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kMS ver. 1.2.226 – Codename: Defrost – Maple Ice & Burn!

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Maple Ice and Burn

The first patch of the winter update, Maple Ice & Burn, has been released! This patch includes a new type of PvP, some very useful game system changes, and so many events. It’s sort of disappointing that it’s very similar to the Test World patch though.

Maple Ice and Burn


Agent Ice Agent Burn

This patch introduces the experienced Agent ICE and the cool Agent BURN. These two are the main event NPCs for this update!

Return of the Legendary Fighters

A new minigame called Fight! Return of the Legends has been added to Star Planet. This is a new type of player vs player content, in teams of 3 vs 3. You can join alone or bring a party.

Choosing an Avatar

Once enough people have joined, the game will begin! You have 30 seconds to choose your Avatar, from: Manji, Mike, the Dark Lord, Grendel, or Mu Gong. You cannot choose the same character as someone else on your team.

If you don’t pick someone in time, you’ll be given a random one.

Skills and Bulletin Board

All the Avatars have the same Cores, which can be upgraded using Gold. Each Avatar also has unique skills which are unlocked as you level up. The bulletin on the side will show you everyone’s levels and current kills and deaths.

Core Skills

You can spend your collected Gold to upgrade your passive skills. The costs from level 1 to 5 are: 540, 990, 1620, 2340, and 3300.

  • Attack Boost (Q): 2%/5%/10%/15%/20% attack
  • Max HP/MP Boost (W): 2%/7%/15%/20%/30% HP/MP
  • Critical Chance Boost (E): 3%/6%/12%/18%/25% critical chance
  • Attack Speed/Jump/Speed Boost (R): 1/2/3/4/5 stage attack speed/jump/speed
  • HP/MP Regen Boost (T): 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% HP/MP regeneration rate


  • Slash (Ctrl): Swing your sword in front of you, dealing 100% damage on up to 3 enemies.
  • Triple Slash (Shift): Swing your sword in front of you three times, dealing 250% damage on up to 6 enemies.
  • Ankle Sweep (Z): Swipe your sword at the enemies’ legs, dealing 200% damage to 1 enemy while reducing their movement speed.
  • Sky Cut (X): Rush forwards, dealing 300% damage on up to 6 enemies.
  • 기검체일치 (Space): Grip your sword with true power, momentarily increasing your attack, speed, jump, and HP regen greatly.


  • Mace Attack (Ctrl): Strike down enemies with a heavy mace, dealing 100% damage on up to 3 enemies in front of you.
  • Giant Maul (Shift): Instantaneously swing your giant maul twice, dealing 200% damage on the first blow and 400% damage on the second blow on up to 3 enemies.
  • Mace Armor (Z): Cover your body with sharp metal, inflicting 20% damage every second to nearby enemies.
  • Battle Shield (X): Summon a shimmering battle shield, which absorbs 30% of the damage you take and explodes after a period of time, dealing 200% damage while stunning enemies.
  • Trumpet of Regeneration (Space): Summon a trumpet of regeneration with the pride and dignity of a guardian, which heals nearby allies and explodes after a certain period of time, dealing 500% damage to nearby enemies.

Dark Lord

  • Star Throw (Ctrl): Throw stars quickly, dealing 100% damage on 1 enemy in front of you.
  • Venom: Apply a strong poison to your stars, adding the Poison status to Star Throw.
  • Bat Grave (Z): Summon a grave of dark bats, dealing 200% damage on up to 3 nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed.
  • Giant Shuriken (X): With the intent of a killing blow, throw a giant shuriken, dealing 400% damage on up to 3 enemies in front of you.
  • Darkness Thunderbolt (Space): Summon the Dark Lord’s servants of darkness, dealing 200% damage on up to 6 enemies nearby and become invincible momentarily.


