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kMS ver. 1.2.206 – MapleStory You & I: ORIGIN!

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The first patch of the You & I, ORIGIN has been released! It includes a lot of changes to the game’s basic systems and battle systems as well!

The SEED Preview

Oh yeah, the homepage updated so there’s a small teaser of what the third You & I update, The SEED will bring. It’s supposed to include the dungeons with new challenges.

Elite Monster's Appearance

Elite Monsters have been added. If you meet certain conditions, an Elite Monster will appear! They are two times as large as regular monsters and they’ll have increased health, damage, and experience. They’ll use one of a random set of skills.

When defeated, Elite Monsters will drop enhanced rewards of the monster it was, and if its level 110 or higher, it will also drop Rare~Epic equipment, Cubes and Flames of Reincarnation, Golden Hammers, or Protection Scrolls.

Elite Boss' Appearance

Elite Bosses have also been added! If you meet certain conditions, an Elite Boss will appear. When they do, all other monsters will disappear and only Elite Monsters will remain. When an Elite Boss spawns, all nearby maps will receive a message showing which map it is in.

Elite Boss Bonus Stage

After defeating an Elite Boss, a bonus stage will trigger. In this bonus stage, you can get a large amount of experience and mesos, Rare~Unique equipment less than level 120, various Cubes and Flames of Reincarnation, Additional Potential Stamps, Epic Potential Scrolls, or Protection Scrolls.

Using a Rune

The Rune system has been added! After certain periods of time, Runes will spawn in fields. By pressing <Space Bar> (NPC Chat) on a Rune, you will be given an input command to enter in order to gain the effects of the Rune. You cannot use any other Runes until 10 minutes has passed. Runes have a variety of effects, but one common one they have is that they will give you 2x experience for 2 minutes. In addition, depending on the type of Rune, you’ll get one of the following:

  • Rune of Speed Rune of Speed: for 2 minutes, your speed and attack speed will be increased
  • Rune of Energy Rune of Energy: for 2 minutes, you will heal 10% of your HP every second, gain 20% resistance to elements, and receive 20% less damage from monsters
  • Rune of Decay Rune of Decay: Instantly kill any enemies around you and for 2 minutes, gain 50% damage
  • Rune of Destruction Rune of Destruction: for 15 seconds, all monsters’ HP will be reduced by 10% and for 2 minutes, gain 50% damage

New Damage Effect

The display of damage effects has been changed. In the options you can now choose between the existing and new damage effects. It basically makes damage ‘fade out’ by moving up and becoming smaller. It also applies to damage taken.

New Level Up

The level up animation has also been updated! Thanks to Spadow for the gif~

Multikill and Combo Kills

Combo Kill and Multi Kill systems have been added. When you kill 3 or more monsters in one skill, it counts as a Multi Kill, and when you kill many monsters in a row, it counts as Combo Kills. Based on your Multi Kill and Combo Kill streaks, you’ll receive bonus experience from monsters.

Party bonus experience has been increased. Instead of being in only specific maps, party play bonuses will now be available in all maps! If you have 2 or more members in a party, your bonus experience increase proportionally. It will range from 125% to 275% based on the number of party members.

If your party attacks the same monster, its experience will be increased in proportion to the number of party members, up to 3 people. This system will be restricted or reduced in certain content however.

Party Matching System

simple party matching system has been added. In level appropriate maps, a party invitation message will appear. You can choose to use or not use this system in your options.

Field monsters’ health and experience have been increased. Any monsters below level 100 have had their HP increased by 2x and their experience by 1.2x. Monsters above level 100 have had their HP increased by 2~9x and their experience increased by 1.2~4x.

The period of invincibility after being attacked has been reduced.

Your damage to monsters will now be affected by the difference in their level and yours. If they are lower level than you, your damage will be increased by a certain percentage but if they are higher than you, then your damage will be reduced.

The maximum stat cap has been raised. You can now have more than 999 in one stat. Any characters above level 197 (194 for Evans, doesn’t include Demon Avengers) have had all of their AP reset.

Skill Changes

Based on the changes to monsters’ HP and experience, instant kill skills have been adjusted.

