun situations with emoticons!

Chatting Emoticon UI

Usage Method

  • On the right side of the chatting window, press the Chatting Emoticon button to open the Chatting Emoticon UI.
  • Double click a chatting emoticon to use it.
  • When used in All Chat or Party Chat, the emoticon will appear above your head in a chat bubble.
  • When used in Maple Chat, the emoticon will be displayed in your Maple Chat room.
  • Emoticons cannot be used in whispers, Buddy Chat, Group Chat, Guild Chat, or Alliance Chat.

Detailed Information

  • By default, you will permanently have access to the Mushroom/Pepe/Pink Bean emoticons. They cannot be removed.
  • You can use Chatting Emoticon items to receive various kinds of emoticons. Emoticons acquired from these items can only be used by the character who used them.
  • You can see your acquired emoticons in the Chatting Emoticon UI’s Group Chatting Emoticon slots.
  • You can select chat emoticons to be your favourites, and they will appear in the Favourites tab.
  • Chatting Emoticons can be registered on a hotkey or a command.
  • You can press the ? button on the Chatting Emoticon UI for help.

Mushroom EmoticonsMushroom 1Mushroom 2Mushroom 3Mushroom 4Mushroom 5Mushroom 6Mushroom 7Mushroom 8Mushroom 9Mushroom 10
Pepe EmoticonsPepe 1Pepe 2Pepe 3Pepe 4
Pink Bean EmoticonsPink Bean 1Pink Bean 2Pink Bean 3Pink Bean 4Pink Bean 5
Small Spirit EmoticonsSmall Spirit 1Small Spirit 2Small Spirit 3Small Spirit 4
Lucid EmoticonsLucid 1Lucid 2Lucid 3Lucid 4

Here are the 5 sets of emoticons currently available. The Small Spirit/Lucid sets can only be acquired by using a Chat Emoticon item.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (Skills)

  • Skill descriptions that stated “critical attack rate” have been changed to “critical rate”.
  • Fixed an error where if you used a skill at the same time as a Special Core activating, that skill would not be used correctly.
  • Fixed an error in Will phase 1 where certain rushing skills did not move you.
  • Fixed an error where Guided Arrow would remain in Heroes of Maple.
  • Fixed an error where after Bishop used Heal, the surrounding monsters’ final damage increase debuff would not apply.
  • Fixed an error where after Bowmaster used Quiver Full Burst, Arrow Platter would not activate flame arrows.
  • Fixed an error where if Soul Master used Soul Forge, then cancelled effect transparency and changed maps, the previous transparency settings would apply.
  • Fixed an error where Flame Wizard’s Orbital Flame would sometimes fire in the opposite direction of the character.
  • Fixed an error where Evan’s Breath – Return’s damage would not apply if Dragon Master was used after using Return.
  • Fixed an error where in Erda Spectrum, if Evan used a fusion skill then used the Erda Condenser, the fusion skill would be cancelled.
  • Evan’s Elemental Blast and Zodiac Ray’s effect resolutions have been changed.
  • Fixed an error where Mercedes’ Sylphidia would sometimes cancel while the effect would still apply.
  • Fixed an error where if Phantom stome Paladin’s Charge skills, they would use different weapon images and skill effects.
  • Fixed an error where Blaster’s Burning Breaker’s Bullet Reload after the rush would not apply the explosion damage.
  • Fixed an error where Wild Hunter’s Wild Vulcan’s effect was awkward if used while jumping.
  • Fixed an error where Kaiser’s dedicated UI would sometimes appear in the Cash Shop.
  • Fixed an error where Cadena would fall to the bottom of a map if Summon Slashing Knife was used in certain terrain.
  • Fixed an error where Cadena’s Chain Arts: Takedown would sometimes not attack the enemy with the highest max HP.
  • Fixed an error where Angelic Buster’s Soul Seeker’s cast action was not affected by attack speed.
  • Fixed an error where if Zero used Shadow Flash on a diagonal platform, it would be installed in an awkward location.
  • Fixed an error where if Kinesis used Psychic Grab to hold a monster, sometimes those monsters would not be considered monsters in your level range when they died.
  • Fixed an error where Adele’s skill window had no class name.
  • Fixed an error where if Adele’s Creation was activated but didn’t hit an enemy, an Aether Crystal would be created in an incorrect location.
  • Fixed an error where Adele’s Gathering could not deal damage to certain monsters.
  • Adele’s Grave now has a short release cooldown to prevent the skill from being cancelled immediately when pressing Grave continuously.
  • Fixed an error where Adele’s Lef’s Warrior did not apply to Maple World Goddess’ Blessing.
  • Fixed an error where Adele did not apply Grandis Goddess’ Blessing effects correctly.
  • Fixed an error where after Adele used Infinite, the background image would be shown on the character select window.
  • Fixed an error where Adele’s Restore attacked the chickens in Pollo and Fritto’s Bounty Hunting dance of courtship.
  • Fixed an error where Illium’s Divine Shield skill description was missing the information that they receive 100% Stance when it is activated.
  • Fixed an error where Hoyoung’s Link Skill Self-Confidence did not apply normally to certain boss monsters.
  • Fixed an error where if Hoyoung died while using a macro that had attribute skills registered, the actions would continue after resurrecting.
  • Fixed an error where Hoyoung’s Scroll: Absorbing Vortex’s heal rate did not reflect additional HP.
  • Fixed an error where after using Hoyoung’s Sage Teachings: Descent of the Superpowered Gods, if you rode a mount, the Advent of the Gods could still be used.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (Guild)