  • Magic Claw (Ctrl): Create claws of magic energy and attack, dealing 100% damage to 1 enemy in front of you.
  • Ice Needle (Shift): Create a sharp needle of ice energy and launch it at your enemies, dealing 300% damage on up to 6 enemies in front of you.
  • Healing Orb (Z): Summon an orb of holy energy, which heals nearby allies.
  • Ice Orb (X): Create a spiky orb of ice energy and launch it at your enemies, dealing 300% damage on up to 6 enemies around you.
  • Death Meteor (Space): Summon a giant meteor from space, dealing 750%~1000% damage on up to 6 enemies in front of you.

Mu Gong

  • Power Strike (Ctrl): Using the power of your soul, deal 100% damage on up to 3 enemies in front of you.
  • 만근퇴 (Shift): 발 뒷꿈치에 기를 불어녛어 만근에 달하는 무게로 적을 내려 찍는다, dealing 250% damage on up to 3 enemies in front of you.
  • Whirlwind Leg (Z): Rotate your body at a high speed like the wind and kick enemies around you, dealing 130% damage on up to 3 enemies. While using this skill, you cannot be inflicted with a status effect.
  • Half Moon Kick (X): Twist your body and do a kick shaped like a half moon, dealing 250% damage on 1 enemy in front of you.
  • Panda Charge (Space): Summon other training pandas to battle with you, dealing 100%~150% damage on up to 6 enemies around you.

Monster Hunting and Team Fighting

Once the game starts, you have two choices: fight monsters to gain lots of experience and some gold to level up, or fight the other team and gain lots of gold and some experience to enhance your Cores.

Team Headquarters

Each team has a headquarters, where you’ll begin the game and be respawned in after you die.


Then there are the hunting grounds, where you can fight monsters and the other team.

Boss Monsters

Sometimes, a boss monster will spawn! Defeat it to gain a lot of experience and gold for your team!


I believe after a certain point, you will no longer be revived after you die, and the game ends when the last person on a team is defeated. You’ll gain Star Points and Mileage based on your kills and deaths.

Here are a couple videos of me playing the minigame, it’s actually sort of fun haha. I love the BGM!

Shining Star World Selection

Star Planet has been slightly updated. Shining Stars will now be chosen once every two weeks instead of every week, on Thursdays at midnight. The amount of SP and Mileage you get per minigame has also been adjusted based on the length and difficulty of the game.

Shining Star Bingo

Shining Stars can now also begin a new game called Shining Star Bingo once per week. Anyone can participate in this game.

Shining Star Burning Time

In addition, they can begin Burning Time events twice per two weeks. While this Burning Time is active (for the next 5 minutes), everyone will receive 20% extra Star Points and Mileage from Star Planet!

Shining Star Weather

Shining Stars will receive a new item called the Shining Star Weather Effect which gives everyone in the map a 20% EXP buff for 30 minutes.

Shining Star Icon

A new icon has been added to show others that you are a Shining Star while playing minigames.

Changing Character Positions

Next up are the system changes. I’m sure all of you have thought “I wish this character was on a different page!” at some point when looking at your character selection screen. Well, now you can do exactly that!

With the new character position change button, you can move all of your characters around, just press the button and use the arrows to change the order, and watch as your characters are moved instantly.

A new type of damage effect called the Blade damage effect has been added. With this one, all of your damage will appear on one line, and multiple hits will overlap. It makes it harder to see your individual damage hits but it takes up less space on the screen so you can watch out for monsters’ skills.

They also added Mini versions of the Basic, Cascading, and Blade damage effects so you can use those to make them less distracting.

Spirit of Freedom

The Resistance (Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Resistance) have received a Link Skill! Their previously added skill called Spirit of Freedom can now be shared with other characters. It gives 3/6 seconds (for Resistance classes) of invincibility when you respawn, giving you time to rebuff without worry.

For all other jobs, when linked, you’ll get 1 second of invincibility per skill level, up to a maximum of 6. You’ll need all 3 Resistance characters at level 120 for the full effect of the skill.

Animation Skip

A new feature has been added that lets you skip animations simply by pressing ESC when they start.

Dimensional Mirror

The Monster Park Shuttle has been moved from the Quick Move window into the Dimensional Mirror for easier access.

Miss Brainy

The Meso Market has been separated from the Auction House, and you can now access it by talking to Miss Brainy in the FM or through the Quick Move window.

