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kMSt ver. 1.2.389 – Mercedes!

June 30, 2011 87 comments

Today a new patch was released to Tespia, and the new job Mercedes is available! Sadly, I don’t have a Tespia account right now (I hope I get in to the coming term!) but I have covered all the skills!

Everyone’s speed has been increased by 20%. The Quick Move system has been added. Click a button on the minimap and you can choose to be moved straight to a useful NPC on the map! All the quests in Victoria Island have been reorganized! They are now very good exp for those under level 30!

The Legend Festival has begun! Many items are available for purchase for Legend Coins in the Legend Store! A full AP reset, SP reset, advanced scrolls, many Legend weapons, many Legend scrolls, and many equipment are on sale! For more information, see my previous post.

The profession system was improved greatly. All levels of every profession now need half the amount of experience, and all crafting gives double experience. The amount of fatigue you have each day has been increased from 100 to 200. Fatigue replenishes itself faster now. You can now buy an Advanced or Expert ticket from Menz for the new hidden mining/herb rooms. Also, when crafting, you can now make more than 1 item at once. For example, if you have the materials to make 10 bronze plates, instead of making each one separately, just input 10 when it asks and you’ll make them all at once!

Many, many, MANY new items are now available to be crafted. Things like the White Angelic Bless ring, which gives 10 to all stats and 12 attack, and this Dominator Pendant, which gives 35 to all stats, 10% HP and MP, 5 attack and magic attack, and 15 speed and 10 jump! There are even potions that give invincibility, droprate/experience increases, and resistance to states!

The terrain of Nautilus Harbour has completely changed. Every single map has been reorganized! For example, here is the new interior of the Nautilus. In Henesys, the terrain was slightly changed. Two new monsters have been added in the Golem Temple area, Fire Mix Golem and Ice Mix Golem.

The third unicorn pet was added, Unicorn Genie! If you have all 3 Unicorn pets, you will gain access to the Pegasus Riding skill.

A new world will released with Cannon Shooter, it is called Legend. Another world will be released soon, when Mercedes is available to the regular server.

Please check past the cut for the skills of the legendary Hero Mercedes and more information about this patch!

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