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kMSt ver. 1.2.396 – Demon Slayer Skill Changes!

July 28, 2011 70 comments

Many skill changes await! There was also a lot of storyline added, Demon Slayer has quests until level 140! There’s even one at level 200! Van Leon and Orca are both a part of the Demon Slayer’s storylines. The tutorial has not been added yet, for some reason. I believe they’re making another anime-style trailer to show at the beginning of the tutorial just like Mercedes.

 Force Shield of Patience: maxDF +20, DEF +10, MDEF +5 (level 10)
 Force Shield of Will: maxHP +150, maxDF +50, DEF +30, MDEF +15 (level 30)
 Force Shield of Power: STR +7, DEX +7, maxHP +350, maxDF +80, DEF +60, MDEF +30 (level 70)
 Ultimate Force Shield: STR +12, DEX +12, maxHP +600, maxDF +110, DEF +85, MDEF +45 (level 120)

Note, these are all unlevelled stats. If you level them, they increase only the stats that they already have (ie. the first two shields will never get STR or DEX) and the maxDF does not increase upon level up. The max level is 4 for the first three and 9 for the last one. They are all untradeable and cannot be scrolled or potentialed.

These Force Shields are the only way to change the amount of Demon Force you have, other than advancing. At level 10, you’ll have 30 DF, level 30 will be 60 DF, level 70 will be 90 DF, and 120 will give you 120 DF.

Stats for scepters and the skill changes are below!

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kMSt ver. 1.2.395 – Demon Slayer!

July 26, 2011 148 comments



Finally! With a week to go, Nexon has finally released the job! One thing to note is that the previously mentioned scepters are actually 1 handed BWs, so you can stock up on scrolls for them! Scepters are Fast (5) so that is probably why one would use them over the other weapons.

Another thing is that Demon Slayer is able to use one handed BWs (along with scepters) AND one handed axes! Also, Force Shields are all untradeable, can all be levelled up, and you cannot scroll them.

Thanks Nexon for changing your minds about the weapons that Demon Slayers use.

I have translated the skills below! Once they come out in kMS, I will make a post with all the updated skills. Also, if you haven’t noticed already, I have removed the skill tables pages for Cannon Shooter and Mercedes that I had before and made them into posts (Cannon Shooter, Mercedes). This is because I believe it will be too much work to constantly update them, and also it will be useful to other versions when they get these jobs for the first time, since they will most likely get the same versions we did. Of course, I will post changes if and when they come, but I will not be posting updated skill tables.

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Mercedes Information & Skill Tables (kMS ver. 1.2.137)

July 26, 2011 76 comments

Cannon Shooter Information & Skill Tables (kMS ver. 1.2.136)

July 26, 2011 30 comments

Legendary Music Box Prize List

July 21, 2011 38 comments

   = ?

I found the list of prizes! There’s a lot of interesting stuff, and a lot of useful stuff as well! There are three new chairs, and I want them! When you open one, you also get a Legend Coin and a Red Button, which you can trade in for prizes with Inkwell.

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