  • Extreme Magic (IL) Ice/Lightning Archmage – Extreme Magic (I/L): chance of instant death has been decreased from 15% to 10%
  •  Ranger – Mortal Blow: chance of instant death has been decreased from 15% to 10%
  • Advanced Charge Paladin – Advanced Charge: chance of instant death has been decreased from 10% to 5%
  • Beholder's Revenge Dark Knight – Beholder’s Revenge: chance of instant death has been decreased from 30% to 10%
  • Dark Impale Dark Knight – Dark Impale: chance of instant death has been decreased from 10% to 2%
  • Battleship Bomber Captain – Battleship Bomber: chance of instant death has been decreased from 100% to 20%
  • Blue Streak Kaiser – Blue Streak: chance of instant death has been decreased from 25% to 10%
  • Advanced Earth Break Zero – Advanced Earth Break: chance of instant death has been decreased from 20% to 10%
  • Advanced Storm Break Zero – Advanced Storm Break: chance of instant death has been decreased from 10% to 5%
  • Don't Block my Way Soul Weapon – Get out of my Way

Other skills that have instant kill effects but have not been changed may be adjusted or replaced in later balance patches. These include:

  • Final Cut Dual Blade – Final Cut: this skill has a long cooldown, so the instant death usage is low
  • Highkick Demolition Mercedes – High Kick Demolition: chance of instant death is low
  • Absolute Kill Luminous – Absolute Kill: 100% chance to instantly kill an enemy is the main concept of the skill
  • Sniping Marksman – Sniping: 100% chance to instantly kill an enemy and no cooldown is currently the concept of the skill. By collecting data after the patch, effect might be changed.
  • Head Shot Captain – Headshot: see Sniping
  •  Wild Hunter character card effect: chance to activate is very low

Restricted Victoria Island World Map

Some hunting maps’ terrain has been changed. Some areas have been temporarily closed.

  • Cursed Forest
  • Nautilus Waterfront
  • Florina Beach
  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • Kerning Square
  • Chryse
  • Cherry Blossom Castle
  • Omega Sector
  • Korean Folk Town
  • Terra Forest

Victoria Island’s taxi is now free. Some areas have had their monsters’ levels and stats adjusted.

  • Victoria Island
    • Henesys (except Mushroom Kingdom) – level 10~19
    • Perion – level 20~25, 60~65
    • Ellinia (except Cursed Forest and Fairy Academy Elinel) – level 25~29
    • Kerning City (except Kerning Square) – level 43~50
    • Gold Beach – level 35~45
    • Riena Strait – level 51~55
    • Sleepywood – level 66~70
  • El Nath Mountains
    • Orbis (except Chryse) – level 70~75
    • Orbis Tower – level 76~77
    • El Nath – level 78~80, 117~132
  • Ludus Lake
    • Eos Tower – level 93~98
    • Elin Forest – level 98~102
    • Clocktower – level 112~122
    • Fantastic Theme Park – level 121~125
  • Aqua Road areas (except Cherry Blossom Castle) – level 75~82, 106~110
  • Minar Forest
    • Leafre (except Tera Forest and Colossus) – level 103~115
  • Mu Lung areas (except Golden Temple) – level 126~132
  • Nihal Desert
    • Ariant and Magatia – level 86~99
  • Edelstein
    • Leben Mine – level 81~85

The quests in these areas have had their starting levels adjusted accordingly. All quest experience has been increased, now if you want to level up fast, hunting while doing quests will be the best way!

Grandis World Map

Grandis’ world map has been added. Do you guys see what I see? A new area called Miu Miu! It of course has to do with the Anima race and EunWol.

Pointy Ear Fox Village

EunWol and Rang’s village is actually called the Pointy Ear Fox Village, haha.

Ariant Coliseum Cesar

Aswan Liberation War, Spiegelmann’s Strange Gallery, Ariant Coliseum, Monster Carnival, and all minidungeons have been temporarily closed. Some content’s required levels have been changed.

