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CMSt ver. 071 – Root Abyss & New Bosses!

December 14, 2012 186 comments

Root Abyss - The Giant Root

This post title might seem a bit random, but actually it’s very surprising! China MapleStory’s test server has released the new area and bosses of Root Abyss before kMSt! This area is the one hinted at with all of these boss previews and even one of the last Inkwell’s Secret Diary entries! I don’t know why CMSt got it first, but I’ll try my best to cover it~ It’s really really interesting because it is really important to the storyline of MapleStory~

Please note that many of the translations I am using are from Hadriel of Southperry from this thread, so huge thanks to him for posting them!

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Inkwell’s Secret Diary – The Successor of Immortality

July 9, 2012 64 comments

The advent of the protector of the dragons, Kaiser! Fate’s immortal successor!

Wow, this guy looks cool! Is he the new race that was mentioned in Inkwell’s video?! His armor looks super awesome. Could the next class be the protector of the dragons, Kaiser? I’m excited!

His sword (along with other types?) was shown in a past Diary entry. I wonder when it’ll come to Tespia~ What do you guys think?

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kMS ver. 1.2.164 – The Prelude of the Tempest!

July 4, 2012 97 comments

The first patch of the Tempest update has been released! It doesn’t include much… other than job advancement changes. It’s really weird… there’s only one Tempest quest, no coins, no shop, nothing. I have no idea what Nexon Korea is thinking!

However, we now know the dates of the rest of the updates! July 12 (Choice of Light and Darkness), July 26, August 9, and August 23.

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kMSt ver. 1.2.436 – Luminous Skill Changes & Tempest Advisory! JMS Exclusive Classes!

June 28, 2012 95 comments

This patch was only a couple of skill changes for Luminous (and skill level changes for Dual Blade), and some minor things. However, it does confirm the summer update will be called Tempest! Also, a new mob for Guwaru has been added… does that mean he will finally make his appearance? A new Inkwell’s Secret Diary has been released, this time talking about the Tempest update and when it is coming!

Edit: New information has been released about JMS, confirming their exclusive classes~! Check the end of my post!

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Inkwell’s Secret Diary – Light and Darkness! New Class?!

June 18, 2012 141 comments

The great story’s ending will be revealed with the light.

This entry is titled In darkness, light is born. What can this mean?!  The background… it looks the same as the one in the Demon Slayer’s tutorial… near the Black Magician! Combining this with the ominous picture that was released in a previous entry, I think that this ‘great story’ is that of the 5 heroes, and ‘with the light’ means with this new character and his ball of light… could this possibly be the final hero?!

It seems like he uses a double sided staff… a mage? But… this character… haven’t we seen him before?

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