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kMSt ver. 1.2.400 – Mu Lung Dojo Reorganization!

August 25, 2011 41 comments

And so the next ‘new’ content is revealed! Mu Lung Dojo will be reorganized! There are also some new events, but like always, I’ll cover them when they come to kMS!

Another new change is something to do with the Free Market. While inside a Free Market Room, you’ll see an option above ‘Channel Change’ that says ‘Room Change’. Just like the name implies, you can move through the rooms without having to leave and enter another portal!

Mu Lung Dojo is now open to people level 90 and over, and you can only participate 3 times a day. There are now three General Modes (easy, medium, and hard) as well as a Ranking Mode. The top 50 in ranking will be able to receive prizes each day!

I have prepared a blog post about all the new stuff in it, and it’s actually pretty good!

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