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kMS ver. 1.2.199 – Dual Blade, Cannon Shooter & Boss Arena!

ver. 1.2.199

The final patch of the RED update has been released, bringing with it the long-awaited special changes to Dual Blade and Cannon Shooter. In addition, there is new player vs player content, Boss Arena and a theme dungeon with a new concept.

Dual Blade

1st Job (Dual Blade)

Sharp Slash Effect

  • Sharp Slash Sharp Slash: effect and icon have been renewed
  • Dark Sight Dark Sight: you can now use Flash Jump while in Dark Sight, using Flash Jump will not cancel Dark Sight
  • Flash Jump Icon Flash Jump: existing Double Jump effect has been increased to Triple Jump (this means you can now use Flash Jump up to 2 times while in the air)

1st Job+ (Semi Dualer)

  • Tornado Spin Tornado Spin: now if linked with Flying Assaulter, monsters will be pushed forward properly

2nd Job (Dualer)

  • Karma Karma: Karma’s attack buff will now stack with other attack buffs

2nd Job+ (Dual Master)

  • Flash Bang Flash Bang: now any monsters affected by Flash Bang will take 10% increased damage from all of Dual Blader’s skills

3rd Job (Slasher)

Blade Ascension Effect

  • Blade Ascension NEW! Blade Ascension: Attack up to 6 enemies for 175% damage 3 times while rising into the air. This skill can be linked with level 10+ Flying Assaulter to create a quick and seamless attack. (max level: 20)

Bloody Storm Effect

  •  Bloody Storm Bloody Storm: effect and icon have been renewed

4th Job (Dual Blader)

Blade Fury Effect

  • Blade Fury Blade Fury: range has been increased, effect and icon have been renewed

Phantom Blow Effect

  • Phantom Blow Phantom Blow: range has been increased, effect and icon have been renewed
  • Dummy Effect Dummy Effect: you will no longer have to stand still to use this skill, Dummy Effect no longer cancels Mirror Imaging, Dummy Effect’s health has been decreased from 20000 to 19000, in addition to existing effects when Dummy Effect is destroyed Shadow Evasion will instantly activate (when fighting powerful bosses, installing Dummy Effect will be useful to dodge powerful attacks)
  • Final Cut Final Cut: distance moved when this skill is used has been increased greatly, invincibility duration has been increased from 2 to 3 seconds
  • Sudden Raid Sudden Raid: number of hits has been increased from 1 to 3

Maple Warrior Effect

  • Maple Warrior Maple Warrior: effect has been renewed

Hero's Will Effect

  • Hero's Will Hero’s Will: effect has been renewed


  • Hidden Blade Hidden Blade: in addition to existing effects, Hidden Blade now gives 10% total damage
  • Blade Fury - Reinforce NEW! Blade Fury – Reinforce: Blade Fury’s damage is increased by 20%. [required level: 155]
  • Blade Fury - Ignore Guard NEW! Blade Fury – Ignore Guard: Blade Fury’s defense ignored is increased. [required level: 177]
  • Blade Fury - Extra Target NEW! Blade Fury – Extra Target: Blade Fury’s number of monsters hit is increased by 2. [required level: 195]
  • Sudden Raid - Cooltime Reduce REMOVED! Sudden Raid – Reinforce
  • Sudden Raid - DoT Reinforce REMOVED! Sudden Raid – DoT Reinforce
  • Sudden Raid - Cooltime Reduce REMOVED! Sudden Raid – Cooltime Reduce

Cannon Shooter

1st Job (Pirate) Monkey Push Effect Monkey Push

  • Monkey Push NEW! Monkey Push: While in the air, press jump to jump once more. This skill can be used during Cannon Jump. (max level: 5)
  • Cannon Splasher Cannon Splasher: number of monsters hit has been increased from 3 to 6
  • Gigantic Backstep Gigantic Backstep: you can now use this skill during Cannon Jump, max level has been decreased to 10

2nd Job (Cannon Shooter)

Slug Shot Effect

  • Slug Shot Slug Shot: effect and icon have been renewed

Third Job (Cannon Blaster)

