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kMS ver. 1.2.138 – Demon Slayer~

August 3, 2011 76 comments

The third and final job of the Legend update has been released! Demon Slayer is now available~!

This is the advertisement for Demon Slayer, a la Mercedes. There is also a female version. It’s really cool. I hope that these anime style mini movies continue! I have created a post for Demon Slayer skill tables for this patch. There were some changes from this patch and the last kMSt patch as well.

Nexon Korea announced something today. The new jobs from the Legend update, Cannon Shooter, Mercedes, and Demon Slayer, will all have a limited time to be created. That is to say, they will most likely be seasonal jobs like Dual Blader for kMS.

Look past the cut for these changes as well as information about the fourth potential rank, new events, and the Demon Slayer tutorial!

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Demon Slayer Information & Skill Tables (kMS ver. 1.2.138)

August 3, 2011 85 comments