Meso Market

For those of you who don’t know, the Meso Market allows you to buy Maple Points with mesos or sell your mesos for Maple Points. The updated Meso Market comes with a fancy new UI that shows a lot more information than before, such as the fees you will incur.


Horntail is no longer restricted to one party per channel!

Elite Boss Bonus Stage

For maps with monsters less than level 160, now if an Elite Boss is killed and a Bonus Stage begins and your character’s level is 20 or more higher than the map’s level, you will not be able to receive any items from the Bonus Stage.

Aran (M)


Zero Creation Restriction

In addition, Aran and Zero have been reopened for creation!

Maple Ice and Burn Event

Let’s move on to events now. The first is the Maple Ice and Burn event and it runs from now until January 15.

Frozen Warrior or Burning Warrior

When you log in, you’ll see all of your characters have a small icon beside their name. This signifies if you are either a Frozen Warrior or Burning Warrior. Frozen Warriors are users who have not logged in from November 13 to December 10 or newly created accounts, and Burning Warriors are the opposite.

Frozen Warriors receive a special title and hat (which expires in 30 days), while Burning Warriors receive their own special title and the Burning Warrior’s Aura skill.

Frozen Box Rewards

Burning Warriors can use this skill on Frozen Warriors once every 10 minutes to give them a 15 minute buff that gives 15 attack and magic attack. Burning Warriors will receive a Frozen Box in return, which can be opened for prizes!

  • Ice Cart Chair (untradeable)
  • 30% Positive Chaos Scroll (untradeable, expires in 7 days)
  • 10% Clean Slate Scroll (untradeable, expires in 7 days)
  • Scroll Traces
  • Starry Night Sky Chair (untradeable)
  • 7 Day Yeti Riding Coupon (untradeable, expires in 1 days)
  • I have the Burning Warrior’s Aura! (untradeable, expires in 7 days)
  • M.I.B. Coin (untradeable)
  • Personality trait items (untradeable)
  • Potions (untradeable)

Yeti Riding and Chairs

The buff gives 15 attack and magic attack for 15 minutes.

Making Best Friends

If you are a Frozen Warrior and find a Burning Warrior who you really like (or vice versa), you can ask to be their best friend! By becoming best friends, you both will receive 20 M.I.B. Coins as well as a special effect when you’re together.

Frozen Warrior Challenge

In addition, Frozen Warriors will receive a special challenge. Based on their current level, they have to get a certain number of level ups to complete this quest. For example, if you were level 132, you’d need to get to level 139.

Challenge Rewards

For completing the challenge, you’ll get a Shining Friendship Storm Growth Potion which lets you level up once if you are between level 100~199. You’ll also receive a Shining Friendship Gift Box which you can give to your best friend, so they’ll get their own Storm Growth Potion!

The potion is tradeable through the account so users above level 200 can use them on other characters.

Frozen Warrior Party

To encourage Frozen Warriors to train, your party will gain extra experience based on the number of Frozen Warriors in it (5% per Frozen Warrior, up to a maximum of 20%).

Giant Ice Cube

Every hour from 1pm to 10pm, a Giant Ice Cube may spawn in Henesys or Leafre. Fight together with everyone to defeat it!

Ice Cube Gift Bag

When defeated, it will drop a ton of Ice Cube Gift Bags (which you can open for prizes), M.I.B. Briefcases, Scroll Traces, mesos, and potions.

  • 50% Miraculous Positive Chaos Scroll (untradeable, expires in 7 days)
  • Gold Potential Stamp (untradeable, expires in 7 days)
  • Gift Bag Cart Chair (untradeable)
  • Scroll Traces
  • Giant Potion (untradeable, expires in 1 day)
  • Money Bag Chair (untradeable)
  • Snowman Hat Coupon (untradeable, expires in 7 days)
  • Snowman Overall Coupon (untradeable, expires in 7 days)
  • Snowman Gloves Coupon (untradeable, expires in 7 days)
  • 7 Day Money Bag Riding Coupon (untradeable, expires in 1 day)
  • Potions (untradeable)
  • All Cure Potions (untradeable)

Codename Defrost Burning Project

Next is the Codename: Defrost – Burning Project event which runs until January 15.

