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KMS ver. 1.2.268 – Ancient Artifact Competition!

November 24, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

ver. 1.2.268 (1).gif

A new patch has been released, including very little content (some updates to Monster Collection and also to Cubes) and the new Ancient Artifact Competition event.

After that, there’s another event which runs from December 7 to December 21 which really worries me because… where’s our actual updates Nexon?!


Here’s the second world selection screen for this patch.

Here’s the Update Info Centre video for this patch.

Game Related

Monster Collection has been improved.

  • A notification sound will now play when you register a monster in your collection.
  • A confirmation popup has been added when beginning an expedition.
  • The expedition reward notification has been improved.
  • You can now scroll through the collection pages using the mouse wheel.


  • 25 monsters from The SEED
  • 20 monsters from Minar Forest


Xenon’s job quests have been improved.

  • For some quests below level 30, the navigation system will now be used.
  • Certain invisible portals have been modified to be more identifiable.


Aran’s job quests have been improved.

  • Quests have been changed to be easier to complete.
    • Some quests will now use the navigation system, and some will automatically move you to the quest location immediately after accepting them.
    • The quest to make the special ink now requires only 50,000 mesos instead of 500,000.
  • Some quests’ beginning levels have been changed.
    • Second Information Gathering: lv. 15
    • Golems’ Temple: lv. 15
    • Camilla’s Testimony: lv. 15
    • Second Information Gathering Complete: lv. 15
    • Chief Stan’s Request 1: lv. 15
    • Chief Stan’s Request 2: lv. 15
    • Puppeteer’s Invitation: lv. 15
    • Puppeteer’s Warning: lv. 15
    • Third Information Gathering: lv. 20
    • The Ghost Stump Investigating Girl: lv. 20
    • Find the Puppet: lv. 20
    • Third Information Gathering Complete: lv. 20
    • 10 Boogies’ Request: lv. 20
    • Fourth Information Gathering: lv. 25
    • This Forest is Noisy!: lv. 25
    • Puppeteer’s Cave: lv. 25
    • Fourth Information Gathering Complete: lv. 25
    • Destroy the Dolls!: lv. 25
    • Black Wings’ Plot: lv. 25

Suu's 3 Phases

The boss content Hard Suu’s heal pattern has been removed.

Since I never covered it, here’s the ‘secret reward’ from Suu that the developers talked about before. It actually was just added in the first patch of the V update and I didn’t know what it came from.

Anyways, Hard Suu will drop the Damaged Black Heart. You can take this to the NPC in Haven to get the Black Heart, a rank 5 Android heart with 10 all stats, 100 HP, and fixed potential options of 30% boss damage and 30% defense ignore. It cannot be traded, hammered, or cubed and it expires in 7 days. However, it seems like it can be extended and has 15 stars available (although the text below says it cannot be enhanced, maybe that’s referring to it being scrolled, I don’t know…).

World Tree's Altar

An error where the World Tree’s Altar would sometimes not appear in the boss content Demian has been fixed.

In the Arcane River continent’s hunting maps, flying monsters will now spawn in all hunting maps occasionally.

An error where the client would exit sometimes when entering The SEED’s 40th floor has been fixed.

The confirmation window’s image when exiting the game has been changed. It will remind you if you missed any rewards such as the Fairy Bros’ Daily Gift.

Zero's Temple

Certain scrolls will no longer be sold in the Zero’s Temple NPC Sell’s shop.

  • 60% Two-Handed Weapon Scroll for Attack
  • 80% Two-Handed Weapon Scroll for Attack
  • 60% Armor for STR Scroll
  • 80% Armor for STR Scroll
  • 60% Accessory for STR Scroll
  • 80% Accessory for STR Scroll

Item Related

The Adventurer’s Cruel Ring‘s instant death effect has been removed.

Skill Related

Certain  jobs’ Enhancement Cores’ level 20 effect have been changed. They are all 5% critical chance boosts (instead of +1 monsters hit).

