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MapleStory 2 Launching Festival!

June 27, 2015 46 comments

MapleStory 2 Launching Festival

Hey guys! You may have remembered that previously, I told you guys that MapleStory 2 would be having a festival in Korea to celebrate the game’s opening. However, due to an outbreak of MERS, they cancelled the event and decided to hold it completely online.

It was yesterday, and they showed off a preview of the new content coming in July and August, as well as a new cinematic! After the showcase, users could log in to the game and join the Festival server to enjoy new level 40 content. There was also a post about the trading system in MapleStory 2 which I talked a little bit about before.

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MapleStory 2 Media Showcase!

May 28, 2015 56 comments

MapleStory 2 Media Showcase

The MapleStory 2 Media Showcase has concluded, and with it, we know the following information: MapleStory 2’s official release is on July 7 at 7PM!! After waiting so long for the game, everyone will be able to play full game (as long as you have a Nexon Korea account haha).

Please note that this is not a global release, it is for Korea only. There was also a bit more information they talked about which I’ll tell you guys about.

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MapleStory 2 – Final Test Review!

May 23, 2015 27 comments

Hey guys, it’s been almost two weeks since the Final Test for MapleStory 2 ended! I had a ton of fun and was able to play a lot more than the first CBT due to the removal of the time limits. I thought you might want to know my opinions on the game since I don’t think I’ve talked about it much and it might help tide you over until you can play.

Speaking of which, MapleStory 2 will return in July! Although there’s no information on whether or not it will be the full game release or just the OBT, I’m excited!

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MapleStory Exhibition: The MAY.Full!

May 2, 2015 27 comments

MapleStory The MAY

The MapleStory Exhibition: The MAY.Full event took place on May 2 and 3 in Korea, and celebrated 12 years of MapleStory! Although they did not announce any new content at this event, there was a ton of cool stuff that I’m going to show you~!

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MapleStory 2 – Final Test: Day 1!

May 1, 2015 21 comments

It’s been almost a day since the final test for MapleStory 2 has opened! I’m having a lot of fun with the Heavy Gunner class and the other two new ones look awesome as well. In this post, I’ll be talking about some of the things that have been added since the first CBT as well as show you guys some of my videos!

I have a ton of videos which are being rendered and uploaded, so keep an eye on my YouTube channel, Twitter, or just check back on this post later.

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