Burning Character Selection

You can select one character under level 100 to be your Burning Character by pressing the Burning! button below them or by saying ‘yes’ to the prompt when you create a new character.

The Burning character will have a special effect on the character selection screen. You cannot change your Burning character, even if you delete your first one.

Burning Character Benefits

A Burning character has a few special benefits. First and foremost, when you level up, you’ll receive two extra level ups! So for example, if you level up from level 99 to level 100, you’ll actually reach level 102.

Once you become higher than level 100, you will no longer get extra levels.

Burning characters also receive a Snail pet which lasts for 5 hours and comes with meso and item loot, automatic HP and MP potion use, and the ability to move. You cannot use a Water of Life on this pet.

Black Set

Finally, once you reach level 100, your Burning character will receive a full level 100 Black equipment set.

The set effects are actually pretty good, 7 all stats and 8 attack/magic attack for 3 equips, 20% HP and MP, 14 attack and magic attack and 9% damage for 4 equips, and 8 all stats, 20 attack and magic attack and 30% defense ignore for 5 equips.

MIB Attendance Check

The M.I.B. Attendance Check will run from now until January 14. Each day you have to defeat 300 monsters near your level and gain 30 Star Points in Star Planet to qualify.

Attendance Check Prizes

You can get special prizes based on your participation!

  1. 40 Pizza Buns
  2. 3 Star Planet Weather Effects
  3. Cassandra’s Coupon
  4. 100 Scroll Traces
  5. 5 M.I.B. Coins
  6. Cassandra’s Coupon
  7. 40 Pizza Buns
  8. 3 Star Planet Weather Effects
  9. 2 Special Medals of Honor
  10. 100 Scroll Traces
  11. 5 M.I.B. Coins
  12. Cassandra’s Coupon
  13. 40 Pizza Buns
  14. 5 Star Planet Weather Effects
  15. Cassandra’s Coupon
  16. 150 Scroll Traces
  17. 40 Pizza Buns
  18. Cassandra’s Coupon
  19. 10 M.I.B. Coins
  20. 200 Scroll Traces
  21. Cassandra’s Coupon
  22. 250 Scroll Traces
  23. 15 M.I.B. Coins
  24. 300 Scroll Traces
  25. 15 M.I.B. Coins
  26. 450 Scroll Traces
  27. 20 M.I.B. Coins
  28. 550 Scroll Traces

Cassandra's Coupon Prizes

Each of the Cassandra’s Coupons can be exchanged for special prizes.

  • Day 3: 60% Chaos Scroll and 3 2x Experience Coupon Extenders
  • Day 6: 50% Golden Hammer, 50% Positive Chaos Scroll, and 5 M.I.B. Special Coins
  • Day 12: 50% Innocent Scroll, 5 2x Experience Coupon Extenders, and 10 M.I.B. Special Coins
  • Day 15: 70% Potential Scroll and 8 Equip Slot Expansion Coupon
  • Day 18: 100% Special Additional Potential Scroll, Spinning Mirror Ball (expires in 30 days), and 15 M.I.B. Special Coins
  • Day 21: 50% Epic Potential Scroll and Blue Shooing Star Ring (expires in 30 days)

Maple Contents Book Event

The Maple Contents Book event has begun and will run until March 5!

Maple Contents Book

You can access the Maple Contents Book by clicking the quest icon. Here, you can see the different content in MapleStory! Each one has three stages of completion, and for each stage, you’ll get a prize.

Black Heaven Contents

The first is Black Heaven. You’ll get 50 Pizza Buns for clearing Act 2, 10 M.I.B. Coins for clearing Act 4, and the Black Heaven Train Chair for completing Act 6.

Mushroom Kingdom Contents

For Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll get a 30 minute 1.5x Experience Coupon for finding the Prime Minister, 10 M.I.B. Coins for rescuing Violetta, and the Violetta Shalala Train Chair for completing all the quests.

