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kMS ver. 1.2.135 – Cannon Shooter Build-up & Events

June 22, 2011 27 comments

Another patch without Cannon Shooter! However, we now know when they will be released! On July 7th, the Cannon Shooter job will finally be available! Look forward to it~

This patch added in all the skill changes for Cannon Shooter so far, along with the PQ limit and the Event Calendar! Note: you can do EACH party quest 10 times a day, not 10 party quests a day.

From your menu bar, you can select the Event option, or from your keyboard, press the V key.

You will see a new window that shows you every single ongoing and upcoming event, along with their prizes! You can click the calender to see which days the events run from.

Read below the cut for information on the new events, including the Cannon Shooter’s preview event~

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