  • Hero’s Final Attack
  • Paladin’s Final Attack, Sanctuary
  • Dark Knight’s Final Attack
  • Archmage (F/P)’s Meteor, Fire Aura
  • Archmage (I/L)’s Chilling Step, Blizzard, Lightning Sphere
  • Bishop’s Genesis, Heaven’s Door
  • Bow Master’s Final Attack, Steig Eisen, Quiver Cartridge, Wounds Shot
  • Marksman’s Final Attack, Steig Eisen
  • Shadower’s Veil of Shadows
  • Viper’s Battleship Nautilus
  • Captain’s Backstep Shot, Continual Aiming, Battleship Nautilus, Strange Bomb
  • Cannon Shooter’s Battleship Nautilus
  • Soul Master’s Soul Penetration
  • Flame Wizard’s Orbital Flame, Infernalize, Cataclysm
  • Wind Breaker’s Pin Point Pierce, Trifling Whim, Monsoon, Storm Bringer
  • Striker’s God of the Sea
  • Mikhail’s Final Attack
  • Aran’s Final Attack, Maha’s Domain
  • Evan’s Dragon Sparking, Dark Fog
  • Mercedes’ Speed Dualshot, Final Attack
  • Phantom’s Rose Carte Finale
  • EunWol’s Fox Spirit, Summon Redemption, Bind Area, Spirit Transformation
  • Demon Slayer’s Dark Bind
  • Demon Avenger’s Shield Chasing
  • Battlemage’s Dark Genesis
  • Wild Hunter’s Final Attack, Another Bite, Assistant Hunting Unit, Drill Container
  • Xenon’s Meltdown Explosion
  • Mechanic’s Homing Missile, Massive Fire, Distortion Field
  • Kaiser’s Infernal Breath, Prominence
  • Angelic Buster’s Soul Seeker, Super Nova
  • Kinesis’ Telekinesis, Psycho Break, Ever Psychic, Psychometry

Spread Throw Effect

Spread Throw Night Lord’s Spread Throw‘s extra directional attacks’ ranges have been increased but their final damage will now be decreased by 20%.

The following errors have been fixed.

  • An error where Vellum would become invincible if you used certain skills while he was binded has been fixed.
  • Errors where thieves’ 5th job skill Venom Burst’s damage was lower than it should be and where it would not spread have been fixed.
  • An error where Dark Knight’s Beholder’s heal effect would not show up right after summoning it.
  • An error where Archmage (F/P)’s Fervent Drain would not count Flame Gear or DoT Punisher has been fixed.
  • An error where Shadower’s Muspelheim would have 100% defense ignore has been fixed.
  • An error where Striker’s Lightning Union would sometimes not activate has been fixed.
  • An error where Wild Hunters’ passive skills would sometimes not apply after dying in Phase 2 of Lucid has been fixed.
  • An error where Wild Hunters could not use Jaguar skills sometimes after dying in Phase 2 of Lucid has been fixed.
  • An error where Xenon could use Mega Smasher while using Aviation Liberty has been fixed.
  • Mechanic’s Support Waver H-EX’s expliotion damage has been changed to use the character’s damage formula instead of a summon’s.
  • An error where Kaiser’s Final Trans had no cooldown if used with certain Cash equipment has been fixed.
  • An error where Zero could not activate Assists smoothly after using Limit Break has been fixed.
  • An error wher Kinesis’ Psychic Tornado would disappear sometimes has been fixed.
  • An error where Special Cores’ expiration dates would not appear sometimes has been fixed.

Cash Related

This is actually not mentioned in the patch notes but when using Cubes, you will now see the damage range increase you will get from the new potential.


The rewards that you can trade Cube Fragments for have been updated.

  • Red Cube
    • 7 fragments: Special Potential Scroll
    • 10 fragments: Perfect Potential Stamp
  • Black Cube
    • 5 fragments: 2000 Scroll Traces
    • 10 fragments: Perfect Potential Stamp
    • 25 fragments: Special Additional Potential Scroll
  • Additional Cube
    • 5 fragments: 2000 Scroll Traces
    • 10 fragments: Perfect Additional Potential Stamp
    • 20 fragments: 70% Additional Potential Scroll

Friends Pets.jpg

Until December 14, the three Friends pets including Elwynn, Lily, and Nero, will be sold in the Cash Shop!

The new December Royal Hair Coupons and Trendy Royal Face Coupons have been updated with new hairs/faces.