Monkey Furious Effect

  • Monkey Furious NEW! Monkey Furious: Launch a cannon ball at up to 10 enemies in front of you, dealing 180% damage 3 times. The cannon ball will go through them without exploding but will mark them with a ‘Gunpowder’ debuff. Debuffed monsters will take 200% damage every second for 20 seconds and will take 20% increased damage from all of Cannon Shooter’s skills. There is a cooldown of 10 seconds. (required skill: level 20 Monkey Rush Boom) (max level: 20)

Cannon Spike Effect

  • Cannon Spike Cannon Spike: damage has been increased from 220% to 240%, effect and icon have been renewed

Cannon Jump Effect

  • Cannon Jump Cannon Jump: this skill can now be activated by pressing ↑ + jump while in the air, distance moved has been increased, during this skill you can use Monkey Push or Gigantic Backstep, you can use this skill after Monkey Push, effect has been renewed
  • Shooter's Counterattack Shooter’s Counterattack: you no longer wield your cannon when this skill activates, this skill’s activation will no longer interrupt movements, damage has been increased from 160% to 200%, effect and icon have been renewed
  • Monkey Power Boom REMOVED! Monkey Power Boom

Fourth Job (Cannon Master)

Cannon Bazooka Effect

  • Cannon Bazooka Cannon Bazooka: effect and icon have been renewed

Cannon Buster Effect

  • Cannon Buster Cannon Buster: range has been increased, missile speed has been increased, damage has been increased from 415% to 600%, delay has been increased from 810ms to 900ms, in addition to existing effects Cannon Buster now ignores 20% of an enemy’s defense, effect and icon have been renewed
  • Overburning Cannon Overburning Cannon: damage boost has been increased from 40% to 50%

Maple Warrior Effect

  • Maple Warrior Maple Warrior: effect has been renewed

Hero's Will Effect

  • Hero's Will Hero’s Will: effect has been renewed

Hyper Rolling Cannon Rainbow Effect

  • Rolling Cannon Rainbow Rolling Cannon Rainbow: this skill has been changed from a keydown to an installation, meaning Cannon Shooter can now move around and attack after placing it, it will not activate Damage Reflect

Thanks to Locked of Southperry for skill animations!

Dimensional Library

A new type of theme dungeon, the Dimensional Library has been opened! It’s a living, breathing record of events that occurred in Maple World! Each book is filled with stories that no one has ever known, come to the Library and read them~

Through the Dimensional Mirror

You can access the Dimensional Library through the Dimensional Mirror, if you are level 100 or above.

Library of Dimensions

By talking to the skylark Rita, you can enter a book! This will allow you to directly experience important events that have occurred in the past in Maple World~

Say goodbye to existing theme dungeons’ quests of hunting monsters or collecting items, the Dimensional Library is different. You will become the main character in each of these stories!

The librarian Thales will hand you three books to choose from (you have to do them in order though).

Episode 1 White Mage

Episode 1: White Mage – hundreds of years ago, there was a genius magician who studied light magic in Maple World. But… where is he now?

This part will feature a Monologue Mode, where you can read the thoughts of characters and click to further the story.

Episode 2 How to Become an Empress

Episode 2: How to Become an Empress – the next in the Empress of Ereb’s lineage, a nervous little girl appears. Can she really be an Empress?

In this part, you’ll have to help Cygnus work on her traits so she’ll be confident in herself!

Episode 3 Black Witch

Episode 3: Black Witch – it has been reported that the Black Wings are planning to assassinate Empress Cygnus! Investigate the disappearance of Dunamis and find out who is causing all of this!

This part features many minigames in which you’ll have to participate in to chase after the culprit.

Chaser of the White Mage Empress Maker Hobby of Reading Books Pendant Slot Expansion Mastery Book 20

For each Episode you complete, you’ll get a medal! The first two are called Chasing the White Mage and Empress Maker, which give the same stats (4 to all stats, 160 HP and MP). The third is the Hobby of Reading Books medal and it gives 4 to all stats, 175 HP and MP, and 1 attack/magic attack.

You’ll also get a 21 Day Pendant Expansion Slot for completing all 3 Episodes, and you can extend its duration by 7 days by finding a Piece of Story from monsters inside the theme dungeon. This Pendant slot can be extended up to 3 times (so you can get at most 42 days of an extra Pendant slot).

