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Meet the New Resistance! & KMST ver. 1.2.514 – Maple Talk

October 7, 2014 28 comments

New Resistance

On the new MapleStory Facebook page, they released a preview of the new Resistance! I think they look very cool, Battle Mage looks more mechanical, Mechanic’s robot looks much spiffier, and Wild Hunter’s jaguar seems to have received a new weapon!

They said the final product might be different from these illustrations, I’m just wondering when we’ll finally get it! Anyways, there was also a small Tespia patch with Halloween events (to be covered later) and a few other changes.

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YouTube Channel & Twitter!

August 22, 2014 22 comments

Hey guys, this post isn’t exactly about anything new but I am planning on bringing back my YouTube channel! I’m hoping to upload videos of new content and maybe cool stuff I see on Insoya. For now, here’s a video of me soloing Pink Bean haha. Make sure to subscribe!

Also, I made a Twitter page that you can follow to see whenever I make a new post here or upload a video on Youtube!

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New Domain!

July 15, 2014 35 comments

Hey guys! Some of you might not have noticed but I finally bought a domain for the site, so now you can just link (instead of when you want to show something to your friends!

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Happy New Year! (2013 Edition)

December 31, 2013 15 comments

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been another year, and a hectic one at that! I definitely slacked a little this blog (3 posts in September, 1 in October, haha) but hopefully I can do better next year. WordPress created a year in review for the site if you wanna check that out (click the pretty firework!).

I’ll keep it short, thanks for sticking through it with me, and I hope you guys have a great 2014! Hopefully we’ll finally get those Flame Wizard and Night Walker updates… naaaaah.

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kMS ver. 1.2.202 – MapleStory FLY: Let’s MAPLE!

October 17, 2013 108 comments

MapleStory FLY October 17

The second patch of the FLY update, Let’s MAPLE has been released! This one contains a couple of new world merged party quests, an expansion to the Lion King’s Castle, a new dungeon, and some job balancing!

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