Dimensional Library Contents

For Dimensional Library, you’ll get 50 Pizza Buns for completing Episode 1, 10 M.I.B. Coins for completing Episode 2, and a 7 Day Extra Pendant Slot for completing Episode 3.

Friends Story Contents

For Friends Story, you’ll get 50 Pizza Buns for completing the prologue, 10 Silver Needles for completing Chapter 2, and a Best Friend Chair (of your choice) for completing Chapter 5.

Item Enhancement Contents

For item enhancing, you’ll get 300 Scroll Traces for using 300 Scroll Traces, a Potential Scroll for passing 10 successful Scroll Traces, and a Meister Cube for enhancing an item 10 times with Star Force.

Star Planet Contents

For Star Planet, you’ll get a 2x Experience Coupon Extender for reaching the New Talent rank, 50 Star Points for reaching Fresh Talent, and 500 Mileage for reaching Junior Talent.

World Merged Party Quests Contents

For world merged party quests, you’ll get 50 Pizza Buns for 5 clears, 10 M.I.B. Coins for 10 clears, and 5 Party Quest Experience Buff Coupons (30 minutes) for 15 clears.

Boss Contents

For bosses, you’ll get a 7 Day Commander Hat Box for defeating Devil Balrog, 10 M.I.B. Coins for defeating Normal Zakum, and 5,000 Honor for defeating Easy Horntail.

Guild Contents

For guilds, you’ll get a 1.5x Experience Coupon for joining a guild, a 500 Contribution Bag for getting 5,000 Contribution, and 4 500 Contribution Bags for getting 10,000 Contribution.

Evolving System Contents

For Evolving System, you’ll get 10 Evolving Coins for clearing Link 1 3 times, 30 Evolving Coins for clearing Link 2 6 times, and 50 Evolving Coins for Link 3 9 times.

Contents Complered

If you complete every single content, you’ll get 200 M.I.B. Coins and 15 M.I.B. Special Coins.

Return of Happyville

For the first time in a few years, Happyville is back! Although a bit smaller than before, it still has that nostalgic background music and NPCs.

Maple Relics Shop

In Happyville, you can talk to the Straw Hat Snowman to access the Maple Relics Shop. Here, you can spend your M.I.B. Coins to buy Maple items of the past!

  • Old Days Armor & Accessories Box
    • Rose Earrings
    • Maple Scarf
    • Maple Earrings
    • White Workgloves
    • Scuba Diving Suit (expires in 30 days)
    • Pan Lid
  • Old Days Weapon Box
    • Wood Baseball Bat
    • Aluminum Baseball Bat
    • Maple Umbrella
    • Red Whip
    • Frozen Tuna
    • Maple 1500 Days Flag
  • Snowboard Box
    • Sky Snowboard
    • Aqua Snowboard
    • Silver Snowboard
    • Golden Snowboard
    • Dark Snowboard
    • Blood Snowboard
  • Old Days Hat Box
    • Blue Bamboo Hat
    • Green Bamboo Hat
    • Brown Bamboo Hat
    • Chief Stan’s Hat
    • Maple Hat
  • Old Days Cape Box
    • Old Raggedy Cape
    • Icarus Cape
    • Maple Cape
    • Pretty Pink Bean Balloon (expires in 30 days)
    • Fluffy Smile Pink (expires in 30 days)
    • Fluffy Snowman Balloon (expires in 30 days)

Return of the Crimson Balrog

One of the daily quests in Happyville is to defeat the Crimson Balrog! Talk to the polar bear to be sent to the ship to Ossyria, where you can fight it with others.

It’s actually pretty hard because you can only hit 1000 damage per hit haha. You’ll get 5 M.I.B. Briefcases for completing the quest.

Return of Hunting Grounds

In another daily quest, you must defeat 100 monsters in old maps. You can talk to Toro to choose where you want to go!

Henesys Hunting Ground 1 Pig Beach Breathing Rocks

The maps include the ones above as well as one in Omega Sector and one in Korean Folk Town.

Maple Update Posters

The third daily quest is from Maple Claws, who wants you to collect 3 previous anniversary posters from the Crimson Balrog or the monsters in the hunting grounds.