  • Meisterville – level 35
  • Hekaton – level 60
  • World merged party quests – level 70
  • Pyramid – level 80
  • Mu Lung Dojo – level 120
  • Root Abyss – level 125
  • Monster Park, Monster Park Extreme – level 100
  • Normal/Chaos Zakum – level 90

Balrog Weapon

The Devil Balrog can only be fought by those level 65 to 100 now, but no skills will be restricted. In addition, his drops have had their stats increased. The two types of shoes give 3 to all stats, 1 attack and magic attack, and the weapons will give the same as a regular weapon but have an additional slot.

Zakum Entrance Changes

Zakum’s prequests and conditions have been reorganized. You can now fight Zakum in all channels, and the Zakum expedition has been deleted, you must now enter with a party. Anyone level 50 or higher can talk to the job advancers in El Nath to be instantly teleported to the Door to Zakum. They will also give you Zakum’s All Cure Potions.

Easy Zakum‘s HP has been increased by 2x. Normal Zakum‘s HP has been decreased to 1/4 of what it used to be.

Prequest Changes

You no longer need to do stage 1 or 2 of the Zakum prequests (they give only experience and mesos now), Adobis will give you Eyes of Fire and Eye of Fire Fragments. You can now only enter Zakum’s altar twice per day, regardless of mode. Easy/Normal/Chaos Zakum’s entry limits now reset at midnight.

Maple Tutorial

The Maple Tutorial has been added! It is available for users level 10 to 140, and will recommend quests, maps, and content based on your level. Quests recommended by the tutorial can be automatically started remotely, and you can also teleport to any recommended maps or content instantly.

The shortcut button below the minimap has been removed, you can now access that content through the new notification icon system which was added in a previous patch.

Using Scroll Traces

The scroll enhancement system has been changed. You can now use Scroll Traces to upgrade your items (I mentioned these in my last post from some events but I didn’t know what they were for, this is it!). These Scroll Traces can be found by hunting monsters level 20 or over, or by disassembling scrolls.

The higher the level of your equipment, the lower the success rate and the higher the amount of Scroll Traces that will be used to upgrade your item. These upgrades will take up slots just like regular scrolls but will not destroy your item if they fail. You can still use any other regular scrolls on your items if you want to.

A level 120 weapon gets 7 attack from the 30% scroll option. I’ve seen a Kage staff getting 5 magic attack from the 30% option, the level 120 Desperado getting 7 attack, and an Aluminum Bat getting 3 attack. The 30% option for a Root Abyss top (bowman) gave 7 DEX, 120 HP, and if the item has been upgraded 4 times it gives an extra 1 attack.

Additional Potential will only appear on items that already have regular Potential now.

Set Equipment

Equipment under level 100 have had set effects added! The set effects are based on 20 level intervals:

  • 2 items: 20 defense, magic defense, accuracy and avoid
  • 3 items: 1% HP and MP
  • 4 items: 1 stat and 1 attack/magic attack

So equipment level 10-20 will give the above, level 30-40 will give 2x the stats, 50-60 will give 3x, etc. I think this is a good change to make lower level equipment useful!

Field monsters’ equipment drop rate has been decreased. The selling price of equipment under level 110 has been increased. The fees to identify potential on equipment less than level 120 have been decreased. Equipment levels 30~70’s fees have been reduced by 75% and equipment levels 70~120’s fees have been reduced by 50%.

Dropped Equipment Potential Tiers

Dropped items now have a special effect to show the rank of the potential, this means you can now see the rank of an item’s potential without having to identify it!

Inner Ability Changes

Honor level has been removed. You can now reset your Inner Ability by using your Honor experience, and you can use it even if your Ability is Legendary rank. You can also use your Honor experience to lock an Ability’s rank or stats. The cost of resetting will depend on your rank and if you decide to lock the rank and any lines.

Current Circulators and Miracle Circulators will work the same as they do now. All Honor has been reset, but any characters from before this patch will receive 500 Honor experience for each Honor level they had.

Meisterville Farms

Meisterville now has herb and vein farms for every type of herb and vein (except the Heart Stone/Golden Flower/Secret and Legendary Herbs or Veins)! In addition, the entry limit has been removed and you no longer need tickets to enter.

You can now put any consumable boxes on quickslots instead of having to manually click them one by one. (thank you based god!)