And you’ll also receive a Mastery Book 20.

Boss Arena Notification

A new type of player versus player content, Boss Arena is now open! Click the icon and talk to Spiegelmann to join the waiting list, where you’ll be automatically matched with another player who is close to your level/rank.

Choosing a Boss, Handicap, Skills

There will be two rounds, one where you control the boss and one where you fight the boss (controlled by the other player). First, you’ll have to choose the boss you wish to play, choose 2 of 4 common skills, and your handicap.

With a higher handicap, your boss’s defenses will be lowered and your opponent will do more damage, but you’ll gain better prizes at the end if you win.

Boss Arena Bosses

The bosses that you can choose from are Magnus, Ani, Arkarium, Dragonica, Cygnus, and Van Leon.

Using Boss Skills

Each boss has 3 attacking skills, 3 regular skills, and the 2 common skills you picked beforehand. They’ll be put on hotkeys for you and they each have cooldowns, so use them wisely!

Players will not be able to use their job’s movement skills but will be given a Flash Jump which can be used up to 10 times per round. You cannot use any potions, pets, Androids, or change equipment/hotkeys while inside.

Winning Boss Arena

To win, you’ll have to either exhaust all 10 of the other player’s Death Count (if you are controlling the boss) or defeat the boss and get his health to 0 (if you are fighting the boss). You have 5 minutes to do it.

If after 5 minutes, no winner has been found, one will automatically be chosen based on the remaining Death Count and HP of the boss.

Boss Arena Results

After both rounds have been completed, an overall winner will be chosen and you’ll be able to see the number of rounds you won, the Death Points you got, and the level of you and your opponent.

Boss Arena Ranking System

There is a ranking system for Boss arena, based on your wins and losses! It goes from C rank all the way to S.

Boss Arena Emblem

And obviously, there’s an item you can get for participating in Boss Arena, it’s the Boss Arena Emblem! This is a special emblem because you can wear it on any character (for jobs that did not receive an Emblem slot beforehand) AND it can receive additional options (unlike already existing ones)!

The Boss Arena Emblem begins at level 60 with 5 to all stats and 1 attack and magic attack. However, its stats will increase as your Boss Arena rank increases! This will not change the potential of the item.

The Emblem is given to you after participating in Boss Arena 10 times.

Brutal Flame of Reincarnation

Also, for every 3 wins in Boss Arena, you’ll receive a Brutal Flame of Reincarnation which resets the additional options on your Emblem at a 100% chance.

Kritias Map

They also made some slight changes to Kritias. The number of monsters that spawn in each map has been adjusted and the health and experience of all monsters has been increased! Great change because they actually gave trash exp before haha.

RED Thank You Event

The first event is the RED Thank You event! Until August 19, you can log in and receive the R.E.D. title which gives 2 attack and magic attack, 1 all stats, and 100 HP and MP. You’ll also get the RED Treasure Box which can give one of the following items. This box can be opened once per day until the end of the RED update~

  • 60% Chaos Scroll
  • 60% Miraculous Chaos Scroll
  • 50% Positive Chaos Scroll
  • 50% Innocent Scroll
  • 10% Clean SLate Scroll
  • Gold Potential Stamp
  • Advanced Enhancement Scroll
  • RED Armor Enhancement Scroll
  • Special Potential Scroll
  • Magic Powder (purple)
  • Essence of Creation
  • Superior Item Crystal

In addition, each day you’ll get 2 2x Drop Coupons! This is in addition to the 2 2x Experience Coupons that you are already receiving~

Mysterious Ice Box

The Mysterious Ice Box event has been updated with new prizes, including the past three types of equipment, RED Coins, love letters, potions, and the Lucky Coin Box which gives some RED Coins.

Summer Attendance Check Season 4

Season 4 of the Summer Attendance Check event has begun and will run until August 28! This time, you’ll have to collect 30 Bright Suns from monsters around your level each day.