MIB Briefcase Rewards

You can open the M.I.B. Briefcases you get from Happyville to get certain prizes!

  • M.I.B. Coin
  • M.I.B. Special Coin
  • Scroll Traces
  • Potions
  • Personality trait items

Decorating the Christmas Tree

And of course, it’s not Happyville without decorating your own Christmas Tree~!

MIB Hot Time

On December 20, there will be a Hot Time at 2:30PM! If you’re logged in at that time, you’ll get prizes!

100% Items

You’ll get some items at a 100% chance.

  • Santa Costume Set Coupon (Santa Hat, Overall, and Boots, expire in 30 days)
  • Meso Lucky Bag (randomly receive 500k~100m mesos)
  • Character Slot Coupon
  • 100% Clean Slate Scroll
  • 100% Golden Hammer
  • 1,000 Scroll Traces
  • M.I.B. Coin Coupon (# of online friends x 2 M.I.B. Coins and 10 M.I.B. Special Coins)
  • 2014 Winter Hair Coupon (choose one of the given hair styles)

Lucky Items

If you’re lucky, you can get some bonus items!

  • I’m a Lucky Guy ★ medal
  • Burning Badge
  • Red Weapon Box
  • Tyrant Cape Special Box (Tyrant Cloak and 5 Star Enhancement Scroll)
  • Twinkle Star Package
  • Holo Yeti pet
  • Mannequin
  • Miracle Cat pet
  • 100,000 Maple Points Coupon

MIB Coin Shop

You can also spend your M.I.B. Coins at the M.I.B. Coin Shop, hosted by Agent I.

Special Items

Here’s how some of the special items look.

Agent B's Coin Shop

Agent B also has a coin shop, but here you spend your M.I.B. Special Coins for a chance to win some real life prizes, including some money cards, a pizza party, or even a Galaxy Note 4!

2x Experience

From today until March 1, there will be 2x experience every Saturday and holiday! Holidays include December 25 (Christmas), January 1 (New Year’s), and February 18/19/20 (Harvest Festival).

The 2x experience will take place from 1pm to 2pm, 3pm to 4pm, and 5pm to 6pm.

Fever Time

There will also be Fever Time every Sunday and holiday, all day!

During Fever Time, Scroll Traces will have their success rates increased (15% -> 25%, 30% -> 45%, 70% -> 95%).

New World Aurora


A new world called Aurora has been found! I think this is the first new world since the RED update haha.

Aurora Event Rewards

Like always, it has a special event for users who play there. If you reach level 140 before January 15, you’ll get a few things.

  • Absolute Ring
  • Aurora Hat
  • Aurora’s Lord title
  • 2000 Scroll Traces
  • Mastery Book 20
  • Mastery Book 30
  1. ...
    December 18, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    Aran reopening? Lol i think a lot of ppl will rage if aran only gets it

    • Anonymous
      December 19, 2014 at 1:47 am

      Aran revamp?!?!

      • Dark Evan
        December 19, 2014 at 11:20 am

        So max, you’re in love with the new character sort too, huh? Now I can FINALLY sort mah character slots (when it comes to GMS this summer) to resemble this:
        1. Zero, Transcendent of Time/Zero Alpha and Zero Beta, Children of the Goddess
        2. Evan, the Dragon Master
        3. Aran, the Eastern Warrior
        4. Luminous, the Mage of Light and Darkness
        5. Mercedes, the Queen of Elves
        6. Phantom, the Master Thief
        7. Shade/EunWol, the Forgotten Hero
        8. Chase, the Beast Tamer
        9. Kaiser, the Protector of Dragons
        10. Angelic Buster, the Idol of the Battlefield
        11. Hayato, the Bladed Falcon
        12. Kanna, the Spirit Walker
        13. Demon Slayer, the incarnation of justice
        14. Demon Avenger, the incarnation of vengance
        15. Xenon, the Ultimate Weapon
        16. Head Resistee, the Battle Mage
        17. Wild Hunter
        18. Mech Reload, the Mechanic
        19. Mihile, the Knight of Light
        20. Soul Y. Luna, the Dawn Warrior
        21. Blaze Volcana, the Blaze Wizard
        22. Tempest Gale, the Wind Archer
        23. Dark Sasin, the Night Walker
        24. Flashia Storm, the Thunder Breaker
        25. Jett, the Bounty Hunter
        26. Hero Rival, the Blade Master
        27. Blaster, the Cannon Master
        28. xxxxxxxxxxx, the Dark Knight
        29. xxxxxxxxxxxx, the Fire/Poison Arch Mage
        30. xxxxxxxxxxxx, the Marksman
        31. xxxxxxxxxxxx, the Shadower
        32. Bullet Hail, the Corsair