  • Announcements in the Guild BBS can now up to 500 characters long.
  • You can now use certain special characters in the Guild BBS.
  • Guild and guild content related achievements have been added.
  • A description has been added to show the sequence of ranks when a guild master is away for too long and the position is passed to another player.
  • If you are given guild admin privileges, you can now appoint users to ranks below your own.
  • Fixed an error where sometimes Noblesse SP was applied incorrectly.
  • Fixed an error where killing a boss monster would sometimes not give contribution.
  • Fixed an error in Sharenian’s Underground Culvert where the cannon used against Arcanus would not show up in Battle Statistics.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (Quests and Maps)

  • Fixed an error where quests that required you to kill monsters would be automatically registered in the quest helper.
  • Fixed an error where in certain situations, the [Luna Crystal] Fairy House and Melody of Pony quests did not appear.
  • Fixed an error where you could not return to the previous map from the Ludibrium Warehouse First Entrance map.
  • Fixed an error where mesos would be consumed if you didn’t receive the Black Market quests then tried to receive them again.
  • Fixed an error where clicking the Root Abyss Hidden Garden’s entrace would cause the NPC image to leave the chat window.
  • Fixed an error where in certain maps of Fox Valley, plant images floated in the air.
  • In Mechanical Grave, the Modified Laser Android will no longer spawn in Mechanical Grave Hill 2 or Mechanical Grave Opening. It will now spawn in Road to Skyline and Skyline 1.
  • Fixed an error in Whale Mountain Entrance where if you logged in or changed channels when entering the map, you would be moved up by the air current.
  • Fixed an error where the Morass daily quests’ quest information window had awkward emotions.
  • Fixed an error in certain Limen daily quests where the completion requirements were different than intended.
  • Fixed an error where Slashers and Hermits could not receive the Silver Maple Leaf Emblem again.
  • Fixed an error where Monster Life monsters appeared in Cannon Shooter’s tutorial maps.
  • Fixed an error where Evan’s “Theo’s Advice” quest had incorrect information on where to buy the item.
  • Kaiser’s “Reclamation Operation” quest’s difficulty has been decreased.
  • Fixed an error where Hoyoung and Adele’s emblem reissuing quests did not appear in the completed quests tab.
  • In Ristonia Fountain Square, you can now step on the keyboard of the piano building to hear the piano playing.
  • Fixed an error where if you did the Adele tutorial quests in 1024*768 resolution, there would sometimes be empty space in the backgrounds.
  • Adele’s tutorial quest “Finding Memories” now has a description.
  • Adele can now access the emblem reissuing quest through the lightbulb.
  • Fixed an error where if you left Verdel without completing Ark’s tutorial quests then reached level 30 or higher, you could not use the Maple Guide to return to Verdel.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (Items)

  • When you consume an item in a bag or an item is put into a bag, the system message will now state the bag.
  • Carta’s Pearl, Carta’s Red Pearl, and Carta’s Blue Pearl have been changed to allow you to choose which type of ear you would like.
  • Fixed an error where during story cutscenes, certain hats would not display the character’s face correctly.
  • Fixed an error where certain hats’ effects were awkward on Androids.
  • Fixed an error where when creating a character with Elf or Lef ears, wearing a helmet type hat would cause the ear images to appear as well.
  • When an equip has a Cash scroll used on it and it booms from Star Force enhancements, the Trace will now carry over the Cash scroll as well.
  • Fixed an error where the client would exit after opening multiple Core Gemstones repeatedly and the results window opened.
  • Fixed an error where Arkarium’s Shiny Soul’s description was different than other souls.
  • Cadena, Hoyoung, and Adele can no longer equip Shields.
  • Fixed an error where the Neon Mint Bead Pin’s name was incorrect.
  • Fixed an error where Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Demon, Illium, and Ark sitting on the Dangerous Outside the Blanket/One Sunny Day chairs would show their unique appearances.
  • Certain actions when wearing Cash items have been changed.
  • Fixed an error where if you failed to use an Experience Core Gemstone with an expiration date, the item would disappear.
  • Fixed an error where the MVP Plus EXP Weather Effect (Diamond)’s text location was awkward.
  • In the Cash Shop, you can now double click the Normal/VIP Hair Dye Coupon to see the list of acquirable colours.
  • Fixed an error where the bonus experience message appeared incorrectly while wearing the Oath’s Flames titles.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (Etc)