Account Merged Buddies

The account buddy system has been added! Now, when you add a friend, you can choose for them to be listed as an ‘account buddy’, meaning all characters in the same world will share that person on their buddy lists. You can change your existing buddies into account buddies by right clicking on them and choosing the option. All account buddies can be given a nickname.

Buddy Nickname and Memo

All buddies can also be given a memo, so you can like remember who they are I guess.

A new system called offline login has been added. Now when you choose a character and put in your 2nd password, you can choose to ‘connect privately’, meaning your friends will not receive a popup that you logged in and you’ll appear offline in their buddy lists. You can also change your status while being logged in by clicking the option in the buddy window.

In accordance with the above two things, the buddy UI has been updated! Almost all the buttons have been moved into the right-click menu and you can now give nicknames to any account buddies you have.

Mileage Related

Mileage Shop

The new Mileage Shop has been opened and can be accessed through the Cash Shop. You can buy Cash items using 100% Mileage! Some items have a limit per Nexon ID, you cannot gift, trade, or pay-back items bought from the Mileage Shop.

  • Red Cube – 1200 Cash (limit of 10)
  • Epi’s Box – 350 Cash (limit of 10)
  • Protect Shield – 5500 Cash (limit of 5)
  • Safety Shield – 4900 Cash (limit of 5)
  • Platinum Karma Scissors – 5900 Cash (limit of 1)
  • Karma Scissors – 2700 Cash (limit of 1)
  • Little Star – 9900 Cash (limit of 1)
  • [Pet] Little Star’s Stars – 2500 Cash (limit of 1)
  • Milky Way Essence – 500 Cash (limit of 1)
  • Premium Water of Life – 1800 Cash (limit of 1)
  • Pet Name Tag – 1500 Cash (limit of 1)
  • Elizabeth Wig – 3200 Cash
  • Napoleon Hat – 3000 Cash
  • Elizabeth Dress – 3600 Cash
  • Napoleon Uniform – 3200 Cash
  • Elizabeth Gloves – 1100 Cash
  • Napoleon Cape – 1700 Cash
  • Napoleon Boots – 1500 Cash
  • Elizabeth Fan – 4900 Cash
  • Snake New Era – 2700 Cash
  • Athletic Hood – 2500 Cash
  • Cargo Hiphop Pants – 2000 Cash
  • Snake High Tops – 1500 Cash
  • Blood Ring – 500 Cash (limit of 3)
  • Miracle Circulator – 1900 Cash (limit of 3)
  • Wheel of Destiny (10) – 2000 Cash (limit of 1)
  • Safety Charm (10) – 3500 Cash (limit of 1)
  • Buff Freezer (10) – 2000 Cash (limit of 1)

In addition to regular methods of collecting Mileage, you can now defeat Elite Monsters and get Mileage Packages. These can be used up to 5 times per Maple ID and give 50~80 Mileage each.

Auction House Related

The base number of selling slots has been increased to 5. The base number of searches per day has been increased to 10. The basic sales commission has been decreased to 5%.

You & I Hot Time Season 1

On December 21 at 2:30 PM, the first season of the You & I Hot Time events will take place! Be logged in to receive a Hot Time Gift Box~

Hot Time 100% Items

You will receive the following items at a 100% chance:

  • Rudi’s Hat (Cash item)
  • Rudi’s Overalls (Cash item)
  • Rudolph’s Red Nose
  • 8 Slot Use Slot Coupon
  • Scroll Traces
  • Secret Chestnut Coin

Hot Time Lucky Items

If you’re lucky, you might receive one of the following:

  • 10th Anniversary Black Pendant
  • 100% Clean Slate Scroll
  • Meister Weapon Box
  • Inkwell Coin
  • Shiny U&I Badge

Shiny U&I Badge and Rudolph's Red Nose

The Shiny U&I Badge gives 10 to all stats, 300 HP and MP, 10 attack and magic attack, 10 speed and 20 jump. It can be traded with the Platinum Scissors of Karma.

Rudolph’s Red Nose gives 3 attack and magic attack with 7 slots, and it will also come with Additional Options! I don’t think it expires either.

