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KMS ver. 1.2.377 – Mapril Island (Part 2)

May 18, 2023 10 comments

This patch is basically identical to the test server in terms of changes and content (boss set tradeability & Symbol improvements). It also has some extra events for the second part of the 20th anniversary, Mapril Island.

Since I didn’t write the post myself for part 1, I’ll mention some cool things I noticed. Other than the event map itself having tons of easter eggs and throwbacks to past anniversary events (including being able to visit a lot of the old maps!), there’s a cool theme with the Mapril spirits. The main NPC is named Amely Ports, which I thought was a really weird name at first, but it’s actually an anagram of MapleStory! The other spirits (Mariella, Apricia, Plana, Leona, and Emma) are coloured the same as the five job icons, like in the Maple Union UI, and their initials spell out MAPLE. I hope this makes up for me not realizing that the Momentree NPC names were referencing Lith Harbor and Ellinia, which someone pointed out to me last month lol.

I know some people were a bit disappointed but personally I’m a big fan of this anniversary! The coin capping is extremely fast (1.2k mobs), the skill they added in this patch specifically is amazing for experience, the rewards are a lot better than previous events (three Maximum Growth Potions just from the daily attendance), the shop cosmetics look really good, and Dungeon/Frozen Blast was a hit of nostalgia.

The next official server update on June 15 will be the first patch of New Age, but we won’t get any information until the showcase on June 10, so the test server patch won’t be available until right after that. They’re going to start releasing teasers (including posters and music) in a few days though so maybe we can get an idea of what will be happening sooner!

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KMST ver. 1.2.154 – Symbol Improvements & Accessory Tradeability Changes

May 11, 2023 9 comments

A small test world patch was released yesterday, it’s pretty much the same as everything that Wonky mentioned in the live stream last week, as well as part 2 of the anniversary event.

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2023 Summer Showcase: MapleStory New Age!

May 9, 2023 2 comments

Today they released some more information about the 2023 summer showcase for the MapleStory New Age update! With these extra details, it seems like this update will be pretty big and quite exciting! The venue itself is huge, they have additional ways to watch it this time, and the teased teasers (lol) look like they’re hinting towards something important.

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A Day at MapleStory Fan Fest!

May 7, 2023 10 comments

The MapleStory Fan Fest took place over the weekend of April 29 in Seoul, and we were actually lucky enough to be able to go! Thanks to the MapleStory Korea team and Steve (x3TheAran59), we were invited to the event while we were in Korea! It was so much fun, and I wanted to help share the experience with other players who weren’t able to go. 🙂

Also surprise Orange Mushroom Blog face reveal! Although if you watched Steve’s stream from the day or his videos, you’ve probably already seen me lol.

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A Trip to the Nexon Computer Museum!

May 3, 2023 9 comments

On our trip to Korea, the first place we visited was the Nexon Computer Museum on Jeju Island! Rather than being focused on Nexon and its games, it’s actually a museum that documents and teaches about the history of computers and video games. It has a big collection of ‘artifacts’ and a lot of interactive exhibits that made it very fun to walk through.

While not entirely MapleStory related, I thought it would be cool to share some of the things we saw (and there are some MapleStory things in the gift shop!).

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