Attendance Check Prizes

And for the number of days that you participate, you’ll get prizes~

  • 1 day: 10 Power Elixirs
  • 3 days: 3 RED Coins
  • 5 days: 5 RED Coins
  • 7 days: Lv. 20 Weapon Liberation Key
  • 9 days: 30 RED Coins
  • 11 days: Advanced Equipment Enhancement Scroll
  • 14 days: 70 RED Coins

2013 Summer Achievements Season 4

Season 4 of the 2013 Summer Achievements event has also begun and will run until August 28. There are 6 achievements for you to accomplish, and for each one you’ll get a title!

  • Owls and Monkeys’ Time: get the “I’m Not Old” medal on a Cannon Shooter or Dual Blade (1 all stats title)
  • Start! Boss Arena!: get the Boss Arena emblem (1 attack and magic attack title)
  • Hot Summer’s Final Gift: participate in a RED Hot Time (50 defense and magic defense title + 2 RED Coins)
  • Ice Gogo: open 20 Mysterious Ice RED Boxes (10 accuracy title + 5 RED Coins)
  • Day after Day: complete 5 days of the attendance check (2 all stats title)
  • Remembering the Red Summer: complete all other achievements (7 all stats, 175 HP and MP, 7 attack and magic attack medal, stats expire after 2 weeks)

Star Star Festival Season 10

The 10th annual Star Star Festival has begun and will run until August 27! You’ll have until September 1 to claim prizes.

If you’re not familiar with this event, basically you have to log in and hold a Pinwheel for 30 minutes. This will give you one Star Star Stamp, and you can collect up to 8 per day. Then, you can trade in these stamps on the MapleStory homepage for both in-game and real life prizes!

Star Star Festival Prizes

Each item requires a certain number of stamps and they each open for trading on different dates/times. Each item has a limited quantity (which I am too lazy to list), so if you want something you should log on fast to get the items you want!

  • 15 Power Elixirs – 3 stamps (opens on August 13 at 6PM)
  • 7 day Bee Train Riding Coupon – 5 stamps (opens on August 13 at 6PM)
  • Revolution Weapon (choose one based on your job, cannot be used on Zero) – 10 stamps (opens on August 14 at 6PM)
  • Miracle Circulator – 15 stamps (opens on August 14 at 6PM)
  • 50% 5 Star Enhancement Scroll (50% destruction rate) – 20 stamps (opens on August 15 at 6PM)
  • 10th Anniversary Black Cape – 20 stamps (opens on August 15 at 6PM)
  • 5 Artisan’s Cubes – 20 stamps (opens on August 15 at 6PM)
  • 2 Master’s Cubes – 25 stamps (opens on August 16 at 6PM)
  • 50% Miraculous Positive Chaos Scroll – 30 stamps (opens on August 16 at 6PM)
  • Return Scroll – 30 stamps (opens on August 16 at 6PM)
  • 10th Anniversary Black Pendant – 30 stamps (opens on August 16 at 6PM)
  • Eternal Flame of Reincarnation – 35 stamps (opens on August 17 at 6PM)
  • 20% Clean Slate Scroll – 40 stamps (opens on August 17 at 6PM)
  • 90% RED Weapon Scroll for Attack/Magic Attack (gives 9 attack or magic attack) – 40 stamps (opens on August 17 at 6PM)
  • 50% Perfect Innocent Scroll – 45 stamps (opens on August 18 at 6PM)
  • Protect Shield – 50 stamps (opens on August 19 at 6PM)
  • Trendy Royal Hair Coupon – 50 stamps (opens on August 19 at 6PM)
  • Fafnir Weapon (random, is not based on your job) – 80 stamps (opens on August 22 at 6PM)
  • Tyrant Armor (random shoes, cape or belt, is not based on your job) – 80 stamps (opens on August 22 at 6PM)
  • Happy Money 10,000 won Gift Certificate – 5 stamps (lottery) (opens on August 13 at 6PM)
  • Nexus 7 2nd Generation – 7 stamps (lottery) (opens on August 13 at 6PM)
  • LG XNOTE Tapbook – 7 stamps (lottery) (opens on August 13 at 6PM)
  • 3,000,000 won Travel Voucher – 10 stamps (lottery) (opens on August 14 at 6PM)

Maple Museum King Season 3

The Maple Museum King season 3 event has begun and will run until September 11.