Secret Chestnut Coin

The Secret Chestnut Coin is a bit special, it will give you a certain amount of Chestnut Coins based on the number of online friends you have when you use it.

  • 0~5: 10 Chestnut Coins
  • 6~10: 20 Chestnut Coins
  • 11~15: 30 Chestnut Coins
  • 16~20: 40 Chestnut Coins
  • 21 or more: 60 Chestnut Coins

You & I Hot Time Season 2


Season 2 of the You & I Hot Times will be on December 28!

Hot Time 100% Items (Season 2)


It gives the following items at a 100% chance:

  • Permanent Genie Riding Coupon
  • Mysterious Storm Growth Potion
  • 8 Slot Equipment Expansion Coupon
  • 100 Scroll Traces
  • 30 Chestnut Coins

Hot Time Lucky Items (Season 2)


If you’re lucky, you might get:

  • 10th Anniversary Black Pendant
  • Tyrant Cloak Coupon
  • Fafnir Weapon Box
  • Inkwell Coin
  • Shiny U&I Badge

Shiny U&I Badge and Mysterious Storm Growth Potion

The Mysterious Storm Growth Potion instantly levels you up… if you’re between level 100 to 199, LAME. On the bright side, it’s account tradeable.

Minigame Station Event

The Minigame Station is finally open and will stay open until January 15.

Minigame Station

The Minigame Station is a place you can go to by talking to Gemdi, the rapping dog. Here you can play a multitude of minigames! They work like all the new events, you join the queue and wait until there’s enough people to play.

Maple One Card

The first game is a new one, called Maple One Card.

Maple One Card Battle

I’m not gonna say I know anything about it, but it LOOKS like Uno? Maybe? I have no idea. But there’s a bunch of cards and some are Maple themed and it looks sorta cool.

After the game, you’ll get Chestnut Coins and Boxes based on how many people were playing and your rank.



Second up is the Mesoranger game.

Mesoranger Battle


I’m gonna assume you guys already know how this one works, you chose a difficulty and work together with other players to pilot the Mesodizer by inputting commands when they appear.

You’ll get Coins and Boxes based on the Mode that you chose and the rank you got in the end.

Maple Omok

There’s one we all know and love, Maple Omok!

Maple Omok Game


For those of you that are uneducated about the topic, Omok is a game in which you face someone else and try to get 5 in a row on a board while blocking the other person’s moves. Look, they used the updated UI finally! It’s been in the data since Big Bang haha.

For this game, if you win you’ll get two Spin the Wheel Tickets, one if you lose, and both players will get 1 if it ends in a draw.

Match Cards

Another one of our favourites, Match Cards is available to play!

Match Cards Game

Play against another person and try to get the most matched pairs of cards. Again, look, updated UI!

This one has the same prizes as Omok, two tickets if you win, one if you lose, and one for both if its a draw.

Spin Spin! Spin the Wheel


Finally, there’s Spin! Spin! Spin the Wheel! which was used in a previous anniversary.

Spin the Wheel

Using the tickets you gain from playing Omok and Match Cards, you can spin the wheel for prizes! Landing in the orange will give you a Chestnut Box, the pink will give you a Thinner Thinner! Wheel Box, and the purple will give the Jackpot Jackpot! Wheel Box.

Chestnut Box Items

The Chestnut Box can give one of the following:

  • 60% Miraculous Chaos Scroll
  • 60% Chaos Scroll
  • Silver Potential Stamp
  • 1 Day White Magician and Snow Riding Coupon
  • Chestnut Coin
  • 5 All Cure Potions
  • Mysterious Love Letter
  • Personality trait items
  • Baked Potato or 5 Chestnuts

Thinner Thinner and Jackpot Jackpot Boxes

The Thinner Thinner! box can give some chairs as well as the Action Book: Moonwalk Instructions, which lets your character do the moonwalk if you input the chat command /moonwalk!

The Jackpot Jackpot! box can give more chairs, as well as the Impactive Damage Skin.

Minigame Station Achievements

Finally, there’s a bunch of achievements you can do for all of these minigames. They’ll give a certain amount of Coins if you complete them.

