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kMS ver. 1.2.134 – New Events

June 8, 2011 18 comments

The patch is over, and sadly no, Cannon Shooters were not released. We’ll have to wait a while longer for those~ However, we did get 2 new events. There is another ring available, a la Adventurer Ring! Also, on the 16th, two new events will begin. The Ancient Artifact Hunt event will return, and a new one, Gaga’s Watermelon!

A couple of cash related things were added. A while back, you could buy Hawkeye or Oz packages, which came with a mysterious sticker. They finally have a use! You can give them to Cassandra to receive a 90 day Cygnus Chariot mount~

Also, a ‘set bonus’ was added for Unicorn Esel and Unicorn Tiel. Whenever you have both of them equipped, you gain access to the Unicorn Bjorn riding skill.

A special new Cash item was added, the Share Name Tag. It is very similar to the Scissors of Karma and the Platinum Scissors of Karma, however, this item allows you to share one untradeable item to another character on your account through the storage one time. Don’t get too excited though, it will only work on event items, and only on the ones listed in its description. Currently, it can only be used on the Saint Saver Earrings.

Read below the cut for specifics on the events!

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