Maple Museum UI

Like before, collect items from monsters to fill out the three exhibits in the Maple Museum! You can complete all 3 up to 3 times per day.

Museum King Prizes

Each time you complete all 3 exhibits, you’ll get a buff (7 attack and magic attack, 15 attack and magic attack, or 20 attack and magic attack and 10 speed and jump) for 30 minutes and a certain number of Museum King Treasure Boxes, which can be opened for the above prizes.

  • 60% Miraculous Chaos Scroll
  • 50% Positive Chaos Scroll
  • Advanced Equipment Enhancement Scroll
  • 60% Chaos Scroll
  • Enhancement Scroll
  • Basic Additional Potential Stamp
  • Personality trait items
  • Mysterious Love Letters
  • potions

2013 RED Summer Time

The 2013 RED Summer Time event has begun and will run until August 28. Stay logged in for 30 minutes and you’ll get a special item! This includes the RED Flame of Reincarnation, a 50% RED Accessory Enhancement Scroll, 3 RED Coins, 2 Star Enhancements, and some buffs.

Dual Blade & Cannon Shooter, Start of a New Adventure! Equipment Support

The Dual Blade & Cannon Shooter, Start of a New Adventure! event has begun and will run until September 11. For all Cannon Shooters and Dual Blades (even if they were made before), you will get special equipment boxes at level 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, and 70.

I'm Not Old

And secondly, based on your current level, you’ll have to level up a certain amount of times to get an Epic on reveal secondary weapon (level 100) and the I’m Not Old! medal which gives 5 to all stats and 5 attack and magic attack (the stats will expire).

For example, if you are level 59 or less, you will have to get to level 75 but if you are level 60~69, you need to gain 15 levels. This event applies to both new and old DBs and CS.

August 17 Hot Time

Finally, there’s a Hot Time on August 17! Be logged in at 2:30 PM on that date to receive the following prizes:

  • Character Slot Coupon
  • 3 Monster Capture Rate Increasing Coupon
  • Free Advancement Coin
  • 50% RED Accessory Enhancement Scroll (gives 1 attack and magic attack)
  • 50% Positive Chaos Scroll
  • 20 RED Coins

If you are lucky, you’ll receive one of the following items as well!

  • Tyrant Cloak
  • White Angelic Bless
  • Zero Android
  • Random Adventurer hair coupon
  • 3 Artisan’s Cubes
  • Digitalize Damage Skin

Cockadoodle Package

In the Cash Shop, the new Cockadoodle Chicken package has been released for 9,900 Cash. It comes with a hat, overall, weapon, and gloves.

Epi's Box Special Items

The Epi’s Box has had its special items updated, including the new Shark Log Ride chair, new mounts, and four Seal Cushions~ I want them!!

Pandora's Box Special Items

And the Pandora’s Box was also updated, to include high level equipment, Loveless weapons, Scarlet weapons, and Premium scrolls.

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      • .
        August 13, 2013 at 11:03 am

        Blade fury didn’t get nerfed, in fact it got buffed on bigger AoE (150% ->200%) and shorter delay (810ms -> 720ms)

        Also, blade fury was VERY weak to begin with. Making it faster was a solution I guess.

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    Battle mode I would so pick the empress and turn foes into pigs
    Also I hope they make a pet Pipsqueak Empress Cygnus

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    did you mean “50% 5 Star Enhancement Scroll” ?

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      I personally am quite content with both revamps of Dual blade and Cannoneer, and the new lvl 100 theme dungeon. Now that Red is hopefully finished, perhaps KMS will now give both Blaze Wizards and Nightwalkers the a proper overhaul akin to the other three Cygnus Knights, come September.
      As for 5th job, I really doubt that they will be coming out until Winter of this year since they have to give every class 5th job skills in additionto the Cygnus Knights they have yet to revamp. Finally, I personally feel that Mikhail and Mechanic no not need a revamp as they are already strong as is.

      • Anonymous
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    Please please pleeease.

    Sure I could just remake the character but it would be very nice and convenient. Just saying.