  • Maple One Card
    • Clear 10 times – 5 Chestnut Coins
    • Clear 50 times – 10 Chestnut Coins
  • Mesoranger
    • Clear 10 times – 5 Chestnut Coins
    • Clear 50 times – 10 Chestnut Coins
  • Maple Omok
    • Win 20 times – 5 Chestnut Coins
    • Win 50 times – 10 Chestnut Coins
    • Win 100 times – 20 Chestnut Coins
  • Match Cards
    • Win 20 times – 5 Chestnut Coins
    • Win 50 times – 10 Chestnut Coins
    • Win 100 times – 20 Chestnut Coins

Bingo for Everyone Event

The next event is the Bingo for Everyone!! event and it ends on February 12.

Bingo UI


Every 10 minutes from 8am to 10pm, you’ll be invited to play with 5~100 other people! It will play out like any other Bingo game, Gemdi will yell out numbers and you’ll have to cross them out on your board.

However, only the first 30 people to call Bingo will win!

Bingo Prizes

For participating, everyone will get one Spin the Wheel Ticket.

You’ll also get a certain number of Chestnut Coins based on your rank (10 coins for 1st, 5 coins for 2nd~5th, 3 coins for 6th~10th, 1 coin for 11th~30th).

Cash Wardrobe Item Moving Event

Something we’ve all been waiting for a long time (although I’d prefer it to be permanent) is the Cash Wardrobe Item Moving event! It runs until January 16.

Moving Cash Items

It’s very easy, you just go into the Cash Shop, put any item you wish to move over into the Cash Storage, right click and choose the option Move through Account. It will then let you choose one of your characters to move the item into that character’s Cash Storage.

I know for sure it works with equipment and pets, so it probably works for most if not all items.

Mileage Shop Grand Opening!

Finally, the Mileage Shop Grand Opening! event will run until December 25. All Maplers will receive 5,000 Mileage for free (once per Nexon account)!

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    But in any case, thank you Max for giving us all the info o/

    • LordSE
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      All this will evolve to is a bunch of people AFK-leeching while one superfunded hardcore player will take care of the monsters. Basically just like what people did in LHC.

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    Just wondering, do you have a link to the monster changes (in detail)?

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    The base number of selling slots has been increased to 5. The base number of searches per day has been increased to 10. The basic sales commission has been decreased to 5%.

    So does that mean there is a limit on how many times a day you can search the Auction house?? THAT’S BOGUS!!

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    “The quests in these areas have had their starting levels adjusted accordingly. All quest experience has been increased, now if you want to level up fast, hunting while doing quests will be the best way!”


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  12. December 20, 2013 at 7:10 am

    So much good stuff and I like the combo system and the inner stats being able to be locked,
    I would be quick to lock my +15% critical hit rate and try and get more on the other lines

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    Can u potential the Shiny U&I Badge?

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      I think the Captain nerf are the worst…

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    Would those below 100 with existing set effect have the new set effect? So additional set effect?

    • Max
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      Nope its only for those equipment sets that didnt already have them

  16. Noy
    December 21, 2013 at 2:25 am

    I wonder about , and I would love it if any of you could answer this for me,

    You said the max stat was rised and everyone got full ap reset,
    But what if people had their left over stat from 197 to 250
    Used on hp instead of secondary stat.
    Becase the damage boost from secondary stat is low avid hp can be useful. Will they get the ap they had used on hp back ?
    Because I heard that now ap reset is not affecting hp or mp .
    Thanks for answers 🙂

    • Max
      December 21, 2013 at 9:04 pm

      I’m not sure about that :S
      My extra points were in STR so I can’t check myself :<

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        Thanks 🙂 I will be thanksful if you could try ask around and find this for us 🙂 Ty !

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    How good are qust now

  21. Anonymous
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    That account buddy system would be lovely if they also applied it to the blacklist.

  22. June 19, 2014 at 2:00 am

    Ah! Found it, I had to see this again, GMS is adding the Elite monster system and most of these so I can get an idea of whats to come

  23. Why Go Past LVL200+?
    June 26, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Why the fuck would anyone work on a character past level 200+? besides feeding their stupid ego?
    I’ll never understand such lifeless losers.

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