Gold Apple Rewards.png

The Gold Apple’s rewards have been updated with new items such as Chaos Pink Bean drops, Souls, and new chairs/ridings.


The Winter Closet event has begun in the Cash Shop! First off, until December 7, you can buy the new Nutcracker Costume Set, on sale for 60% off!


In addition, until December 7, all items in the Effect category will be on sale for 50% off.

Finally, 60 winter themed items in the Cash Shop will be permanently discounted!

Event Related

Legendary Ancient Artifact Competition.png

This event will run from November 24 to December 7. Find unidentified artifacts all throughout Maple World to earn special titles and chairs!

Collecting Ancient Artifacts.png

Basically, this event is pretty much the same as always. Collect artifacts to get Artifact Points, which will give you rewards. The main way is to hunt monsters around your level and collect unidentified artifacts, which will give you 5/10/15 points.

You can only collect a maximum of 10,000 Artifact Points per day (this will stack over the duration of the event, so for example, if you miss the first day, you can collect up to 20,000 points on the second day). Your Artifact Points are shared across the world.

Unidentified Artifact Buffs.png

Sometimes, when you pick up an unidentified artifact, you’ll activate one of three buffs.

  • Excavation Feeling: 2x artifact points for 10 minutes
  • Excavation Will: 20 attack/magic attack for 10 minutes
  • Excavation Experience: 2x experience for 10 minutes (up to 6 times in one day)


Sometimes, when you pick up an unidentified artifact, the Artifact Keeper will be summoned. You can defeat him to get 6 Ancient Artifacts (will give a large amount of Artifact Points, experience, or mesos).


If you’re lucky, it might even drop the Artifact King’s Treasure Box (gives something ‘very valuable’, I don’t really know what though…) or the Ancient Guardian Chair.


In Henesys, Leafre, Haven, and Chew Chew Village, a giant artifact may spawn randomly. Defeat it to receive unidentified artifacts. Note: you’ll do 99,999 damage on every hit so it’s faster if you have skills with a high number of hits).

Artifact Excavation Tools.png

Every day, you can talk to the Expedition Team Member Manda, who will give you the Excavation Tools Bag. You can use it to instantly receive 1,000 Artifact Points.

If you collect this bag for 5 days, he’ll give you the Big Expedition Team Member Hat Voucher, which gives a permanent Cash hat (the voucher is account tradeable).


Now, you might ask, what do I get for collecting these Artifact Points? Well, based on the total number of points you collect over the course of the event, you’ll receive special items. They can only be collected once per world.

  • 5,000: 10 Strange Cubes
  • 10,000: Special Medal of Honor
  • 15,000: 10 Safety Charms Voucher
  • 20,000: Craftsman’s Cube
  • 25,000: 10 Buff Freezers Voucher
  • 30,000: Meister’s Cube
  • 35,000: Ancient Hand Chair (tradeable through the account)
  • 45,000: Powerful Rebirth Flame
  • 50,000: Artifact Damage Skin
  • 60,000: 50% Epic Potential Scroll
  • 70,000: 100% Golden Hammer
  • 80,000: Royal Expedition Team Member title (10 all stats, 10 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage, 10% defense ignore, 400 HP/MP, stats expire in 14 days)
  • 90,000: Eternal Rebirth Flame
  • 100,000: 10 Core Gemstones
  • 140,000: Royal Expedition Team Leader title (50 all stats, 20 attack/magic attack, 30% boss damage, 30% defense ignore, 2000 HP/MP, stats expire in 14 days)


Finally, if you login on December 3 or 4, you can get the Heiroglyphics Damage Skin for free. You can only receive it once per world but the item is tradeable through the account.

Hoppang King.png

Hoppang King


The Hoppang King event will begin on December 8 and run until December 21. In the cold of winter, Hoppang is the best~!

Collect Wheat Flour and Hoppang Filling from monsters around your level to help Kemdi at his part-time job. Each time you complete the quest, you’ll receive 100 points and a Red Bean Hoppang. On Sundays, you’ll receive a Shiny Diamond Hoppang instead!

You can complete this quest up to 10 times per day, and if you do it 10 times, you’ll get an additional Gold Hoppang.