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    I believe they said we won’t be getting fifth job for quite some time as it takes time to develop one for every single job in Maplestory, including one for the Cygnus Knights that have yet to receive a revamp, so please have patience. My source for this comes from Spadow.
    “I’ll begin to say that nothing of the 5th Job Advancement was said. In late May, Nexon had announced in an interview that they were working on the development of 5th Job. However, because of the large amount of work and detail that has to be spent on the skills it will take some time. My take on it is that we will probably see something around winter.”

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    Anonymous :
    Boss arena needs to die , just tried it and is retard-ish , you don’t really control the boss only tell him which skills to use , he moves by himself. Oh and the bosses hit so hard you’re prolly gonna have to go full range mode when it’s your turn without boss….

    learn to boss arena ok

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  40. Bob
    August 19, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    I have a question that I would like the community to answer. Which class do you guys think is better and why: paladin or dual blade. I can decide which I should make my main so I would appreciate it if you could help me out

    • Anonymous
      August 20, 2013 at 8:56 am

      Actually u should never decide based on other opinion, find one job that suits you or u like the most 🙂 DB if u wan fast attack, Pala if u wan elemental attacks, well at least that how I main my pala way before Legends. If u cant decide, try them both:)

  41. Mugen
    August 19, 2013 at 10:09 pm

    I see they’re still not done fucking Walkers and Wizards in the ass. About how many more classes need to be revamped/added before they finish updating the Cygnus Knights?

    • Mugen
      August 19, 2013 at 10:11 pm

      Also, Mechs. No revamp for them either?

      • Kevin
        August 19, 2013 at 10:56 pm

        Mechs are pretty strong they dont really need a revamp unless they are putting to resistance link skills ¬¬

        • Mugen
          August 20, 2013 at 7:46 pm

          Regardless of being pretty strong, which they haven’t been since they were nerfed shortly after their release, Mechs are the only Resistance class to not receive a shiny new coat of pimp. Slayer (in the form of Avenger), Xenon, Bams and even Wild Hunters all received special attention from Nexon. Mechs, on the other hand, have been almost as ignored as Night Walkers. It’s about time they were redesigned with less steampunk, more super robot cliches and a healthy dose of gar glasses. Also, a jetpack like Xenon’s. Alternatively, powered armor might be more appropriate. Still, when’s the last time Mech’s had their obligatory yearly buffing?

  42. Anonymous
    August 19, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    Eh its meh

  43. ju yeoung lee (s. Korea)
    August 21, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    last!! yeah no one can beat that!!

  44. Anonymous
    August 21, 2013 at 10:27 pm


  45. August 21, 2013 at 10:32 pm

    did kms died or something its been almost more than a week and that’s not normal for maplestory!!!!

  46. Anonymous
    August 25, 2013 at 11:03 pm


  47. Anon
    August 29, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Blade Ascension? Isn’t that Upper Stab?

  48. September 16, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    Hello there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and
    say I truly enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover
    the same topics? Thanks for your time!

  49. triplecharged
    October 22, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    Hey max I am the creator of the Basil Market Cannoneer Guide and would like to update the information to the RED update. I was wondering if you would allow me to use your info and some images you have to edit my guide. If you want to contact me personally just go to the Basil Market Cannoneer Guide and private message my account, its the blue shroom dude.

  50. hans
    January 3, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    para cuando llega esta actualizacion===???? GMS

  51. Sea
    January 7, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    Does it mean that we don’t hv to purchase DB skill book in cash shop anymore? =D

  52. Anonymous
    January 24, 2014 at 3:25 am

    Wait, cannoneers have maple warrior?

    • wth
      February 7, 2014 at 6:53 am

      Yeah o.o

    • lol
      February 11, 2014 at 3:26 am

      It’s funny you didn’t know that.

  53. idolevko
    March 16, 2014 at 11:59 am

    if i open dual blade now i will miss the equip for lvl 100 i will open him with job advence coin i will miss something?

  54. LinChai
    March 28, 2014 at 3:37 am

    Max!!! I bawled like a baby when I went through the White Mage’s story! Why didn’t you warn us it would be so sad? D;
    The stories were so good though! :’D

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