  • The Maple Guide menu has been added the System -> Character menu.
  • Fixed an error where you could not move to an area for which you had the Maple Guide stamp but not the appropriate level.
  • In the Maple Auction, the item name, level range, and price information have been added to the filter memory.
  • Fixed an error where the client would exit while using Maple Chat.
  • When a character is added to your Blacklist, you can now add a Blacklist name. Characters already registered in your Blacklist will have their character names used.
  • Blacklisted characters’ Omok and other minigames’ chatting rooms’ titles will no longer be shown.
  • Fixed an error where sometimes you could receive Account Buddy requests when Buddy requests were blocked.
  • Fixed an error where if you had characters that sent you buddy requests, if they logged in then their names would not be outputted.
  • Fixed an error where if you declined a buddy request, they would still be included in your number of buddies in your buddy list.
  • Fixed an error where you would sometimes not instantly exit when the Flame Wolf died.
  • Fixed an error where you could sometimes use skills while Urus had grabbed you.
  • Erda Spectrum monsters will no longer count as monsters in your level range.
  • Fixed an error in professions where you could sometimes craft and disassemble at the same time.
  • Fixed an error in professions where you could sit in chairs while disassembling or fusing in certain situations.
  • Fixed an error where if the proession UI was open and you used a recipe, that item would appear as craftable.
  • If you try to fuse items where the materials have been enhanced, a message will appear that states the enhancements will be reset.
  • Fixed an error where Maple Union would sometimes let you place more than the maximum limit of characters.
  • The Reverse City Area Exploration achievement has been added.
  • Fixed an error where the achievement Cadena’s Book’s Final Confrontation could be completed by non-Cadena classes.
  • Fixed an error in Reboot world where Asylum’s monsters would drop warrior equipment regardless of your class.
  • Certain hairs have been renamed.
    • Sweet Yarn Hair Head -> Sweet Yarn Hair
    • Sour Yarn Hair Head -> Sour Yarn Hair
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  1. Endlesstory
    February 6, 2020 at 11:09 pm

    First, and Thank you, Max

  2. Namshimaru
    February 6, 2020 at 11:16 pm

    TY Max

  3. True
    February 6, 2020 at 11:24 pm

    Lucid emotes!

  4. Anonymous
    February 7, 2020 at 12:20 am

    So they’re gonna add an extra area for each of the six arcane river areas. Can’t wait

    • Anonymous
      February 7, 2020 at 2:13 am

      Seems more likely they’re smoothing out progression to be every 5 levels being a new area with new mobs, rather than just adding in new areas. Depends on what the next (if any) is. If they’re doing it for every area, they’ll probably add it to lach, but it would contend directly with arcana. Esfera to moonbridge is still a 10 level gap so that’d be the best place to stick a new one.

  5. Freudy
    February 7, 2020 at 12:35 am

    Omg this update looks amazing! Thank you for the upload!

  6. acitro593
    February 7, 2020 at 10:01 am

    Any info on how this connect to the whole Darmoor story like the last area?

    • Max
      February 7, 2020 at 8:40 pm

      Don’t think they added the story yet

  7. Gnow
    February 9, 2020 at 8:23 pm

    Stuck around level 230 for ages. I don’t have the willpower to train anymore other than waiting for Typhoon coin event. So this is getting old feels like huh….*Crack*

  8. Mike
    February 10, 2020 at 5:53 am

    What are the rewards for Easy Hilla? Does she drop droplets in order to create Arcane gear or is that restricted to Normal/Hard?

    • Anonymous
      February 12, 2020 at 12:42 pm

      assuming you mean easy lucid, testing reveals no droplets (or VERY low chance for 1, testing every day it was up yielded none for more than a few people.), but she does drop occult bpot cubes.

  9. February 12, 2020 at 3:25 am

    I just saw the preview video KMS uploaded and came here to make sense of most of it.
    This is some good stuff, The chatting emoji’s are cute and catching gems for a bounty hunt looks fun.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for making sense of this.

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