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kMSt ver. 1.2.387 – Cannon Shooter Tutorial

June 21, 2011 6 comments

You can advance as a Cannon Shooter job through Kyrin. Also, a new part of Maple Island was found! The Cannon Shooter’s tutorial area, Coco Island, is only open to Cannon Shooters. You can see the entire tutorial here! My favourite part is when you’re shot out of the cannon~

A new beginner skill was added for Cannon Shooters, Pirate’s Bless, which permanently adds 15 to all stats and 5% HP & MP.

You can now only do each party quest 10 times a day… why would you do this Nexon?! How will we level up now?!

The boss of the “Dragon Rider” party quest now drops an item called a Dragon Scale, which is now the item for the party quest. You can trade them in to Matata for equipment! It costs 10 scales for each piece. Speaking of which, the durability of all items has been increased and the price to repair them has gone down.

Androids cannot be sold to an NPC anymore. This is to fix the glitch where you would sell them and repurchase them for newly randomized hair and eyes.

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