Each kind of Hoppang has different effects when used:

  • Red Bean: experience and random personality trait experience
  • Gold: 2x Experience Coupon (30 mins) or selected personality trait experience
  • Shiny Diamond: experience and random personality trait experience


Based on the amount of points you collect over the course of the event, you’ll receive additional prizes. They can only be collected once per world.

  • 1,000: 7 Day Blood Ring Voucher, 7 Day Teleport World Map Voucher
  • 2,000: 8 Slot Selective Inventory Expansion Coupon
  • 3,000: Special Medal of Honor
  • 4,000: Hoppang Damage Skin, Damage Skin Storage Slot Expansion Coupon
  • 5,000: 50% Epic Potential Scroll
  • 6,000: Gold Potential Stamp
  • 7,000: Steaming Hoppang Chair
  • 8,000: 2 Craftsman’s Cubes
  • 9,000: Powerful Rebirth Flame
  • 10,000: Storm Growth Potion
  • 11,000: 2 Meister’s Cubes
  • 12,000: Eternal Rebirth Flame
  • 13,000: 1 Selective Personality Trait Growth Potion
  • 14,000: I’m the Hoppang King title (50 all stats, 20 attack/magic attack, 30% boss damage, 30% defense ignore, 2000 HP/MP, stats expire in 14 days), God of Hoppang medal (30 all stats, 2000 HP/MP, 10 attack/magic attack, 10% boss damage, 10% defense ignore, stats expire in 14 days)
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  1. max
    November 24, 2016 at 8:51 pm

    same reskinned things

  2. Anonymous
    November 24, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    10 fragments: Perfect Additional Potential Scroll
    20 fragments: 70% Additional Potential Scroll
    Typo there

    • Max
      November 24, 2016 at 11:54 pm


  3. Anonymous
    November 25, 2016 at 10:25 pm

    Next time they post an update, don’t go to it. The game is dead. Consider this mercy.

    • Max
      November 25, 2016 at 10:58 pm

      Tell me. Do you play?

      You will.

      • sled
        November 26, 2016 at 12:41 pm

        Hahaha. This is truth. ^ orz;;;;

    • Anonymous
      December 1, 2016 at 11:42 pm


  4. Anonymous
    November 26, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    Seeming like there’s no solstice update this winter. maybe they’re trying to push people back to MS2 since it’s getting a pretty massive update called reset (or rather, got it yesterday) that adds a lot to it.

    doesn’t change the game is a p2w slog, but still. Makes me think of how this summer ms2 got jack shit for content, just two new classes with no new bosses or anything.

  5. Anonymous
    November 26, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    The artifact rhinogenie’s boxes give the etc coins that can be sold for a few million mesos a piece

  6. supermanhahacool
    November 27, 2016 at 4:57 am

    is the Black Heart quest can be repeat once the Heart itself expired?

    • Anonymous
      November 27, 2016 at 8:29 am

      It’s not a quest, it’s an exchangable item, like cores. you can get 5 or 6 and just stock up on them then turn them in to collect when you want them.

  7. LittleLamb
    December 4, 2016 at 12:10 am

    Hi, this is irrelevant to the post (sorry) but for Bowmaster’s 5th Job, does Arrow Rain proc Armor Break at all like Hurricane and Arrow Stream, or does it work like Freezer (bird summon), Hookshot, and Arrow Blaster, and not proc it at all?

  8. Anonymous
    December 15, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    LF> Beyond update notes

  9. The Lumi
    December 15, 2016 at 2:10 pm

    Are you gonna post about the Beyond Update????

  10. Anonymous
    December 15, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    You guys want beyond update notes? Here let me do them for you

    every class got a new 5th job skill, there’s no new actual content that isn’t corestone grinding, leafre is fucking retarded to navigate now, the events suck ass.

    there, that’s the patch notes.
    Oh and there’s a burning event, 130 this time. Go nuts.

    If you don’t understand that max has to not only translate that shit but post pictures because everyone’s too retarded to use google translate, and then wait for data rips/collect the info manually on skill data, then I don’t know what to tell you.

    try giving him more than 5 hours to do all of that shit. Or try to do it yourself. Really.

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