        Arranged first by faction, then by “Legendary” status, then by branch.

        Also, bring on the Aran/Evan revamps already, nexon! I main Evan (level 205), and my bro mains aran (level 17x-18x), so we’re psyched, but also… troubled by its absence. Either nexon is working hard on it because they didn’t initially plan on it, or its being shafted for other things, and might be another minor numbers change. >_>

        • dogo
          December 19, 2014 at 4:22 pm

          Lol, if this is who I think it is then…hey ^^

        • lindy
          December 21, 2014 at 9:57 am

          you are stupid, just because you play aran/evan and you wish they always get revamped? think about xenon who had never been revamped before

          • keyan22
            December 23, 2014 at 5:39 pm

            Xenons never got a revamp, because they have yet to even need one.
            Zero never got a revamp either, should Nexon revamp it? No.

          • Anonymous
            January 1, 2015 at 4:09 pm

            Xenon doesn’t NEED a revamp. Aran and Evan are the first heroes ever released and at least Aran needs a serious rework. If u dont think so, just try to remember how aran started as a Combo King.. they removed that aspect out and basically ruined Arans story line from change between a Boy to a Girl? at the commands are messed in the Skill Tab ( refers to kaiser or doesnt even give a command). Aran doesn’t even have skills that involve any of the new skill engines. Xenon wasnt released to long ago and was 1 of the most OP classes? Its skills are up to date with engines.

        • Simroh1
          December 26, 2014 at 8:50 am

          What! Xenon is at 15? 😦

          • Elvish
            December 29, 2014 at 2:36 pm

            It’s not a damage chart lol

  2. po
    December 18, 2014 at 10:19 pm

    what a weird update ;-;

  3. Rubens
    December 18, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    I’m not very excited about this… first BTW

  4. pixelc4t
    December 18, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    Aw, no real updates 😦

  5. Anonymoose
    December 18, 2014 at 11:02 pm

    All these events are just fluff – nexon should go back to actually releasing solid, bug-free content instead of just adding mini-games and new armors & weapons.

  6. lasagna
    December 19, 2014 at 2:49 am

    Doesn’t aran reopening mean they won’t get a revamp? Or at least a major revamp I’m assuming they won’t get.

  7. Dotdot
    December 19, 2014 at 3:01 am

    Ooo Ice looks like God’s Joon Park. Who is fire though?

      December 25, 2014 at 7:49 pm

      Ice IS Joon Park. No idea why they hired him for the part. But it’s awesome

  8. Anonymous
    December 19, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    …new PvP = League of Legends

  9. December 20, 2014 at 12:48 am

    This looks great, Those prizes in the coin shop loooks cool, I wonder what kind of ring that is?

    • PapaGrimly
      April 13, 2015 at 7:26 am

      Looks like the Grand Adventure Ring. If it is, then it has 300 hp/mp, 3 all stats, 3 weapon/magic attack, 15% crit chance, and 5% minimum crit damage.

  10. Li
    December 26, 2014 at 6:34 am


    I have just seen your performance on this video you uploaded:
    kMS ver. 1.2.226 – Fight! Return of the Legends (Mu Gong)

    Good performance. 🙂

  11. January 11, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    can we get a freaking aran and evan revamp? how sad that nexon forgot about the original heroes and instead buffed freaking OP xenon…

  1. January 14, 2015 at 9:38 pm
  2. February 14, 2015 at 1:06 am

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