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KMS 1.2.376 – MapleStory’s 20th Anniversary: Mapril Island!

April 21, 2023 24 comments

As Max is still on vacation and Kobe is busy with urgent matters, the author for this week’s blog is I, Sunny. In a reversal of roles from last week I would like to thank Kobe for proofreading this post, and Steve, as usual, for the screenshots provided last week. With that said, I hope you all enjoy the changes this patch has brought, and that when the time comes you all are able to enjoy the this event as much as we are.

MapleStory is now 20 years old! The 20th Anniversary, Mapril Island, takes place over the next seven weeks. This patch includes quality of life changes, changes to spell tracing, improvements to the cubing system, and some balancing!

This update has gone live with some changes, and additions, from the Test Server, these differences will be highlighted in red.

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MapleStory 20th Anniversary Preview

April 4, 2023 17 comments

A new video was uploaded on the MapleStory YouTube channel where they talked about the upcoming 20th anniversary event, changes coming to the game, and a date for the summer update showcase!

Also, just a heads up that I’m going on vacation from next week until the start of May, so I’ll be missing both the test server and official server patches (April 13 and April 20). Some friends might be helping me out by writing the posts for me but that is TBA lol.

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KMS 1.2.375 – Spiegella’s Strawberry Farm & the Magic Stone Slab!

March 23, 2023 10 comments

This patch contains pretty much everything from the last test server patch, changes to the Dawn Boss set, Reboot World boss party rewards, additions to Maple Chronicle, skill changes,and boss updates (including a few more changes to Magnus and Dunkel). Other than that, it has the Spiegella’s Strawberry Farm and Magic Stone Slab events.

The next patch should be the 20th anniversary event, I wonder how big they’re gonna go for it!

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KMS ver. 1.2.374 – MapleStory Savior: Sinners’ Paradise, Shangri-La & 2023 Maple Vision Talk!

February 23, 2023 18 comments

The third and final patch of the MapleStory Savior update has been released, featuring the new area Shangri-La, the new boss Kaling, another piece of the Ethernal set, and the new Exceptional Enhancements system.

Also, earlier today, they released the 2023 Maple Vision Talk, where they explained their thoughts and goals for the rest of the year.

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KMS ver. 1.2.373 – MapleStory Savior: Khali, the Wind of Revenge!

January 19, 2023 7 comments

The second patch of the MapleStory Savior update has been released, featuring the new job Khali, the Wind of Revenge, a High-Lef thief class. They also added the next 5 weeks of the Wongstaurant’s Special Menu events.

I believe Kalos had 2 weeks in the test server before the official release so the next test server update, for Kaling, should be on February 9!

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